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"Ugh... It's too hot..."

The sun was shining and a heat wave hit the town. Nami and Luffy still layed in bed, not being able to move a muscle. Luffy glanced at the clock, seeing it was 8 o'clock in the morning. He rubbed the sweat from his forehead and he tried to turn around. Nami grunted by Luffy's movement, and Luffy stopped moving since it took too much energy. Luffy moved his hand a bit and Nami grunted again. Nami raised her arm slowly and put her fist on Luffy's head, making him grunt.

"Why did you do that?" asked Luffy with a frown, sweat beading down his face.

"Your movements were annoying. I wanted to punch you." Nami murmured in her pillow

"Shishi..." Luffy snickered. He sighed after and Nami removed her fist. "It's too hot to laugh." Luffy murmured. Luffy and Nami were still grunting and not moving. They didn't notice their bedroom door opening. Someone threw a bucket with ice water over them. They yelled in shock and jumped out of bed, shivering and still yelling.

"Wakey Wakey!" the raven haired boy with freckles said "We are going to the beach!"

"I KILL YOU!" Nami yelled, running behind Ace and not even bothering the hot weather. Luffy walked downstairs. He looked at the balcony and saw the balcony door opened. Luffy frowned while squeezing the water out the hem of his shirt. Nami caught Ace and punched him a few times. It was too hot for Nami to punch hard, so Ace was only laughing because it felt more like tickling.

"Ace, how did you get in?" Luffy asked, sitting down on a bar chair and looking at Nami's and Ace's antics. Nami and Ace looked at Luffy

Nami looked at Ace with a frown. "Yeah, how did you get in?" she asked. Ace grinned and pointed at the balcony. "I climbed up and the door wasn't locked, so I easily got in." he explained. Nami frowned and punched him. Ace laughed, even though a bump grew on his head. "My sister-in-law is really sweet to me."

"I have it worse." laughed Luffy, remembering her sweet treatment.


"Told you." Laughed Luffy with three bumps on his head and a tear in his eye corner. Ace laughed too, both feeling pain. Nami looked in the fridge and sighed.

"I want to make breakfast but it is too warm." Nami closed the fridge, and looked at the two brother. They looked with pleading eyes and drool came out of their mouths. Nami sighed and walked towards the stairs. "I am not going to make something, do it yourself." she walked upstairs and Ace and Luffy looked at her until she was gone.

"I love her the most when she is this cranky." Luffy murmured.

"Really?" Ace asked, not believing a thing he said. Luffy shook his head with half lidded eyes and Ace snorted. "Thought so."

"Still love her though." Luffy said, jumping from the bar chair. He grabbed his mobile and text messaged the crew. Ace looked at him with a smile and rolled his eyes after. Luffy snickered while reading some messages on his phone.

"Luffy." Said boy turned and looked at Ace with owlish eyes. "Let's go to the beach." Ace insisted.

Luffy pouted with a frown and thought "I am going to melt." he said with a whining voice.

"It isn't hot. You exaggerate." Ace said, also whining.

"You even can stand in fire and find it not hot." Luffy said back, putting his mobile away. Ace pouted a bit sad. Nami stood upstairs and heard everything. She kinda pitied Ace. She knew how he felt. She walked downstairs with a smile and a bag with swim supplies.

"Luffy, we are going to the beach." Nami said. Luffy already was going to protest and Nami glared daggers "I am going to beat you senseless if you whine." She said. Luffy gasped and immediately ran upstairs.

Nami smiled and looked at Ace, seeing him smile back with a hint of enthusiasm. "If you missed hanging out with Luffy after those two years, why didn't you say so?" Nami asked. "He would have said 'yes' without whining."

Ace looked at her and blinked a few times. "How did you know?"

Nami looked towards the stairs with a smile. "I felt the same as you when he got back. So I knew by the sound of your voice how much you wanted it. You never whine, only when you want meat just like Luffy." she explained "But I also know you two are idiots when feelings are involved." she said, looking at him with suspiscious eyes. Ace grinned and adjusted his cowboy hat. Luffy ran downstairs with his strawhat, a red shirt, dark blue swimshorts and his sandals.

"I'm done." He said with a grin.

Nami smiled and pointed at his phone "Let's invite the others."


"It's hooooot." Whined Franky, Luffy and Usopp

"It isn't." Ace said. The whole group, plus Makino, Shanks and Akai, walked towards the beach. Some were whining and some were actually feeling comfortable.

"I like the weather." Vivi said, shrugging her shoulders. Robin also smiled, enjoying the weather

"Yeah, but that's because you grew up in the desert." Usopp said, rubbing the sweat from his forehead. "Same goes for Robin."

"Robin grew up in the desert?" Nami asked surprised.

Robin smiled and shook her head "I lived in the desert because of my boyfriend. But I moved here when we broke up." she explained. Nami looked at her with a cocked eyebrow. 'Robin had a boyfriend?'

Zoro carried Chopper on his back, who was whining more and almost literally dying of the heat. "And that is what you get if you grow up in a place almost as cold as the northpole." Sanji said, taking a drag of his cigarette.

They all got on the beach. They placed their stuff on the ground, opened the parasols and prepared to swim. The ones who couldn't swim stayed at the towels and stuff. Makino was preparing a floatie for Akai, so he could enjoy the water. Luffy was holding Akai and talked about nonsense to his little brother. Akai was talking gibberish back. Shanks smiled while putting sunlotion on Makino. The young mother was done with the floatie and smiled. She stood up and took Akai over from Luffy.

"How come Akai can't talk yet?" Robin asked, putting sunlotion on her arm.

"He is lazy." Luffy said

"He's got that from Shanks." Ace added.

"Funny, guys." Shanks said with fake laughter. Luffy and Ace snickered softly. The little family went towards the water and they looked. Nami waved while she was in the water and Luffy waved back. He stood up and rubbed the sand of his butt. He ran towards Nami and got into the shallow water.

Chopper laid on a towel in the shadow with an ice cold coke against his cheek. Robin laid next to him in the sun and sunglasses. Sanji and Vivi were cozy swimming together. Zoro was playing volleyball with Usopp, Franky, Brook and Kaya. Nami and Luffy were teasing each other. Shanks and Makino were swimming with Akai, who never has been in the water before.

Robin looked to her left and saw Ace hugging his knees. Robin smiled and lift her sunglasses. "What's wrong?" Robin asked. Ace looked at her and blinked. He then frowned and looked at Nami and Luffy

"Nojiko couldn't come. I miss her." he replied. Robin smiled and put her sunglasses back.

"We might go again, because Marguerite couldn't come either because of things she had to fix about her new apartment."

Ace nodded and looked at the sky. The freckled boy then looked at Zoro who was playing volleyball and back at Robin who was laying next to him. "What happened between you and Zoro?" Ace asked suddenly.

Robin chuckled and looked at Ace "We liked each other but we don't fit. He slept a lot and I almost don't sleep. I like reading and just relaxing and he'd rather trained and worked out. So the love we had for each other got little. We didn't broke up with a fight, but it is awkward of course." Robin explained. Ace cocked his eyebrow and hummed. He looked at the guys in the water again and sighed.

"Smart and stupid." he murmured. Robin looked at Ace again with surprise. "Strong and weak... Angry and happy..." Ace looked at Robin, who was looking at him in return. "Nami and Luffy are the complete opposite. They got it worked out. So why not try again?" asked Ace. Robin lifted her sunglasses up again, and looked with a slight dumbfounded expression. Ace grinned the D. grin. "I am not saying it for my sake, but it is obvious you two are wearing a mask." Robin wanted to interfene and Ace pointed at Zoro "Yes, Zoro too. I haven't seen him sleep on broadday anymore and he has bags under his eyes."

Robin frowned and looked towards Zoro, who was playing volleyball. Robin smiled and shook her head "I am sorry, but I don't love him the way I used to." she said. Ace frowned and he stood up. He brushed his butt clean and ran towards Nami and Luffy, irritating them. Robin's smile dissapeard and she laid down again. Chopper looked at Robin, being the only one noticing her frown.

Nami got out of the water and sat down, seeing the two brothers fighting in the water. They couldn't swim so they stayed in the shallow water. Robin looked up when Nami sat down next to her. Nami also laid down and closed her eyes, enjoying the sun. Robin closed her eyes again with a smile. Chopper turned on his belly and got sleepy.

Nami, Robin and Chopper yelled when someone threw water over them. Nami looked at the two snickering brothers and got angry. She ran after them and Chopper and Robin dried themselves off.

Zoro looked towards the scene when he heard them scream. Usopp smirked and passed the ball against Zoro's head - and hard. Zoro turned to look at Usopp and he ran after him with his kendo sword in anger. Kaya cocked an eyebrow and followed Zoro's gaze. She smiled when her gaze met the raven haired female.

Shanks and Makino are looking at the children, running on the beach. Akai was splashing the water and Shanks sighed with a smile. "Do you think Akai is going to be like them?" Shanks asked. Makino laughed and nodded.

Robin got dry again and lied down on her beach towel. She frowned when someone stood in her sunlight. She looked and sat up straight immediatly when she saw who was standing beside her.

"Rumour has it, that your relationship with Zoro is over."

"I'd like you to leave me alone." Robin answered back. Chopper looked and shuddered. He stood up and ran directly to Luffy.

"But I am just getting back what belongs to me. You shouldn't have left me suddenly."
Robin narrowed her eyes and prepared her fist, but got cut of by Luffy.

"She belongs to no one, Crocodile." Luffy said, butting in. Robin looked at him and smiled. Crocodile looked at Luffy with a frown. The friends who were in the water saw the scene and went directly to them. Crocodile grinned when he saw Vivi also. Sanji stood in front of her, preparing his foot. Nami didn't get what was happening.

"Hello Vivi. Long time no see." Crocodile said with a grin. Vivi frowned mad and Sanji went closer to Vivi.

"Not long enough." Vivi seethed. Crocodile's grin widened and he looked at Robin, which didn't went well because Luffy stood in front of her.

"Let me get Robin. I have to punch you otherwise." Crocodile seethed.

Luffy smiled and cocked an eyebrow. "I won't step away." he said.

"Guys, playtime is over!" laughed Shanks, clapping his hands and walking out of the water. Makino frowned and held her hand before Akai's eyes. Crocodile ignored him and reached towards Robin. Shanks grabbed Crocodile's wrist still with a smile plastering his face. "I said: Playtime is over." Shanks said, now looking with a dangerous glare at Crocodile. He frowned and pulled his arm back. He walked away and everyone, minus Nami who was mentally yelling in her head from confusion, was glaring at his back.

"Shaaanks... I am strong enough to hit him..." Luffy said with a pout "And he threatened a nakama."

"Yeah, but you could get into serious trouble if the police got you. I am just a teacher protecting his students." Shanks said, stealing Luffy's hat and putting it on his own head. Luffy smiled and nodded, getting what he meant.

"Or a dad protecting his kid." Ace said with his pinky finger in his ear. Shanks looked at him and grinned. Nami blinked looking at the interaction. Isn't he really the father?

"Guys." Nami butted in. "What the heck was going on?" she asked. Everyone looked at her and realisation hit them.

"Riiight." Usopp said in realisation. "You never heard this story." Nami nodded with a pout. Everyone looked at Robin and Vivi and they casually looked away "Story time." Usopp said. Robin smiled softly and Vivi rubbed her head softly.

"My father is the owner of the biggest water company and it delivers water to many places like the desert were we used to live." Vivi explained. "And Crocodile wanted that water company. First he played good, but I eventually knew his plans and that he actually was evil. He bribbed everyone working there, so they would protest against my father and so Crocodile could take his place. I warned my father but he didn't believe me. I acted like I was bribbed by Crocodile and as if I was crazy about money. He didn't know who I was so I could fool him. I got to know him better, and I found out he had a girlfriend." Vivi said, now looking at Robin. Robin looked at the towel while biting her lip.

"Soooo, he used to be your boyfriend?" Nami said. Robin nodded with a sigh.

"I didn't know about his plans but Vivi told me about it when we met. So Vivi needed to gain his trust and became part of Crocodile's 'gang' and I joined too. We lured him in and eventually ruined his plans. I fled from the desert to here and Vivi moved here too after a few years and we became friends." Robin explained. "We then became friends with Luffy and we met everybody. We found out Crocodile moved here too and eventually irritated me like you saw just a minute ago. Luffy didn't like that, so he thaught him some manners."

"So that was that gang you were talking about last!" Nami said with a smile. "And I thought you were bad criminals." Robin smiled and shook her head. Vivi grinned and looked at the raven haired woman.

"And he is still mad I left him and destroyed his plans, so he sometimes comes around to irritate me. He left me alone when I had a relationship with Zoro, though."

"Maybe he was scared of Marino. I reckon if I look at his ugly face. Scares the shit outta me." Sanji said, followed with a fight.

"I beat his ass the next time." Luffy said preparing his fist "He irritates me and I won't allow him to touch my nakama."

Nami and Robin smiled, followed with a party on the beach after their talk.


"That was a great party!" Usopp said, hanging on Kaya's shoulders from too many alcohol. Franky snorted when Kaya accidently dropped Usopp on the ground, breaking his nose.

Everyone walked towards Makino's bar for a small afterparty and food. Every store was already closed since it was late. The sun was down but everyone still walked in their bathing suits or some were wearing a vest or pants. Ace left to go to Nojiko and Sanji and Vivi left already because they had to work early in the morning. Robin walked with Nami and talked about the party and the guys and Kaya walked in front of them.

Robin gasped when someone got a hold of her wrist. Nami and Robin turned to look who it was. Nami gasped and yelled Luffy's name, making everyone turn around to Nami. Crocodile had a hold of Robin and held her up from the ground. She tried to kick him but she couldn't reach him. Nami wanted to run to the others, but Crocodile grabbed her too. Luffy and the others ran to him.

"Let them go!" Luffy yelled, preparing a fist. Crocodile used Nami to block the punch, but Luffy stopped right in time. "Coward!" yelled Luffy mad. Usopp laid on his belly on the ground and shoot a rubber bullet at Crocodile's leg. Unfortunately, it didn't work.

"Give them back!" Luffy yelled mad, trying to punch in a different angle, but he used Nami again.

"I won't. This red head will help me out with some chores, and Robin can play my girlfriend again." Crocodile said, almost closing the gap between them. Crocodile stopped when he got a wooden kendo against his head. He turned to look at Zoro who glared extremely mad. He grabbed the kendo again and prepared.

"Sorry Nami, if I hit you." Zoro said.

"Eh?" Nami asked with disbelieve and confusion. Zoro hit against Crocodiles hand, and he let Nami go with a grunt. Nami fell on the ground and crawled behind the others. Luffy smirked and kicked Crocodile against his side, making Robin go. Robin also fell on the ground and turned to look at Crocodile with a mad frown. Robin gave a kick in Crocodile's gut, making him grunt. Nami looked in awe, not knowing Robin could fight too. Franky punched him in his back and Brook gave a hit with his cane. Zoro gave another hit with his kendo and Luffy gave the last punch in his stomach, with a grin.

"You got weak." Luffy grinned, looking down on Crocodile.

Crocodile looked up with a frown to Luffy. "No." He started. "You assholes have gotten stronger in those two years."

"Sucks to be you." Franky said with a mad frown.

"Well done, guys!" Chopper and Usopp said behind a wall, only showing their thumbs.

"And you two didn't change!" Zoro yelled mad with shark teeth.

"Leave Robin and Vivi alone now, or we are getting madder." Luffy said kneeling down and looking eye in eye with Crocodile. Crocodile only frowned deeper and tried to stand up again, only to get met with a kick from Robin in his side. Luffy snickered and walked to the others. They all walked away with laughter and happiness.

Crocodile looked mad at them, saying he wouldn't give up.

The crew entered the bar with smiles and laughter. Makino looked at them, seeing how happy they were.

"Makino! I want beer!" Luffy yelled. Makino rolled her eyes. He knew he wasn't allowed to drink alcohol, but today was a good day. They all ordered beer and food and partied further.

Nami frowned and stood up. "I have to go to the bathroom. I'll be right back." Nami said to Usopp, Brook and Luffy, who she was playing cards with.

"Well, if you are already putting down your pantings, you wouldn't mind giving them to me, right?" Brook commented

"HELL, I DO!" Nami yelled mad. Luffy snickered and stood up.

"I have to go too." He said. They both walked to the toilet. Luffy almost walked into the men toilet, but stopped in his tracks when he heared Nami gasp. Luffy looked around the corner and gasped too.

"We... We can explain." Robin said, parting a second ago with a red Zoro

Nami and Luffy both looked with a smug smile

"Yes, you should."


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