Odi et Amo (I Hate and I Love)

A/N – This fanfic takes place before the events of Glee season 2. Blaine hasn't admitted that he's gay yet. I just had to use Blaine for the discovery of the two main character's (Jeff and Nick) sexuality. Also, I hope you wouldn't mind that I made Blaine a sophomore, meeting OCs of mine, and naming those unnamed Warblers (pro'lly I'll get them from that circulating unofficial picture of the Warblers' yearbook). BTW, I'm making some New Directions members cameo in some chapters but I won't mention their names. Guess you'll have to figure it out yourselves. Enjoy! :)

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Chapter 1: The Spark of Something New

Summer. The most crucial part of every teenager's life. Jeff wished nothing short of a perfect, relaxing, and fun vacation. The one person that screws up his plans is his girlfriend, Riley. Her demands, much to Jeff's displeasure, always included having Jeff by her side. It is not that he is in a relationship rut, but he believes summer to be away from priorities and commitment – even school, which he was glad that was out of the way momentarily. Though, to show his compassion and dedication to their relationship, Jeff decided to ride-in in her girlfriend's constant mind games.

Meanwhile, Nick, Jeff's best friend since childhood, dogged Jeff throughout his hopeless romantique ways for his girlfriend. Nick and his best friend go to the same school (Westerville, Ohio's Dalton Academy) Jeff once convinced him to join the glee club, the Warblers, to impress girls. Nick agreed to do so but suffered regular rehearsals, then compromising his grades.

The two boys are sheltered within the confines of the pioneering private school the whole semester. Riley felt that summer is the only time she and Jeff hangs out or have dinner dates, but she often sensed hindering lack of interest.

Jeff has four siblings, one of which is a female. Once, Nick played epic on drums for a school concert and interested Jeff in forming a band of their own. Thus, Jeff and Nick founded a band with three of Jeff's siblings, his other brother being the manager because of lack of talent and skills.

He was a talented bassist and a creative composer, Nick could attest to that. He could've sworn girls were swooning on them, but they were just starting out and only have erratic band rehearsals.

Mid-summer, Jeff and Riley were in Starbucks having a coffee. Jeff was in his usual blue, checkered polo, sipping mindlessly onto the straw of his iced mocha drink. His blonde hair making much distinction upon the sunlight, though it was America and it was thriving of blondes so nobody made fusses over it. But Riley did. She was partly Asian, but thankful that she inherited her mother's light-brown hair. In spite of that, she insisted him to dye his hair brown. Hesitant to do so, Jeff only dyed part of the back of his hair brown to stop her from getting on his nerves.

Unconsciously, Riley silently observed her boyfriend's face as if appraising for unanticipated slip-ups. She distinguished his nose from somebody else's, particularly those celebrities who have quite a large nose. She deemed that Jeff had a dopey – or as what she calls it, "derpy" – face look on him, but still looked as adorable and cute as ever. "Would you consider a nose job?" she asked tactlessly.

"No," he replied instantly then rubbed his nose on instinct, although Riley was no longer looking.

Contrary to her thoughts, Jeff made quick glances at his girlfriend who was wearing a spotless, white dress which was revealing half her thighs and her whole legs. He was eyeing the tiny tiara Riley was wearing and wondered how much it cost, considering that Riley doesn't always buy things for herself. He was afraid to ask because he thought she would misconstrue him with rather senseless thoughts.

The door suddenly opened and the warm breeze fleetingly brushed their skins. The chime, hanging from the door frame, rang like music to their ears. Nick stood at the door wearing his winning grin, leaving the door ajar. His best friend replied with a smile. It was after Jeff caught sight of him approaching in the parking lot.

Jeff half-heartedly laughed at his best friend's attire. Nick wore a striped, long-sleeved, black and white shirt. The blonde knew from the beginning that Nick was addicted to long sleeves since Jeff noticed that his skin was starting to tan from the harmful rays of the sun. Jeff didn't know he would take it to heart and would wear long-sleeved clothes for the rest of his life.

"Hiya!" Nick greeted, moving toward to their table. "What's the plan for today?"

Riley's face turned grim, then replied. "I was hoping Jeff and I would have some time alone today."

"We could use some company," said Jeff, looking from Riley to Nick.

"Nick's always with us!" Riley shouted, her face flushing, which was noticeable under her pure white clothes. "Why can't we bring along my friends for a change? Or, better yet, we should be dating alone!"

"Whaaat? We can still date while having company…"

"Not a date when someone is distracting your boyfriend…" muttered Riley defensively.

Nick, realizing that he was in the heat of the moment, decided to wait in the parking lot for their decision and started walking away, until Jeff called him when he was about to open the glass door.

"Wait! Where are you going?" he asked.

Nick flinched. "Oh… I'm going to wait for you two outside," he replied rather hesitantly. "I can't stand another of your fights."

Riley scoffed loudly and pretended to sip her coffee when Jeff heard her. She swore, under her breath, something like "boys!" The door opened once more and a common face greeted them with a friendly bow. It was Wes, the Warbler's head council, his shaded skin glimmering in the sunlight.

"Is it hot?" he asked, fanning himself with the use of his loose, blue shirt.

His Oriental descent was always the talk of the entire class and the glee club. He was born half-Asian, half-American. Although Wes was always mistaken to be Latino, his ancestry was still often debated. Apparently, he doesn't talk too much about his parentage or anything about himself; he seemed to have issues with his parents.

"Not much. How ya been doing?" Nick answered, trying to be a bit curt.

"Blaine's in a summer workshop. I've been meaning to talk to the two of you," he digressed. "We're graduating next year. David and Thad nominated Jeff and you to be next in council."

Jeff overheard this and stood up excitedly, nearly tipping the table and startling Riley. "Oh, man, that's sick!"

"I know you'd like the news," assured Wes. "But… Blaine… I'm sure he'll be devastated. I mean, he gets all the solos… but we still pick you"

"Yeah, why us?" Jeff asked suddenly, sparking an all-new interest in the subject.

Wes tersely scanned the area then whispered, "We doubt his sexuality. Thad thinks he plays for the other team, if you know what I mean"

Nick was filled with aghast, but he tried not to blush on the subject at matter. Jeff, meanwhile, was quite appalled and almost fell from his seat. He made an effort not to look concerned although there was this sensation he wanted to ask something. "What made him think that?"

"What? Who?"

"Thad. W-What made him think Blaine's, you know, g-gay?"

"Are you trying to defend him?" Wes, who was surprised, asked him. "It's not that I actually care since our school has zero-tolerance to bullying… you know that"

"I'm not saying you're bullying Blaine," opposed Jeff, "I'm asking for proof."

"You're quite silent, Nick. I bet you know something." Wes digressed yet again.

Nick, who was awfully quiet to where he was standing, raised his head. He noticed Riley, sipping silently through her coffee but was actually listening to their conversation, glaring at him. He gulped then answered nervously, "N-No. Well… I don't know. He has coifed hair? Yeah, coifed hair…"

"You have coifed hair," Jeff answered him seriously. "Does that mean you're… gay too?"

"Of course not!" Nick yelled in fluster. He was positive he saw an old woman jumping from her seat the moment he shouted. "Besides, Blaine's too good a friend for us to actually care about something like that. I am honored for being nominated, yes. But don't get me thinking that my friend, who deserves the spot, is bunked out because his sexuality is doubted. I hope you are sorry for Blaine too, Jeff."

Hearing his name, Jeff looked at Nick. His eyes were beady and wet, like he was about to cry. He sensed his concern for a friend… but he can feel a veiled implication within Nick's words.

"In the first place, I am," Jeff replied with no hesitations. "It's good you said that, man."

Nick, realizing that they went off on a tangent, decided to pick up on the topic they've deviated. "We're overlooking things, Jeff," he, then, addressed Wes again, "You said, you nominated two of us, but the council is traditionally supervised by three members. Who's the third you've nominated?"

"Aaahh," Wes dramatically exclaimed as if waiting for this moment to arrive. "We handpicked the third one. New to the Warblers, you see, and we will welcome the newcomer on our first summer meeting next week."

"Handpicked?" Jeff repeated. "That's new. Whoever it is might be good if it's 'handpicked' by the council themselves."

Nick put a finger upon his chin with closed eyes. "Handpicked, huh? We'll see how good the newbie is then."

Wes decided to end their conversation after he realized that he was intruding Jeff with his date, spotting Riley arms crossed and already done with her coffee. He told them that they should attend the meeting next week if ever they want to raise an objection or ask for further inquiries.

Jeff, Riley, and Nick got out of Starbucks as soon as Jeff finished his iced mocha. Riley started another argument about mistreatment and how he forgot she still existed in just a snap.

It started to rain. Jeff would have called it blissful summer rain if it weren't for the constant rambling of his girlfriend. He quickly beckoned his best friend and girlfriend in his car as soon as it revved up.

As they were riding Jeff's car, Riley snapped. "I think your glee club is hampering our relationship."

"What? No!" Jeff cried as he automatically locked all doors by the time Nick got in. "First Nick, then this."

Riley was all too tired to make a snarky remark, but replied with a loud hmmp!

"I'm just sayin',"

"May I interrupt?" Nick suggested from the backseat, afterwards addressing Jeff's girlfriend. "Do you have something against me?"

Riley glared at him through the rear mirror, and then rotated half her body to face him. "In fact, I do, Nick. Fact is I think you're also being a nuisance to our relationship. You're stealing MY boyfriend's attention as if you're the one who is in a relationship with him. Are you gay… or something?"

"You know what? Stop the car," demanded Nick, trying to get a-hold of himself. "I'm getting out."

"Did I hit a nerve?" Riley snarled, her nostrils flaring. "Or have I said the truth?"

"Stop! Both of you! Or I'll leave you both out of the car!" yelled Jeff.

Riley cleaned her ears and said, "Don't shout. I can hear you from here. Besides… you wouldn't leave your girlfriend out in the rain, would you?"

She was making puppy dog eyes and getting all flirty-like. Riley batted her eyelashes at Jeff, who cringed in bemusement. Jeff swerved around an intersection before he replied, "I won't if both of you shut it."

"Agreed," approved Nick, crossing his arms.

Mouthing, Riley mimicked Nick's reply. She kicked her feet and pretended to sleep, making dramatic flutters onto her dress.

Jeff looked at the rear mirror and smiled at Nick, who smiled back. He was thrilled at the thought that both he and Nick will be council next year for the Warblers. But then he thought of the third member of the council. Who could be the other one, if not Blaine? He had a lot of presumptions, most of them deliberately cancelling each other out. Wes mentioned the coming of a newbie: a preposterous idea, he thought. Even if Blaine WAS gay, surely he would have been council than a newbie who they haven't heard sing yet. But it didn't matter; Jeff was still happy having his best friend by his side.

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