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Pretty Little Thing

"You're a pretty little thing, you know that?"

She did. She did know that. Those words only gave her confidence. They only reassured what she already thought to be true. But was it true? Perhaps she was vain – that she was so assured of how pretty she was. But they were the only words that she was able to hold onto from him. What other choice did she possibly have? None, that's what. That's what she believed. He had no more words to spare, and that was the only conversation she could bring herself to remember without bursting into tears. Oh, how much she missed him. She could sob her heart out all she wanted, and it didn't make a difference. He was dead. Harry Potter had made sure everyone had solid proof of it. His body… Dead.

And yet, she still fell for him. Even though she missed Cedric so much, she still fell for the boy who lived. And afterwards, she felt disappointed. And guilty. It was like he was watching, and she was betraying him. She didn't like it very much. She tried to forget about him, continue. Stop shedding tears, move on with her life. With Harry Potter. Even though she still loved him, so very much, even after his death, she couldn't help but romanticize about Harry Potter. Being with Harry Potter. Kissing him. Dating him. He was like a dream come true. Civil. A little troubled, perhaps. Famous, charming, handsome. Kind, caring. And very compassionate.

But she loved Cedric more. Even after the whole Triwizard Tournament debacle, she still managed to fall for him. She was genuinely sorry. She very much liked Harry, and she liked Cedric too. She didn't know, at the time, who she liked best. And, well, Harry was very much alive, and Cedric was very much dead. What was she supposed to do? She was a girl. And it was Harry Potter. But she was so confused, and eventually, she decided that being with Harry wasn't right. And now, she clung onto everything she remembered Cedric by. Even though they were rival seekers for Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, they made their relationship work. Until Cedric was so brutally murdered, and Harry was the one to bring back his body.

It was all very confusing for the girl. And the fact that her friend, Marietta, betrayed the D.A., it really didn't help at all with her jumble of emotions. But she decided that she loved Cedric. Really loved him. And she would, for the rest of her life. But she had to remember him in different ways. Slowly. Too much too quickly would make her all the more sad. Now, the only memory that would suffice was that one bit of dialogue, that one statement he had made. That she was a pretty little thing.She would never forget.

Cho Chang would be his pretty little thing, forever and always.