"Ah. I think I just had the urge to kill Hijikata just now."

Sougo suddenly stopped from his tracks. He was walking on a corridor of some unknown house and with that sudden pause he realized that he was kind of lost. He was unfamiliar with this place after all. Just a while ago there was a certain SisCon elder brother who was guiding his way; but before he knew it he was out of his sight.

So with just his instincts, he decided to walk straight ahead.

"Ah Crap. I miss killing Hijikata. Hijikata-san, don't die yet." He said talking to himself.

It was quite a humongous house actually with spacious corridors that when you scream or speak the sound produced would echo and the ceiling's altitude is twice or maybe even thrice his height, probably owned by some rich bastard. But he didn't bother roaming his eyes to examine the house, he just walked straight ahead with both his hands on his pockets. He was alone that his footsteps were the only sound heard in the whole corridor. Trusting his instincts once again; he turned right.

For the second time, he halted his movements with the scene presented in front of him which reminded him of what that guy he was following a while ago telling him that he would just visit some acquaintance in the past.

"Some acquaintance from the past, huh?" said Sougo.

The scene: Kamui was holding Mashiro in her waist while seizing her wrist looking intently down into her eyes with a grin getting amused in that kind of situation pulling her closer to his body, while Mashiro was responding to his gaze though having that uninterested kind of face

Never in his wildest imagination, not that he even tried imagining it, would he expect to see a scene straight from a Shoujo manga this close, not even with this combination; it was just too out of the question. It was such a perfect scene that even for just split seconds Sougo had hallucinated and saw the two of them having such sparkly and dazzling background. After all, they wouldn't even care about such stupid things as 'LOVE' or it may not even be existing in their vocabularies; or should we say 'Normal' love. Since Mashiro is into BOY's love while Kamui is into his sister having that superb Sister Complex. But on the other hand, they make quite a good couple, or they may really be meant for each other. Hell, it was too amusing for Sougo.

He badly wanted to ruin this 'two past lovers reunited by fate' kind of scene. He's a Do-S after all, and seeing how those two would react is something to look forward to.

He took out his bazooka and pointed it to the both of them, "I shall arrest you both for Public Scandal." He threatened; opposed to his passive expression.

Mashiro's reflexes were then stimulated that she hastily pushed away Kamui; with not that much force; as she took out her SWORD (wherever it was hidden) holding it in a fighting stance; still not processing who the perpetrator was.

As she finally examined her front; she had quickly identified that he was not a threat; she then returned her sword to God only knows where, just how the hell was she able to hide that huge sword?

Getting relieved, she just sighed, "Nanda. It's just you, Sougo." Said she.

"Ohh...Getting mad at me for interrupting you? But that's PDA Mashed Potato, try doing it privately next time." Sougo replied, putting back his bazooka.

Mashiro had no time to think of a retort for Sougo's statement since she was immediately interrupted by someone else.

"You know each other?" Kamui, the almost forgotten presence, asked as he was looking at Sougo.

"Maa..Kind of. " he replied staring back at him.

Two handsome guys staring at each other's eyes with narrowed distances in their faces right in front of her; Mashiro can only stand there and watch them intently.

Are they going to kiss in front of me? Or are they just suppressing it with my presence here? Should I just push one of them and let them kiss each other? The elder brother who seeks for his little sister and the guy who took away his sister from him; what's with this angst? Then -Wait.

Her delusions were then stopped when she realized the situation; "Sougo, why are you here?" Mashiro asked.

He faced her, "I was just following this guy." said he as he pointed Kamui with his thumb.

"The two of you were together just now?" she asked once again, as her tone gradually changed into an amused one.

They both just nodded.

3...2...1...and BOOM! That confirmation was just enough to fully open the door to the world of darkness in Mashiro's heart; the forbidden love between boys.

Fujoshi mode: ON!

*sparkly eyes*"Then..then..You just came from some dark isolated place where you unleashed the forbidden desires you've been suppressing and did IT there?! Wait..Then what about Takasugi?! and Abuto?! Kamui, you have such great harem! OMG! Then it's a MORESOME! So-"

But her sentence was cut by a katana suddenly pointing to her face, "Shut up Fujoshi; it's disgusting." Said Sougo then he sheathed his sword once again.

Kamui just chuckled at her, "Ahahaha. So you're still into that? And you even got worse, huh?"

She then stared at Kamui, looking intently in his tightly shut eyes, "My feelings never changed after all."said she.

As he heard those words, Kamui suddenly opened his eyes which caught Mashiro off guard. It was kind of weird for her especially when she saw how his facial expression changed. He looked so serious; his blue orbs were so rounded filled with curiosity;pleading as if expecting more with those words she just spoke; added with his hand which was involuntarily extending towards her face.

She had sensed his actions, but her body just won't move, she wanted to step backwards and avoid him but she just can't, even her eyes won't leave his. His hand kept nearing her face every second that passed by.

Thankfully, she was able to come to her senses even for just a bit, she then continued her statement, "For Boy's love that is."

His hand stopped its movements together with his eyes which were shut once again.

He smiled just like the usual, then extended his hand a bit more to reach her cheeks and pinched it, "You thought I would kiss you?" said he as though teasing her.

"Yeah, it was your past time after all." She replied staring keenly at him.

He just replied with a smile.

Sougo, the almost forgotten presence this time, was silent the whole time; just standing beside them while witnessing the lovey dovey moment of this one of a kind couple. This time, he decided not to interrupt. It was not every day that he gets to watch something as amusing as this.

Kamui finally took off his hand from her,"Sougo-kun, let's head to the spaceship."

That kind of surprised Sougo, and asked, "Eh? Aren't you going to continue your quality time with your ex-girlfriend?"

Kamui tilted his head, "Ex-girlfriend? Who?"

"I thought you were trying to get her back?" then Sougo pointed Mashiro.

As expected from that stupid Kamui. She just let off a sigh, "It's not what you think, Sougo Okita. He's just a pervert, you see."

"Ahahaha...Now, that's rude Mashiro."Kamui said then continued, "We better leave now, Sougo."

Confused with the contradicting words and action of these two, Sougo stared at them. He may not be that much of an expert, but he's also a guy, his instincts tell him that there's some special meaning to his gazes at Mashiro. He knew those stares were only meant for that one girl. Probably because he could 'kind of' relate to him.

Ehhhh...Don't tell me he's an airhead Then he remembered HIS China and her dense personality, It must've been in the genes. He concluded.

Kamui started walking and Sougo just followed him. But before they could further distance themselves from her, Mashiro had grabbed Sougo in his collar. Now they were both staring at each other with their faces just inches away. But well, they didn't care about that position; they may not even be aware of how intimate it looked like. Both have uninterested kind of facial expression.





."Tell me EVERYTHING later, okay?" said she, half threatening; half pleading from him.

"Yeah yeah, whatever." He replied.

In the midst of their conversation, a hand came in between them suddenly grasping Mashiro's hand.

"Ahahahahaha...SOUGO-KUN?" Kamui said, or rather threatened, he was smiling but it had some devious feeling in it, "Let's just go, OKAY?" he was facing Sougo.

"Roger Onii-chan." He said mockingly, moving back from Mashiro, while he finally started moving his feet.

Kamui laid down his hand on waist level dragging Mashiro's hand in the process. He gave her a playful smirk as he moved his feet one step forward. Even if she wanted to hold him more and feel his warmth, she knew she had to let go. She loosen her grip to release herself from this guy, but she had felt him squeezed her hand like he wanted to bring her along with him or he doesn't want to let her go; before she had completely taken off her hand from him.

"Just join us if you want to." He said as he waved his hand.

He finally walked away from her casually and once they were out of sight, Mashiro just sat down; in a squat position; with her hands hanging freely to her knees.

She sighed, "Tch."

Damn you Kamui. You should have tried hiding your 'dere' side.

Meanwhile in Harusame airship, two sadistic bishounens are walking in its hallways; having just the same pace. None of them have spoken for the past few minutes.


Kamui then stared at his companion, "Ahaha...I think someone's thinking about you, Sougo-kun."

"Your sister must be missing me a lot." Sougo replied.

He could only reply with a smile; yes, a smile that hid every devious thing in his mind. And Sougo just can't help but tease him more; getting easily pissed off with these trivial things.

When suddenly an eye patched man with a combination of black violet colour of hair that emits this 'I am a Lolicon' aura appeared before them. His right arm was hanging freely on his half opened kimono while holding his pipe.

"Kamui, someone's looking for you." He said.

Then a girl came forward from behind him; with just that hue of her hair just like the sun's, Kamui and Sougo had already guessed who it was.

"It's a pleasure to be working with you again, Captain." Mashiro said.

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