Ever since Sosuke kissed my bubble and I was transformed into a human for good, I felt wonderful. I was free! Free from my father Fujimoto and his constricting ways and obsession for magic and hate for humans. I was free to be with Sosuke, the boy I loved and the one who cared for me.
I lived with Sosuke and Lisa in their little house on the cliff by the sea, sometimes visited by Koichi, Soske's father. I was happy as a little girl growing up with Sosuke, but as life went on I began to wonder if choosing humanity over magic was the right thing.

I wondered if my father was right all along, and that magic was better than humanity. Sometimes, I wondered what would have happened if I had chosen to stay a fish, and stay magic. But my mind never lingered for long on that subject, because if I had magic, I couldn't have Sosuke, and that was a choice I'd already made and was sure about.

But still, there was no harm in wondering, was there?