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There it was… One Piece University… And there he was, the new student, standing before the building and his ever known grin on his face. He stood there; very determined and looking around, knowing his real future lied here…

He walked forward, entering the building, the grin not leaving his face. His eyes were concealed by his hat he wore more often. He looked at the paper he took out of his pocket and he looked at it. He looked around, his grin now turning into an innocent smile. He walked straightforward, with the most important sentence floating in his head….

"Guys, I'm lost…"

Everyone turned around with wide eyes. They all sat on the roof of One Piece University eating their lunch and talking about things. The lunch they currently ate came out of their mouths because they were gaping at the boy standing in the doorway. He had a long frown on his face, his bag was slumped on the ground and his uniform looked like crap.

Everyone blinked their eyes slowly and eventually gulped "Luffy?" they murmured in unison. Said boy looked around and did notice one thing... Where was Nami...? He now looked at some people, and they did change a lot...

For example, the green haired friend had a scar across his eye and his hair style was a bit different…The blond 'casanova' had his hair now to the other side, showing his eyebrow he had covered for years. He also had a goaty now. The blue haired now is amazingly big! He looked sooo awesome now!

The boy grinned slowly, happy seeing everyone again "Yeah?" he asked, tilting his head which still wore the same grin. He acted like it was the most normal case, showing up in two years again.

"LUFFY!" yelled everyone in shock and pure amazement. Luffy's grin grew and Chopper, Usopp and Brook ran to him, hugging the soul out of him. Luffy laughed even though he didn't get any oxygen. The laughing boy lost his balance and he fell down, landing on the ground with a hugging Brook, Chopper and Usopp cling on him.

Vivi, Kaya, Robin, Franky, Brook, Chopper and Usopp fought back their tears and Zoro and Sanji just looked at Luffy like turned into a monster. Luffy laughed loudly and he finally got freed. "How's it going with you guys!" laughed Luffy. They all looked extremely confused.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!" yelled Zoro and Sanji mad, looking at Luffy who sat on the ground.

Luffy yelped and gulped "Euhm… Long story..." murmured Luffy. "But I am back!" he said with a grin. They all looked at him, mouth gaping "For good!"

"What the hell happened?" asked Usopp confused. Chopper cheered and hung on Luffy's leg.

Luffy grinned and he wanted to explain it, but he got cut off fast when he heard a familiar, long lost voice.

"Rooooobin! I needed you for my assignment, where wer-" Luffy turned slightly and he looked over his shoulder. He now turned totally to get a good look. The one he was looking at dropped her map with schoolpapers. She gaped while looking at him and tears rolled absentmindedly over her cheeks.

Luffy smiled as soon as he saw her. Her orange hair grew long and it looked beautiful. Her bust also grew… Her face looked so beautiful and her eyes didn't change – despite the fact she was crying now. And what do you know… She was wearing his jacket.

"Yo, Nami!" Nami hiccupped and she went on her knees. Luffy frowned and he crept closer. "Nami?"

"Am I dreaming?" she hiccupped.

"No… I am here." Said Luffy softly. The crew smiled at the two old lovers. Nami lifted her face and she looked Luffy right in the eyes. She sobbed loudly once and she hugged him out of nowhere. Luffy grinned and hugged her back. He did miss something though…

Everyone went to Luffy and hugged him, making one big grouphug again. Only Zoro and Robin watched them Luffy stood up and turned to Zoro "How are the children?" asked Luffy with a smirk.

Zoro sighed in irritation "They grow so fast… It almost is inhuman…"

"YOU TWO ARE INHUMAN!" yelled Usopp and Sanji slapping the air. Luffy laughed loud and the crew looked at him. They smiled when they heard his laughter again. How they missed it…

"Why were you lost?" asked Robin "Where did you need to go?" Luffy turned to look at her and smiled. She also did change…

"To the school office." Grinned Luffy. "I had to tell them I arrived!"

The others smiled and nodded "We still have got some time, so we can go with you." Said Vivi with a smile.

Luffy's face beamed up and he nodded happily. "That would be great!" he said. They all walked downstairs, Sanji leading the way. Nami, Vivi, Kaya and Robin walked downstairs. Nami still looked at Luffy in amazement… He grew so much taller and he looked more immature… This had to be a dream… For two years… She hadn't seen him for two years and he finally was back into her life… She thought she would never see him.

"This really is great!" laughed Vivi "It has been such a long time ago!" Robin and Kaya nodded. It was beyond imagining how happy they were. They all had the feeling to just wake up and pretend it was a dream. Usopp already pinched himself for a few times and Franky couldn't stop his manly tears. Zoro, Luffy and Sanji talked and laughed sometimes. Chopper cried in happiness and Brook comforted him, also crying.

They arrived at the school office and Luffy knocked. "Enter." Luffy smiled and opened the door slightly, getting a slight peek.

"Hello? I had to come if I arrived." Luffy said.

"Ah yes." Luffy smiled and now walked into the school office, the whole crew following him. "Do you have your mark list?" The man on the chair had his back to the crew.

Luffy laid his list on the desk with a smile. The crew looked confused. How come he needed Luffy's mark list? The man on the chair turned and grinned. Luffy grinned back. "What are you doing here? I thought you only claimed One Piece Academy."

"Nope, both." Grinned Rayleigh. He looked at Luffy's list and whistled. "Now I understand!"

"What do you understand?" asked Usopp confused.

"Why Luffy wasn't anymore welcome on New World High…" Luffy grinned and he looked away in embarrassment. The crew looked at him in confusion. "Luffy was too smart for New World High."





"HE WAS WHAT!" yelled everyone. Luffy chuckled and dug his pinky finger in his ear. He went deaf because of them.

"HE!" yelled Sanji pulling on Luffy's cheek. Luffy laughed.

"THE ONE WHO MAKES SOUP BURN!" yelled Usopp in shock.

"I'M GOING CRAZY! I NEED A DOCTOR!" yelled Chopper, running around. Luffy laughed loud and they still couldn't believe it.

"Well, classes is going to start soon and I hope to see Luffy tomorrow." Smiled Rayleigh, giving Luffy his time table. Luffy smiled and accepted it.

Luffy walked out of the school office and the whole crew looked at him in confusion and shock. Luffy turned and smiled "I'm going to Makino for a sec." smiled Luffy "I guess I will see you there?" he asked.

"Y…Yeah… We guess." They murmured.

Luffy grinned and straightened his head. "I seriously want to see everyone again! Shanks, Ace, Makino, Nojiko, Bellemere! Everyone!" he said in a cheery voice. "I had to go straight to school so I didn't have any time…"

The bell rung and they all just stood still to Luffy's surprise. Chopper walked up to Luffy. "L…Luffy… Could you do something for me?" he asked. Luffy blinked confused at the 17 year old boy. "Could you draw a drawing on my arm? I know it isn't a dream if I wake up with a drawing on my arm the next day."

Luffy smiled and went on his knees. He grabbed a coloured pen out of Chopper's bag and he drew a skull with a Mugiwara on top. He smiled and Chopper hugged him once, just to feel it again.

Luffy blinked confused when Robin reached her hand to him. Luffy took her hand and also drew a drawing for her. Usopp wanted one too, after Usopp Brook, Franky, Zoro, Sanji, Vivi, Kaya and last but not least, Nami. He drew one on her upper arm and grinned. "So! Your prove has been drawn on your arms!"

They all smiled and hugged Luffy one more time, before going to lesson. They all whispered 'I missed you' before leaving. Luffy smiled and stood at the school entrance. He grinned and turned, straightening his hat. "And now it's time to give Shanks, Makino and Ace a good heart attack…"

He walked further and looked around. Seriously nothing changed at all… Every store looked the same and every person he knew still worked in the same store. Luffy walked further and he saw the bar. He smiled and thought back at the time when he still lived here. He walked to the door and the bell above the door rung. Luffy smiled again and he walked towards the bar.

"I'm coming! Please wait." He heard Makino say. Luffy grinned and jumped over the bar, filling his own glass with orange juice. He jumped back and he sat down, nipping his orange juice.

"I helped myself." Luffy said. He heard a few things break in the storage, most likely plates and dishes. Luffy grinned and sipped again. Makino slowly walked to the doorway to look at her long lost son. Luffy looked at her and grinned. Makino directly burst out in tears, ran to him and hugged him while kissing his cheek.

"I missed you so much! Why didn't you tell you'd come by!" she said. "I look like shit and here you are!" Makino rubbed her tears away while laughing in happiness.

"Shanks is working?" asked Luffy. Makino nodded "I have to come another time then…" he murmured. He grinned looking at Makino "Do you think I just came by?"

"Well, yeah! You still have to go to New World High." Makino said.

"Do you know the house two blocks away from here?" asked Luffy.

Makino nodded "That expensive looking one?"

"I bought that one."

Makino looked at Luffy like he went crazy. Her chin lay on her bar counter and she didn't know what she just heard. "A…Are… You going to life here?" asked Makino

Luffy only smiled. He stood up and performed a little pirouette and Makino gasped. He was wearing the One Piece University uniform. "Luffy… This has to be a dream…" she said. "It's been a year ago since Akai's birth… And now you are going to life here?" she said.

Luffy grinned and nodded. "How's my little brother doing?"

"Great!" said Makino "He's sleeping now, so I'm not going to wake him up." She smiled.

"I understand!" grinned Luffy. Makino smiled. She pinched herself though and Luffy laughed. "I'm not a dream!"

Makino smiled and hugged him again. She loved him so much and he is finally back. "You had to see the reactions of the others." Luffy snickered while he was hugging Makino back.

"Others?" she asked as she backed of.

"Aa, the Mugiwara crew."

Makino laughed. She could imagine it already! They probably thought it also was a dream. "And Nami?" asked Makino curious.

Luffy grinned and he drank further. "She burst out in tears and she hugged me."



"That's all?" asked Makino.

Luffy frowned confused "Yeah, well, it's not like we still have a relationship if she knew what I meant when I left…" he said.

"What did you say?" asked Makino

Luffy thought for a second and rubbed his head. "Euhm… If I remember, it was 'Be happy and go on with your life'…" he murmured "And I think she did understand when I saw her expression."

"Yeah…" said Makino "But you don't want to have a relationship with her anymore?"

The door opened and the bell rung. Luffy turned around and Makino smiled. Ace walked towards the bar with a tired expression and a slumped body. He sat down on a chair next to Luffy and he put his chin on the bar counter. Makino looked at Luffy with a confused frown and Ace yawned.

"Makino… Can I have some cola?" Makino put a cola bottle before Ace. Ace drank it fast. Both Luffy and Makino looked at him. How come Ace didn't see Luffy?

"And what do you want?" asked Makino to Luffy.

Said smiled and thought. "Hmm… Another orange juice."

Ace chocked in his cola and he looked at Luffy while the liquid dripped out of his mouth and nose. Luffy looked at him while he drank his juice in peace but he did grow nervous when Ace's aura grew dark and evil.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!" Yelled Ace. Luffy smiled and tried to drink further, but Ace had him grasped by his tie and he shook him back and forth "YOU ASSHOLE! NOT EVEN CALLING 'Hey~ I'm going to visit today, isn't that yummy~?' NO! INSTEAD YOU JUST CAME WITHOUT SAYING!" Luffy still smirked but it disappeared fast when Ace pulled Luffy in a hug. Makino looked with a smile and she cleaned a glass.

"I missed you." Said Ace. Luffy blinked and smiled, hugging him back "I missed you so fucking much." Luffy's eyes now widened. He felt something drip on his shoulder… Was Ace crying?


"Stay like this for a sec until I say you are free." He said. Luffy smiled and nodded. He understood… The big brother didn't want to show his tears to the little brother.

The door crashed open, showing a heavy breathing Zoro. He took a deep breath and he wiped his forehead.

"You don't see me!" yelled Ace, jumping over the counter and hiding. Luffy and Makino looked with half lidded eyes. The world was going to crash, of course, if someone sees Ace cry. Zoro smiled and he walked up to Luffy, pulling him in a hug.

"What the hell is with you guys and hugging?" asked Luffy confused.

"Shut the fuck up! It's hard for me, remember!"

Luffy smirked and nodded. "I took your hugging virginity~" said Luffy in a teasing tone "AUCH! BACKCRASHER! I GIVE, I GIVE!" yelled Luffy. Zoro smirked and let go of Luffy.

Zoro looked at his hat, something which really was noticeable. It really had been a long time ago since he wore his hat again. The door crashed open again and this time and Usopp now looked at Luffy. He smiled happily. "It isn't a dream…" he said. Luffy grinned and shook his head no. It surely wasn't a dream. "And you are going to life here…"

"What?" Asked Ace who showed up again. "You what?"

"Remember that house two streets away from here? That one which is for sell?" asked Makino. Ace turned to look at her.

"Yes…" Ace said suspicious.

"I bought that one!" cheered Luffy.

"YOU WHAT!" yelled Usopp, Zoro and Ace.

"You?" asked Ace

"Bought that one?" asked Usopp

"How the hell do you have the money for that!" said Zoro in disbelieve. "I don't even have enough money to life with Robin…"

"Shishishi." Laughed Luffy. The four looked at him with a frown. That didn't explain why he did have that much money…

The door opened again, showing the rest of the Mugiwara crew. "Welcome." Smiled Makino. They all looked at Luffy with shocked expressions. Luffy smirked.

"It's no dream." Said Chopper almost on edge of crying. Luffy chuckled and Chopper ran to him and hugged him. The others smiled and went to the bar counter, ordering some drinks.

"Seriously," grinned Sanji "this seems like a dream… It's been a year since we saw you for the last time and that was only one day…" Luffy smiled and looked into his glass.

"Luffy bought that house two streets away from here." Butted Zoro in.

"WHAT!" yelled everyone

"That's impossible!" said Brook

"How did you get the money!" asked Franky shocked. Luffy chuckled and Ace, Makino, Zoro and Usopp frowned again. Still no answer…

Makino smiled and put a glass back on the shelter. "Why did Dragon give you improvement to go to One Piece University?" she asked.

"He had to." Said Luffy "He didn't have much of a choice since New World High couldn't teach me things anymore…" he said. Makino turned to look at Luffy with a confused expression and Ace joined her. The others looked away since they still couldn't believe it.

"What?" asked Makino.

"They don't give lessons for my level…" he said. Ace and Makino blinked "I was too smart."

Ace chocked again in his cola and Makino let a dish fall in shock "Too what!" they yelled.

Luffy laughed and the Mugiwara crew slightly chuckled. "Rayleigh said it himself." Said Usopp "So it must be the thruth."

The door opened "I'm home." Murmured Shanks tired.

"Yeah, me too! Sit down and join us!" grinned Luffy. Shanks looked at him. His face turned like he saw some sort of ghost. Luffy laughed and Shanks pointed at Luffy "A… Are you all seeing him?"

"Yeah." They all said in unison.

Shanks sighed relieved and walked to the bar, grabbing Luffy's hat from his head and he ruffled his hair. He was sure he wasn't crazy now the others also saw him. "Welcome back." Luffy grinned and smiled. "I'm going to take a shower, I'll be right back." He said. He walked away and Makino smiled looking at him. She now looked at Luffy. Shanks really wasn't going to believe Luffy is too smart for New World High…

"Hey, Nami is still single." Grinned Franky, poking Luffy's waist.

Luffy and Nami spurted out their orange juice and Zoro sighed. "Subtle…"

Luffy pouted and Nami looked away. "Where are Kaya and Vivi?" asked Luffy changing the subject.

"Also subtle." Retorted Zoro. Luffy glared at Zoro

"Kaya is at her work and Vivi had to help her dad." Explained Usopp.

"Again Luffy, how did you get the money?" asked Ace serious. Everyone turned to look at Luffy and Luffy frowned slightly, thinking.

"I euhm… Kinda lied…" he said. Everyone looked confused. "I have to go back to New World sometimes in a month…"

"Why?" asked Brook

"Euhm… I was mad at my dad-" Ace coughed softly, almost chocking again. "And I almost didn't talk with him even though we lived in the same house, so he kinda gave me a job to make it up…"

"Why were you mad?" asked Usopp

"Obvious reason…" murmured Luffy looking sad. "I had to leave…

"What kind of job?" asked Robin curious. What kind of job could give him enough money for a house like that?

Luffy frowned and sipped his orange juice "I actually don't wanna tell… I don't want you all to think I'm a spoiled kid or something…" he murmured.

"Luffy." They all said with a dead serious tone.

Luffy gulped and thought. "He made me a second boss of his gym…"

"What?" they asked

"I- It's not a big deal! It's just the same job I used to do but slightly different! I still give them martial arts and I still join with contests but I have to take care of appointments and meetings and open days and safety rules an-"

"That's great!" said Chopper loud.

"Fantastic, Yohohoho!" laughed Brook. Luffy looked dumbfounded.

"Ugh, so jealous..." said Zoro and Sanji.

"That's awesome! You love martial arts since your fourth and now you almost own a gym!" said Nami with glee. Luffy's mouth parted in confusion.

"Why didn't you want to tell that!" asked Franky "Wouldn't it be super if one of our friends is a famous business man and martial arts teacher!"

"W…Well, because it's something a spoiled kid would do… First be mad at his father-" Ace coughed "And getting what he wants… But I first made a lot of efforts to work everywhere I could but they fired me because I was clumsy or I just didn't understand things…"

"That's the Luffy I know." cheered Chopper. Luffy smiled. Everyone talked with each other about the past and now. How much Luffy changed and such.

Luffy actually didn't hear or listen at what they said.

Luffy looked painfully at Nami's back as she was talking with Robin. His expression turned even more painful when she looked at him and smiled sweetly. Zoro frowned and looked at him with concern and confusion. He leaned a bit closer to Luffy and Luffy looked at him, noticing him.

"What's wrong?" he asked softly and still worried.

Luffy frowned and shrugged his shoulders "I don't know..." he murmured. Zoro frowned and leaned back again, looking at Nami who was talking with his girlfriend. Zoro leaned his chin on his hand and he closed his eye. Luffy's expression now saddened. He knew what was wrong. He leaned to Zoro and tugged on his sleeve. Zoro opened his only eye and leaned to Luffy again, making it possible for Luffy to whisper.

"I...I think I don't love Nami anymore..."

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