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Chapter 4: Suspicions of a Triangle

The smell of coffee rose up to touch Quistis' nose, as she sat sleepily at one of the cafeteria's tables. She was dead tired, lucky enough to get herself up this early, plus get ready. Her head drooped slightly, as her arms lay still on the table. Sleepy, worn, and yet so thoughtful. Last night her and Seifer had talked a little, mostly teasing around, though Seifer more than enough times got annoyed when Quistis had obviously beat him at most of his word fights. Then, amazingly, later on they seemed to have actually had a real conversation. A deep conversation. And to Quistis, that was confusing. 'What could he be thinking..?' She asked herself. 'More than was only a game between us, maybe a rivalry in our own way..'

She sighed gently, taking another sip of the hot coffee that warmed her mouth. She knew she had to look horrid. She peered through her glasses at the other few up this early. The cafeteria workers were lazily cooking lunch for later, a few clangs of pots and pans occasionally heard. 'When will Seifer be up?' she wondered, as her thoughts drifted. The voices around her low and just as tired, she was becoming more irritable at her being up this early. Her night was restless however, as her thoughts wouldn't let her have peace of mind once.

Squall, engaged, Seifer returned, Zell's date...which wasn't as much tugging at her mind. She was more worried of herself hurting him than anything...'Had I started to shift towards Seifer?' She closed her eyes tight, rubbing them, as they watered, burning her sleepy eyes. She looked at the coffee cup now, seeing it still half full. What she had come for to help ease her nerves now looked like yet another job. And her stomach didn't feel like it was going to take much more, as emotional as she was getting herself into. She sighed, braced herself in her weary state and took a large sip of coffee, draining more out of the styrofoam cup. She felt it warm her considerably.....'To be warm in the arms of my boyfriend..' the thought crept into her mind, as involuntary visions of her and Seifer together, sitting down, her in his arms began to blur her mind. 'No, Quistis!' She scolded herself. 'Not you and Seifer....' But not Squall either, her mind teased, throwing back the obvious fact him and Rinoa were 'together forever.'

She shook her head, drunk down the last of what was left in the cup, now half cold, as she stood, pushing back the chair some, then sliding it back under the table into place. Heads looked up to her boredly, and just as sleepily. She walked over to the trash can and dropped the cup in it, thinking random, useless thoughts. 'They're all just as crazy as I am, this entire Garden should be asleep..' She laughed some, as she walked out to go back to her dorm, her boots echoing slightly with every light touch of them against the clean floors. She looked up out over the rails as she walked to the dorm area to the still and quiet waters below. She thought to herself how Galbadia looked so strict, straight from the military, as Balamb just looked so light hearted, with an atmosphere you feel you could breath in fresh air, and take on the day without feeling the weight of strict rules on your shoulders, and eyes always following you making sure not a word comes from your mouth.

Stopping, she walked over to a rail, and leaned over looking to the crystal waters below. She put her arms on the railing, as her blonde bangs that normally set cascading down the front of her shoulders to her chest, hung lazily down the side of her face looking downwards, waving slightly, the only noise she could hear was her own soft breathing. It seemed too quiet...Balamb Students would normally be up and running about going to classes....classes she would teach. But Balamb wasn't like that anymore....not for now, not until new sorceresses that were of possible danger would be discovered...most sorceresses currently hid their powers and led normals lives, just like Rinoa. Any that didn't...hadn't been found, obviously. Quistis wished things were back how they used to be sometimes, she was quite uncertain of this new life. 'But maybe this new life will include Seifer now that he's come back?' She wondered. She sighed, knowing she was getting girlish hopes up. She was talking about Seifer, not a guy who seemed to actually have a heart all the time. Squall didn't either though, her mind continued to tease.

She figured the best way to get Seifer off her thoughts was to see him. He had to get up early anyway to get his stuff in from Balamb before the Garden went moblie again to skim across the seas. She pushed herself off from leaning on the rail, as she took a breath and walked to the dorms area once more. She focused on the sound of her steps more than anything, trying to keep her nerve up to see him on such an uneccesary visit. 'I'll tell him I came to see if he needed help.' She told herself as an excuse. Not that he'll need it, since he has the others, but it's the concern that matters, right? She took a second thought, still pulling herself closer to his dorm. 'He'll know I'm concerned..oh Quistis, shut up.' She said, seeing his door in the distance. She walked a little faster to hurry the suspense, as finally, she stood in front of it, and watched breathless as her brown gloved hand reached up and knocked on his door. No answer. She waited. Still none....she was getting ahead of herself, it had only been 5 seconds. 'But you answer immediatly!' She told herself. Maybe he didn't hear. She knocked again, about ready to just let her rushing mind take her over and run to her dorm or swallow her pride and just enter. Still none, enough was enough. She cracked the door open, peeking inside, seeing that he was gone.

She blinked some, then closed the door back feeling silly. 'What if he left back to Balamb...what if last night was just a set up to get my hopes up?' The thought raced across her mind. 'Dammit, Quistis, shut up!' She yelled to ehrself mentally. 'He's gone with the others to get his stuff from Balamb..' She acknowledged, as she looked to the other two's room, noting their door was slightly open. She knew that it would have been stupid for them to agree just to run away hours later. And Seifer never agreed to anything he didn't like.

She calmed herself as she walked to her dorm, and entered, sitting at her desk with pencil in hand and a notebook. Just a notebook in which she scribbled things down, reminders, lists, and even thoughts. She felt like spilling her heart out on the paper, but to concentrate on writing would take her mind off all the thoughts running through her mind at once. And she wasn't in the mood. She felt like plopping on the bed and staring at the ceiling feeling like a little girl obsessing over her crush. Which in her mind, was exactly what she was. She stood up, and knew that this denial was getting her nowhere. And quick.

".....I..." She started, speaking up usuing her voice finally, as it cracked with her obvious lack of rest. "I...Quistis Trepe...I don't think I love Squall anymore. He loves Rinoa too much..and...I'm...beginning to love Seifer." She breathed out, as she walked to her bed and just layed on it, eyes watering due to sleep and to her confused emotions. But she knew it when she said it. She loves Seifer from a mere return appearance.

____________________________________________________________________________ ______

"HURRY?" Fujin asked, raising a brow at Seifer, as she held a box in her hands. She was dressed back in her old uniform.

"Let's just not sit here taking all day getting objects." Seifer groaned, as he sat down on top of a box that held whatever he was taking. When they moved into this house, which they're actually just borrowing, that didn't have much to take. Everything like furniture and such was already in there, and it was a pretty undetailed place at that. Basic as anything, the only extras they had were their own. Which was all they were taking. Fujin and Seifer had gotten everything quickly. Raijin....on the other hand...

"Hey, should I just throw this out, ya know? It's looks like junk, ya know?" Raijin said, holding up various objects, taking forever looking at each of them.

"Raijin, take what you want or junk it." Seifer said, sighing loudly. "But hurry, because if Garden takes off without us..."

"RAGE!" Fujin yelled, glaring at Raijin, who sighed dramatically.

"Fine fine, ya know? I'm hurryin'..." He said....just for only the fifth time. He continued to gather the stuff he had throwing it is his boxes randomly.

"SEIFER." Fujin said, getting his attention as his green eyes shifted to her.

"..............?" He looked to her wonderingly.

"QUISTIS. LIKE?" She asked, placing an arm on her hip, as she lifted her chin up some looking at him. Down to the point and expectant of an answer.

"Instructor Trepe?" He asked, unbelieving of what he was being asked. "She's my old instructor...what would you expect, some loving mush ass scene?" He asked, raising one of his own brows.

"LAST NIGHT. INTERESTED." She pointed out, still an eye on him sharply.

"So she took us to our rooms. I don't see anything special about-"

"DANCE." Fujin said, not giving in yet. He looked up to her. He hadn't exactly hoped she wouldn't see them dancing, but..he didn't expect her to pay attention or even care at that.

" was more for fun.." He said scratching the back of his head some. If it was anyone else, like 'chicken-wuss boy', he'd just say some smart-ass remark and leave it at that. But this was Fujin, a part of his posse...and he really didn't know what to say. "It doesn't matter, what matters is I pissed of chicken-shit." He chuckled, dismissing the conversation. Fujin sighed, not understanding fully if he was avoiding it or what.

"Ahhh...'ey, look at this guys, ya know?!" Raijin called out holding some silly object or another. "Haven't seen this in a wh-"

"RAIJIN. PACK. NOW!" Fujin ordered, patience wearing thin. She stood, as she looked over her blue shuriken admiringly. Seifer slumped over waiting just as irritable at Raijin's slowness. Finally, carrying amazingly just one box, he walked over grinning.

"Done finally, ya know?" He said, walking out of the house, as Seifer jumped up. Fujin followed silently, as they walked out of Balamb, and trekked backed to the Garden walking along the street so there would be far less chance of enemy attacks in such a bad state. They literally had everything with them, after all. They made it safely however, as they walked through the halls of the now more awakened Garden. More students were walking and talking about, finally awake.

"Hey..want to meet up at the cafeteria later to see what they've got?" Seifer offered, walking into his dorm.

"Sure thing, ya know!"Raijin called out, closing the door behind him. Fujin sighed.

"STAY." She said, walking in, as Seifer cocked his head a little and wondered what was wrong with her. Her set his stuff up quickly, and walked on, figuring to meet Raijin there once he was done. 'If ever.' Seifer chuckled to himself.

Raijin got done quickly, as Fujin put her stuff up in her room. She was slow this time, thoughtful. Before long she heard her brother call out a goodbye, and slam the door behind him. She shook her head. '..idiot..' She thought laughing. Of course, if she said it, it would have come out much more loudly. Raijin wasn't hated or disliked be her. She just found him rather....dense at times. She finally set her stuff up, thinking only of what the two were doing. Probably carrying on a normal conversation, as Seifer played his game and spotted out everyone who broke a rule.

"Seifer." Fujin said to herself. And it was now, things would change. She'd noticed Quistis' light flirting with him, and Squall as well. She knew then she liked Squall though. Fujin would never ever deny the fact she admired Seifer, not just as a posse member. But she had never let it out she did, and she didn't focus on her feelings that way like most woman do. She merely accepted it, knew it, and went on with her life. But now she could tell that Squall was gone..Quistis seemed to be wanting Seifer.

"I could watch it happen. Or I could speak up my own." Fujin said. It was true, if she ever planned on making her feelings for Seifer into anything, now would be the time. She didn't fear it anxiously, she just didn't know if to say anything. It wasn't she didn't care, it just wasn't a life or death matter most make things like that out to be. Needless to say, she knew if she did anything.......a love triangle would form.

"Then it will be up to Seifer to decide." She figured, as she walked out the double dorms, and left to join him and Raijin in a light lunch.

____________________________________________________________________________ ______

"So Irvy!" Selphie called out a new conversation as she sat backwards in his desk chair while he lay on his bed, his cowboy hat pulled over his eyes cooly. "What do YOU think of Squall and Rinoa's engagement?"

"I think it's great for them to be preparing for a whole new life entirely, Selphie." Irvine said. "And, of course, that Squall's one lucky guy to have a girlfriend as sweet and pretty as Rinoa."

"Yeah, totally! I was so amazed though, but once I heard word, I knew I had to do something, Rinoa's done some stuff for me too after all." She said, remembering the dates. She giggled some than got thoughtful.

"Oh no...Selphie's thinking." Irvine said laughing some at his girlfriend. "What is it Sefie?"

"Hmm..Irvy? Would you ever like to get married?" Selphie asked, a girlish grin on her face.

"..Marriage? Selphie..umm..." Irvine plopped his legs over the side of his bed, as he rested his elbows on his upper legs. Selphie took his hat off, as he looked up to her, his brown hair tied tightly in a ponytail like usual, and his bangs falling wavy like down the side of his face.

"Yeah!" She said, fixing his hat on her head, grinning, as she folded her arms on the top of the chair's back, then rested her chin over them. "I was wondering...if you'd ever get married?"

"Well....maybe a bit later in my life..." Irvine said nernously. A seventeen year old ladies man wasn't exactly up for marriage, after all.

"Aww.....who do you think it'll be Irvy?" She asked, giggling some, with her emerald eyes glowing.

"Sefieeee...." Irvine begged, knowing what she was getting to. "I don't know that. Do YOU know who you're gonna marry?" He laughed.

"Weeeelllll...Irvyyyy..." She giggled. "I.....dunno!" She said finally.

"Okay then." Irvine said, regaining his cool. He could still tell though, Selphie seeing the others getting married probably wanted to also now. Not that he'd too terribly mind later on, but right now a commitment was a bit much, he thought.

"But of course..." Selphie started. "I'd LIKE to marry my Irvy!" Irvine just laughed some, and grabbed his cowboy hat back from her, placing it on his head once more.

"One day, Sefie!" He laughed, standing up. Selphie stood up to, then tucked her arms behind her back looking down some.

"But Irvine.." She said shyly, but seriously. "Still...I know..."

"What Selphie?" He asked, cool posture taking over again.

"I still really love you..." She said, her cheeks flushing a bit.

"Aww...Sefie!" Irvine said, walking to her then hugging her gently a moment before letting her go.

"...Irvine...I just think we're missing something." Selphie tried, not quite knowing herself. "Maybe if we could be a bit more serious?" She said, her voice covered in optimism.

"Selphie, honey..I love ya too, I just don't think I'm ready for that kind of thing like they are. And besides," He said, lifting a hand explaining with a grin on his face. "If I wasn't serious, I wouldn't be with you! How many others girls have you seen me with, well?"

"Heehee....thanks Irvy!" Selphie said feeling better. She felt she was special in his life none the less, as she smiled widely. After all, she was the only one that actually qualified as 'Irvine's girlfriend.'

"Of course, I knew we had to be destined anyways, Sefie, so just give it time."

"Yeah, okay!" She grinned, before she plopped back down on his bed, looking up at the plain ceiling thoughtfully. "But one day, right? I'm not kidding!"

"One day, give it time for Squall and Rinoa's wedding to wear off some, then we can shock the garden all over again!"

"Teehee, okay!"

"In the mean time..." Irvine said, walking over to the bed and sitting by 'Sefie'. "No worries about something like marriage, the time'll come." Selphie nodded in reply.

"Okay Irvy. Heehee...oh, and I wanted to tell you! Cid said the Garden Festival was outstanding!"

"Really? All because of you, of course!" He complemented.

"Teehee...and because of the success, we all get to go to Trabia's mountains to vacation for a day. Isn't that just the best?!"

"Sounds really fun, thanks to Cid of course. But we also probably wouldn't have been near as close to a success with your creativity to lead us."

"Aww...well, all the same, we'll be going tomorrow from morning until night. We can go hiking, see the snow...oohh, it'll be such fun!" She said excitedly.

"Heh, yeah, and snow wars to with rocket snow launchers, huh Sefie?" Irvine said jokingly with her.

"Hehehe, seriously, that'd be so cool. It's a bummer that they don't have those...."

"Selphie, they'd probably kill someone!"

"It's just'd only hurt really bad!" She said, giggling, as she got up looking at the time.

"Uh oh, I told Rinoa I'd meet her on the second level, where we could look out and watch as the Garden floats across the ocean. I think she wants to talk about her engagement, we talk about that stuff, girl's fun!"

"Well, then I guess you'd better be going. I'll be up and around, you know me Selphie. Just come lookin' if ya need anything." He grinned some, standing up as well leading out. She followed, and waved, then ran off to go see Rinoa.

____________________________________________________________________________ ______

Rinoa stood at the edge of the wall, her arms resting over it's top as the crystal waters shimmered below. Her hair blew carelessly in the salty wind, her lips formed into a smile, her dark brown eyes closed, her face lifted high. She enjoyed this quite a bit, the peace, the fresh new day: the first day of a new beginning. That was how she saw it. Her thoughts however were interrupted as hurried footsteps came up, as the door behind her leading to the second floor of classrooms opened. Selphie Tilmitt walked out, smiling and exhausted.

"Heeey Rin. 'Scuse me for bein' late...I was talkin' with Irvy, teehee." She touched the bottom of each leather boot wiping them off as she stepped up by Rinoa. "Sure does feel good out today!"

"Yeah....and so much is changing...I think so at least." She said, her voice light hearted and soft. "How have you and Irvine been?"

"Ohh..usual. We're going to Trabia with the rest of the Garden Festival committee due to the great outcome as a reward from the Headmaster."

"Wonderful Selphie, I think you really deserve it!" She congratulated.

"Thanks, 'course. Heehee....waitin' for Squall?"

"Yeah...we were going to talk some today...probably a lot about our plans, hehe. I'm so happy but...I haven't the slightly clue what we'll be doing."

"Hmm...I think it should be big and nice and...have a huge party afterwards!"

"Hehe...we'll have to see Squall on that one." Rinoa giggled. "I'm just so excited, but really nervous. So many people might be there..and afterwards..just me and Squall and...oh, I'd never have it any other way, but I'm nervous!"

"That makes sense, hehe....I was nervous when I first met Irvy. And now look!" Selphie said, smiling as one arm was folded up, her hand touching one of her cheeks. They continued to small talk.

Not much later, Squall walked out surprised to see Selphie there. "Hey."

"Hey Squall!" Selphie said, giggling some, Rinoa laughing some too. Squall immediatly concluded they were having a nice time.

"Hi Squall." Rinoa said, walking to him.

He nodded, then walked over to the edge, Rinoa following, as he stood in the center of the two, looking outwards. "It's a nice day."

"Very nice." Rinoa agreed. Selphie nodded with some 'mm-hmms'.

"Hmm..hey Rinoa, maybe I should be leavin', huh?" Selphie said, walking back some winking to her. "Bye!" She said, walking out, as the door opened the closed behind her after her short exit.

"Hmm...just us two.." Squall noted.

"Yeah...Selphie probably wanted to leave us to talk about plans. I'm so happy..."

"Me too." He nodded. "....I was thinking last night about you Rinoa. And about other things...such as when and where."

"Same here...I guess maybe we can discuss now?" She asked, glancing over to him.

"That would work. I really don't know much about this....." 'Not as though marriage is something I've ever thought of before..she should know that.' He thought.

"I've heard before you should always be engaged at least six months before getting married..." Rinoa recalled, looking out. "But...I don't think you'll leave me. So maybe in just a month...unless if that sounds like hardly enough time."

"A month is fine by me." Squall said. "I was hoping actually it wouldn't be very long..."

"Hehe....and..maybe somewhere like Winhill. Lagun and Raine...your parents were married there...and it's nice there."

"On the other hand it would be Deling City if we actually went for your side of the family." Squall noted outloud. Rinoa looked down, holding onto her chain necklace delicatly.

"My dad...he's going to have to come? Even if it isn't to be in Deling? I don't even want it to be in the city...not where I grew up..."

"Yeah, I understand. But I think Caraway should come, he is your father..."

"But...we've hardly seen each other for years....and for me and him to suddenly get along at my wedding? What if something bad happens?"

"I don't think he'll be coming to hurt our wedding...actually, he seems to regret himself."

"Why?" Rinoa asked, raising a brow.

"Because how you left. I think he takes that some on his part. He was busy...and after Julia died, there wasn't much of a family anymore, so you left."

"....." Rinoa said nothing, just sighed and shook her head downwards. "My dad has nothing to do with the We'll worry about him when invitations come up!" She said changing the subject abruptly.

"Okay.....Winhill might be nice." Squall said getting back to the original subject. "Or just here at Balamb."

"But that's plain!" She said, acting a cringe. "We could go into the country to get married....then go to...Trabia mountains." She thought, remembering Selphie's trip tomorrow. "It would be so lovely.."

"We really don't have much choices....there's Timber...and Esthar...Dollet..." He listed.

"But Winhill means so much would be good for you. And it's....I think it's the one place that was never in much trouble with Galbadia. Esthar wasn't either...but..Esthar is so big!"

"...." Squall thought, as his mind wondered. He looked up, and noticed as a white dove flew by. Feathers. It instantly made him remember. "I'll be there...."

"...?" Rinoa looked to him, tilting her head slightly. " Be...." Her face lit up. "There. The field of flowers....Edea's house." Squall nodded in reply.

"I'll be there...we'll be there, we can get married there...."

"No where else would do...we made it there after time compression...after the battle of Ultimecia...if we were ever seperated we would meet there....why not be joined there as well?" She said, face lightened. Squall smiled and nodded.

"In a month..."

"A month!" Rinoa finished. "We have so much to get such little time. But it sounds like everything will be perfect. Squall..."

"Don't worry too much. I'll be sure to get most of it done...." He said. "We can go to Winhill and Trabia afterwards."

"Heehee...honeymoon!" Rinoa laughed, then blushed slightly. "Umm...yeah." She nodded, then looked out. "But let's not think about all that now...I feel better just that we talked."

"Yeah. I guess you're one person I can talk to."

"Squall..I'm just glad though that at least I'm not the only one by now. Ever since....before the final've learned to trust again. I'm so happy."

"It took someone special...." He said. "I guess I needed you."

"We still need each other..." Rinoa said, smiling. "I just feel better being around matter how pessimistic you can be!" She teased.

".........Opposites attract...I'd never guessed." Squall said, looking outwards, Rinoa following his gaze. "We do still have things to plan..."

"Always go to make sure about everything?" Rinoa asked him.

"It's better to. At least more organized that way."

"Hehe...Squall, you make it sound like just another SeeD mission."

"...Sorry." He said, though a bit a laughter was seen underneath his cold exterior.

"Squalllll....well, we'll get everything later. Right now let's just enjoy the sun and sea. And each other." Rinoa concluded. They stood closely by each other, enjoying their company, thoughts drifting in thier mind. Both knew they couldn't put it off so easily, but it was silly to go off in a hurry. Take life slow and easy, try not to worry too much. Yet another lesson it seems Rinoa taught Squall. And yet, she was never teaching a thing. Maybe it was the interest that finally developed into love, all that matters to either was they knew they were where they wanted to be.

____________________________________________________________________________ ______

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