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(The Burrow)

Fleur groaned slightly, as her eyelids started to flutter. Her body felt like iron, and her head especially felt like there was cotton filling it. Fleur could feel the soft surface beneath her body and wondered how she had gotten to a bed. It didn't matter though as the memories of earlier came flooding into her mind.

The dinner with the Weasleys…trembling and losing control…her transformation… and Tonks…attempting to attack Molly…the fireball…Tonks' yelling—Harry. Fleur reeled as the memories assaulted her clouded mind. 'Zut!' Fleur mentally cursed as she realized what must have happened. Someone had brought her inside, presumably the Burrow, after she had collapsed from the strain of her transformation.

Fleur was terrified. She had never transformed before in her life, she hadn't even thought it was possible, given she was already 20 and hadn't had the experience before. Fleur hadn't ever shown any signs of transforming; the only Veela qualities she'd ever displayed were her allure, which was nowhere near as strong as that of a full Veela, her affinity for fire magic, her wand core, and, of course, her natural beauty. That was it. Fleur had never imagined she would transform. Even her mother and grandmother hadn't thought it would ever occur when Madame Maxime had expressed her concern when Fleur hit puberty in her second year at Beauxbatons.

What did it mean that she had suddenly transformed? She knew from speaking to her mother that even Apolline had only ever transformed a handful of times and most of those were not full transformations, but rather partial ones. And Apolline was a half Veela! Fleur frowned, trying to recall the last thing that had happened before she had transformed.

Struggling to remember, Fleur tried to recall what had happened, but her exhausted mind wasn't co-operating. The quarter Veela could already feel the heaviness of her body increasing as she lay there, struggling towards consciousness. The transformation had taken a lot out of her; from Apolline and Valérie, her grandmother, had told her the transformation alone took a large quantity of magik, and the first time was almost always initiated by an intense emotional response, usually of rage or anger.

The blonde frowned; most cases Apolline and Valérie had spoken of had involved transformations that had been preceded by several incidents of partial transformations. Also, it was unprecedented for the first full transformation to last long enough for the Veela, or part Veela in question to actually do much in their full form. The quantity of magik required to transform was so great that after the initial full transformation occurred most Veela did not remain in their new state for long, usually managing only a couple minutes before collapsing from the magical strain. So for her to have not only maintained the transformation for so long, but also have conjured a fire ball…was insane.

Fleur was struggling to fight for consciousness when all her bone-weary body wanted was to go back to blissful numbness of sleep. She couldn't go back to sleep though, she needed to wake up and find out what was going on and what had happened. She needed to know she hadn't hurt anyone, that everyone was okay.

With gargantuan effort, Fleur slowly peeled her eyes open. Her eyelids fluttered for several moments as she tried to get her crystal blue eyes to focus; easier said than done in some cases.

The room was blurry as Fleur attempted to blink the hazy fog out of her eyes. The ceiling seemed to resemble that of the Burrow, so Fleur guessed that was where she was. It seemed futile to attempt actual movement at the moment, so the blonde lay motionless on the bed, staring at the ceiling, hoping for enough energy to return to her so she might actually get up.

After several minutes of simply laying still, Fleur attempted to move her hand. When she tried to lift it her fingers twitched slightly and then her wrist. It took two tries before her hand successfully did as Fleur wanted. Not reassuring, but not as bad as it could have been. Fleur remembered the horror stories from her grandmother of Veela who had transformed and been unable to move for a week.

The successful movement of her hand spurred Fleur on as she proceeded to experimentally move different parts of her body, first small things like hands and feet before trying to move larger body parts like her arms and legs, instigating a rather loud series of cracks and pops as the bones crunched from their stiffness. After several minutes of carefully moving, Fleur cautiously moved to sit up.

While successfully gaining upright posture, Fleur almost fell back as her head spun from the undertaking. Clearly, while she was fairing much better than many who had been in her place before had faired, Fleur was still greatly weakened from her transformation.

'Alors…quelle heure est-t-il?' Fleur wondered, as she glanced at the semi-light sky. (ENG: So…what time is it?) The inky black sky above had a thin layer of lighter blue below it followed by a delicate strand of orange.

As Fleur made to move the bed creaked beneath her, the springs long past their prime sounded as she shifted. Before Fleur could do anything, the door to the room opened to reveal Bill entering.

His long red hair shadowing his eyes as he ducked slightly entering the room, Fleur observed her fiancé with an odd sense of uncertainty. She couldn't place it, but something about this seemed wrong; her instincts were telling her something was different.

Bill looked up then, his blue eyes took her in, but Fleur got the distinct feeling this was a very different kind of taking her in than her fiancé usually did. His usually warm blue eyes seemed distant…cold even.

Cautiously she ventured, "Bille…?" He smiled at her then, grinning happily his eyes closed. The way he smiled flashed his slightly sharper teeth that were a result of Fenir's attack, his scars crinkling in his smile.

He said, "Fleur! You're awake, you should've called someone. I've been worried about you." He spoke in a voice that reeked of forced cheerfulness, and Fleur was getting increasingly uneasy. This was not her Bill. This couldn't be, because her Bill was genuine, and he loved her. So who was this?

The uneasy feeling increasing with each moment Fleur glanced around for her wand but found it wasn't anywhere in sight. Her anxiety spiked even higher as she responded, "I 'ave juste 'oken up, I deedn't 'ave time to call yet… Bille, wat waz ze date of ze day you asked me to marry you?"

Bill's smile faltered for a second and he said, "Fleur…you don't think I'm me?" he looked hurt, but somehow it didn't reach his still distant blue eyes.

"Non! Non, c'est…zorry, eet iz juste zat I want to be zure…" the blonde said, rapidly backpedalling. Bill's smile came back at that and he nodded.

"Of course, sorry I was just worried you didn't trust me, that's all." There seemed to be an undertone of something more to what he said, but Fleur couldn't pin it. Bill pressed on, "I asked you on a date in the lobby of Gringotts on September 9th, 1995."

Fleur nodded, that was right…which meant this was Bill, so why did everything still feel so wrong? Bill walked over and sat in the wooden chair beside the bed and looked at Fleur with concern and something else Fleur couldn't place in his eyes.

"So…do you want to tell me what the hell happened on Tuesday?" Bill demanded after a moment. Fleur flinched at the tone of barely concealed anger in his voice.

"Tuesday?" Fleur asked the end of his question giving her pause. "Bille…quel jour… zorry, wat day iz eet?" she asked, cursing how she kept slipping back to French today…she wondered if it was a side-effect of the transformation.

Bill frowned, "It's Friday evening. You've been out for almost 3 days, but don't avoid the question. What happened Fleur?"

"Where…Where iz everyone?" Fleur asked, Bill's frown deepened as he snapped peevishly.

"We're alone in the house! Now what the bloody hell happened?!" he snapped.

Fleur flinced, "I changed Bille…eento my Veela form." Bill's jaw set as he responded.

"I know that. What I want to know Fleur is why did it happen? And why didn't you tell me it could?" he said, snappishly. Fleur didn't like where this was going.

"Eef I 'ad known eet could 'appen I would 'ave told you Bille. Eet 'as not zomething I zought would 'appen." She said, shaking her head lightly. "I 'ave never changed before Bille, I didn't know eet waz even possible. My granmozzer and maman both zought eet would never 'appen since I 'ad never changed een twenty years!"

Bill was still frowning deeply, as he responded. "But you knew it was a possibility, didn't you. You knew that theoretically it could happen, and you still didn't tell me." There was anger in Bill's voice this time and Fleur was starting to get the feeling she knew why Bill was acting so strange.

"You are, 'ow zey say…offended zat I deed not tell you zat something I deed not zhink could ever 'appen?" She asked slowly, a sinking feeling rising within her.

The redhead glowered for a moment before retorting, "No, of course not, why should I be upset that you didn't tell me anything about this? It's not like we're engaged or anything!" Fleur's heart clenched at his words.

Closing her eyes Fleur responded, "Bille, wat do you want me to zay? I am zorry zat zhis eez zo shocking to you, but I 'ad no idea eet could even 'appen." She said softly.

Bill sneered this time, "'I had no idea this could happen' just stop Fleur. You lied to me! You didn't tell me about this! You didn't tell me that you could turn into one of those-those things at the drop of a hat!"

Fleur felt as though she had been slapped. "One of zhose 'theengs', Bille? Franchement?" the blonde shook her head sadly, "I zhought you were different zhen zhis Bille…" she trailed off, tears forming in her crystal blue eyes.

Snarling his upper lip, Bill spit, "Yeah? Well I thought I was marrying a woman not someone who can reduce me to a drooling shell of a man whenever she wants."

The quarter Veela recoiled at his harsh words. "Bille…why are you acting zis way? Eet iz not like you…" she beseeched him. Fleur was starting to feel a little scared, Bill wasn't acting like himself, and she hardly had the strength to fight with him now. It had taken a lot of effort just to open her eyes and sit up.

"Why am I acting this way?" Bill echoed before laughing harshly, "I don't know Fleur, you tell me. Tell me, why in Merlin's name I would be upset that my fiancé lied to me and tried to attack my mother!"

Fleur was speechless for a moment, "I…Bille I deedn't mean—" Bill cut her off before she could finish.

"I don't give a damn what you meant to do! It doesn't matter, because what you DID do is attack my family! You DID lie to me! You DID put my life in danger!" he barked, voice growing rapidly louder.

"Bille…pleaze calm down, I understand zat you are angry, but zis iz not zee way to fix zis." Fleur implored, looking searchingly at her fiancé as she tried to find any trace of the man she had fallen in love with in his cold eyes.

Before she could say anymore, Bill roared, "CALM DOWN!? You want me to CALM DOWN?!" Fleur's hand flew to her chest as she jumped, shocked at Bill's outburst. Looking at him now, Fleur couldn't find her Bill. She couldn't find her sweet, caring William who loved her dearly.

"You…Merlin, how dare YOU of all people tell me to calm down! You think I haven't figured you out?! You think I haven't realized that you're in love with that bastard?!" Bill seethed as he glowered at her.

Fleur stared at him in bewilderment, "Bille…wat are you—"

Cutting her off again Bill yelled, standing from his chair, "DON'T PLAY DUMB WITH ME! I KNOW YOU'RE IN LOVE WITH POTTER!"

With an intense feeling of dread, Fleur suddenly realized exactly what was wrong with Bill. He thought she was in love with Harry. Fleur swore mentally, and then tried to calm Bill down. "Bille, que-dis-tu? Tu sais que je t'aime." The blonde said quickly. (ENG: Bill, what are you saying? You know I love you.)

Bill, sitting back down, growled at her, "Bloody Hell woman! Speak English!" Fleur was startled, not having realized that she'd slipped back into speaking French.

"I zaid, zat you need to be reasonable Bille. You know zat I love you, wat are you saying about 'Arry? 'E iz not even 'ere! I 'aven't zeen 'im in months! No one 'as! 'Ow can you zhink zat I 'ave suddenly fallen for zomeone I 'ave not zeen in months?" Fleur asked, wondering what had caused Bill's sudden uncertainty in her love.

The redhead was not placated, "You think I believe that? Do you think I'm stupid?! It's always 'Harry this' and 'Harry that' with you! Even before that pounce up and left! Mad-Eye died getting him here, and he just turned around and left! And you're in love with him!"

Fleur stared at her fiancé in shock. "'Ow can you zay zomething zat?! You know zat 'Arry was 'orrified zat Monsieur Moody died!" Anger was stirring within the quarter-Veela now, mixing with her fear and uncertainty.

Bill scoffed at this. "Horrified? Potter was so horrified that he up and left? So bloody horrified that he ran off without telling anyone in the middle of the bloody night to Merlin knows where. Oh yeah, he was 'horrified' alright. Potter was so bloody horrified that he took Mad-Eye's sacrifice and spat on it!"

Deciding that she had had enough of this, Fleur spoke calmly, "Bille, wat iz this about? You are zo angry at 'Arry zo zuddenly eet does not make sense. Why are you acting like zhis?" she asked, wondering what had caused such a rapid change. Before she had changed Bill had been right there with her speaking to his parents about the poor treatment Harry had received in his fourth year.

Bill leapt to his feet then, fury colouring his features, "Why am I acting like this?! How about because my fiancé bloody lied to me! How about because you're in love with that bloody wanker Potter!? How about because you were still going to let me marry you while you were mooning over Potter? Mum was right you know; you're nothing but a harlot!"

His words pierced Fleur's heart like a dagger, she had never expected this. Nothing had ever even given her the slightest clue that Bill would ever do something like this. "Bille, I do not know wat you are talking about! Why do you keep zaying zuch 'orrible zhings?" she pleaded with him, her already exhausted mind trying to process everything all the while fatigue tolled on her.

"Tell me it's not true then!" Bill snapped. Causing Fleur to look at him in bewilderment, she didn't understand what he was going on about anymore.

"Bille wat—" she began but he cut her off.

"SAY IT!" he roared, suddenly grabbing her by the shoulders roughly and shaking her.

Fleur let out a startled gasp as he grabbed her, his fingers digging into her skin. "Bille!" she pleaded, tears forming in her eyes. Fleur, already weak from her transformation, was too physically, mentally and emotionally spent to prevent the tears from coming.

Rage controlling him, Bill yelled in her face, "SAY YOU DON'T LOVE HIM! SAY IT!" Fleur was moving towards hysterics as she tried to comprehend what was happening. It was all going too fast for her, this was not Bill. This couldn't be Bill.

When Fleur didn't respond the redhead let out a lupine sound before backhanding Fleur across the face: hard.

Sprawling back, Fleur was momentarily paralyzed by the shock. Tears were falling from her eyes now as she bit back a sob, "Bille!" she cried as his hulking mass was suddenly over top of her, his weight pinning her to the bed.

"YOU BITCH!" he shouted, snarling above her. Fleur looked at him and saw no trace of the man she had fallen in love with. Bill's eyes were wild as tremors ran up and down his body. His sharp teeth were barred and his shoulders were hunched in an unnatural way. All at once every instinct in Fleur's body, human, Veela and otherwise suddenly screamed one word in her mind.


"Bille! Zhis iz not you! Eet iz ze werewolf een you! You 'ave to fight eet Bille! Pleaze, you 'ave to fight zhis!" Fleur begged, jerking as much as she could trying to get him off of her.

The redhead grinned his sharp teeth at her as he leaned down and growled into her ear, "What? Am I not subhuman enough for you, you bloody Veela?" With those words he licked the side of her neck but all Fleur felt was terror. She was too weak to fight him, and worse still she didn't even have her wand!

Bill reared back keeping his legs planted on either side of her, "Am I not good enough for you?! What does that pillock have that I don't Fleur?! Is it his fame?!" Bill spat. "Or is it that he's still young." he sneered.

A tremble ran through the young man as he spoke, "After everything I did for you Fleur! For us, THIS is how you repay me?!" releasing another lupine howl Bill slammed his fist down mere inches from Fleur's head, the impact leaving a hole in the mattress.

Fleur fought her hardest against him, pushing with all the strength she had left against Bill's frame, but it was no use. She was too weak now. Darkness was starting to cloud the edges of Fleur's vision when suddenly a hand struck her across the face.

"Respond damn you!" Bill growled. Fleur's vision swam when all at once she felt a not unfamiliar trembling start to spread through her own body.

'Encore?!' Fleur thought uncomprehending before her own mind gave way to the transformation that came on much more rapidly the second time.

Bill was thrown back by the sheer force of the magik radiating off of Fleur's form as she transformed again into her Veela form, avian features over taking her own as her mind gave way to a more primal one.

When Bill shook his head and opened his eyes he saw Fleur and almost instantly felt his mind giving way to the Veela allure. Fleur, not in her usual mind, took one look at the slack-jawed man on the floor and let out a piercing screech.

Internally struggling as her Veela half wanted nothing more than to cause great pain to the man who had so harmed her since she awoke but Fleur's human half knew she didn't have the energy and that she had to get out of the vicinity, and fast.

The act of transforming a second time so soon after awakening was too much for Fleur's weakened body, and she could feel her body, even in its hyper aware state, rapidly waning from over-using her magik. Fleur released one last ethereal cry before a loud crack resonated through the otherwise silent Burrow accompanied by a flash of white and she was gone.

Bill, being released from his trance was baffled and incensed to see Fleur not in the room any longer. A lupine howl tore up Bill's throat as he shouted his anger through the empty Burrow.

A thousand miles away Harry Potter was just walking back towards his tent when a loud crack behind him caused him to whirl around, drawing his wand. Harry was shell-shocked by what he saw.

At first he wasn't sure who—or what—it was but as magic rose off the form in sapphire blue steam taking with it the avian appearing form the figure took one stumbling step forward before collapsing into Harry's arms as he raced forward and caught her.


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