It's like my hands completely have a mind of their own as they suddenly fly out and land right on top of his chest. I immediately suck in a sharp breath through my teeth and let it out slowly and, I'll admit, a little shakily.

"Ohhhh, yeah," I whisper as I exhale.

I can feel the fast, throbbing rhythm of his heart pounding beneath my palm. I slowly run my hands down his chest and over his rock hard stomach, fully enjoying the smooth feeling of it against my palms.

"If you lose this body, it's over," I let him know as I slide my hands back up his chiseled bod.

I can feel the vibrations and shakes of his chest as he lets out an amused little chuckle. I look up to catch him smiling to himself, but then, once our eyes meet, his laughter starts to die down, until it stops altogether.

And a moment of unspoken understanding seems to pass between us. He slowly leans in and kisses me softly on the lips. I close my eyes and let him do what he's gotta do because, hey, I know neither one of us truly knows what the heck we're doing here.

But that's okay. 'Cause, whether he believes it or not, I honestly do trust this nub, and I think he trusts me just as much as I trust him…'cause I mean, if he didn't, I really doubt he would've stayed with me in this messed up thing we call a relationship for over six months.

Six months and still going strong. Kinda hard to believe sometimes.

The slick sounds of our mouths mashing together sends a burning rush of desire throughout my whole body, starting from my head and exploding all the way down to my toes. I wrap my arms around him, resting my hands gently on his warm, bare back. I tilt my head slightly, allowing his mouth to press deeper against mine. His tongue manages to find its way back into my mouth, and he rolls it against my own, causing me to moan.

I feel his hands slide around my own back, resting right in the middle of it without moving. But after a couple of seconds, I start to feel his fingertips digging into me a little bit, and it's when his tongue stops moving and he lets out this sort of frustrated whimper into my mouth that I pull away from him.

We stare at one another, faces inches apart, arms still wrapped around each other's backs. The sound of him breathing lightly is enough to keep me all hot and wanting more, and just the way his eyes are half-lidded and his mouth is half-open, like he wants to speak but just can't find the words…I don't know, but somehow, I feel like I'm able to read his mind in that very moment.

It's your turn.

Well. All right then. Mama's up for the challenge.

I let go of his back and slide my hands between us to grab the hem of my shirt. He lets go of me then, allowing me to pull the shirt over my head in one quick motion. I chuck it behind me, and then I just sit there, shoulders rolled back and chest poking out in just my black cotton bra. I glance up at him to see that his eyes are already glued to my chest.

"Hey," I say, jolting him out of whatever skeevy thoughts were just going through his head. "Eyes up here, Freddog. This," I point to my bra and wave my pointer back and forth between the two cups, "ain't comin' off 'til you take your pants off."

Yeah, that's how I play. You wanna see my good stuff? You gotta show me your good stuff first.

I'm in control here, and he knows it.

"Fine," he says as he kicks his legs off the couch and stands up. He turns towards me and starts to unbutton and unzip his jeans, and even as he starts pulling them down, I keep my eyes locked only on his face. He's smirking a little, and the look is all seductive and mischievous and just plain sexy.

I'm so focused on his face that I haven't even noticed at first when his pants are completely off. My eyes wander down his half-naked body until my gaze finally locks onto his—

"Boxers?" I remark in a slightly amused tone.

Dark green boxers.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

"What?" he asks in his 'oh, what, what's so funny about that?' tone.

"Nothing," I say as I slide myself off the couch and stand up in front of him. "It's just…" I slip my arms around his neck and take another step closer to him, pressing our chests together. "You've always struck me as a tightie-wighties kinda guy."

I kiss him before he has the chance to make some sort of stupid protest. Of course, I do remember a few years back when I pantsed him in the hallway and he was wearing boxers, but whatever, I really don't care what he has to say about that. I just wanna make out with him.

And it seems like he wants to do the same, since he slides his hands around my back again, tangling his fingers through my hair as he clutches onto the back strap of my bra. My heart starts pounding a little faster, since I know fully well what he's trying to do with his hands back there.

But just when I think he's about to go through with it and actually unhook my bra, he takes me completely by surprise as I feel one of his hands slide down my back and around my waist, until it's in between us and fumbling with the button on my jeans. I pant heavily as I break the kiss, but before I can put my hand on his, he reaches up with his free one, catches my jaw, and kisses me again.

My heart jumps.

Whoa, what just happened?

Oh, chiz.

He's…he's totally taking control now, isn't he?


The weirdest part about this is that…I think I actually kinda like it.

I feel him clumsily tugging down on my pants as he continues to kiss me on the lips. It's all sloppy, and a little frantic, but at the same time, it's so ridiculously hot. I let him keep doing what he's doing, working my pants down with one hand while the other still loosely grasps my chin, holding it in place. But as the kissing builds up between us, I can feel him struggling more and more, and I have no choice but to pull away again and help him with the rest.

Because, really, Mama's just starting to get a little impatient now.

I look him in the eyes as I wiggle out of my annoyingly tight jeans. When they reach the bottom, I hastily step out of them and kick them behind me.

"Purple?" he asks, using the same amused tone that I used earlier when I mentioned his boxers.

I feel a hot rush of blood spread through my cheeks. He's talking about my underwear. My plain, comfortable, lavender colored boy shorts underwear, 'cause God knows I'd never be caught dead wearing

Well, y'know. The nasty p word that I can't stand.

"Shut up," I growl out as I grab him by the back of the neck and slam my lips into his all over again. Our tongues immediately start wrestling inside each other's mouths, because by now I think we're both getting used to this stuff, and it's all becoming way more natural.

A tiny moan escapes from the back of my throat when I feel his hands press against the small of my back, and all of a sudden, his hand traces over my butt and down my leg. My heart leaps inside my chest as I feel him lift me off the ground, before he pushes me back down into the couch. I weave my fingers through his hair as he climbs on top of me.

His hand that had been on my thigh slides down my leg, and it's warm and it's tickling me a little but in a really good way. My toes curl tightly inside my socks, and now it's like I'm totally slipping away from reality and into an unknown world of intense hotness as his lips break away from mine to instead press onto my neck.

I tilt my head back and suck in a sharp breath, my eyes fluttering closed.

"Oh, God, Freddie," I moan breathlessly as his hot, wet lips press all over my skin, working their way down my neck and across my chest.

"Are you," he mumbles into my skin as he continues trailing his warm mouth over my chest, "enjoying," he moves back up and nips me on the ear, sending another wave of pleasure through me, "yourself," he abruptly lifts his head and looks me in the eyes, "Princess Puckett?"

God, I love that nickname. Not that I've ever actually told him that. I think he knows how much I like it, though, otherwise he wouldn't keep calling me that.

"Did I tell you to stop?" I whisper, a suggestive smile spreading across my face, and just like that, his lips are on mine again.

I deepen the kiss as I start sitting up a little, enjoying the feeling of our chests crushing against each other's. His hands slide around to my bra strap again, and I swear, it's like, one second, I feel his hand tighten and his lips freeze, and then the next, I hear a small snap, and my straps go flinging open on either side of me.


My heart is pounding really hard against my chest now, and maybe it's just out of excitement for what's soon to come, but to be honest, I think it's from a little nervousness. This is all starting to get way more real to me now.

I guess Freddie senses my nervousness, because he pulls away from me then.

"You okay?" he asks, voice all soft and concerned.

I swallow lightly, but I don't say anything. My thoughts are totally fogged and my heart is still racing, and I'm not even sure what I'm doing anymore, but suddenly my hands are moving on their own to grab the front straps of my bra. I lean away from him a little as I start to peel the straps off my shoulders and down my arms. I hold the cups in my right hand, and I look right at him as I — very sloooowly, because I love to tease him — pull the bra away to expose my bare chest for him to finally see. My bra dangles from my hand as I lower it to the side, before I let it simply slip out of my fingers and onto the floor.

"You like what you see, Benson?" I ask teasingly, just to lighten the mood a little and break some of the weird nervous tension that I'm sure he's feeling, too.

His eyes finally flicker up from my chest to look at my face. They're soft and serious, and I think even a little bit scared, too. He purses his lips, before slowly parting them open again.

"You're beautiful, Sam," he says in the sweetest, most sincere voice I've ever heard from another human being, ever.

I swear, I blush so deeply that my face must be redder than a cherrylicious smoothie, but I still manage to crack a small smile at him. He smiles at me, too, before his eyes drop to gape at my chest again.

And then, without any warning, he lowers his head to my chest, and his warm breath washes over the skin of my bare breasts. The next thing I know, I feel his mouth pressing against one of them, and I snap my eyes shut when I feel his tongue slowly and teasingly lick across the sensitive flesh.

"Ohh," I sigh in unexpected pleasure.

After a few strokes of his tongue, he removes his mouth for a second, only to move it across my chest to give my other breast the same wonderful treatment. He licks and sucks lightly, and when he moves his head away completely, his saliva on my skin immediately chills over as it hits the cool air of the room. I feel goosebumps rise up over my skin, and then…

"Someone's cold," Freddie says with a teasing smirk and a playful quirk of his eyebrow.

At this point, I'm far too turned on to retaliate.

So I simply draw in a deep breath and stick my chest out a little more.

"So warm me up," I say daringly.

He doesn't miss a beat as he eagerly lowers his head again and kisses me right between my boobs. His hand comes up to grab one of them, cupping it gently. I close my eyes, letting him massage and squeeze and lick and do whatever it is he wants to do.

It feels weird, I ain't gonna lie, especially since it's Freddie freakin' Benson doing this stuff to me, but…it's actually a good weird.

Like a really good weird.

Like an 'oh, wow, I want more of this' weird.

His tongue strokes the tight pink bud on my left breast as he continues squeezing and kneading my right one. The combined sensations of his warm mouth on one boob and his amazing hand playing with the other is driving me completely crazy with these intense feelings of…


And I moan loudly as heat flows through my whole body.

That's it; I can't take it anymore.

Mama wants him now.

I touch my hand to his cheek, and when I do, he immediately jerks his head up to look at me, just like I was hoping he'd do.

My body is acting solely and completely on wild teenage hormones as I cup his face between both of my hands and bend my head down, planting an open-mouthed kiss on his lips. I feel the pressure of his hand lift off my chest as he instead moves his hands to either side of my body on the couch. I eventually start to rub my leg against his larger, much hairier one — seriously, since when did he start growing leg hair anyway? — and the friction of our bodies so close to each other sends more and more prickling heat throughout my body, specifically to the back of my neck and down my entire back.

I run my socked foot over his ankle and start sliding it up the back of his calf. He moans softly, and the sound is somehow both adorable and sexy to me at the same time. I feel one of his hands sliding down my leg, until he reaches my foot and starts tugging off my sock. I smile into the kiss, because it's just funny to think of Freddork wanting to get this thing moving along.

Then again, it also lets me know that he wants this just as badly, if not more than I do.

I shiver when my sock is pulled off and my toes come into contact with the stiff air of my living room. Luckily for me, Freddie's hand quickly encloses around my foot, tickling me a little as his fingers curl against the bottom of my foot. An unexpected giggle erupts from my throat, which encourages him to start lightly stroking my foot.

Yeah, so I have ticklish feet. Big chiz.

He finally stops torturing me and lets go of my foot, but it's not long before I feel him trying to take off my other sock. He pulls that one off more easily, and after he does, he abruptly pulls his lips away from mine, gasping and panting wildly for air. My mouth hangs open as I breathe in and out, just as obnoxiously.

"What if your mom walks in on us?" Freddie suddenly blurts out, his voice kinda hoarse as he struggles to breathe properly like a normal person.

"Please," I say sarcastically, my voice just as tired and breathless as his. "My mom's hardly ever around anymore. I guess she figures that now that I'm 18, she doesn't 'legally'," I make air quotes with one hand, "need to take care of me anymore." Which, technically, is true, I guess.

"Oh," Freddie says, sort of surprised, like he doesn't know what else to say.

"Don't worry, she still remembers to stock the fridge with food and pay the electric bills every month and stuff," I make sure to say.

It's true; she's obviously not the greatest mom in the world, but…she's not the absolute worst mom either. She's there when she needs to be.

Which reminds me…

"What about your mom?" I ask, smirking. Finally my breathing is back to normal.

"What about her?"

"Uh, I'm pretty sure she'd have a heart attack and go into a coma if she found out what you were doing right now."

That's when he smirks devilishly, like he's already thought about that or something, and I notice a spark catch in his eyes. It sends a shiver down my spine, but this time, it's definitely not because I'm cold.

"Yeah, well," he starts, his voice low and husky, "I'm a grown man now. I can do whatever…I…want…"

Man? Oh, that's a good one.

I would've said that out loud, too, had he not immediately kissed me on the lips again, hard and passionately. And just like that, my thoughts go flying right out of my mind, leaving me now with only my impulses to guide me. So I decide to go with my first one and press my hand onto his chest, feeling the heat that's radiating through his soft skin.

But my hand doesn't stay there for long, because soon, I start gliding it down his chest, until I reach the hem of his boxers. I trail my hand down a little more, brushing my palm against the hard bulge that's hidden beneath the cloth. He lets out a stifled moan once I come into contact with it.

Hmm. Looks like it's my turn to tease and experiment with him a little bit.

This should be fun.

I press my fingers against his stiffness. I can feel his lips tensing up against mine as he lets out another tortured, drawn-out groan of pleasure. He hastily breaks the heated kiss and catches my gaze. My lips turn up in a wicked grin as I apply a little more pressure to his groin, causing him to briefly close his eyes and suck in a sharp breath. He lets it out in a satisfied sigh, muttering a soft and breathy, "Oh, God," along with it.

Seems like he's enjoying himself.

I decide to take it one step further. Acting on nothing but my own instincts, I give his hardened package a firm squeeze through his boxers.

"Sam!" he shrieks in a strangled cry that sounds like a cross between shock and pleasure.

He breathes out shakily and stares down at me wildly. Funny that he's all panicky and freaked out right now, whereas I'm totally relaxed and calm.

"What?" I ask simply, loosening my grip so that my palm is simply resting flat against his boxers rather than curving over his bulge.

"Y-You, uhhh…" he sputters, his face turning bright red.

Aww, my awkward little nerd boy. I love it when he gets all nervous and embarrassed like this. I especially love it because I know that I'm the one doing it to him. Makes me feel kinda powerful, y'know?

"You touched me," he finally gets out.

Wow. You know, I could make a sarcastic comment here, but since he's already so spazzy and nervous right now, I think I'll be nice for once and spare him this one. Heck, I think I'll even help him out a little…

"Uh huh. So…" I start suggestively, finally removing my hand from his boxers to gently grab one of his. I guide it towards my stomach, just above the hem of my underwear, where I let it go, suggesting with a sly grin, "Why don't you touch me?"

His eyes darken with desire the second they flicker back up to mine. I stare up at him, unmoving, just waiting for him to finally make a move. After a brief moment without doing anything, he swallows and lets his eyes drop again. His hand, which had been laying on my stomach, starts to skim across my underwear and down my thigh.

I moan my approval, encouraging him to continue exploring my body. His hand unexpectedly dips between my legs, and immediately my thighs clench around him, wanting more. He runs his fingers over my most sensitive, private area through my underwear, and a tingling sensation shoots right through me.

"Mmmm, Fredderly," I whisper. My next words tumble out of my mouth before I can stop them. "Let's get naked."

Freddie immediately stops what he's doing and glances back up at me with a wild, scared look in his eyes.

"What?" he squeaks.

I close my mouth as I lazily push his hand off of me.

"Stand up," I command, and he's off me and on his feet in a matter of two seconds. I stretch my arms, before sliding my legs off the couch and planting my feet on the floor. I stand up and turn to face him.

I notice how his eyes briefly drift to my chest, watching the way my boobs bounce slightly with each of my movements. I'm unable to fight myself from rolling my eyes but smirking playfully at him.

"All right," I say firmly, hooking both of my thumbs into the hem of my underwear. "We'll do it together, on the count of three."

"Uhhh…okay," he agrees, sticking his thumbs into the waistband of his boxers. "Sounds fair enough."

My heart starts pounding even harder against my chest as the reality of what's about to happen suddenly hits me.

I'm about to see Freddie naked.

And he's about to see me fully naked.

Well, here goes nothing.

"One…" I say slowly.

"Two…" Freddie says for me.

There's a brief moment of hesitation between us.

"Three!" I suddenly shout, and before I can stop myself, I yank my underwear down my legs so fast that I hear the harsh swish of the fabric. I step out of them quickly, before finally allowing myself to look up at Freddie.

My eyes immediately bulge at the sight of him. There he is, standing just a couple feet in front of me, completely naked. I feel heat rush up to my cheeks, because as I stand there, raking my eyes over his nude body, I know he's doing the same thing with me right now. And I'll admit, it's making me feel a little more than self-conscious.

"Wow," I hear him choke out, and somehow, it manages to calm me down a little. I even feel a smile tug at my lips as I begin to walk the small distance between us.

I can feel his hardness pressing against my lower half as I pull him towards me for a hungry, passionate kiss. We both suck in air at the same time through our mashed lips, and the sound manages to add even more fire to my already flared up hormones. I feel his warm and slightly damp hands cup against the small of my back, just above my butt. I smile against his lips, knowing fully well that he wants to slide his hands down lower…

But the next thing I know, I'm flopping down against the couch with him on top of me, our chests crushed together. Our kissing is hotter and heavier than ever before, and we're both moaning and tangling our hands into each other's hair, running them over curves of heated flesh. It's fast and clumsy and completely driven by animal-like hormones, and I'm enjoying every second of it.

As it starts to slow down, though, one of his hands comes up to gently caress my cheek. I let out a soft moan as his other hand slowly trails up one of my thighs, until his fingers suddenly, and fleetingly, graze the outside of my heated core.

I swear, my eyes go rolling right into the back of my head just from that brief contact alone. I let out my longest moan of the night so far, and I guess it's all the encouragement he needed from me, because then, his finger brushes right down the middle of my wet center, and I practically lose it right then and there. He starts applying a little more pressure, running his finger along the outside of my wetness, before he pushes it in ever so slightly.

I immediately tear my lips away from his and throw my head back.

"Ohhhh, God, more!" I groan desperately.

He complies, slowly sliding his finger deeper inside me. I feel my muscles tense as he starts to carefully pump it in and out, stroking along my slick inner walls. My nerves set on fire as my eyelids flutter closed, the sensation so new to me yet so unbelievably amazing. I swallow hard as my breaths start coming out in shorter, heavier pants. He increases his speed, and just when I start to feel the heavy pulsing heat of my blood coursing through my veins, he unexpectedly slides in a second finger.

I instantly squirm and tense up beneath him, but he eagerly keeps going, pumping his fingers in a quick, easy rhythm. My eyes fly open as I take a moment to actually look down at him and catch his reaction. He looks up at me and smirks seductively, picking up his speed even more. My vision is quickly becoming fogged by intense pleasure, and I decide to squeeze my eyes shut again, focusing on only the sensations he's providing me with.

But as I start reaching the edge, I feel his fingers pull out of me completely. My eyes snap open at the abandonment and I glance down at him, only to see him lowering his head. A second later, I feel his wet tongue touch my center, and I toss my head back, hitting it against the foot of the couch.

"Ahhhh!" I hiss out in pain, but it honestly doesn't last long at all as his tongue dips deeper inside me, licking across my most sensitive spot. "Ohhh…"

He eventually pulls his tongue out and kisses atop my center, before lifting his head to mine.

"You good?" he asks.

I stare up at him through half-lidded eyes, my breathing still uneven, my body still feeling like it's on fire.

Then, without thinking much at all, I reach down and grasp his stiff member, curling my fingers around it. His eyes widen as I feel him twitch in my hand, and my lips curve into an open-mouthed smirk as I begin to stroke him, very slowly. He shudders and closes his eyes, letting out a long breath of pleasure.

"Oh, God, Sam," he groans as I give him a soft squeeze, continuing to work my hand up his length, then back down it.

After a while, he suddenly grabs my hand that's been stroking him and gently pries it off. I give him a confused look, and I watch as he leans over the couch and reaches for his pants on the floor. I'm about to ask him just what the fudge he's doing, until I look down to see him pulling out a red square foil package from the pocket of his jeans. My cheeks heat up in realization as I watch him tear open the package and pull out a tiny, sticky-looking circle. He places it at the base of his length and slowly rolls it on, then finally looks up into my eyes.

"Are you absolutely sure you wanna do this?" he asks me one last time, as if I'm really gonna change my mind at this point.

But, just to reassure him, I gently nod my head, looking him dead in the eyes. He visibly relaxes, but now I'm the one starting to freak out a little. 'Cause I mean, oh, God, this is really about to happen.

I've thought this moment over in my head probably about a thousand times.

He leans down and kisses me on the lips, one of the more tender kisses we've ever shared, but that tenderness slowly grows deeper as our mouths open and close against one another's in a steady rhythm. He threads a hand into my already disheveled hair, and I do the same with mine, running my fingers through his hair that's so ridiculously messy because of me. The warmth continues to grow into a burning hunger inside me, and soon, I feel him break away from me and breathe out a heavy moan.

His tip brushes against my core, and my eyes fall shut on their own accord. As he begins to push his way inside me, I squeeze my eyes shut tighter, not expecting the pain that suddenly throbs through my whole lower body.

"A-Am I hurting you?" he asks nervously, I guess noticing the way I was cringing just now.

I force my eyes open and shake my head.

"N-No, just…go slow, okay?" I say in a voice that's just barely higher than a whisper.

He brings his lips closer to mine, and I feel my own lips suddenly twitch in anticipation, waiting for him to lean down and enclose his sweet lips against mine.

"Okay," he says softly, before he finally captures my lips with his yet again. He continues pushing himself deeper and deeper inside me, and already I can feel my muscles clenching. It almost feels like he's about to rip right through my insides, and it's such an overwhelming feeling that I can't help but moan loudly inside his mouth.

He gives one final push, letting me know that he's now fully inside me. My hand flies up and lands on top of his muscular back as he makes his first thrust inside me. He moves back, then pushes forward again, moves back, then forward, back, and forward again. It's all very mechanical and careful, like he's afraid to do anything else.

But then, after several slow, awkward thrusts, he starts to add move force behind them. Immediately, I curl my hand against his back and dig my fingers into his warm skin. He lets out a moan, his pace beginning to pick up a little more.

"Oh, Freddie, yessss!" I hiss out in pleasure against his lips. "Harder!"

Not really sure what else to do, I start grinding my hips against his, matching his quickening rhythm. He pumps in and out of me, deeper and harder as he keeps going, and I can feel my body temperature rising higher and higher as sweat starts collecting on every inch of my exposed skin.

He suddenly tears his lips away from mine and lowers his head, taking one of my breasts into his mouth. The familiar feeling of his tongue licking across my tender flesh, combined with this insane friction of our bodies pressing and grinding against each other, causes me to moan his name out in a slurred, lust-filled voice.

"Mmmm," he moans back throatily, and the heat that's pulsing through me spikes even higher. I reach up with my other hand and clutch desperately onto his silky strands.

"Oh, God, Freddie, kiss me!" I beg, about to lose it.

He clumsily lifts his head from my breast and kisses me with full force, drilling inside me even harder than before. Our breaths mingle into each other's mouths, and for a split-second, my mind goes completely blank.


"Ohhh, Sam," he groans breathlessly, "I-I'm almost—" I brush his tongue with my own, setting him back a little. His thrusts become faster, more frenzied and wild. "I'm—" but his words turn into a loud, deep, lingering moan of pleasure as I feel him explode inside me, at last reaching his ultimate moment of pure ecstasy.

I swallow his moans with my mouth, kissing him fiercely by sliding my hand that's been on his back, up to his neck. I can feel his body shaking hard as his pace starts slowing down drastically, and once it's over, he breathes out the biggest, most relaxed sigh of relief.

Every single one of my muscles goes completely limp the moment he stops moving inside me. The room becomes filled with nothing but the sounds of our deep, heavy panting. My heart is pounding so fast that I feel like it's about to explode out of my chest. Our eyes lock for a moment, both of us still trying to calm down from the intensity of this deeply intimate moment.

He kisses me softly on the lips, silencing the both of us, and when he pulls away from me, his body wobbles a little as he struggles to stand up. I watch as he gets up and walks over to the kitchen, I'm guessing to throw away his used…uhhh…protection. Yeah.

I close my eyes and stretch my arms over my head, suddenly feeling exhausted. I let my arms lay draped over the foot of the couch, too comfortable to move at all, let alone get up and put my clothes back on. I feel the couch sink from more weight and my eyes fly open again. A satisfied smile stretches across my face.

"We done good, boy," I say teasingly.

Freddie lets out a small laugh, gently rubbing his hand against my knee.

And there's something so weirdly affectionate by the gesture that, for some reason, my slowing heartbeat starts to pick up again. I slowly sit up, turning myself fully towards him. He stops rubbing my knee and looks up at me, eyes serious.

"I love you."

His pupils dilate the slightest bit, and after a few seconds without moving, he picks up his hand and brushes my bangs aside. He leaves his hand lightly clutching my hair as he leans in, pressing his lips against my forehead. My eyes fall shut as my heart starts beating even faster. I remain perfectly still, enjoying the lingering feeling of his lips pressing against my sweaty skin. When I feel his warm lips slowly pull away, I open my eyes again to stare at him.

"I love you, too," he says, curving his lips into a handsome, all-too familiar smile that makes my heart melt.

I smile wider as I nuzzle my head against his shoulder. He wraps his arm tightly around my waist, hugging me close to him. As my mouth stretches into a wide yawn, I feel a sudden growl inside my stomach, and I immediately crack my eyes open and glance up at him again.

"Sooo…how 'bout that sandwich, Fredward?"