"Here again?"

The familiar voice startled Jane out of her contemplation as she turned on her barstool to greet the man she knew it was attached to. "Clint, sup?" She gave a nod by way of greeting.

"Same old crap, different day," he gave a wave of his hand at the bartender. "You?"

"Oh, you know how it is," Jane shrugged and took a sip of her beer. "She dump you again? It's only been a week."

"Yeah, and it sucks. I bought her flowers and everything, but, man, I don't know. Chicks are crazy." He passed a few dollars over as the bartender sat down a cold bottle.

"Can be," the detective nodded in agreement. "What'd you do this time if you remembered to buy the flowers?"

"Forgot her dog's birthday." He rolled his eyes. "It's a dog. Not like its going to care whether I give it a milk bone today or next week." Clint shook his head in disbelief. "Anyway, what are you doing here, Detective? You still fighting with that best friend of yours or what?"

Jane gave a noncommittal shrug. "Not exactly."

"You did that chick talking thing, right? Maybe you can teach me so Sash'll stop breaking up with me." He took a long drag of his beer.

"Not exactly," Jane's tone was even.

"Well, what the hell did you do?" Clint's voice held an edge of irritation to it.

"A lovely thing with her…"

"Maura!" Jane turned around abruptly, placing a hand over the petite woman's mouth. "Filter… Filter."

"Hey, you're the other chick," Clint looked between the two women. "Right? She's the one you were talking about last week?"

"Yeah," Jane looked over to honey brunette. "If I uncover your mouth, do you promise not to overshare?" Maura nodded, eyes gleaming with mischief. "Okay, good." Jane dropped her hand to Maura's hip, pulling the doctor forward to get the smaller woman to lean against her leg. "Clint, this is Dr. Maura Isles. Maura, this is Clint Jackson."

"Sup?" Clint gave a nod hello.

"Hello, Clint. It's nice to meet you." Maura offered her hand, and the sandy blonde man took it as he watched the two women interact.

"Thought you said you two were just best friends?"

"Did," Jane said with a shrug. "Things change."

"Big change for a week, but nice," He gave Jane a look of approval. "Very nice, yeah?"

"Oh yeah," the detective smirked.

"Stop talking about me as if I'm livestock here for inspection." Maura gave a little wave to flag the bartender down.

"Who said anything about you being livestock?" Jane protested, giving Clint a hard look to keep him quiet.

The bartender walked over with a glass of wine, not bothering to ask what Maura wanted to drink. "Thank you," she said, passing a few bills to him. "This should cover another round for these two as well."

"Thanks," Clint smiled.

"You're very welcome," Maura countered before taking a sip of her wine. "Jane…"

"I like you right here." Jane looked over to Clint who laughed.

"Don't blame you on that one," he shook his head, "Man, that's something I'd pay to see."

"I'm not telling you," the dark haired brunette said between sips of beer.

"Fine, but you can't stop a man from thinking things," Clint's eyes flicked between the detective and the doctor sitting in her lap.

"She hasn't yet, but things can change," Maura deadpanned from behind the rim of her wine glass.

Jane's jaw dropped. "Dammit woman, I said, filter!"

Clint nodded in approval.

I know I said this one was over, but this scene was nagging at me in the back of my head. I just like Clint so much I had to bring him back. But, for real, I'm done now. :-)