A drabble. I don't do drabbles that often, but I was sitting in the train for 45 minutes without a book to read but with some paper to write. And I got bored... So now I bore you, by uploading it. I'll upload something proper soon again (I hope).

No warnings of any significance (as opposed to most of my stories)

Of clouds and crocodiles

"Artie! Look over there!"

England didn't bother looking up from his book. America had been like this ever since they got on the train half an hour ago. "Yes, yes."

"No really Artie, look! It's a crocodile!"

With a sigh England looked out of the window to see the cloud America was pointing at. He raised an overgrown eyebrow in surprise. "That's not a crocodile, America."

"Of course it is. Look, there's the head, and it's paws just underneath, and..."

"That's not a crocodile. That's a cloud fish."

America snorted. "A fish? Really Artie? It's obviously a crocodile."

"I didn't say it was a fish," England replied indignantly, "I said it was a cloud fish."

"Same difference."

This time England snorted. "I would say the difference is quite obvious, as fish swim in the water and cloud fish fly high above in the sky. I've never seen them change places."

America turned around to face England. "You're not talking 'bout fairies again, are you?"

"Do you ever listen to what I say?" England put his book down on his lap in exasperation. "I'm talking about cloud fish. The creature you were pointing at just now."

"I was pointing at a cloud, Artie."

"That's what he wants you to see, naturally. Camouflage is a technique to remain inconspicuous which is used by many species, including the cloud fish."

"Then tell me, how can you see it's a cloud fish and not just a cloud?"

"The same way you spot a small brown bird among the fallen leaves, or a white moth on a birch. If you look properly, you can see them."

America turned around to the window again, staring to the passing landscape sulking. England sighed, America never liked to be called ignorant, no matter how subtle it was said. He became especially sensitive for that since he started to focus on scientific matters.


"Hey Artie?" America asked with a tiny voice.

England looked up to America without actually raising his head from his book. "Yes?"

"I think I just saw a cloud fish."

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