Fujimoto missed his daughter. Brunhilda. Why had she chosen being human over being magic?
Brunhilda would have inherited the whole ocean after Fujimoto died. But she had chosen differently. She had chosen to become human, to be with the little human boy, Sosuke.
Brunhilda loved Sosuke. Fujimoto did not know what she saw in him, but they were too young to know if they actually loved each other. In twelve years, they might fall out and hate each other and his precious little daughter would have nowhere to go.
Fujimoto had thought of many schemes to bring her back, but Sosuke and Brunhilda, or Ponyo as she now called herself, were happy together.
He sat in his little submarine, watching his many daughters swim around the bubble of water he had created for them. They were content being fish and did not want to go off into the human world with human children as Ponyo had.
The waves thumped the window of the submarine. Fujimoto ignored them, but the waves thumped harder, trying to get the Ocean Wizard's attention. Fujimoto turned and what he saw made his blood run cold.
The powerful blue waves held something small and delicate within their fold. It was a small, human figure, with pale skin and wild red hair...
Fujimoto flew from the room and was in the ocean in a flash, a bubble of air around his head. The waves gave Fujimoto his daughter and he quickly drew a bubble of oxygen around her head. Taking her inside the submarine, Fujimoto laid his daughter on a bed by the side of the big bubble of water.
"Brunhilda! Brunhilda can you hear me?"
The girl didn't move. Her chest wasn't moving. She wasn't breathing.
Fujimoto began pump the girl's chest, while forcing air into her lungs.
Ponyo coughed and began to breathe, but her eyes did not open. Fujimoto almost died with relief. His daughter was alive, but only just.
What was she doing here? Ponyo should be on the surface with Sosuke and Lisa, the boy's mother. She had promised to take care of Ponyo, and so had Sosuke. He had known the boy was too young for the task, and he shouldn't have placed his daughter in the trust of the human woman.
Stupid, disgusting humans.
Fujimoto roared with anger and the rest of his daughters swam for cover inside the fish-castle inside the water bubble.
He made sure Ponyo was comfortable, then he went outside and released his anger at the ocean.