Chapter 1

Men, Women and a Hero

In a time many years ahead of our own lives, earth has expanded in its technology advances dramatically. The reason for this advancement was earth's resources were slowly beginning to be used up by its ever growing population. Seeing only disaster ahead, earth's people began to colonize to other planets to find a new way of life.

After years of searching, they found two suitable planets by the earth travellers. They named their found planets Tarak and Mejere. They were perfect for earth's plans to continue the human race with rich minerals, clean air and fresh water it looked like the human race could go on loving their peaceful lives.

However, something went wrong during colonization. The women and men from planet earth started to grow apart on their different planets and like so many of the generations before them war broke out between them.

Since then years have passed and these two sexes have now forgotten about their once peaceful past on planet earth. Instead their minds are filled with their elder's stories of the other sex being monsters and murders of their own kind.

The war lead to a separation between the sexes and planets became known as Tarak, the planet of the men while Mejere became the planet of the women. Mortal enemies for life, it would seem this feud would last forever between the two. Yet here is the story of how one young boy changed everything.

His name was Hibiki Tokai, a sixteen year old boy who had been rated as a third class citizen by his Male government. He was thrown into the mechanic workforce of his planet so he could help defeat the women of Mejere once for all by manufacturing the men's new super weapon, The Vanguard.

The best description of the boy is he wore nothing more an orange sleeveless jacket with a black coloured long armed shirt underneath, a pale brown cloth wrapped around his dark brown trousers and on his feet black shoes which his gray socks stuck out off.

He lived with a man he called grandpa until he moved into the factory, where the men's new super weapon was being produced. Only to grow tired of factory life, Hibiki wished for more excitement in his life. He wanted to see the world not be stuck making vanguards for the rest of his life and so on the launch day of the Ikazuchi, a ship formerly used during the great colonization of earth but now refitted by the men to become their battleship. Hibiki boasted to his working factory friends that he could steal a vanguard from the battleship and bring it to them as trophy.

His factory friends merely bushed this bet off as one of his boyish pranks he was always playing. However, Hibiki was serious. So serious was this young teen that during the live speech of the prime minster of Tarak our young hero managed to sneak abroad the Ikazuchi using just a rubber glove and luck.

Now inside the ship, Hibiki found his way to the Vanguard storage area where he claimed his long lusted prize. Making the selection of a vanguard with his marked part on it from the factor, the teen moved on to his plan to get his prize out. Yet what the teen did not account for was the prime minister's early launch order.

The Ikazuchi locked down sealing off every escape route and any chance of getting out. Hibiki couldn't believe his plan had failed him this close. But he wasn't going give up now. He clenched onto the vanguard he wanted so much and prayed that one way or another, he would be able to escape and return home.

Meanwhile in the grand hall of the Ikazuchi, a party was being held for the launch of the new battleship. All the soldiers of the men's army gathered to drink and celebrate the launch. Yet there was one man who was very quiet about the whole affair. He stood at the back wall of great hall watching the party with a small cup in his right hand taking sips from time to time. That was until a soldier disturbed him by asking him if he was enjoying the party.

"As your commander I have to say yes." The quiet man started before adding. "But personally, I hate parties."

Taken back by the answer the solider did nothing to stop the quiet man walking away. He knew this quiet man was commander Nix Dark-heart, leader of vanguard squadron 227. He was easily identifiably to any solider due his short, spiked up sliver hair, his ice-cold blue eyes and the stern look he always wore on his face.

A commander like Dark-heart wore the dark brown Tarak uniform of matching shirt and trousers very well along with its tall black boots and black chest strap where combat weapons were kept. Yet the only difference on his uniform to a normal male soldier's was a small black shield patch with gold trimming around it located on his upper right arm with the letters VC stitched inside the shield. This was the symbol of his rank and the very reason other soldiers never felt the need to question him.

For this man made his way to this rank through building both his mind and body in the men's army. He was known for his strict leadership and wide military knowledge yet amongst the soldiers, he also was believed to be crazy. Due to the fact he also told his troops that he never felt at home on the men's planet. Instead he felt he'd belong elsewhere in the universe. But until he found out where, he would go where his mind took him.

The party went on for a little while longer until they soldiers were hushed for the Prime minister's speech.

"Men today we take back our pride as men." The Prime Minster began. "For today, we have a new weapon, which will destroy the women once and for all. Behold!"

Behind the minster, huge red curtains withdrew to reveal the new weapon. The soldiers began cheering and clapping as they witnessed the unveiling of the Tsukumo version Van-type Fighter aka the Vanguard. A fighting robot built with arms, legs and an almost human shaped body except bigger and it looked more like a monster with its one eye shaped hole in its head then a human mech.

However the cheering and shouting stopped when our young hero was spotted hanging onto his vanguard.

"Hey, Isn't that a third-class citizen?" One of the soldiers called out. The other soldiers couldn't believe it. How could this citizen have smuggled onto a ship like this?

The Prime minister was furious at the intrusion. How dare this teenager ruin his ceremony? At once he ordered the boy to be capture immediately by the ship guards.

Hibiki knowing he had to escape jumped onto a centre statue on the stage where the prime minster spoke and began kicking furiously at any guard that tried to grab him.

"Hey leave me alone, Get off me!" He yelled knocking a guard back with a kick. For the soldiers it was amusing to watch the guards get knocked away by the boy's kicks. They shouted and cheered on the boy as they watched him fight. However, the fun soon ended when Nix stepped in.

The commander appearance from the crowd silenced them. They all watch as he walked slowly up to the attacking teenager and grabbed the incoming left kick with his right hand. The teen tried to wiggle free from his grip but Nix yanked him off the statue on onto the ground. A painful grunt was from the teen as he hit the solid floor but the commander wasn't finished. Letting the teen leg, he placed his right booted foot on the teen's left ankle and applied pressure stopping the boy from trying to wiggle away.

"Third rate citizens should learn their place in this world." Nix mocked as teen grit his teeth in pain. Feeling this was enough, Nix lifted his boot off the teen's leg. The teenager tried to get up, but Nix grabbed the boy by his hair before signalling to two guards to take the teen away. They grabbed the beaten boy by the arms and lead him away to a laser beam barred storage room deeper in the ship.

After being thrown in roughly, the teen angrily complained. "Hey, just don't dump me in a storage room. At least put me in a real prison!"

The guards explained to him that the storage room was original a cell so he should simmer down a bit.

Hibiki didn't like his situation one bit and when the guards told him the prime minster had decided to give him the type of public execution that wasn't quick and painless Hibiki flipped out. He shouted and threated the guards with words of violence but his efforts were in vain.

The guards just ignored him and asked a nearby small white floating Navi-bot to keep an eye on him. The bot agreed allowing the guards to return to the party but Hibiki wasn't happy about being guarded by a bot. He mocked the bot from his cell only to receive a small electric shock from the bot as punishment.

It looked like our hero's tale would be ending sooner than he thought. Yet fate itself seemed to have had a different ending for this teenager.

For back on the bridge of the Ikazuchi, a small unknown energy signature had been detected on the outside of the ship. The Prime minster and his generals came from the party to investigate the matter but before the prime minister could get any more details from the bridge crew. There was a loud crashing sound.

Something had impacted the ship from the outside.

"What was that?" The prime minster yelled angrily. His second in command informed him that they were under fire from ships belonging to the women. Instantly the prime minster ordered the protection of the Ikazuchi as a first priority. But the attacking women already had the ship right where they wanted it.

Above the Men's fleet, a small red ship appeared from the darkness of space. This was the women flagship and on its bridge a dark-skinned woman watched the battle with an old woman standing next to her.

"Well captain. It looks like we caught a big one." The dark skinned woman said to the old women. The old woman opens her tired eyes and replies," hmm…yes. I guess today is our lucky day."

It may have been a lucky day for the women but on the Ikazuchi the male crew were in turmoil. The ships alarms blared as the crew began their counter attack against the invading women but none could stop the women breaching the Ikazuchi's new sections.

The prime minister growled in anger hearing this from his bridge crew monitoring the situation. The woman in his mind had used deplorable tactics. Hiding in the background fire meant his men's normal fighters had no chance to fight back without the risk of damaging his flagship.

Seeing this situation as his last stand, the prime minister orders the vanguards commanders to action. His second in command argues that most of the pilots under the commanders were just trainees. They'd never be able to fight a full trained women unit. But the prime minister would not listen to this agreement.

"If we don't use our newest weapon now, we'll bring shame to our forefathers," He argued back. The second in commander knew the minster was right and so the order was launched.

Vanguard soldiers rushed to the nearest Vanguard lead by none other by Nix. Some managed to launch but other weren't as lucky as the women began to disable the launch pads and forced to surrender.

Knowing the fate of their comrades, several of launched Vanguard managed to latch onto a red ship that was flying by the launch bay.

"Hey, what are these things? They're getting in my way." The women pilot inside the red ship yelled, trying to shake more vanguard them off her ship.

"Don't worry about the Vanguards, concentrate on the enemy flagship." Her commander ordered over the radio. The red ship women pilot nodded and returned to the attack.

The battle was long and hard for the men and soon Nix found him-self shot down by two pursing women ships. His vanguard crashed into the Ikazuchi's grand hall with a mighty thud. Flinging him forward toward the vanguard command screen he was only just saved by his seatbelt holding him back from head-butting the Vanguard's control screen.

With a quick shake of his head, the commander released himself from the stuck fast belt and began clambering out the broken Vanguard cockpit.

The sight outside the vanguard wasn't a pretty one. The hall now looked like bomb sight with holes and bits of tables and chair everywhere it was no longer the great hall it was a few minutes ago. But another sad sight to Nix was the shot down vanguard. He hated seeing such a masterful built machine wrecked. Still he knew this wasn't he time to be like this. Knowing he had no chance to get airborne again with his last vanguard; he began to scout for an escape ship.

Yet that in it-self would be a difficult task. For several women invaders had already managed to land their ships in the docking bay. The men soldiers in the docking bay tried to fight back, but the women space suits gave them the appearance of monsters sending the men running for their life.

It seemed a clear victory for the women but as the fighting went on as a blue women's ship sped through the docking bay at such a high speed that it nearly hit the invading women. The young monster suited women inside was yelling at the top of her voice that she couldn't stop the ship. But nobody heard her as she sped on.

Hibiki on the other hand seemed to having all the luck. Having managing to escape from his cell by using his guard navi bot's wires to fry the control to the laser grid after it had been thrown into the laser grid by the impacts. He was about to leave when he heard the navi bot make funny noises. It had been damaged and now was just rolling around making noises like a lost puppy. In his heart Hibiki knew he couldn't leave it behind. He quickly grabbed it and ran on.

Meanwhile Nix had been spotted by a group of invading women during his search and now they were in hot pursuit of him down one of the many hallways of the men's ship. Thinking quickly Nix dived into some rubble which hid him from his chasers, who soon found another man to chase.

"These women are tough." Nix thought getting out the rubble and running again. He was sure the women had already taken over the ship and the only sensible thing to do now was find a way to escape this doomed battle and Nix wasn't along in his thinking either.

The prime minister also thought this battle was doomed and reached for a lever near him. To which his second in command shouted, "Prime minister, no!"

He knew that the lever released parts of the Ikazuchi meaning that any men that were on those parts of the ship would be trapped with any women on them. But the minster did not care. He had to save what he could even at the cost of his men's lives.

No wasting any more time, the minster pulled the lever and seconds later explosions ran throughout the Ikazuchi as it began to separate. The soldiers left behind in the old sections began to panic as the ship separated. They had no escape route and the women soon came for them.

Meanwhile Hibiki began coming to after he had taken a fall from the ships engine walk way. He had managed to reach the engine room before the explosions and just as the blue ship from the cargo bay crashed through the engine room wall. Knocking both him and the women pilot from the blue ship onto the engine room floor, where they now laid on top of each other.

Still hazy from his fall, Hibiki moved his hand up to see what was laying on top of him. Only to have it met some squishy and a round. "Huh? What the heck is this?" He thought gripping tighter. Wondering what it was? Hibiki looked up and saw the monster mask of the women pilot that had been knocked from her blue ship.

In fright Hibiki pushed the masked pilot off of him and crawled back screaming, "Ah, it's a monster". He went to flee but stopped when the masked pilot women held out her left hand out and called out "Hold on!"

He turned back to see the pilot remove her mask. From the mask came a pale faced, long red haired and blue eyed young women.

"Oh wow, it's a real alien!" She squeaked happily looking at Hibiki, who was utter confused at the whole event. The red-haired pilot leaned closer to Hibiki and then began to slowly waving her hand in different ways. Unsure about what she was doing Hibiki repeated them back to the woman, who after looked very happy.

"Oh it worked. I made first contact" She said rather pleased with herself.

Feeling freaked out by this woman's actions, Hibiki turned on his heels and fled once again. Only to have the red haired women chasing after him shouting she wanted a photo with him. As the two continued on their merry chase Nix soon found self in a similar situation.

He had stopped outside a door leading to the men's locker room for a rest. He had been running away from more women and needed a break. But he had he had little time for breaks because a few seconds late. Bang!

A gun shot rang out from behind the door to the locker room followed by two female voices saying, "Stay right where you are." We'll shoot if you try anything funny."

Knowing his comrades were in danger, Nix opened the locker room door slightly to peep through to see the situation. What he saw were two monsters dressed women starting to remove their suits as captured men began to be herded down the hall to escape pods by more women.

"I know it's just a disinfectant, but I don't think I'll ever get used to the smell," A blonde- haired woman said appearing from one of suits. From what Nix could see the blonde-haired women wore a very revealing black dress with clear stockings and black high heels. But she was not the only monster suited women.

Shifting his attention to the next monster suit Nix saw a blue-haired woman appear from it. She was thin and wore a black and white suit of space armour. She ruffled her blue hair a bit and then began to look around. She seemed to have lost something.

"Have you see Dita, Jura?" The blue-haired women asked addressing her question to the blonde -haired women. But Jura just shook her head saying, "Sorry Meia no."

With this new found knowledge Nix believed he had found a way off the ship. If he could take this lost women hostage he could use her as a bargaining item to gain a ship from the women. With his set idea the commander stepped away only to have the door sensors activate.

The door flung open wide, the women turned around and there out in the open like a deer in headlight stood Nix. The two women held their fists at him with their ring on their middle finger glowing with small green tinge.

The blue haired women ordered Nix to get in line with the other men but Nix didn't. She asked again and still Nix ignored her. He was trying to figure a way out of this and so far nothing came to mind. Finally annoyed at the man ignoring her, the blue haired women gave Nix a choice. Get in line or die.

But Nix choose neither. Instead he told the blue haired women he had other plans. Before any word could be said, the blue haired women opened fire with her ring. Nix blocked the shot by closing the door and fled followed closely by the blue haired women and her blonde companion.

But being chased by women was the men's last worry for on the fleeing section of the Ikazuchi, the prime minister gave the order to destroy the old section.

"Prime minister, are you actually going to destroy the old section?" The first mate asked in shock. The prime minister lowered his head answering.

"I'd rather destroy it with my own hands than let it falls into the hands of women."

Unknown to what fate had planned for them; Meia and Jura now were looking for the man they were chasing. He had gone around a corner and magically disappeared from site.

"Forgot about the man Jura, I'm going to go look for Dita" Meia said to her blonde companion. But Jura complained about how she told Meia that she didn't want to bring a trainee along.

"Listen Jura," Meia said trying to explain the situation. "We're short-handed as it is, if you didn't want to be here, you should have spoken up earlier."

Jura knew her friend was right, but still made a show about having to search for the lost crew member. While they searched however a group of women led by the dark-skinned women from the bridge had begun to take control of the computers of the men ship when they noticed a missile signal coming towards them on the ship's radar.

"Captain what we should do?" The dark-skinned women asked over her radio to the old women on the women's ship. The old women answered that it would be a shame to lose the ship but lives were more important. She ordered a retreat to all her forces.

The dark-skinned women then radioed the order to Meia, who told her that she had lost Dita and would meet back on the ship once Dita was found. The dark-skinned women accepted this and began to make her way back to the ship.

During the radio conversation Meia and Jura had found their way to what was left of the engine room walkway. Where they soon heard a yell below the walkway they were on. Looking down they both saw their lost member chasing after a young man.

"Stop following me," he yelled running away from the lost member. But the women would not give up and they continued on their merry chase. From above the two women couldn't believe it.

"Did you see that Meia. She's already chasing men," Jura said watching the two run around like children. But as they watched the chase the two women caught sight another man. It was the man who had got away from them. He was racing to a Vandread lying in some rumble near where the chase was happening.

"He's going to try to fight back," Jura said worrying to Meia. But she was already on it. Carefully aiming at the man with her ring, Meia fired a small energy shot which hit their run away man in his upper right arm.

In a cry of pain, he fell to his knees gripping his shot wound with his left hand. He looked away from his wound to his shooters coming for him.

"Ah... plan b then." the man said reaching into his right Tarak jacket pocket. Meia and Jura just reached the bottom of the walk way before they saw the man with his hand in his pocket. Meia warned him not to move but before she could act to stop him, the man threw a flash bang grenade from his pocket onto the ground.

The grenade burst open and a blinding light emerged from it blinded the women.

"Ah my beautiful eyes", moaned Jura covering her eyes. But Meia was more concerned about the fleeing man. She tired her best to see through the flash but it was not good, the man had gone.

With the loss of the wounded man Meia and Jura drew their attention back to the chasing women and man. Still being chased the man began climbing a wall of the wreak room with women climbing after him. But she was stopped when she tackled to the ground by Meia. Looking behind her, the women gasped at the sight of Meia.

"What are you doing Dita? Meia barked at her. "You know better than to separate from the rest of the team,"

Dita apologised sadly about the whole affair before being helped up by Meia. Still Meia was happy to find her team mate as now they could leave. After radioing in to tell her captain they were returning to the ship Meia and her companies left for their ships

Hearing the women run off the man who being chased by Dita slowly poked his head out from his hiding spot to check they were really gone. Of course this man was Hibiki who after a few seconds of looking around couldn't see any signs of the women coming back. But what he did see was the vanguard he tried to steal. It was lying near the engine core of the ship and looked almost untouched.

The teen couldn't believe this luck. He could complete his bet and get out of this crazy battle. Quickly and happily he ran towards the vanguard only to meet by the other man who turned out to be Nix, who appeared from behind the ship still holding his right arm.

"You third class runt." Nix grumbled slowly walking toward Hibiki. "You've been lucky to live this far. But this vanguard is mine."

Hibiki wasn't going to let that happen. He had to live and if he had to take on the man who easily over power him to do that he would.

"No way, if you want this vanguard you gunna have to fight me for it," The teen bluffed. But Nix took this bluff as a challenge. He let his right arm go and took out his dagger from his black stash in his blood cover left hand.

Hibiki instantly knew he was in trouble. If he couldn't find a way to beat this man he would die in the very place he tried to get away from. He had little options but in the end his escape came down to a bit of good timing.

As Nix jabbed his dagger forward Hibiki rolled to his left side allowing him to avoid the dagger and put him in the perfect position to low kick Nix to the ground. With a swift kick, the commander fell to the ground with a loud thud giving Hibiki a few seconds to sprint to the vanguard cockpit.

But as Hibiki reached the cockpit he saw Nix get to his feet. He warned the teen that if he dared get in the cockpit it would his last act of stupidity he ever makes.

Hibiki however, ignored his threat and quickly locked himself in the vanguard cockpit before blowing raspberries at Nix. This was the final straw of Nix. This teen had pushed him too far. He was pain, he'd lost all his men and now this rotten teenager dared to mock him.

The only thing Nix wanted to do now strangle the teen. He run over to the vanguard jumped on its cockpit and began to pound away at its cockpit yelling, "If I get in there runt, your dead."

Inside the cockpit Hibiki was trying everything he could to launch the vanguard along with praying his attacker wouldn't break through the cockpit. It was a bad time for our hero. But the three women pilots weren't doing so well either.

Dita's ship had become stuck in some rubble and now she couldn't get out. Her team -mates tried to help, but the missiles were drawing closer and closer.

"There's no time we have to leave" Jura said from her ship. But Meia wouldn't leave a team member behind. She insisted they stayed until Dita was free. But slowly the missiles were growing closer and closer. Time was running out and it seemed the end of them all.

"Oh work you stupid thing!" Hibiki shouted hitting the controls of the vanguard. Suddenly the men's engine emitted a blue light that engulfed everything on the battle field. Leaving the once space battlefield clear and silent.