He remained standing behind her with his arms around her waist. She could feel his warm breath on her neck and it was giving her goose bumps all over. Again she found herself staring at the artwork on his arms.

Jade: "I seem to be fascenated by your tattoo work."

Randy takes off his shirt.

Randy: "I got work on my back too."

Jade: "I've seen it."

She turns to face him now and puts her hands on his chest.

Jade: "I should not be alone in a freaken hotel with a married man. What the hell am I doing? I'm over here drooling like I can have you all to myself."

Randy: "Do you ever just relax and let your instincts take over?"

Jade: "Yeah. Sometimes I just go with what I'm feeling and right now I'm feeling some rock hard firm muscles and smooth as a baby's ass skin."

Randy: "That's the peppermint oil the trainer uses on my skin when they rub me down."

Jade: "I'll have to remember that tip next time I have dry skin."

She could feel him breathing on her taking in her scent. His hands running all over her body just waiting for the cue from her to say it's ok to start taking them off. She felt chills suddenly go all over her body and on pure sexual instinct. She started kissing on his chest. He lifts up her shirt and starts touching her naked skin. She lifts up her arms and he takes her shirt off. He surprises her by picking her up around his waist. She gasps in surprise.

Jade: "Is the Viper getting ready to strike?"

Randy: "What do you think?"

Jade: "I think I'm gonna like this."

She undoes his pants.

Jade: "There is one thing I insist though."

Randy: "Protection."

Jade: "Yes. Non negotiable."

Randy: "Just so happens I got that covered tonight."

He takes a paper bag out of his pocket and takes a condom out of the box inside.

Jade: "It's always good to be prepared."

Randy: "Especially tonight. You have an amazing rack by the way."

Jade: "Thank you."

She gets the condom on him and he gets her pants and underwear off.

Randy: "Now, let's do this right."

He lifts her up around his waist and she puts him inside her. She holds on to him with her legs and arms wrapped around his body. He lays her down on the massive couch. She could feel him inside of her bringing her closer to her orgasim. The sweat beading up on both of their bodies. He braced himself as they both hit their orgasim at the same time.

Jade: "Holy shit."

Randy: "That was amazing."

Jade: "Yeah. That was intense."

The next day, Jade woke up in the bed in one of the rooms with Randy next to her. She resisted the urge to jump out of bed and scream at first, but then she remembered the crazy night they had. How the hell was she going to explain this one? Especially if she saw Sam at the event that evening. She couldn't very well just start acting awkward. That would put Randy in a difficult positon. Hell, Randy put himself in that position when he decided to hoist her around his body like she was a belt for his pants. There was just something about him that drew her right in to him. She couldn't deny that he was sexy and there was something about the way he was hovering over her body when they were having sex that made her think he cared. It was just a one night stand, Jade. Don't think so much into it. Guys like Randy have one night stands and go right back home to their wives.

She felt him push up behind her and kiss her on the neck.

Randy: "Good afternoon."

Jade: "Good afternoon, yourself. I didn't expect you to still be here when I woke up."

Randy: "Well, I am. I wasn't just going to leave you."

Jade: "Well, you can't very well act attached to me either. What hapepns when you wife shows up to the event? Are you going to be able to hide the fact that you slept with some random woman from her?"

Randy: "No. I doubt I'll have to hide it."

Jade: "Great. So, you tell her you slept with me, she sees me and all hell breaks loose. That's always a wonderful way to meet someone. Hey I'm Jade. By the way, I'm the random one night stand. Let's do lunch."

She gets out of bed and walks into the bathroom.

Randy: "It's not going to be like that. I promise."

Jade: "So I'm not the random one night stand that slept with you."

Randy: "No. Your Jade. The same Jade that was having a good time last night and hanging with a group of friends."

Jade: "Yeah and I'm just supposed to forget that I had sex with you and that you were talking about my rack. That was weird, by the way. Most guys don't pop off with that after they get you out of your shirt."

She shuts the door.

Randy: "Why are you acting like this?"

Jade: "Why are you not acting like this? It is what it is."

She finishes her business and comes back out.

Randy: "It's almost like your pissed that we slept together."

Jade: "I am partly pissed."

Randy: "How can you be partly pissed? You either are or your not."

She gathers up her stuff to brush her teeth and wash her face and goes back into the bathroom. This time she leaves the door open.

Jade: "It's simple. My logical side is pissed and screaming at me that this was the stupidest thing I've ever done. Your married and you probably have other booty calls on the side. This doesn't exactly scream faithful man. The other side of me says that was awesome on so many levels and I'd do it again."

Randy: "I'd trust the side that says it was awesome. I don't have other booty calls. That's why I got married."

Jade: "Yeah. Justify why you got married to the booty call. That always makes your case strong."

She finishes brushing her teeth and comes out to get her clothes. Randy stops her in mid pace.

Randy: "Relax. It's going to be all right. Stop over analyzing this. It was just a one night stand between you and I. It's nothing else. I'm not going to make a big thing out of it."

Jade: "Thank you. My concious feels lighter knowing that your not going to make a big thing out of us. There are reprocutions for things like this, Randy. Your a super star. Something is bound to leak out somewhere."

Randy: "As private as I keep my life, I doubt it."

Jade: "Sure. If you say so Mr. one night stand."

She gets dressed.

Jade: "I'm getting out of here and I am leaving as much distance between you and I in public as possible. I don't want any links to you getting back to your family or anyone else."

She gathers up her stuff. Randy stops her.

Randy: "Relax. It's all right to be seen with me. There's no flashing neon sign above our heads that says "Fuck buddies" I promise."

Jade: "Exactly my point. I don't want any. Why can't you just be a dick and let me walk away?"

Randy: "Because I'm not really a dick. I actually give a shit about people."

Jades phone starts ringing to "Voices".

Jade: "Wonderful. Di's calling."

Randy: "So answer it."

Jade: "Hey girl, what's up?"

Di: "Hey my newly found rich bitch. How awesome was that comped suite last night?"

Jade: "It was gorgeous. It's as big as my condo and the beds are to die for in there."

Di: "So, did Randy end up staying with you or did he go back to his room?"

Jade: "He stayed with me. He didn't want to leave me alone being a single female. Unlike you who decided even though we didn't have to work today, it would be just awesome as hell to leave me all alone in a suite by myself."

Di: "I was comng back this morning. I had an emergency come up at home."

Jade: "Really? What happened?"

Di: "Well, mom thought she heard someone in the backyard and she wanted me to come over and stay with her. She called the cops and they didn't find anyone, but it un nerved her enough to want me to stay with her."

Jade: "Yikes. That's scary."

Di: "Yeah. So, sorry about leaving you like that, but she was scared out of her mind."

Jade: "It's all good. I'm glad there wasn't anyone there. I would've freaked out and left."

Di: "Yeah and if someone was there, they'd have attacked you because you came outside. That was her defense on why she didn't just leave. She waited for the cops."

Jade: "Good idea. How is she doing now?"

Di: "A little shaken up, but she's better now that dad's back from his business trip. So, are we on for the WWE event at Madalay Bay tonight?"

Jade: "Yeah. We're on. Let me just get home and get myself together. I need to feed Piper too."

Di: "All right. It's not until later tonight anyway. So, what happened with Randy?"

Jade: "Damn, other line is buzzing. I gotta go. Talk to ya later."

She hangs up without getting into the conversation which leaves Di thinking something is wrong. She leaves the hotel and a few minutes later, Randy comes out after her.

Randy: "Will I see you at the event tonight?"

Jade: "Maybe. I have to see what real life is doing."

Randy: "Piper?"

Jade: "Oh no. Piper's my cat. She doesn't have a real life. She sits in the window and chases the birds that fly by or cuddles with me. Whatever she feels."

Randy: "What kind of cat is she?"

Jade: "She's a black siamese. She's got these amazing green eyes. That's what made me rescue her. She's super unusual and sweet as pie. I love my Piper."

She shows him a picture of her.

Randy: "She looks like a panther almost."

Jade: "She's the queen of the block. She's got all the boy cats begging for her. But, she's fixed."

Randy: "That's a good thing.

Jade: "Yup and this is where you and I part company. I'll catch you at the event later."

She gets in a cab and takes it back to her car at the Hard Rock and drives home.