Miko of My Desire

By: Aurora Collins

Disclaimers: I do not own Inuyasha or any of the characters associated with it. I'm only borrowing the characters to amuse myself and hopefully others. ^_^

Ch. 17 Hello Mother

It had been nearly two weeks before Kagome got well enough to leave the bed and by that time everyone went their separate ways. Miroku's wind tunnel vanished, Sango got her little brother back and Shippo would stay with them for a while until his fox lessons started with Rui in the castle. Inuyasha and Kikyo would help Kaeda with the village and the sisters would once again be reunited. Rui, although he is a good babysitter, has been given a special mission to stop all slave trade within Sesshomaru's lands; and then the fox would be given the job he always wanted, a general in the royal militia…. Well after Rin grew up of course. Everything seemed so perfect, but there was one thing that had to be completed.

It was late at night when Sesshomaru finally came back to the room where he saw Kagome sleeping. Lately he has been out late making sure that there was no sign of Naraku or the minions that followed him. Sesshomaru wanted to be sure that there would be no more harm on the ones he had come to love and cherish. He undressed and came in the bed, the sheets crisp against his skin. Immediately Kagome snuggled close to him, finding the warmth inviting. Her lips parted as she muttered his name, "Sesshomaru." Her eyes slightly creased open, "Where were you again?" Her voice was muffled from her sleepiness. Sesshomaru held her close and said, "Just patrolling to make sure that nothing was out there."

This go Kagome's attention, "What would you be looking for?" "Nothing," Sesshomaru said in truth. "Naraku isn't coming back," Kagome stated it as finality. "You're right Kagome. I suppose I just don't want to see the woman I love ever get hurt again," Sesshomaru stated as he stared into her blue eyes. He leaned down and kissed her soundly on the lips, hearing her moan beneath him. Before Sesshomaru could ask Kagome pulled away from his heat and said, "Sesshomaru, finish the bonding with me. I want to share your spirit, body and soul. I want to become one with you forever." With the statement it would be sealed, the bonding ritual would finally be completed and Sesshomaru could officially cal Kagome his.

Sesshomaru untied her night rail and kissed on her collar bone, breathing his warm breathe on her skin. The warmth caused gooseflesh to procure on her skin and she shivered in the delight that he loved her and only her. Her arms encircled him as she drew him closer to her still. He experienced hands released her of her binding clothing that he quickly discarded them onto the floor where he presently were. Their naked bodies intertwined with one another as he splayed his fingertips over her abdomen, relishing the feel of her. She panted his named as he made her feel that fire that built up between her legs.

Sesshomaru would not quench that fire just yet. He would save the pleasure of putting the sword to the sheath when she couldn't stand it anymore. He spread her legs with his knee and when Kagome thought he would do her bidding, he instead bent low to her thighs and began to kiss the inside of them. Although it surprised her, it also gave her great pleasure to feel that rippling heat tear through her body. She could feel him close to her most tensified spot between her legs and that is when she jolted up. "Sesshomaru," she panted, "What are you doing?" He made her lay back down and replied, "Just allow me to pleasure you."

Before Kagome could protest further Sesshomaru's tongue encircled her clit and made her body respond with a jolt. She was so sweet to taste, even better than the candy that was brought from overseas. He relished in her honey sweet taste so much that he wouldn't mind licking her over and over again. She screamed his name as he continued his mesmerizing actions. Her fingers found their way to his hair as her hands entangled in it. His mouth became more ravenous when he noticed how much she responded to his mouth and he smiled against her clit as he suckled on it once more. He felt her jolt again as a new wave of pleasure shook her to uncontrollable heights. Sesshomaru licked her one last time before he fingers found their way to her entryway.

At first he used just one finger, and then two as he pumped them back and forth inside her. He moved up, still working his magical fingers inside her while he took one of her nipples and squeezed it in loving pressure. Her moans followed into cries that she couldn't contain any longer. He kissed her breasts, licked them and tormented them to where they became taut peaks of pink abundance. A sweat broke out on Kagome as he continued to play with her and torment her into heights and waves of pleasure, then bring her down just to build her back up again. She was going mad with the feelings he was kindling inside of her. "Sesshomaru, please take me," Kagome called out as his fingers left her moistened lips. He licked his fingertips and smiled wickedly at her, "I think you are more then ready for me little miko."

He hovered over her and kissed her soundly on the mouth and she could taste herself on his lips. At first she thought it would be real turn off, but it made her want him even more. Her hips gyrated against his and she nearly whined at the loss of the pleasure he gave her. Sesshomaru knew she couldn't wait any longer and neither could he. He took his shaft and connected with her in the most intimate fashion as he finally relayed the sword to the sheathe. He dove inside her so deeply that he heard her gasp when she finally got what she wanted. He moved in and out of her slowly then pumped into her faster.

They were in such unison and their moans echoed throughout the room. Kagome's legs wrapped around him to get him closer and he did as he was bid as he dove in her with such a force. They screamed out together as they reached the pinnacle of their ecstasy and orgasmed together as one. Sesshomaru stayed within her as he felt his seamen fill her and he stared into her eyes. He saw her chest heaving from the exertion, but he also saw that small smile splay on her lips. She was greatly pleasured and he would do it over and over again just to hear her moans beneath him. Kagome gave him a look that she was ready for another round. "You're insatiable Kagome," Sesshomaru panted.

He was about to pull himself out of her but she caught him before he could. "I maybe insatiable but I can never get enough of you," Kagome waggled her eyebrows at him as she said this. Sesshomaru bent down to kiss her and when he did his fangs slid carefully over her bottom lip. He cut them and he could tell Kagome winced, but he wanted to finish the bonding by ingesting her blood and so he drank. He tasted the copper liquid in his mouth and he felt a change deep within himself. He felt her all around him and not just on the outside, but deep within his heart and soul. Sesshomaru released her mouth and said, "We are bonded forever and always. You're my eternal mate." His thumb came to wipe the blood away and he kissed her to make up the small amount of pain he caused her. Kagome didn't mind because now she was one with him forever and she automatically forgave him…


Kagome hid behind a bush as she watched the shrine from afar. Sesshomaru was behind her when they were sneaking around the estate. "I don't see why we're skulking about like this," Sesshomaru whispered to her. Kagome waved a hand at her husband, "Shhh. You know why, now be quiet." Kagome's hair had gotten longer as the time passed and now it was down to her knees in great waves. She wore a nice green sundress with a white jacket that complimented the outfit. Sesshomaru on the other hand was wearing a suit because he had just gotten off of work and picked Kagome up. Today was the day and she had been waiting for it for a long time. Sesshomaru knew why this was important to her, but he still didn't know why they had to continuously spy on them.

Kagome tried to explain that it could ruin their very future, which was technically the past. It was confusing to sometimes understand, but with how things were Sesshomaru could understand the need for secrecy. He just wasn't used to it, even after all these years. Kagome finally ducked down low and dragged Sesshomaru with her, and the bush rustled. Kagome peeked through the bush at the edge of the property and saw the person she had been waiting to see; and that was herself. The younger Kagome looked at the bush and shrugged when she realized that it was nothing. She hurried to the well with her big yellow backpack and was out of sight in seconds.

Kagome remembered that day when she went to the Feudal Era and would never come back. When the jewel disappeared the gateway between the two worlds closed and Kagome was stuck in the past, but she didn't mind it because she was with the demon she loved. Although she missed her mother a great deal as the 500 years passed in a wonderful bliss of happiness. When the shrine was built Kagome had Sesshomaru buy it so that her family would never have to worry about the rent. All her family did was clean the land and that was payment enough. Kagome, in her younger years always wondered how they afforded the shrine and now she knew why.

Kagome came out from the bush and brushed off the leaves that got on her. Sesshomaru ascended with her and tried to get the dirt smudge off his pant leg when Kagome dragged him down. He was slightly irritated as she dragged him with her. "Tell me why we have to do this. I don't know if she can handle this," Sesshomaru said as Kagome was latched onto his hand. Kagome turned to him and out her hands on her hips, "My Mom will never see me again. I have to let her know that her baby girl is safe and besides she is a grandmother now. I think she would like to know and I waited this long." Before Sesshomaru could respond he looked beyond Kagome's shoulder.

Kagome turned around and saw her mom with a broom, getting ready with the daily cleaning. "Oh, Kagome dear, I thought you were in a hurry. Did you forget something?" Mrs. Higurashi asked. Kagome's face melted as she ran to her mom and gave her a big hug. "Mom! I missed you so much!" Kagome cried out as she latched onto her mother. Mrs. Higurashi held her daughter tight before she released her. "Kagome, there is something different about you. You feel different and you look older. What's going on?" Mrs. Higurashi finally asked. Kagome smiled as she led her mom to a nearby bench and sat her down. She told her the story on how she went to the past and never came back, how she met Sesshomaru; who she introduced. Of course the mother had to play with the long silver hair and Mrs. Higurashi was really accepting of the story.

When Kagome was done explaining the mom cried out in joy, "Kagome I am so happy for you. I knew time travel was one thing, but now I know who the wonderful people were who took care of our family so well. It was you all along. I love you so much," Mrs. Higurashi said this as she accepted her daughter in another loving embrace. She continued, "It must have been hard to live this whole time without me, but I'm so glad to see you. You're always going to be my daughter." "I'm so glad to hear you say that mom and I'm also glad that you finally got to meet my husband," Kagome said this as she looked lovingly at her mate.

Mrs. Higurashi smiled at her new son in law and said, "Of course I love my new son in law. I love anyone who is in my family." Sesshomaru tried not to blush but it was a failed effort. "Mom, there is one more thing you have to know," Kagome mentioned. "More surprises?" her mom said in exclamation. Kagome nodded, "Yes." Kagome looked at Sesshomaru for him to continue. Sesshomaru cleared his throat, "You're a grandmother…" Kagome piped in, "Yes, you're a grandmother three times." "Oh dear me," Mrs. Higurashi said.

"Mom it's normal. I mean I am over 500 years old as I explained before. I have two older sons and my youngest is a daughter. Please come and meet them at my home," Kagome said as she stood up and offered her hand to her mother. Kagome's mom took her daughter's hand and nodded with an approving smile. "Yes, I would love to meet my grandbabies," Kagome's mom said this with such profound love that Kagome knew that this was the perfect ending to the perfect beginning.


Author's Notes


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