Becker stormed through the corridor on his way down to medical. He'd always hated it there – possibly because he'd spent too much time flat on his back there with his injuries being poked and prodded – but he wanted an answer and by God, he was going to have one.

Jess followed him as quickly as she could, her heels a definite detriment today. Stopping long enough to pull them off, she raced after him only to run square into Matt as he stepped out of his office.

"Jess, what's wrong?"

Jess pushed herself away and took off after Becker again, words like Becker, medical, adrenaline, and pissed off trailing in her wake.

Matt watched her round the corner and tapped his earpiece. "Abby, Connor, Emily, get to Medical, now!" And then he too was off.

The team arrived at the medical bay just in time to hear a loud crash, a rather sickening thud, and Jess screaming Becker's name. Matt turned quickly to Abby, "Don't suppose you brought a tranq gun with you?"

Abby looked horrified. "No!"

"Right then, let's just make sure Becker doesn't get his hands on any of the medics."

Connor peered around the white curtain that separated the desk from the beds and looked back at Matt. "Too late for that."

"Wonderful," Matt replied sarcastically and they all filed behind the curtain just as Jess started screaming at Becker.

"I'm the one with the bloody condition. It's my own fault I didn't have my Epi-pen. I know better!"

"You thought there were some here. There should have been some here!" Becker growled as he looked back at the terrified medic he had pinned to the wall.

"Let him go, Becker. None of this was his fault," Jess stated angrily.

"Well, it was someone's bloody fault!" Becker glared at the medic, moving even closer before adding in a very low, very menacing tone, "And I'm going to find out whose."

When it became clear that Becker had no intention of releasing the medic – Matt thought his name might be Paulson, but he wasn't entirely sure – Matt and Connor started to move toward Becker, but Jess beat them to it. They watched as she insinuated herself into the small gap between the two men and forced Becker to loosen his hold.

"Damn it, Jess!"

Jess grabbed Becker's shoulders and forced him down so that she could look him in the eye. "It. Was. My. Own. Fault," she stated, enunciating every word slowly so that he would understand.

He started to move away again, but Jess wouldn't let him. She moved quickly, releasing his shoulders, placing her hands on either side of his head, and smashed her lips against his.

Becker's arms flailed about for a moment before he finally wrapped them around Jess's tiny waist, pulling her against him as he straightened up. For the second time in less than five minutes there was another thud as Jess' back hit the wall.

Matt ushered the stunned medic and the grinning members of his team back around the curtain. Once the flimsy white cloth - why couldn't it be a nice soundproof door? - was between them, he looked at the medic, who was still trembling. "You alright?"

Paulson – Matt had been right about the man's name – nodded. "Yeah," he answered, rubbing his shoulder, "I think so."

Matt exhaled slowly. "Good. Now, because you know he's going to ask again, hopefully with a little more patience this time, why wasn't there any adrenaline here?"

"Like I tried to tell Captain Becker, we did have some, but there was a recall. Something to do with the pens not injecting the medicine properly, I think." Paulson looked at Matt sheepishly. "The replacements came in this morning."