PJO Couples on Crack

Couples we all know that shouldn't happen. "Heartwarming moments" between couples that never would last.

Couple: Tyson and Katie. "Tatie"

Warning: Has some purposeful OOC, just to show how insane this is. May cause extreme case of WTFRS: What the Fuuuu Repeating Syndrome. Read at own risk. ;)

And yes, you will wonder: What crack was this chick on when she wrote this!

Katie plopped the peanut butter onto the wheat bread (she liked to keep her big guy all healthy and such) and sang a tune as she washed her hands free from the glop that snuck onto her hand, and delightfully entered Tyson and her living room.

"Hey, Ty-Wy-My-Wittle-Guy!" Katie squealed, pinching Tyson's cheeks before setting the plate on the coffee table before him. He clapped his hands with joy.

"Hello! You made Tyson a sandwich!" he rejoiced, vacuuming the entire thing whole. Katie awed. He was so adorable! She was so glad she dumped Travis for this manly man.

"Katie? Will you make Tyson another one?" he asked ever so adorably. Katie giggled and joyfully skipped back to the kitchen to make him another peanut butter sandwich just the way he liked it.

Suddenly, Katie gasped. "Oh, no!Tyson's brother Percy and his lover would be coming over for dinner tomorrow night!"

She most absolutely had to start preparing! She rushed to make some flowers from her window sill to brighten up the room. She arranged a bright bouquet of yellow and red roses in a vase on their table.

"Ooh!" she said. An alluring thought danced in her head. She bloomed some roses and went to surprise her man.

"Oh! Beautiful!" he cried, smelling the red roses Katie had placed in his lap. She blushed.

"Yes they are, just like you!" she tiptoed her finger on Tyson's nose ever so adoringly.

"NO! You are the most beautiful Tyson laid his eye on!" Tyson insisted.

"No, you're the most beautiful thing I laid my eyes on." Katie insisted louder.

"No! YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING!" Tyson claimed at the top of his lungs.

"NO! YOU ARE!"she belted.

"NO! YOU ARE!"he cried.

"Forget it. We're both the happiest thing that happened to one another!" Katie insisted, relaxing back onto the sofa. She and Tyson never fought so viciously before over such a vital matter like that before! But it was over now, and Katie was fantastically thankful.

"Turn on the television, please! Our show should be on right now!" Tyson suddenly remembered. Katie spastically flipped the TV on and turned to an insect channel.

"The majestic butterfly releases itself from the chrysalis and opens its beautiful wings…" Tyson awed as multiple butterflies showed their wings off. He clapped his hands wildly as more butterflies displayed their beautiful wings.

Katie told Tyson each flower that a butterfly was taped at, and Tyson would express joy at each name. They ever so adoringly snuggled into another's arms and watched intently the beautiful butterflies on the screen.

Katie kissed Tyson, who began to blush, and she knew she would never be happier in her life than she was now in Tyson's arms.

Hey friends! Welcome to PJO couples on crack. We all know that these two, would never make it as 'heartwarming' as this moment was. Up next we have Percy and guess who his lover shall be?

And, honestly re-reading this cracks me up.

Don't hate me. This is a parody, so put those damn torches down! I made this cheesy, OOC, and unrealistic on purpose. Geez.

Disclaimer:(Don't own PJATO, any of the characters…or any crack.)