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Prologue: The Wish

Ahiru opened her eyes and blinked. In the warm summer air, while her small body had been gently rocked by the waters of the lake, she had nearly been lulled to sleep.

However, a muted thud from the dock above her had roused her. Curious, she swam to the water's edge, and climbed onto land.

On the dock she found Fakir, asleep in the rocking chair he'd brought out that day. Lying on the ground beside him was the object responsible for the sound. It was a small bundle of brown paper, tied together with an ordinary off-white string.

The knot was a simple one, so it wasn't hard for her at all to undo it. It wasn't until after the knot was undone that she realized Fakir would scold her for opening it. After checking to make sure he was still sound asleep, she carefully opened the paper with her beak, silently hoping she could put it back the way she'd found it afterwards.

However, as soon as the content was revealed, she froze. Harmlessly nestled within the paper, on an ordinary gold chain, was a smooth blood red stone in the shape of an egg. Without another thought, she picked it up and flipped the chain over her head. She looked down at her wings, and remembered something. Water.

She turned and ran for the edge of the dock, her heart beating wildly, and hopped into the water. She waited, and waited, yet nothing happened.

Then, after staring at her reflection in the water, she realized how foolish she was being. Her face red from embarrassment, she retreated to the shade beneath the dock, one tear slipping down her feathered cheek.

She looked closer at the pendant. It was different from the one she'd been thinking of; the pendant that was now gone. It had been returned to its rightful owner. That was how it should be. It had been selfish of her to think it had come back to her. She realized she should return this one to Fakir.

Then her eyes widened as she wondered with surprise. Why did he have this? He knew as well as she what a pendant like this symbolized. While she tried to come up with an explanation, Fakir was slowly coming to.

He'd dreamed of running across water that seemed to have no end, chasing after someone. The person was far ahead of him and cloaked in mist, but by and by he began to know who she was. Her eyes were blue, as deep as the lake they ran across. Her hair was wild and untamed like the forest, and bright and fiery like the sun. Freckles dotted the bridge of her nose, but although some would consider that unfortunate, the smile that would bloom beneath them would prove that thought wrong.

As soon as he realized who she was, she vanished. In her place was a small duck. That thought is what awoke him, for it was a painful thought, a painful memory. He didn't want to think of that, for there was nothing he could do to change that.

No, it was fine. Everything was fine; everything was how it was supposed to be.

While he told himself this, his hand found its way to his now empty pocket. This made his eyes open, and he soon discovered the abandoned paper and string where it lay. He was no fool; he knew who would have found it there, and so he stood to look for her.

He began to call for her, but uncertainty made him pause. Why had she taken the pendant? What was she thinking right now? His hands curled into fists while his face crunched in anger and pain. What had he done? Why had he bought the stupid pendant that only made him remember what had once been, and what no longer was? He couldn't, or wouldn't, find the answer.

Ahiru heard the movement above, and realized he was awake. After a moment she realized she was still wearing the pendant, and she began to panic.

"Ah...Ahiru?" he finally called, though his voice was almost too soft for her to hear. He didn't know why, but he was scared, just as she was. They were afraid to confront this. It was painful.

However, he had called for her, so she went to him, albeit slowly. When she was finally beside him, she could not meet his eyes, just as he could not meet hers.

He knew what she would ask, if she could. But he did not know the answer, or he didn't want to know. No one had told him to buy it; no one had made him do it. He had done it himself, so he was to blame, no one else.

Finally, he gathered the courage to look at her, and he saw the pendant still around her neck. She noticed him looking at it, and quickly took it off. Then she looked down, ashamed of herself. She didn't need words for him to understand.

"I'm sorry," he said, disturbing the silence despite how softly he'd spoken. She looked up at him in surprise, wondering why he was apologizing. Her eyes, as blue and deep as the lake, pushed the one thought he'd been avoiding to the surface. It was there now, he couldn't be rid of it. He had to say it, "I…I want you to be a girl again."

Her big blue eyes widened while her heart raced at his words. He shared her wish, and that was why he'd had the pendant. No matter how they'd tried to deny it, the wish had still been there.

"I…I don't know how…but…" he wasn't sure how to say it. They both knew she was a duck, not a girl, yet this feeling still remained. This was how it was supposed to be, but they weren't happy. This was important to them, though they had tried long and hard to deceive themselves, "I want this story to be a happy one."

Tears of joy filled her eyes as she nodded. It would be hard, she was sure. But as long as their feelings were connected, she was sure something wonderful would be the result. Looking into her eyes so full of hope, he smiled. As long as she had hope, he was sure they would find a way. They would find a way, because these were their true feelings, and this was what mattered to them most.

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