ME meets ST Part 2


Earth was as a beautiful planet to see from space. After everyone got into the shuttle and departed from the Enterprise they watched as the pilot smoothly guided them down. Everything was mostly the same except in light of Nero's attack on Earth and nearly destroying Starfleet was making precaution in making sure such an attack could never happen again. One change was the creation of a planetary shield that enveloped the planet through satellites that surrounded the planet and channelled their power through each other creating an energy shield covering the entire planet.

These satellites were designed with scanners that scan any ship transmitting any access codes to the satellites in an attempt to deactivate the shield. When Nero extracted the codes for Earth's defences it was decided that the defences needed some heavy upgrading to ensure what happened to Vulcan would never happen to any other planet in the Federation again. So the scanners on the satellites would scan any vessel that transmitted the codes and if it wasn't Federation designed or the people onboard were not any officers who were given the codes the satellites would not accept the coding. The other founding Federation planets along with planets in the inner part of the Federation were receiving this protection as well.

Starfleet wanted to give this protection to as many planets as possible but there were arguments that this would make the Federation seem like a militaristic culture to outsiders. However the sheer power of the Narada and the Reapers had silenced most of these objections so it was ordered to make sure the Federation would never suffer a disaster like this in its very heart again. In orbit around Earth the USS Enterprise hung in dry dock, waiting for the refit to be complete.

After the Reaper War had ended the Enterprise returned to space dock to be repaired and to receive a heavy upgrade that would be made standard issue for all fleet ships. So the crew of the Enterprise had been given a few months of shore leave for this but some people were required to stay on board.

"How many times did I have to tell them, the right tool for the right job!" Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott also known as Scotty said as he finished working on the console.

"What is it now Mr Scott?" A rather exasperated, middle aged man with dark hair and a blue shirt asked, walking past the Scottish engineer. "Oh and here's your damn lunch." He dropped a package near Scottie's feet where they stuck out from under the communications controls.

"I try to keep this ship together, and they decide to do this massive refit, and almost take her apart from the inside!" Scotty complained. "Are they mad? Are they nuts? Are they bonkers? We'll explode the moment we try to leave space dock." As he began to slide out from under the controls, he spotted Keenser on top of them. "And you! Get down! You're leaving foot prints on Uhura's console!"

Keenser grumbled, shrugging.

"Don't worry; I get tired of it too." Doctor Leonard 'McCoy' McCoy said to Keenser, nibbling on some of the food he had acquired from the cafeteria.

"Why aren't you down having shore leave?" Scotty asked, grabbing his own lunch and opening it.

"Wife took the house in the divorce. The only thing I managed to keep from that was some Masonic ring-and I'm not even a damn Mason!" McCoy sat down in Uhura's chair. "The only place I can relax properly is my own office."

"That's when you just know you've gotta give up," Scotty pointed out. "When your work place is more relaxing than a nice beach." He glanced at the console and frowned. "Holographic interfaces my harry arse! First touch panels now these fancy light shows! Kids these days and their bright glowing toys. If my grandmother had wheels back home she'd be considered a wagon!"

The Enterprise had been brought back for repairs and had been chosen to have the newest technologies integrated into it. Among the newest technologies made available were the holographic displayed interfaces used by the Citadel species that replaced keyboards with. They detected the users through a microframe chip in the user's glove that allowed them to key into the computer.

Once a user is accepted, motion accelerometers in the user's gloves match his hands' location with that of a proportionate but smaller "mirror" set of controls inside the computer itself. As the user presses against the holographic field, force-feedback in the glove kicks in, giving a slight resistance. A person can feel his way through using a touch-screen that isn't actually there. A simple toggle switch on the back of the hands allows the glove to be turned off when not in use.

In Citadel space sometimes a person who uses these interfaces enough will undergo cybernetic enhancement surgery to have the accelerometers implanted in their fingertips. The Federation had found a way past this combining it with their current holographic technology that was used in the Recreation rooms. Taking the technology for the Citadel's interface technology they combined it with holographic emitters which manipulated photons and force fields to create realistic images. Combining that with the Citadel interface allowed them to create fully holographic consoles that scanned the person's handprints and DNA ensuring that the ship could not be hijacked.

The Enterprise along with sister ships were being fitted with this new technology along with the latest in weaponry and shield technology.

"They liked to show off with those touch pad interface and now they're going full holograms. Kids." Scotty sighed as he sat down. "And Mr. Spock has been busy as well. Trying to get her one hundred percent operation is no easy deal."

"I know he'll whip her into shape, Mr. Scott."

Both men turned to face Lieutenant Uhura step out of the turbo lift.

"Uhura, I thought you were on leave." Scotty stood up.

"I was, until Mr. Spock decided to aid in refitting the ship." Uhura sat at her station.

Scotty chuckled. "Jealous Mr. Spock chose to spend time with our big girl, huh?"

"Not at all. In fact I knew he would decide to help in the overhaul so I brought us..." Uhura held out several boxes full of food. "Dinner."

"Lady, you are quite possibly the most understanding woman I have ever met." Bones smirked.

"Aye, finally-I said get down!" Scotty barked at Keenser, who was spinning in the Captain's chair this time. "Kirk'll rip you a new one if he sees you there!"

"Kill Joy," The tiny alien jumped out of the chair.

"So how long until we're back out there?" Bones asked.

"About two weeks if everything goes well." Scotty answered. "There's still a few more system to install and calibrate. The new weapons systems still needs to set up and running. Those new phasers will blast any unlucky moron who comes looking for a fight."

After Nero's attack on Earth the plasma drill that had fallen into the ocean after it was severed was retrieved and studied since it was all that was left of the mad Romulan's ship. After studying the characteristics of the plasma beam they applied it to the phasers, upgrading them heavily. That was a very good thing considering the situation the Federation was facing as of late. Starfleet had felt that due to all of the recent threats that they needed more fire power so they added a single torpedo launcher under the main hanger deck and forward torpedo launchers just under the forward phaser turrets on the ventral side of the saucer and a single phaser turret was added above the shuttle bay and under the secondary hull.

"They got the new shield generators in but they aren't plugged in yet." Scotty continued. "Some of the new consoles are having some trouble interfacing properly the ship's computer core system. They say they'll have it sorted out in a few hours but I doubt it seeing as how I fixed several of their mistakes."

"Well be careful, I'm too busy enjoying my vacation to be treating anyone right now." Bones grumbled. "What's worse that they want to test this new engine, putting all of our lives at risk!"

The new engine actually came from Mr. Scott's idea of transwarp beaming being applied to starships since Scotty succeeded once he figured out the equation had been incorrect only because he had never thought that space was moving. Luckily a certain Vulcan corrected this for him, and allowed him and Kirk to be beamed across light years onto a moving star ship. Since it worked Scotty got the idea of since he succeeded in transwarp beaming he believed he could apply it to starships.

And on a lighter note, Admiral Archer's beagle was returned.

"It'll be no problem doctor!" Scotty said. "Now that the formula for transwarp beaming has been found, it's only fair we take it the next step! Think of what could happen if our ships could travel across the galaxy, and beam between star systems! And don't worry about the engines, I checked them-"

"I checked them!" Keenser shouted.

"Shut up!" Scotty snapped. "You don't check! You sit on sensitive equipment! First the engine containment unit, then Uhura's station, and now the Captain's chair! Leaving bloody foot prints all over this nice clean ship. Do you know how long I bloody waited to get sent to the Enterprise?"

"Eighteen months," Keenser replied without missing a beat.

"Agh! This guy's as much a smart ass as a Quarian making a space suit!" Scotty groaned. "I want this guy transferred back to Delta Vega!"

"I'd go hungry," Keenser whined.

"You eat a been every week! You'd be able to survive 'til me grandson was on his death bed!" Scotty said.

Bones pinched himself on the bridge of his nose. "The greatest engineers in Star Fleet…angels and ministers of grace defend us…most importantly defend me."

"Oh get snippy Doctor, but I tell you one day they'll talk about Montgomery Scott: The Man who Beamed People across a thousand light years!" Scotty declared.

"I can't stand being beamed down a few dozen miles to a planet," Bones grumbled. "Anybody who wants to go across light years like that is suicidal."

"Oh you whine about everything! Every time we take a bloody shuttle you lock yourself in the bath room!" Scotty said.

"And the day that one of the view ports is compromised on a shuttle, I'll be the one laughing." Bones replied. "Besides with how happy you are we're lucky if we end up like the beagle."

"What beagle?" Uhura asked.

"The captain didn't tell you?" Scotty asked.

"She may not hate him as much as she used to but she's still not able to talk to him except on duty." Bones replied.

"Well, I've tampered with the idea of transwarp beaming for years. I debated with my instructor and to prove him wrong I tried to test it with Admiral Archer's beagle."

"Oh, Scotty tell me you didn't…"

"Don't worry! It came back when we left just after the Nero incident! I returned the little fella to the admiral alive and well. Though his daughter might still be annoyed."

"Talking about me behind my back? Who might still be annoyed?" A male voice asked.

Captain Kirk along with Commander Spock and Sulu came out of the turbo lift.

"I believe they are talking about Admiral Archer's daughter." Spock said.

"Never met her so it can't be me if you're saying she's annoyed with someone." Kirk grinned.

"The accident with her dad's beagle." Bones said.

"Oh, yeah that. Seeing that dog come out of the transporter room was funny." Kirk chuckled. "So Scotty, have you got everything running yet?"

"Almost Captain. Just need a few more hours."

"You're looking forward to this. You love risking our lives on these crazy ideas!" Bones threw his arms up.

"Doctor, I assure I've gone over the simulation and they seem favorable." Spock said.

"Besides, Bones, we need this. Think of it, if we get into a big fight with overwhelming odds we can just transwarp out of here." Kirk reasoned. "Or if there's a Star Fleet outpost, ship, or planet too far for regular beaming, we could evacuate to there. It could save a lot of lives."

"Or reduce half of us to abominations that have been pulled inside out and exposed our stomachs for the galaxy to see," Bones snapped. "I don't need to remind you of the myriad of accidents Transporter Technology had when it was first created!"

"Okay, then. Well, Bones if something goes wrong with this trip you'll have the chance to say 'I told you so'." Kirk patted him on the shoulder.

Bones grumbled.

"Everyone's eager to see if we actually breach the warp barrier. So let's get everything ready." Kirk said.

All though he was smiling he was hiding how nervous he was considering there is always a chance something would go wrong and the ship would explode.

"Aye. Just give me a few hours and the girl will be ready." Scotty stood up.


The Enterprise glided softly out of the dry dock after her repairs and refit was finally complete. Some of the crew had a little trouble adapting to the new holographic interfaces but they overcame it easily and soon enough the ship was free from its dry dock and headed out into space.

"What's the status?" asked Kirk.

"The modifications are online and the diagnostics confirm they are operating within simulated perimeters." Said Sulu.

"Structural integrity fields online and at full power sir." Scotty spoke from his station.

Kirk stood up and looked around the bridge. "By now you're all aware of what is happening here. The Enterprise has been chosen for the first ship to test our latest form of FTL propulsion. I want scanners on full as we enter hyperspace. If there is nothing else that needs attention, let's begin."

"Setting course now, Captain; if this works we'll end up near the Citadel." Chekov said.

Without the use of the Mass Relays it would take years to reach the Citadel with conventional warp drive.

"What if something goes wrong?" Bones asked.

"The computer has been programmed to stop us if it detects any anomalies that could endanger the ship." Spock said from his station.

Everyone assumed their stations immediately and began imputing the commands excitedly at this historic event.

"Here we go. Mr. Sulu, let's see what she's got."

Sulu imputed the commands and the Enterprise went to warp. Then the transwarp engines came online and the ship went even faster. The stars began to move faster and faster until they vanished and they found themselves looking through a blue luminous tunnel at a speed never before achieved. The bridge crew were nearly overcome in awe as they saw the subspace tunnel.

"What's the status of the ship?" asked Kirk.

"All instruments are functioning perfect, sir." Said Chekov.

"Transwarp drive is holding, sir." Said Scotty.

"Captain, according to the scans we are moving faster than warp nine. I inputted the commands to go to warp one." Said Sulu.

"We are coming out of the tunnel." Said Chekov.

Everyone looked to see the end of the corridor and enter real space again.

"Status." Said Kirk.

"Everything seems to be working fine, Captain. Hull structure is intact and the power flows are stable." Said Scotty.

"What about our position?" asked Kirk.

"Computing star charts now, Captain." Said Chekov looking at the instruments. His eyes widened.

After several moments of silence Kirk glanced at Chekov. "Lieutenant?"

"Captain...we did it!" Chekov grinned. "We have transferred over forty thousand light years and are now inside the Serpent Nebula!"

"Captain I am reading large amounts of communications traffic," Uhura announced. "Somebody didn't expect us to drop out of nowhere."

"Transmit Federation I.D code to patrol groups and contact the Citadel," Kirk smiled. "Relay the following to the Federation Embassy and the Citadel Council: Transwarp Engine Drive successful. We bring greetings from Earth. Message ends."

"Yes sir," Uhura went about making sure the dozens of Citadel patrol craft would not mistake them for an invading vessel. "All patrol vessels withdrawing back to formation. Receiving response from Federation Embassy…they would like to see you as soon as possible Captain."

"Tell them I'm on my way to the embassy as we speak," Kirk replied as the Enterprise broke through a thicker part of the nebula and out into sight of a station that dwarfed any Federation outpost ever built. The Citadel was home to over thirteen million different individuals of every Citadel Species and now many Federation species. The Constitution class vessel passed multiple cruisers, dreadnaughts, and glided under the massive Destiny Ascension, the Asari Dreadnaught and flagship of the Citadel Fleet.

As it approached the docking station the crew noticed several new classes being constructed in dry docks along with older ones being refitted with the new technology gained from the alliance with the Federation. The Citadel and non-aligned species were very interested in upgrading their ships as soon as possible. Considering how powerful the majority of the species of the Alpha Quadrant were more mostly more advanced than the Citadel species they worked fast to upgrade their fleets as soon possible.

"Citadel Control this is Enterprise, requesting permission to deploy shuttle." Uhura said.

"We copy Enterprise, Shuttle Dock 7 is prepared for your landing."

"Mr. Spock, Mr. Scott, with me," Kirk stood up. "Let's go see how everybody feels about our new wheels."


Federation Ambassador Anita Goyle looked through the information sent to her. The Enterprise successfully tested the new transwarp drive which meant a historical change in the Federation and one that was certainly needed in all the recent conflicts. Anita Goyle was chosen as Ambassador to represent the Federation on the Citadel because her skills in negotiation were almost on par with Ambassador Sarek who was on the new Vulcan colony helping his people.

"Ambassador?" A voice asked drawing Anita out of her thoughts.

Her personal VI appeared in front her; with the new holographic emitters Starfleet had given the Citadel Alliance which gave the VI a more real life look.

"The Council has requested you see them immediately in the Council Chambers."

"Very well. Tell them I'll be there immediately."

"Yes ambassador." The VI replied and vanished.

Anita stood up from her desk and walked out of her office. Walking down the steps of the building that housed the Federation embassy. As she walked down she noticed three humans in the foyer and was able to see it was none other than Captain Kirk, Commander Spock, and Chief Montgomery Scott.


They turned when they heard her call as she walked over to them.

"Ambassador." Kirk greeted, knowing when to be polite.

"I see the test was successful." Goyle said, smirking. "Seeing as you are all here."

"I know. I think we were surprised as everyone here was." Kirk replied.

"Well, seeing as you are all here we better hurry and not keep the Council waiting." Goyle said as she gestured to the doors and they followed her out of the embassy.

"They want to talk about the test?"

"I should assume so." Anita replied as they crossed the bridge that led from the embassies.

As they walked into the plaza and noticed an Asari C-Sec officer arguing with a Hanar.

"What could that be about?" Scotty asked.

"The Hanar are known for preaching about the Protheans." Goyle replied.

"Indeed. They are passionate in their believes. Since the Protheans from the Mars base had been revealed the Hanar have been the most accommodating, sending them supplies to Mars." Spock spoke up.

Since the end of the Reaper War the Protheans decided to stay in Federation territory and the Hanar had been sending supplies to them to aid the possible rebuilding of their civilization. They reached the Citadel tower and Anita typed in her authorization code into the control panel and doors to the lift opened. "Here we go."

Watching through the transparent walls they could see the cities, shuttles of various descriptions and citizens walking around doing their daily business. The doors slid open and they walked out towards the few stair cases it took to reach the stage to address the Citadel Council. They arrived at the pettioner's stage and waited for the Council to begin the meeting.

"The meeting of the Council shall now be called to order." Asari Councilor Tevos spoke up, silencing any discussions.

"We are glad to inform the council that the test of the new Transwarp engine has been successful," Goyle stated. "Captain Kirk has recently arrived from Earth using the Transwarp drive, and reports no incidents."

"That is most fortunate," Salarian Councillor Vola said. "This new Transwarp engine allowed you to travel forty thousand light years without stopping for fuel. That is a great step forward from your traditional warp drives."

"Thank you councilor," Anita smiled. "With this new transwarp method we hope to explore uncharted areas of the galaxy that the Mass Relays do not reach to."

"Indeed. Can this method of travel be made to our ships?" Councilor Valern asked.

"Possibly. Now that we know that ours works our technicians and engineers can work on adapting it to Citadel ships." Spock spoke up. "Older models may prove difficult though."

The Citadel Alliance, after the Reaper War had started a modernization program and designed several ships to incorporate Federation technology into their ships. Given how different Citadel Technology was from Federation it might prove to be a challenge to try and incorporate transwarp drive into the older ships.


It had almost been a year since the Nero Incident. Ever since that accident the Federation had been working to rebuild its fleet, even refitting ships that had been mothballed to help Starfleet recover faster. Most of these ships were assigned to Federation space as part of defense should any of the Federation's enemies mount an attack. Among the ships that were on patrol was the USS Hood, one of the new Constitution class starships.

Captain's Log Stardate: 2259.16

Personal Log: Captain Kenneth Dodge recording. For the last two months we have been patrolling the Neutral Zone and so far have our patrol has been mostly quite. I am please to say that both ship and crew have functioned well.

Captain Kenneth sat back in his chair on the bridge, finishing his first log since assuming command of the Hood. The ship had only been out in space for about a few months now so everything looked brand new. This ship had boasted the newest technologies that the Enterprise had been upgraded with and had been sent out a day before the Enterprise tested the new transwarp engine.


Shaking his head of his thoughts he turned to face his science officer Commander Stuart. "Yes, mister Stuart?"

"We are receiving a distress call from another Federation starship, the South Carolina. An Apollo class, appear to be under attack by Klingon ships."

"Can you locate the origins of the signal?"

"It's coming two lights from our location." Stuart said.

"Red Alert, all hands to battle stations. Helm, set course for the South Carolina, maximum warp." Kenneth said as he sat down.

The ship turned in the direction of South Carolina and disappeared into warp.

"At maximum warp we will arrive in two minutes." The navigator, Lieutenant Ito spoke up.

"Good. As soon as we're there drop us out of warp and move into attack range. Target the ships closest to the Carolina and fire at will."

"Aye sir."

The second she dropped out of warp the Hood headed straight for the battle. Two Klingon Birds of Prey were pummeling what was left of the Carolina's shields without mercy.

"Open a channel to the Klingon ships." Kenneth ordered.

"Channel open." The communications officer, Shiboline M'Ress stated.

"Attention Klingon vessels this is Captain Kenneth Dodge of the USS Hood. Cease your attack at once." However the Klingon ships did not respond as they turned to face their new adversary.

"They are targeting us." Stuart reported just before a barrage of disruptors slammed into the forward shields. "Shields are holding at eighty percent."

"Lock phasers on the left ship and target photon torpedoes on the other one." Kenneth ordered as the Hood shook from a couple of photon torpedoes slammed into the shields.

Phaser bolts ripped out and slammed into the forward shields of left Klingon Bird of Prey while photon torpedoes slammed into the shields of the other ship punching them into the red. Both ships backed off and retreated by going to warp.

"Damage report." Kenneth said.

"Weapons and engines have suffered no damage. Our shields managed to handle most of the enemy fire." Stuart reported.

"And the Carolina?"

"She's suffered more damage than us. Several hull breaches on the starboard side but looks like the force fields are holding. Looks like they lost phasers and shields and warp drive. They're lucky we got here in time."

"Captain, we are being hailed."

"On screen."

The view screen now showed the badly damaged bridge of the Carolina which showed exploded consoles and a few bulkheads had fallen with signs of heavy casualties.

"This is Captain O'Haren of the South Carolina, on behlf of my ship and crew I thank you for helping us. If you hadn't come the Klingons would have destroyed us. They just came out of nowhere."

"This might be the prelude to an invasion. The Klingons have been on the war footing ever since the Nero incident." Kenneth replied.

"Well if they are we know now."

"We'll tractor you to the nearest starbase and inform Starfleet of the situation."

O'Haren nodded. "Thank you."


"Well, Jim, it's never a dull moment with you is it?" Pike asked.

Kirk smiled at the joke. They were in Goyle's office talking to Pike on the screen of Goyle's computer.

"Well, sir, if it was I'm pretty sure everyone would get worried." Kirk replied.

"True but in the meantime I have some disturbing news. We have received reports of Klingon incursions along the border of the Neutral Zone and we believe they may be planning on mounting an attack."

"An attack? So soon? I thought they would hold off until they managed to recover from losing so many of their ships toNero." Kirk asked with a surprised look.

"We thought so too. Our sensors are detecting what looks like increased activity on not only the Klingon side but also the Romulans."

"What's got them so wound up?" Kirk asked.

"Some believe that since we destroyed Nero's ship along with her crew the Romulans may take that loss personally."

"Admiral, Nero spoke he was in no way affiliated with the Romulans and even if they knew about him why would they be angry about it?" Goyle asked.

"There are rumors that the Romulans know of Nero's origins and that they now know what will happen to their planet in a hundred years. Sadly knowing the Romulans they'll be even more paranoid and might even wish to invade the Federation since Nero blamed us for what happened in the future."

"Great. So right after we deal with the Reapers now we're back to dealing with the usual problems." Kirk muttered.

"Seems so. Most of the fleet was diverted to guarding our borders or diverting supplies to the Vulcan colony, Starfleet wants the Enterprise at the border and Mr. Scott's formula for transwarp drive integrated into those ships as soon as possible."

"Understood. We'll be there as soon as possible." Kirk replied and signed off. "Well, gentlemen, so much for getting a break."

"I'll have the ship ready and waiting when you're onboard sir." Scotty said.

"Good. We're to rendezvous with the fleet at the border. With our new drive we'll have the element of surprise." Kirk stood up.


"Hello and welcome to Citadel News Net, I'm your new host, Amy Wong," A human female in her mid to early twenties was sitting in place of the former Turian new anchor. "Tonight we bring you live footage of the unveiling of the first Citadel Council designed vessel incorporating Federation technology. The Omni-Guard weapons production corporation, prime developer of Turian Military technologies will be introducing the new Patriot class Battlecruiser."

An image of the cruiser was shown. It was more of the size of a Dreadnaught, but the Turian navy had chosen to update their vessels to such a point where a larger crew complement and size had been necessary to maintain the new reactor and systems onboard. It had the general angular bird like shape, but it was not as smooth and streamlined. It was also currently a gun metal gray.

"With us is Loral Skalten, chief director of the Patriot Development project," The camera zoomed out to show a Turian sitting down next to her. "Mr. Skalten, you along with several corporations represent the top of ship construction and weapons development in Turian and Citadel space. Do you believe your design will be chosen above your competitors?"

"Without a doubt Ms. Wong," Skalten nodded. "The Patriot class is designed in a way that makes it a perfect ship for both combat and peacekeeping efforts. And in fact I have chosen this interview as a chance to grant you and all who watch this all available public information on the Patriot class." Another image of the Patriot class ship, this time in a Turian style dry dock appeared. "As you can see it mainly resembles our standard designs employed by the Turian military since our joining of the Citadel. As you can see we like our ships to be large, powerful, and represent the political power of the Council and Turian people. Small differences you may notice are the four nacelles built into the back and two smaller ones along the back of each wing, similar to the Federation issue engines designed for Warp Travel. Like the usual design for military ships, this vessel runs on a matter/anti-matter reaction, but unlike the Federation our ship engines function when our thrusters inject anti-protons into the reaction chamber with hydrogen to cause a large amount of energy to be generated, and giving our thrusters a heavy boost in speed."

"But we have also added two miniature Warp Cores, but unlike the Federation we do not use them for engines, instead the energy created from each is rerouted to power shielding and weapons. This has proven to withstand several Mass Accelerator shots and even a full barrage of disruptor torpedoes from a swarm of fighters. The GARDIAN class laser turrets have been replaced with Phaser turrets, and the computers upgraded to include the duotronic computer system used on Federation ships, allowing for faster processing power and improved tracking of incoming vessels and projectiles through subspace sensors."

"And if you will watch this, there is a new….creative addition to the shielding." The image changed to the Patriot out of the space dock, and surrounding it was three Turian cruisers.

"This is a test of the new adaptive shield technology; a multi layered shielding system that remains mostly inactive until..."

The cruisers opened fire with their mass accelerators.

The shield around the Patriot flared, but only in the areas where the pulse lasers and accelerator rounds hit. When it was over, the cruisers repeated this two more times before the recording ended.

"The Multi-Layer shield system in response to stronger enemies we have never encounter such as Reapers and possibly current enemies of the Federation, knowing we may become enemies by association. Basically put, when an enemy vessel or vessels fires upon the Patriot, the computer will plot the destination of the attack. Built into the hull are extra shield generators since we were provided more room to work with, and these generators will project extra layers of shielding in the areas of impact, decreasing the chance of an impact. They automatically activate when the computer registers incoming projectiles, and shut down when the computer confirms the attack is over. This was done when we learned of the infamous Cloaking Device that is employed by both Klingons and Romulan vessels. This will allow our ships to survive against ambushes, at least long enough to respond and hopefully repel the enemy."

"But now onto the main weapons. This ship boasts both the Phase energy weapons that we built after we learned how to replicate the technology, and also a combination of Federation and Reaper weaponry called the Thanix Cannon. This weapon basically releases Liquid Metal melted down and shot at nearly the speed of light into a single target. It has proven to be effective on Reaper shielding and even Federation shielding. We believe it will be powerful against any other form of defense. With enough kinetic force it will punch a hole through any enemy ship."

"And of course, the main weapon we have used: The Mass Accelerator. Taking into account another weapon similar to this: the Mass Driver, we have added warp coils into the barrel to generate a warp field within the track to accelerate the projectiles to about half the speed of light. The effect ratio compared to old standard accelerators is 7:1; especially when the slugs have anti matter and explosive rounds on them, turning it into a 10:1 ratio. In short, this vessel has the power to become the ultimate flag ship, making it even a match for the Destiny Ascension."

"This is an incredible development Mr Skalten," Wong nodded. "You must be proud of your staff for creating such a ship in a short amount of time. But what about the concerns raised by groups, stating that military development is no longer necessary with the Reaper threat defeated, and that the Council is only afraid of the Federation and other advanced species being the 'bigger kids on the block'?"

"Well Ms. Wong, it is not my place to represent the opinion of the Hierarchy or Omni-Guard, I only construct the products I am contracted to make," Skalten said. "Political views are for Politicians. But on a side note…there was a human saying I believe: It is better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. Was that it?"

"Yes Mr. Skalten," Wong nodded. "So military development is merely a precautionary measure then?"

"We have learned there are strong species not interested in negotiations, but would rather take, so yes." Skalten nodded. "Precautions are a nice thing to have. As if we met them with our older fleet, we would have hundreds of thousands of military casualties on both sides, and perhaps billions of civilian lives, mostly on our sides due to a distinct advantage on part of the enemy. You can see why we would rather avoid such a scenario, so we build to make sure that does not happen, and try to make sure we do not lose sight of our obligations along the way. I try not to think of the Patriot as a weapon of war, but rather a guard against war being brought to the grounds of Palaven, or the Citadel, or any other Citadel Planet or Colony."

"That's all the time we have for now Mr Skalten, we here at Citadel News Net thank you for your time," Wong shook his hand. "Ladies and Gentlemen, that was Loral Skalten, from Omni-Guard weapons and ship Development Corporation."


Starbase 6

The Enterprise had just arrived at Starbase 6 and was met by three Constitution, two Proxima, and three Miranda class ships. On the Enterprise there were only six Captains gathered in the meeting room. These were the highest ranking officers on the borders of Federation space near the Romulan and Klingon borders, and they were gathered for one purpose: a fleet.

"Or what we assume to be the van guard to one," The Captain of the scout ship that had spotted the ships in question concluded. "We count at least a dozen ships, all of them capital ships, each with several flights of support craft. We assume this fleet is supposed to make a foot hold somewhere, perhaps…here." He extended one holographic hand and pointed out a star system on the edge of Federation space. "We have two small mining colonies and one out post there, currently only my ship is there."

"I can have the Archer move to assist, we are two hours from that location at best speed," An Andorian Captain of a Proxima class cruiser stated.

"The Robin and Athens are close also; perhaps they could transfer their patrol to that system?" A Vulcan offered her input.

"And I can get the Reliant over there in a day," A female human Captain added.

"Does anybody think this is kind of odd?" A certain human in his mid twenties stood up. "Last we heard from either the Klingons or Romulans they were fighting it out over the Nero incident, and now they've just surprisingly put aside their differences and are coming our way? I just don't see that happening."

"A hypothesis, Captain Kirk?" The Vulcan Captain of the Robin asked.

"What would make two species that hate each other suddenly work together and invade us?" Kirk asked. "What would we have that would turn their attention on us? I mean, they wouldn't do it for some measly ground or some supplies; our fleets beat them both at different points decades ago, they'd have to be pretty desperate to do this."

"So what we should be asking is this: why are they doing this together?" The Captain of the Reliant concluded. "Kirk's right, this isn't right at all."

"And to be honest, I can only think of one thing that we have and they wouldn't like us having: free access to the rest of the galaxy while they're stuck with engines that we've been outrunning for seven years." Kirk said.

"The Mass Relay?"

"Think about it: both sides are empires that live on conquest. The only relay that we know of in this quadrant is in our hands. We can travel across the galaxy, meet new people, gain new technology, and colonize entire empty solar systems. In other words, we can expand faster than they can, and we all know they won't become buddy-buddy with us and hope we let them through it." Kirk stated.

"So if they want the relay, why attack at this point?" The Captain of the Archer asked. "The Relay on our end is several dozen light years from there. We could have every ship patrolling the border gathered there, along with both Federation and Citadel ships stationed on either side gathered there, along with any other ships close enough to respond."

"Maybe that's why they want us here," Kirk suggested. "They want us to focus on this fleet. How do we not know there isn't a fleet already close to the relay right now? Remember people…these two factions made or mastered cloaking devices. The Klingons may like to fight head on, but the Romulans do things differently: they prefer stealth and then they attack when we least expect it. But I think we have an ace in the hole: they don't know we have Transwarp Drives. We don't necessarily need the relay, except to move more ships and supplies, but it's still a prime position in our territory; and if there is a fleet heading this way, we might have to figure out a way to draw both of them in. Both the one we know about, and the one that might be cloaked."

"We should also inform the fleet guarding the relay to be aware of any attacks soon," Rachel Carver,the Captain of the Reliant suggested.

"We let them know their fleet is approaching the border. They'll assume they have us fooled and when we hear the possible attack on the Utopia system we Transwarp in and catch them off guard."

"Well Kirk, you really thought this through," Rachel nodded. "Same as back at the academy. Well, if you're leading this whole operation, I guess I have no choice: just give me a direction to go or shoot in and I'm there."

"Mr. Scott's formula for the transwarp drive is being made to all available ships. We should have every ship here ready in a few days."

Another Andorian Captain nodded. "I will have my crew ready to depart immediately."

"Good luck to you then, I'll have the Drive transferred to your ship as soon as possible." Kirk said. "I'm just happy we're not saying that from twenty light years apart."


Starbase United Alpha

Admiral Ramban Stalo stalked into the CIC, frowning slightly as he looked over for anyone who would dare to even slack off slightly. The mix of Federation and Citadel species working at top efficiency was a welcome sight as they knew he was the type of man who demanded high quality work from his crew as well as himself. He rarely accepted apologies for mistakes and had the unlucky crew member confined to brig or quarters. He was former military, a Captain in the Turian Special Forces, and had even fought in the brief Reaper War.

He was a dark scaled Turian with blue symbols on his face, and well built, even for a Turian. He had been recommended as part of the command staff representing the Citadel Alliance aboard Starbase United Alpha. Federation technology along with Citadel drones and Geth had done very well in building the station as fast as they did. A way for both sides to work together.

The treaty with the United Federation of Planets had been signed after some hard negotiations even after they all emerged victorious from the Reaper War. Due to the fact that the Federation had saved them with the help of much to the surprise of all the species in Citadel Space a handful of surviving Protheans the Citadel Alliance wanted to change and better themselves for the threats out there. Not only was Starbase United Alpha a station where the two governments and any non-aligned governments could trade but allowed to attend classes. Asari, Salarians, Turians, a handful of Drell, Bartarians, along with Quarians usually attended these classes to learn about the technology they had gained in trade and how to use it.

Krogans usually kept to themselves as they were more concerned on strengthening themselves. They refused the genophage cure believing a cure was taking the easy way out. Wrex had managed to unite a large number of Krogans but some were against it. Though a few Krogans came for certain technologies, like any weapons they could get their hands on. Batarians had their slavery policy replaced with Federation replicator technology they had gained through the trade which compared to how fast the replicators worked the Batarians seemed acceptant to give up their slave policies.

With the exception of Legion the Geth had retreated to their sector, wishing to continue their work while Legion continues to observe the organics. New theories and applications were being developed as many wanted to see just how far they could come. Of course the Admiral was only interested in keeping the station running.

"Admiral?" He was shaken from his thoughts when an Asari, he believed her name was Theria Fraya called his name.

"Yes Lieutenant?"

"Our probes seemed to have picked up something. It looks like a subspace distortion."

"Of what kind?"

"Unknown, sir. The VI is running scans over it now but it believes it something similar to a cloaking device the Federation people showed us when they gave us information the technology seen in the Alpha Quadrant."

"How many contacts?"

"Just one sir."

"Inform our patrol ships of this and give them the location of the distortion but tell them not to intercept. Let's let them think they've fooled us." Stalo said.

Federation scans could not fully see through cloaking technology but left something to be seen like detectable tachyon emissions or residual anti-protons. The scanners could lock onto those instantly and the VI was double checking the scans.


The scout ship sneaked into the Utopia system with great care. The last thing the crew needed was the Federation and the so called Alliance was finding out they were being spied upon. So they approached with a level of caution which was unusual for the crew. The crew began the mission they were assigned and started to survey the number of ships and stations inside the system.

There was a large orbital station of the second planet in the system along with around forty different types of warships on patrol. A few were Federation ships, mostly escort and destroyer sized ships while others were most likely from the so called Citadel Alliance. Several dry docks contained a few more new types of ships still under construction.

Surrounding the station were several Federation defence platforms heavily armed. And close to the station was very large ship. According to the data they had been sent it was a Dreadnaught class Citadel ship. They crew watched as an Apollo class Federation vessel moved towards the Mass Relay, which glowed brightly.

Then suddenly the scout ship vanished in a flash of light. Scans confirmed before the ship vanished completely from their scans it had gone faster than any known speed attained. That confirmed the information sent to them by spies and pirates that were bribed. The Federation had found a way to expand through the entire galaxy!

The tactical officer reported two patrol cruisers approaching them fast. Knowing it was possible that they would be detected if the cruisers got close enough regardless of the cloaking device. The mission had been completed so now there was no reason to stay here the ship turned and began to accelerate away from the system. It would have to wait until it was far enough before going to warp knowing that the patrol might pick up their warp signature.

The captain ordered a transmission be sent back home. Believing the transmission would like an increase in background radiation from the nearby nebula they believed they would were not at all detected.


"Admiral, the distortion vanished." Fray reported.

"Any idea what it was?" Stalo asked.

"Negative, sir. But given the scans of the size our long range probes sent I believe to be the size of a scout sized ship."

"Inform the Citadel of this development and alert our patrol ships. We might more trouble than we believe."


The small fleet at Starbase six had mostly been refitted with the prototype transwarp drive engines when Kirk had come back up to the bridge.

"Captain, Starbase sensors report Klingon and Romulan ships massing on their side of the border." Spock spoke up.

"And we received word from Admiral Pike of a possible cloaked scout ship in the Utopia system." Uhura turned from her station.

"Great. So they're stating already. "Kirk sighed. "Have they crossed the border yet?"

"Negative but their numbers building." Uhura reported.

"All right, Captain Kenneth has been appointed in charge of the fleet to make sure no one crosses the border. We wait for any sign of a fleet near the Utopia system and wait to see if there is going to an attempt to take the relay." Kirk sat down in the command chair.


Two Citadel fighters glided through space on routine patrol on the outer system. These fighters boasted the newest available technologies available to the Citadel Alliance. This included micro-fusion reactors, pulse phase cannons, and polarized hull plating for extra protection.

"I'm telling you. We've been stationed here for weeks." Complained a Salarian pilot, Jarcho. "At this rate I'll be old before anything happens."

"Calm down, Jarcho. The admiral knows what he was doing." Said the other pilot, an Asari named Aurana.

"I just wish something would happen."

"Be careful what you wish for." Aurana said as she detected something on her scanner. "I'm detecting three ships nearby."

"We better check it out." Jarcho turned his ship in the direction of the detected ships.

"Wait! We should call this in!" Aurana shouted as she followed him.

The two fighters spotted the intruders. There were three of them. One of them was thinner towards the front, but widened out until it had a set of 'wings' at the back that had an engine mounted on each tip. The other two were more rounded and intricate, with a thicker head attached to a neck that led to a bulging section at the back with a pair of wings angling down, and some fierce looking guns on the ends of them.

They were all about the size of a Federation Scout ship, and were moving in a perfect formation. As the two fighters approached, they detected several weapon signatures from the vessels.

"They've locked onto us, incoming!" Aurana veered out of the way of some shots from several turrets on the underside of the lead ship. The two fighters would have been reduced to less than scrap if they had been older standard models. Now they were avoiding a series of turrets that fired blasts of energy.

"These aren't GARDIAN lasers," Jarcho said. "They're more like...pulse cannons, but a lot stronger if I'm getting the right readings."

"You are," Aurana nodded. "Alright, these are definitely hostile and they've got something pretty close to Federation tech. We're pulling out."

The two fighters spun around and headed back at full throttle. As they flew back Aurana looked at her scanner. "More ships coming our way."


Ramban Stalo looked at the holographic image of the Utopia system and all ships in near orbit. On the near orbit of the fifth planet in the system. The enemy fleet consisted of three Klingon heavy cruisers and nine Romulan warbirds that he had read in the intelligence reports.

"Sir, the Patriot is requesting permission to undock." The dock master called out.

"Permission granted." Stalo nodded. "Is our…liaison to the Federation present?"

"She and her entourage have just boarded the station on the other side of the relay and they have an FTL live broadcast." The dock master replied. "The Federation will get a nice look at our work, Admiral."

"Then let's not disappoint them," Stalo said. "Have the Patriot move to engage the enemy squadron."


Admiral Faelon, a Salarian, walked into the Patriot's CIC and looked at the holographic representation of the incoming fleet.

"Dock master has cleared us." The communications officer, an Asari spoke up.

"Acknowledged. Take us to towards the incoming fleet.

Everyone could hear and feel a low thrumming pulsation as the engines came online. The Patriot began to smoothly glide out of the dry dock. It was gentle but everyone could feel the power the engines were just waiting to unleash. The helmsmen guided the Patriot to the incoming squadron of Klingon and Romulan ships.

A fleet of Citadel warships had already broke out of orbit and set battle lines facing their incoming foes. That was when the Citadel ships fired their Thanix cannons that pushed their way through the shields and punched through hull of several ships. The fleets mostly composed of destroyers and frigates were refitted with Federation style weapons and shields and they fired a spread of rounds from their accelerator cannons that had anti-matter warheads on them. Explosions rang out as one of the Klingon ship and two of the Romulan ships were destroyed.

The remaining ships retaliated with photon and plasma torpedoes. Several of the Citadel ships shook as their shields struggled to hold it. One destroyer was blown apart as a plasma torpedo struck it amidships. The Citadel fleet responded with another blast from their Thanix cannons and torpedo launchers which blasted through the shields and destroyed several more ships.

Despite the damage they suffered the attacking fleet pushed forward as a second wave consisting of ten Romulan warbirds, three Klingon Birds of Prey and two Klingon battlecruisers added to the first wave. That was when the Patriot arrived.

"Aim the main gun at the cruisers. Lock the torpedoes on the warbirds and task the turrets with taking out the torpedoes aimed at the fleet." Faelon ordered.

"Sir, the frigate Interceptor is taking heavy damage and has lost its main gun. They're sitting ducks," The communications officer reported.

"Bring us between them and the enemy fire, intercept all fire directed at the Interceptor and lock onto one of the Klingon cruisers." Faelon said. "We'll get their attention and draw it away from the frigate."

The Klingon cruiser had managed to survive the first shot from the Patriot's Thanix Cannon, but the second shot pierced one of its engines and sent it spinning. Its partner began to move in on the Patriot.

"Alright lock the main gun on that cruiser and move us away from the Interceptor, target the War Bird here," He looked to the tactical interface and pointed out a War Bird marked 'Romulan-7'.

The Patriot ended up having to deal with three separate vessels by the time the small frigate had escaped firing range. One of the two War Birds fell from a single shot to the Thanix cannon, but the second passed rather close to the Patriot.

The entire ship suddenly shook as the Klingon cruiser and the second warbird fire repeated salvos of disruptors and photon torpedoes.

"Shields are holding at 60 percent sir...oh dear."

"Talk to me," Faelon glanced at his tactical officer.

"The Multi-Phase shielding is doing its job sir,'s left some other shield generators entirely drained." The ship jolted once more.

"Well, everything has its flaws," Faelon grumbled. "Clever move, but I have something better. Helm, let's throw them a bone, bring us between their two ships, and lock on our GARDIAN and phase cannons onto that War Bird. I doubt the Klingons will try something like that so the Cruiser is second priority for the moment."

"Aye-aye," The pilot brought the cruiser between the two enemy vessels, and the defence grid flared to life, pounding at the Romulan War Bird.

As the Patriot moved out from between them and angled to expose more shielded areas of her hull, the War Bird slowly fell apart, silent explosions blossoming along its hull. The Klingon Cruiser fired another salvo of photon torpedoes but the GARDIAN phaser turrets took out the torpedoes before they impact the shields.

"Aim the main on that cruiser." Faelon ordered the helmsmen angled the Patriot to face the cruiser. "Status of the Thanix cannons?"

"Charged and ready sir."


The Patriot fired its forward Thanix cannons at the cruiser and the sheer kinetic force punched the shields hard, nearly overloading the shield generators.

"Fire the main gun."

That was when the main accelerator cannon fired and the sheer impact of the slug combined with the explosive anti-matter warheads overwhelmed the shields, crashing into the hull and crippling the ship. Everyone watched in awe at the sheer power of the main gun.

"Impressive." Faelon commented.

"Sir, the main gun's systems have shown some damage from the launch." The tactical officer reported.

"We've managed to shorten the group though."

Alarms sounded and a new set of enemy targets appeared out of nowhere on a complete different vector to the main battle.

"What happened?"

"New contacts, decloaking, sir. Three Klingon D7 class battle cruisers with eight Bird of Preys and three Romulan Warbirds."

"The main attack was a diversion." Faelon said as the new fleet moved to the station and Eden Prime. "They'll take orbit and threaten to bomb the population."

They were already dealing with this attacking force. It'd be impossible to turn to stop them.


"Captain, Starbase United Alpha has sent coordinates on the attacking fleet." Uhura spoke from her station.

"Has the fleet reported they're ready?"

"Affirmative. Transwarp drive online and they have received coordinates on where to jump to."

Unlike warp drive which allowed a ship to travel faster than light in normal space transwarp drive worked by opening a subspace tunnel and the ship travels through, propelled faster beyond any traditional warp drive. They would warp from point A to point B. That made it a little more tricky as the coordinates had to be perfect or something could go horribly wrong.

"All right, let's hurry before things get worse. Set course for the Utopia system, take us right behind the attacking fleet. Has the fleet transmitted their coordinates?" Kirk asked.

"Affirmative. They'll arrive right behind us." Uhura nodded.

"Good. Mr. Sulu, let's get underway."

"Aye sir." Sulu inputted the commands. "Entering Transwarp."

The Federation starships vanished in flashes of light.

"Transwarp achieved Captain,"

"Well at least we know the last time wasn't a fluke," Kirk muttered as the Enterprise travelled down the subspace tunnel, which appeared infinite to the crew on the bridge.

"Exiting Sub Space tunnel in three…two….one!" In a flash the subspace tunnel dissolved around the ship…

And it shot right out behind the second enemy fleet.

"All ships accounted for." Spock reported.

"Engage the enemy fleet!" Kirk ordered.

The nine federation ships pushed forward as one and joined the slowly depleting Citadel/Federation fleet. Phasers began to tear away at the enemy shielding, and torpedoes were launched against those with weaker shields. The Klingons and the Romulans were taken completely by surprise as the relief fleet kept on moving until they were cutting right between the enemy fleet, firing torpedoes at close range. By the time it was over, four enemy ships were destroyed.

Soon several enemy ships began to make a break for it, heading for warp. In the end, nine of them never made it, including the enemy flag ship.

"Captain, all hostile ships have either been neutralized or have fled the system," Spock reported. "We have won."

"Good job people," Kirk nodded.

"Contact the Patriot."

"We hear you Enterprise! Good job," Faelon said as he appeared on the screen. "We'd have had a lot of trouble taking back this system if we lost it to the Klingons and the Romulans."

"Happy to lend a helping hand," Kirk replied. "Do we have any idea if there are any more enemy ships inbound?"

"We assume that there will be more within the foreseeable future," Faelon nodded. "They seem determined to get to the Relay. And our technicians will have some time working to refine the shielding system."

"In that case we'll have to inform Star Fleet," Kirk said. "And I think our Citadel friends might need more upgraded ships if we want to counter any attacks against the Relay."

"We'll resume our patrol route out here until reinforcements arrive," Faelon stated. "You should be the one to inform Star Fleet of this invasion. This attack constitutes a declaration of war, unfortunately."

"I'm hoping we can avoid that option, but then again that's up to the Admiralty, not me." Kirk nodded. "We're on our way now. Good luck holding down the fort Captain."

"God's Speed Kirk."

With that, the Enterprise turned and plotted a course for the nearest Federation outpost. It went to Transwarp, and was gone in a flash…literally.