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Harry Potter and the Day it All Changed

Harry internally sighed; Sirius was dead, and now Dumbledore, Hedwig and Mad-eye were too, and it was all his fault.

'Merlin, why me? It could have been any of them! It could've been Remus or Tonks or Hermione or one of the Weasleys or Merlin-forbid, Fleur. That would've been unbearable, she's engaged to Bill. If she had died not only would Bill hate me for life, along with the rest of his family, but she would never have gotten to enjoy actually being loved for her and not just her looks! Plus she shouldn't want to go anywhere near death for me! None of them should!' He cursed silently.

Running his sweaty hands through his tussled hair, Harry released an exasperated sigh. 'This is so wrong. I should just leave, at least then they'll all be safe...maybe I will. But what would they all think? Probably think I'm an ungrateful freak like everyone else; finally realize the truth. I should probably leave a note at the very least to thank them and apologize for missing the wedding. Yeah, that's what I'll do, then I'll hunt down the horcruxes myself and after that I'll go to battle Voldemort, and try to die with honour. At least then no one else will get hurt.'

That thought in mind Harry quietly got up and dressed, thankful that he hadn't yet unpacked his rucksack, and slipped out of the room leaving Ron peacefully asleep. He was even quieter getting to the kitchen.

Most people didn't know that Harry could walk around almost anywhere in complete silence—you were more likely to hear a pin drop than Harry. While technically being the Dursleys doing, it was not something they were particularly pleased about. Rather they detested his ability to traverse in silence.

Once in the kitchen Harry quickly found a piece of scrap parchment, a quill and ink before he began to scrawl his final note to the wonderful group of people who had affected his life so much.

Harry set the letter in a worn envelope and scrawled To the Weasleys, the Lupins, Hermione, Hagrid, Prof. McGonagall and last but never least Fleur. With one last glance around the Burrow's kitchen he set the letter on the table, walked to the door opened it and left behind a houseful of people who would be in an uproar in the next couple hours.

Time skip—next morning

When Ron awoke the next morning to find Harry not in the room he immediately went to his mother to ask where he was. "Hey mum?" he called out.

"What is it Ron?" she responded.

"Where's Harry?" Ron asked bluntly.

Looking highly confused Molly asked, "What do you mean 'Where's Harry?' isn't he with you?" Ron shook his head 'no' when they heard a shriek from the table coming from Fleur.

"What is it dear?" Molly asked.

Fleur, who had tears flowing freely down her face, held up a letter which now had her tear drops on it. "It's from 'Arry! 'E is, 'e is g-gone!" she managed to splutter through her torrent of tears.

The redhead woman nearly lost it, "WHAT! Harry's not –I mean he can't be...gone...Arthur!"

Arriving shortly after being called the eldest Weasley male asked, "What is it Molly, dear?"

Molly shakily held up the letter that she still had yet to read, "Harry's gone!"

Arthur immediately got serious, "Are you sure? He's not just somewhere else for a couple days? He isn–" Arthur was cut off by the arrival of Hermione and Tonks.

Having just walked into the kitchen Hermione asked, "Who's gone somewhere else for a couple days?" When she saw Molly and Fleur with tears going down their faces; Fleur was crying into her arms on the table, and Molly barely holding in a panicked sob.

Knowing something was definitely wrong Tonks asked, "Is something wrong with Bill?"

Bill called from behind them, "No, should there be something wrong with me?" confusion colouring his tone.

Noticing Fleur, Bill immediately ran over to comfort her. Fred and George entered with Ginny at the sound of the commotion coming from the kitchen; Remus and Hagrid not far behind.

"What the"

"bloody hell is"



"about?" Fred and George asked in their self-dubbed "twin-speak". Molly sent them a withering look briefly through her watering eyes.

Fleur finally managed to choke out, "It's 'Arry, 'e iz gone!"

At her words everyone froze before a collaborative cry of "WHAT?" resonated throughout the room.

Fleur pointed weakly to the letter in Molly's hand. "Zhat is zee l-letter 'e left b-before 'e 'e left." Molly looked with terrified expression on her face, at the letter in her hand and sighed.

"Let's all go into the living room and start reading this, shall we?" The redhead woman wearily suggested. There was a slow nod from everyone as they all found seats in the other room. Molly cleared her throat and began to read:

"Dear Mr & Mrs Weasley, Ron, Hermione, Gred and Feorge, Remus, Tonks, Ginny, Hagrid, Bill, and of course last but never least Fleur;" She began before being interrupted.

"Hey! Is he trying to hit on my fiancée?" Bill snapped aloud. The twins sniggered, even Fleur chuckled lightly. It was a little suspicious how he put her name.

"If you are reading this I have already left the Burrow to find the horcruxes; ask Ron and Hermione;" Molly paused to look at her youngest son and the other remaining trio member.The pair sighed and explained how the horcruxes worked and such. Molly took on a resemblance to a sabre-toothed tiger and the rest of the gathered group looked horrified.

Her rage exploding, Molly roared, "RONALD WEASLEY! You were going to go gallivanting off like a hooligan and leave the rest of us here to worry while you took on the Dark Lord? And if that weren't bad enough," She turned to Hermione.

"I thought you knew better than to try foolishness like that Hermione!" Hermione flushed at the duress.

"I couldn't just stand by and let Harry go alone!" the brunette snapped in retaliation before adding, "and neither could Ron!"

Arthur sighed "Let's have this argument later, okay? We need to read this letter." Scowling, Molly begrudgingly continued.

"Thus I am on my way to kill Voldemort." There was a collective flinch at the name as Molly stumbled over the word.

"I apologize for leaving after all the effort you all went through to get me here, thank-you once again for that, but I refuse to let anyone else get hurt for me. Especially you lot." A very loud groan emitted from the group.

Remus sighed, "Always the noble one, eh Harry? Just like James." There was a collective nod of agreement.

"But why did he have to leave just because he thought that he was burdening us? He wasn't at all!" Tonks pointed out.

"Yeah, but he thought he was, and he thinks we would actually go to that much effort just for him?" Ron muttered only for Fleur to slap him across the face, shocking the room with her actions. They knew Fleur was feisty, or at least most of them did and Bill had eluded to it enough that the rest believed it, but they hadn't expected physical violence.

"Merde, you IDIOT! Of course we would do zat juste to 'elp 'Arry! And you 'ave zee nerve to say you are 'iz friend?" Fleur seethed, half yelling at the youngest Weasley male.

Ron put his hands up in surrender, "Okay, okay. Sorry. He just seems a little full of himself that's all." this time it was Hermione who slapped him, thwaping his arm harshly.

"YOUR BEST FRIEND IS MISSING! You really are a moron, you know that?! Harry is anything but full of himself! He left because he doesn't want us hurt! And he's saved all of us here at least once even indirectly!" Hermione snapped, silencing Ron, and allowing Molly to continue.

"Fleur and Bill I'm so, so terribly sorry to miss your wedding but my present to you both is underneath my bed upstairs in Ron's room. I hope you like it and have a euphorically, glorious future together; you both deserve it and so much more." Fleur was in tears again, and Bill was close to as they listened to Harry's parting words for them.

"Zat iz why 'Arry iz zo special! 'E doezn't care what zee others zink of 'im or do to 'im, but 'e always putz on a zmile for everyone elze juste so zey can be 'appy!" Fleur spoke throatily, her French accent thicker with her emotion.

"Now to the darker details that this letter entails, there's something I didn't tell even Ron and Hermione about the horcruxes, I am one." The silence following the statement was heavy, and left the members of the room feeling distinctly unsettled.


"what does"

"he mean"

"he's a"


"How is"

"that even"

"possible?" Fred and George asked confused when only silence followed Molly continued.

"From the end of fifth year I knew, if I'm going to defeat Voldemort; I will die." The banality with which Harry discussed his own mortality unhinged the pent up emotions in the room, with the witches and wizards sobbing and allowing their tears to freely fall. About 15 minutes later they were finally calm enough to continue reading.

"It's unavoidable. I pray that you'll forgive me for not telling you sooner but Dumbledore told me not to." This raised another unanswered question; why didn't Dumbledore want any of them to know? Why the Order members were never informed? Some days the man was too confusing for his, or anyone else's, good.

"Now you, Ron and Hermione, may understand why I didn't want you to come with me to find the horcruxes. I didn't want you to have to watch me die".

"Oh. My… Merlin, Harry!" Hermione cried into Ron's chest, cutting Molly off, whilst Ron just looked plain horrified.

"He knew–Harry knew we wouldn't want to watch s-so he tried to–No! Harry NO! He can't just…" Hermione's words dissolved into halting sobs as she processed the connotations of Harry's plan. Once again, Harry's perseverance and self-sacrificing nature amazed them all.

"Please forgive me for leaving, and live full and happy lives together. Bill, marry Fleur, and treat her right, or else I'll come haunt you from the dead." Bill gave a half laugh-half hiccup through his tears. Fleur gave a weak smile as the tears streamed steadily down her face.

"That goes for Ron to when he realizes he's in love with Hermione,"

"WHAT?" Ron yelped horrified, causing the rest of the group, minus Hermione, to laugh weakly. Hermione just turned red as Molly continued to read.

"And Neville when he realizes he loves Ginny." Now it was Ginny who yelped in surprise and flushed, causing another round of weak chuckles.

"As for Gred and Feorge, all the best with the shop; you better keep people laughing cause these days we need it." The twins smiled weakly at each other.

Fred chuckled lightly, "Yeah George, we need to get your humour to a higher level than 'holy'." George gave a sad chuckle and a nod.

"Tonks and Remus, thank-you so much to everything, love your child every day, love each other and remember you're both so special and not anywhere near a monster. (*Cough* Remus *Cough*)" Tonks playfully whacked Remus' arm, while Remus rolled his eyes and ran a tired hand through his always messy hair.

"Mr. & Mrs. Weasley I don't think I can ever thank you two enough. Please make up with Percy though you lot. Honestly he's only misguided, and he needs his family now to show him what's wrong. (Plus with me gone he'll be more willing to speak with you.)" Molly had to stop reading as the tears streaming uninhibited down her face overcame her ability to speak.

The room was silent as the Weasleys all shared a look before Bill gave a sad sigh, "Harry's probably right. We should try to talk to Perc."

"Hagrid keep all the Hogwarts creatures in line for me, oh, and please get up the courage to ask Madame Maxime out already." The half-giant in question went bright red, as the others gave a light laugh.

Fleur giggled, "Madame would probableey zay yez, Monsieur 'Agrid."

"Finally when I die you will all find my last will and testament, that's right I already have a will done up too, inside the vaults of Gringotts." This caused a further stunned silence in the group.

"How and when in the world did he have time to do that?" Tonks asked, stunned. Nobody answered because nobody knew.

"Last I checked it's with Griphook. Send my regards to all our Hogwarts friends, especially Professor McGonagall. She's helped me far more than you or she may ever realize." More confusion followed the statement.

"What the bloody hell is that supposed to mean?" Ron asked in annoyance. The group looked around and shrugged.

"After we finish reading this I'll floo Minerva and ask her if she knows what he means." Remus said as he received a nod from the rest of the group Molly decided to continue.

"Tell her I said to kick Snivillus in the crotch for me" The room erupted into into laughter and giggles at the mental image of Minerva McGonagall, proud, dignified, composed witch and animagus, kicking Severus Snape, death eater and traitor of the order as well as a genuine ass hole, in the crotch.

When they could finally move, the twins high-fived and said 'Amen' whilt Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Remus and Tonks followed suite.

"And get back to her rightful duties as the best Headmistress in Hogwarts history. (Dumbledore was the best Headmaster though so it still works.)" The twins chuckled lightly through their still red-rimmed eyes.

"We did"

"teach him"

"some good"


"didn't we." They spoke rhetorically through twin-speak, it had always amazed them how well Harry could keep up with it.

"~Best regards always until my ending," Uncomfortable silence, and a chill entered the bones of those in the room as they realized they may never get the chance to say good-bye to Harry before he died.


Harry James Potter;

Lord Gryffindor, Lord of Potter and Black, and of course,


They all gaped at each other, stunned; they had known the Heir to Gryffindor without even realizing it! And on top of that he was heir to both the Potters and the Blacks? Ron broke the silence with a well anointed "Bloody hell."

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