ME meets ST Part 2


Chapter 2

It hadn't been long after the failed attack in the Utopia system that the Enterprise was being called to Earth to attend a summit. It was most likely due to the fact that the Federation not only found a way to travel all over the galaxy but had gained transwarp velocities as well. This meant the Federation had the primary advantage in the quadrant, something both empires were not so happy about. The Klingons were just as advanced as the Federation was; perhaps even more since while the survivors of the Kelvin brought back simple scans of Nero's ship the Klingons had the ship for nearly twenty years which made both sides almost even.

Even though the Romulans had the most numbers now since they did not suffer during the Nero crisis their technology was still limited even though they forged a temporary alliance with the Klingons to gain the Mass Relays. Since it failed both sides had to consider a more diplomatic approach seeing as even together they could not take on the Federation and the Citadel Alliance. Given the possibility of the Federation and the Citadel Alliance declaring war as retaliation both sides agreed to a summit at Starfleet headquarters.

The Assembly gathered in the Council chambers with ambassadors and dignitaries taking their seats.

"This meeting between the United Federation of Planets, the Citadel Alliance, the Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Star Empire may now be called to order." The President spoke. "The chair recognizes Ambassador Nanclus of Romulus and Ambassador Kamarag of the Klingon Empire."

Both Ambassadors rose from their seats and walked down the steps out of the councillor rows and into the center of the Federation Seal on the floor.

"Approximately a week ago we received unconfirmed rumours that the Federation had come upon an artefact for instantaneous travel across the galaxy." Kamarag chose to speak first. "Both our empires were in conflict with each other over the incident of a captured Romulan vessel captained by one Nero."

"Who we've said countless times that there is no Captain Nero in the Romulan Navy nor the ship he had been ever part of our fleet." Ambassador Nanclus spoke earning a glare from Kamarag.

"It was then we received a recording from anonymous source that confirmed these rumours." Kamarag held out a disk and a security officer took it.

Once it was inspected it was inserted and the recording was brought up on the wall screen. It showed Starbase United Alpha in the Utopia system and an Apollo class ship approached the Mass Relay before it vanished in a flash of light.

"The scans confirmed for that the ship traveled beyond any known speed previously obtained by the Federation before it vanished 0.02 seconds later." Kamarag said. "We realized the Federation had gained a huge advantage while we engaged the Romulans in battle which led to our war being called off."

"And you decided to declare war on us because even though we are not allies we did not inform you, Ambassador?" A voice spoke.

They turned and looked to see Ambassador Sarek walking towards them.

"The Mass Relays are the property of the Citadel Alliance whom we are now allied with. The Klingons and Romulans shed the first blood in an unnecessary conflict." Sarek stopped on the edge of the seal.

"I was not aware the Vulcans had time to be here since you lost your planet." Kamarag sneered.

"Your ships launched an unprovoked attack on the Utopia system in violation of the Neutral Zone treaty. In the attack you damaged or destroyed Citadel and Federation ships killing crewmembers aboard. Do you deny these accusations?" Sarek asked.

"We deny nothing. We have a right to protect our race." Kamarag said.

"Yet even if you succeeded you would have started a war with the Federation and Citadel while having just finished a conflict with the Romulans." Sarek pointed out.

"A conflict you took advantage of by expanding while Klingons and Romulans died." Nanclus spoke up.

"The Federation is no shape to expand even with the relays and the transwarp drive. Its ships are diverted to either reinforce the borders along the Neutral Zone or aid in transporting supplies to New Vulcan." Sarek said, still as calm as ever. "We had no interest in involving ourselves in your war unless it spilled into our territory. Since we are not allied with either of your governments we saw no need to inform you. The transwarp drive was a recent breakthrough thanks to a highly gifted engineer to help boost moral for our citizens."

"So would you be open to negotiations for the right to access the relay?" Nanclus asked.

"Such a request would not only require permission from not only the Federation but the Citadel Alliance. Their government is in charge of the relays while the Utopia system is in Federation space." Sarek replied. "Are your governments prepared to make such a request after a recent conflict?"

"The people behind these attacks were not authorized by our governments. The leader of this attack was Commander Kruge of the House of Kruge who with the blessing of several houses convinced the High Council to deny the Federation the relay. He was killed when his ship was destroyed in the attack."

"The Romulan Tal'Shiar was in charge of the Romulan contingent. They were the ones who convinced the senate of this plan. I admit, it was foolish but the Tal'Shiar was founded to protect the Romulan people." Nanclus said. "We are prepared to offer reparations to both the Federation and the Citadel Alliance for this attack."

"Reparations such as?" Sarek raised an eyebrow.

"Food and medical supplies for the new Vulcan colony for one. Even though Romulans and Vulcans had been separate for millennia we would not have wished such a fate on you."

"And what would your governments offer us in exchange for access to the relay?"

The three ambassadors turned to see Salarian Ambassadro Trell walk towards them.

"The chair recognizes Ambassador Trell of the Salarian Union." The President spoke.

"You attacked with the intention taking the relay. Was your intention just to deny the Federation access or take it and use it to launch invasion of our territory?" Trell stopped in front of them.

"Given how many ships would be needed to launch an invasion the answer would be no. We simply wanted to cut off the Federation since they could use the relay to expand across the galaxy." Kamarag replied.

"And if your governments were granted access to the relay what would you use it for?" Trell asked.

"To explore the galaxy. We also are interested in meeting new worlds and new people." Nanclus said.

"And you are both authorized by your governments to negotiate a price for access to the relay."

"A reasonable price, yes." Nanclus nodded.

"So if I were to ask for access to the cloaking technology your ships use would you accept it?" Trell asked, seeing how far they were willing to go.

"Out of the question." Kamarag glared.

"Your people used cloaking technology to slip into our system and attack us without provocation. You say you would not even offer a primitive version of this cloaking device?"

"And if you hand it over the Federation both sides could use it against us." Nanclus replied.

"Only if war would be declared against our governments." Sarek pointed out. "And as I have pointed out to access the relay we would have to allow your ships to cross through Federation space."

"The Federation already has the power to strike deeper into your system with the transwarp drive, especially if it is added to the entire Starfleet as well as the Citadel Fleet." Trell said. "And given how the others feel about this unprovoked attack they would join Starfleet should your governments consider going to war with us."

Both ambassadors were silent as they thought it over.

"I believe I can persuade my government to allow the Federation and the Citadel Alliance to develop cloaking technology but there will be a price." Nanclus said. "They're not happy that the Klingons obtained one and that was through attacking our territory and taking it from a damaged ship."

He glared at Kamarag who returned the glare with a smug look.

"So, we are agreed?" Sarek asked.

Both ambassadors nodded.

"Then we shall make the proper arrangements."


Admiral Christopher Pike watched the recording of the negotiations. Commander Spock sat in one of the chairs as he observed the negotiations.

"And looks like we may have peace with the Romulans and the Klingons." Pike commented as the recording ended.

"And getting cloaking technology for us." Kirk finished with a grin.

"It's only going to be for one ship." Pike said. "They don't want the Federation to have an entire fleet equipped with them so they're agreeing that one ship from both the Federation and the Citadel Alliance can have one ship with a cloaking device."

"Now that's a bummer." Kirk's shoulder slumped.

"On the other hand we may be at the start of ending hostilities with the Klingons and the Romulans." Pike smirked. "They won't push for the transwarp drive because they know that we'll only use it if they decided to aggravate us."

"Perhaps, but given our status I do not believe we should presume that they don't know more than what they revealed." Spock said.

"You believe there is more to this?" Pike asked.

"Possibly but I do not know enough to offer an answer."

"Is this logic or paranoia speaking?"

Spock raised an eyebrow. "Vulcans do not get paranoid. I am merely pointing out that both sides want access to the relays knowing we can expand quicker. They don't want that advantage to be left in only our hands."

"So what do you suggest, Mr. Spock? If we back out now the Romulans and the Klingons to do it may decide to take it by force." Pike replied. "Between the ships in dock, being constructed, we are stretched out with patrolling and helping the Vulcans set up the new colony."

Spock was silent as he thought it over for a few moments. "Admiral, if I may, I'd like to show the schematics for ships that could help."


"Yes. Given that we might end up facing powers from what my other self showed me I decided to come up with the schematics for ships that would serve the Federation well."

"You mean schematics for ships from the other…."

Spock nodded. He brought out a data card and Pike took it. He inserted it into his desk top computer and the images of several ships appeared.

"The first two ships were made in the mid 23th century in the time line of my other self. The first one called the Excelsior andthe second was called the Constellation. The third one was made in the 24th century was among the only ships to be made solely for combat. It is called the Defiant."

"Defiant." Pike repeated as he looked over the designs.

"It is heavily armed despite being oddly small compared to modern vessels and has ablative armour." Spock explained.

"Small would be an Apollo craft, this is…tiny." Pike said as he looked over the measurements of the ship. "Really tiny…like…freighter tiny."

"But with more fire power than any other ship of its time," Spock pointed out.

"I'll forward these to Starfleet Engineer Corps and have them look over it." Pike said. "They might even make a few modifications if this works out."

"If it doesn't we'll just have to deal with it." Kirk shrugged.

Pike nodded. "Do you believe we'll really end up with a big fight?"

Spock was silent for a moment. "My other self had hoped to bring unification between Romulans and Vulcans. When we mind melded I saw how it was possible but we have to wait and see if the Romulans really do commit to this. We may have stopped the Reapers but they were only one threat out there that would see the destruction of the galaxy. I only want to use the knowledge I have if necessary and this seems to be a logical way to do so."

"All right. I'll see what we can do." Pike said.

"So which ship will be getting the cloaking device?" Kirk asked.

"I think you know the answer to that question, Jim." Pike smirked.

"I know the Enterprise is getting one I meant the Citadel. Which ship will they put their cloaking device on?"

"I hear they want it to be put on the United."

"The United? I figured they'd want to put it on one of the Patriot class ships." Kirk replied.

"Well the both the Enterprise and United for their role in the fight against the Reapers. The Council and the Quarian government are in talks about since Talo is the captain and the United is technically Citadel property. On brighter note we've had requests from Citadel governments about some of their people wanting to attend Starfleet Academy." Pike said.

"Well, that's good." Kirk said. "I know Talo well enough to know that cloaking device and the United are in good hands."


The USS Jackson popped into existence in a blinding flash of light in the middle of the Pax system in Horse Head Nebula. The Apollo MkI scout ship powered its engines up and glided towards it destination.

"We have reached the Pax system, captain. Ready to begin scan." Lieutenant Eden said.

"Alright, helmsman bring us in and begin active scan of the system." Captain Stone commanded.

The Jackson had been assigned to explore systems that the Citadel Council had given the Federation in return for trading technologies. The Jackson had already scanned the two other systems in the Horse Head Nebula and would be done by the end of the day.

"Captain?" The science officer Joseph Owens turned to face him.


"The scans confirm all the reports the Citadel sent us but there's something else out here."

Stone stood up and walked over to him. "What is it?"

"A ship of unknown origin on the edge of the system."

"Can you tell what kind it is?" Stone asked with a raised eyebrow.

No one was expecting to find a ship in the system.

"Negative. It does not match any known ships in the database. I'm not picking up much energy emissions either. It could be a derelict." Owens replied.

"Hmmm..." Stone looked it over. "Any signs of life or a stable environment aboard?"

"I don't believe so, sir. The hull plating suggests it's from a species that came across Mass Relays but that's about it."

"Bring us in range and getting a boarding party with EVA suits ready."

"Aye sir."


The Jackson moved in closer to the mysterious derelict ship with scanners on the lookout for anything suspicious. Scans showed no signs of weapons along the hull. The ship had obviously been in space for a long time as the fleet sensors showed wherever it came from there were no habitable planets outside of the system.

"Sir, I've picked up something onboard." Owens turned around. "Detecting signs of possible life inside."

"What kind of life?" Stones turned the chair to face him.

"Unknown sir. It looks they are in some kind of stasis. The atmosphere is very cold, sir. Power levels are very low with only one active."

Stones tapped a command on his the armrest of his chair. "Transporter room, is the away team assembled?"

"Yes sir, we're ready."

"We're beaming onboard where the faint life signs are detected. Be ready for anything."

"Aye sir."


The five members of the away team materialized in a large dark room of the mysterious ship. Immediately the phasers in their hands went up, scanning the chamber they had appeared in.

"Jackson, this is away team, we have successfully boarded," The leader of the team, Lieutenant Eden said. "We'll update you as we go along."

"Proceed at your own discretion Lieutenant, but be careful," Captain Stone replied.

"Owens, take the Corporal with you, I'll take the rest of the team with me," Eden said to the science officer, pointing out the two doors in the room. Both of them were at the back, much higher than the area where the boarding party stood. The room itself was arranged like a Citadel ship's bridge. Waist high constructs, possibly consoles stood at varying points, but had no discernable screens or controls that could be identified.

The team split up, Eden leading two of the security escorts with her through the door on the right while Owens and his escort went through the door on the left. Both of them were wide open and easily accessible

"Alright...the material on the interior isn't anything like what the Citadel uses," Eden muttered as she traced one hand along the wall of the corridor her team had entered. The wall was soft, leathery, but became hard as rock in some places, such as at door frames. "I don't even think its metal except for certain components of the walls and maybe the consoles we found back in the room we beamed into."

"Run a scan with your tricorder, we'll look through what you find," Stone ordered.

Eden raised her tricorder, tracing it along one wall as her team reached the end of the hall.

"There are definitely signs of organic matter in the walls, almost bees construct a hive," Stone muttered. "How does anybody survive on a ship like that?"

"Someone who was going into cryo I think," Eden said.

"What makes you think that?"

"Because...well let me show you," Eden activated the transmitter on her helmet to give the bridge crew a visual of the new room she and her team had entered. It was long, but wider than the first room. It had two walk ways going through it, and Eden managed to see Joseph Owens and his escort standing on the other walkway. Below them were many pods that looked fractured, some even burst. There were many cables running along the floors and walls. The two walkways converged on a central platform with a line of consoles, and a larger door that led further into the ship.

"Hey, there's one that isn't broken here!" Owens shouted as he shined his flashlight on a single, unblemished pod. "Captain, I'm taking a scan, get ready to receive."

Several moments later, Stone sounded shocked. "My god...that pod...whatever it is, it would serve as a perfect substitute for the stasis pods used by our medical personnel. Whatever is in there could still be alive a century from now."

"Captain, permission to open the pod?"

"Negative, if there is anything inside, we have no way to know if it would survive in your current atmosphere, assuming there is any, or if it would be friendly."

"Well it's not something we should leave behind. Can I at least tag it for transportation?"

"We'll set up a quarantine zone in sick bay. See if you can find that ship's life support, if it has any-"

"Get back!" The security officer next to Owens shoved the officer aside as the pod suddenly expanded. It had moved once Owens had touched it with the Transport Tag. "Captain, the pod is reacting!"

Owens, bearing his tricorder shouted. "Captain I'm picking up a lot of activity in the walls of this room, power fluctuations that are leading to the pod, I think that I just set off an activation! Whatever is in there is moving, and most of the Pod's mass is turning into liquid that's being drained. Captain if I'm right then the pod's going to open any second now!"

"Can you disable the activation?"


Suddenly the wall of the Pod sprang a leak. A hiss was heard as a gas flowed out of the pod.

"Watch out ,we don't know what it might be releasing," The security officer advised.

"Wait, no, I'm reading..." Owens' brow furrowed in concentration. "...oxygen! This oxygen is almost equivalent to any M-class planet, granted it would be a very unpopular planet if you're looking for a good atmosphere but whatever is in here lives off oxygen!"

"Which there is none of outside that pod if I'm correct?"

"Yes sir, if we don't beam this thing out now it could suffocate."

"Alright, we'll beam it into the quarantined room. Stand clear."

Owens-joined by the rest of the boarding party watched as the shape within the pod vanished in a pillar of light.


"Sick bay, status report?"

"The life form has been successfully beamed into the quarantine room sir."

"What is it?"

"I'll have to wait to tell you that."


"Because...well it's an egg."

"A what?"

"An egg," The officer appointed to securing the quarantine room stared through the window in the door at the egg that lay on the floor inside. "That's just it sir, an egg, like some freaky looking chicken egg though."

"I'm getting a life sign," The CMO reported as she scanned the room. "The pod if was in must have stabilized the egg's temperature so it wouldn't freeze to death or hatch prematurely."

"Alright, feel free to approach it, but keep a Haz-Mat suit on and use the airlock, I don't want any contaminations."

"Yes sir," The Chief Medical Officer, along with two other nurses quickly donned Haz-Mat suits and entered the airlock connecting the quarantine room to the rest of sick bay. Shutting the outer door behind them, they entered the room and placed the egg on a table. They scanned the outer shell and then examined the life form within.

"Captain, whatever is in this egg, I think it may be due to hatch soon, maybe a few days or weeks," The doctor announced. "This is astounding."

"Well doc let's just hope it's not hostile," Stone sighed. "Keep me updated on it, and when it hatches, hopefully we'll have it at a proper medical facility where it can be cared for in the long run. We're not exactly prepared to meet the living conditions of an unknown life form."

"I'll compile a report Captain," The doctor nodded.


For next few days the doctor and his staff would monitor the health signs of the egg. Its condition had remained stable throughout the entire trip as the Jackson finished its exploration of the system it was in and was preparing to return to the Utopia system. That was when there was a sound. The doctor looked up and saw a crack forming across the egg.

"Sick bay to bridge. The egg is hatching!"

"What's the status?"

The doctor cautiously walked over to the table the egg was on, watching as it cracked some more and something started to come out. He stepped back as a insect like creature emerged with dark skin and glowing eyes.

"My god."

"What is it?"

"I think you should inform Starfleet and the Citadel of what we have here."


Earth orbit

Federation Orbital Station 04

"What are we doing here again?" McCoy muttered as he sat down.

"Maybe they're throwing us a celebration for the fact that we got a cloaking device," Kirk shrugged, adjusting his dress uniform's coat.

"That suits me, I was going to go out going for my little girl anyways," Colonel Nathan Creed, on the other side of the table from the command crew of the Enterprise said as he sat down.

"How's Mrs Creed doing?" Kirk asked.

"Let's just say I am thanking any god out there that she isn't pregnant again," Creed replied. "So what is going on that we need you guys and the United here for?"

"Getting right down to it Colonel Creed," Admiral Pike wheeled into the room, accompanied by Talo'Serath vas Tolan-technically his command of the United was supposed to be temporary. "Two days ago the USS Jackson, in charge of exploring the Horse Head Nebula came upon a floating derelict of unknown origin. Scans confirmed it was not of any known construction from Citadel Space. It was in fact a Cryo-ship that had been inactive until the away team inadvertently reactivated it, causing the release of just one...occupant."

An image of the ship appeared over the table.

"Until a few hours ago, we had no idea what it was until it hatched."

"Wait, they picked up an egg?" Talo asked. "Who would store an egg in a cryo pod?"

"Perhaps if it was for a long term journey where a pregnant female of their species would be at risk of miscarriage, they would store the egg in the cryo pod itself." Spock suggested. "Our own studies have shown a 65 percent chance of miscarriage from most member species after use of a cryo pod."

"Well, they managed to send us...this," Pike then displayed an image of the egg hatching.

One limb shattered the shell from within, and a sort of whine came from the egg. Then slowly, an insect like creature that looked like some combination of a spider and a crab crawled out of the shattered remains of the shell.

"Keelah!" Talo gasped.

"My god," A turian with gray scales, clad in black armour stood up. "Oh my god!"

"I take it that those of you from Citadel Space recognize this creature?" Pike raised an eye brow.

"Affirmative," At one end of the table, a Geth unit stood up. It was highly modified from the normal Geth trooper. This Geth was Legion, emissary of the Geth Commonality. "Pike-Admiral, that creature is identified in our database as Rachni."

"Rachni?" Kirk spoke up. "Are we talking about the same Rachni the Krogan wiped out thousands of years ago?"

"There ain't no other," A massive Krogan in red armour with a symbol of the Urdnot clan-currently the clan representing the unified Krogan clans said. "I'd recognize a Rachni, my no good bastard of a dad slaughtered dozens of them."

"So this could be the very last Rachni in the universe then," Uhura said.

"And all the better I say," Maevor added. "Admiral, I am not usually one to suggest genocide, but the Rachni are an unbelievably massive threat to the galaxy. Even one can spawn billions of them and destroy a planet."

"If that's true, then why hasn't this Rachni destroyed the Jackson?" Pike asked. "The Chief Medical Officer's report has stated that she and her staff have approached it, and it seems docile, almost like any child. From the way you suggest, it should have attacked the moment it was hatched."

"Does a tiger cub hunt other animals the moment after it's born?" Spock reasoned. "But the Admiral does bear a point. Your history has pointed to all Rachni being dedicated to the goal of senseless slaughter centuries ago. But perhaps this may be a chance to discover the motivation behind this. No animal will kill entirely for the sense of murder without some motivation. It will kill for food, territory, dominance, but not because it 'feels like it'."

"Mr Spock, as much as I enjoy philosophical debates with you, this species was highly aggressive." Maevor sighed. "No chance of negotiation or contact, and they almost destroyed the Citadel Government. What makes them the most dangerous was that they spawn as fast as the Krogan used to, and their hive mind, which allowed their entire race to act as a single weapon, reacting in accordance to any threat with such precision that they destroyed millions of soldiers."

"But this is one Rachni," McCoy leaned forward. "How do you assume that this one can have offspring alone?"

"As a normal drone, it would not be able to," Talo'Serath said. "Even though my people were not part of the Citadel at the time, we learned much from their history. Rachni soldiers are fierce in battle; one warrior could tear through an entire platoon of Salarians and Asari Commandoes. But their queens were all but invincible on a battlefield at the time unless an orbital bombardment was brought against it. They did not require a mate to lay eggs; some say they could lay eggs every few hours. This allows the race to continue growing, even if there is only one theory at least."

"So if...let's say this Rachni gives birth to..." McCoy glanced at Maevor. "Ten?"

"More like a hundred," The Turian replied.

"Let's say ninety," McCoy pressed on. "Those ninety give birth to ninety more, it keeps multiplying...yeah, they could have an army depending on how long it takes for them to give birth."

"All the more reason to kill it now." Wrex said.

"Hold on a minute, here." Uhura spoke up. "We can't just go ahead and kill the last of a species because of the conflict with its kind centuries ago, much less cause genocide."

"Why not? Millions of my ancestors died putting them down and the reason the Salarians needed us was because they couldn't handle these bugs." Wrex replied.

"I'm pretty sure the Quarians thought the same thing about the Geth we were able to negotiate a truce between them. The Quarians even got their home planet back." Uhura pointed out.

"You might have a point with that but I need to point out that my people didn't bother negotiating with the Geth until we all met while the Citadel attempted negotiations with the Rachni plenty of times and they all failed." Talo replied.

"And after they got their assess kicked hard they turned to us to do it." Wrex said. "I don't see the big problem here. No one here was complaining about the genocide of the Reapers."

"That was different." Uhura glared.

"How? Both the Reapers and Rachni were big threats that wanted to kill everyone." Wrex shrugged.

"The Reapers did more than just kill they experimented on countless species, turning them into drones or melting them down to make new Reapers. There are a lot of things worse than death and what the Reapers did was worse than anything the Rachni could have done." Uhura retorted.

"And as much as I agree with that, having the Rachni conquer the galaxy is also bad," Talo crossed his arms. "They could overtake a Citadel occupied world in weeks, systems within months. And no offense to Urdnot Wrex, but the Citadel was extremely desperate before they even thought about uprooting the Krogan to fight. As you might call it, their last ace in the hole. Do you have one incase this one Rachni spawns legions?"

"And if you do have one, you'd better ponder using it fast," Wrex added. "Because when a Rachni queen is born...those bitches don't take long to grow."

"So...they grow fast...they breed fast and a lot...and they kill and conquer a lot..." Kirk listed the facts about the Rachni. "But again...nobody knew precisely why they did it. Heck, if a human child has a good life growing up, the odds are that person will be nice and normal. If they have a crappy life, they...well let's just say they don't all grow up to be like me."

"So you suggest we coddle that thing?" Maevor demanded.

"If we don't treat it badly, we may give it a reason to not hate us," Kirk reasoned. "If you have a parental figure in your life, would you hurt them? Plus, if this is the only-and I am quoting all of you, the only Rachni in existence...there's no hive mind to tell it to kill. If I'm right that would be like a clean slate. It has its own hive mind to build up now if it's capable of laying eggs, and if it likes us, then any kids it has might follow its example."

"You're going off the theory that the Rachni aren't entirely bred for killing, and what if that thing was connected while it was still in its egg?" Talo asked.

"It could know that the Citadel and the Krogans wiped out its species!" Maevor snapped. "For all we know it could be waiting to get some pay back. If it starts breeding armies, it will spread at a rate that the Krogans would have to accept the Genophage cure in order to combat the numbers. And that would still cause several dozen worlds to be lost, Admiral."

"Well, unlike the Citadel, don't we have a way of seeing if our new uh...friend has any ill will towards us?" Kirk asked.

"The Vulcans among other species in the Federation possess telepathy," Spock stated. "If possible, a telepath could access the hive mind, or in this case the single Rachni's thoughts and determine its thoughts and intentions."

"But if we do that, shouldn't we make sure that the telepath doesn't know about the Rachni's reputation?" McCoy added.

"Why would that be important?" Kirk asked.

"Because telepathy can be a two way street, even if you don't want it to be. If Spock here did it, and that queen found out what had happened to its race, I'm pretty sure that would piss it off," Bones reasoned.

"An actual logical suggestion, doctor." Spock agreed.

"Bet you didn't see that coming, smart guy." Bones muttered.

"The only true to determine this species' intentions may be through the use of someone with telepathy." Spock turned to Pike.

"Are you volunteering to mind meld with this Rachni, Spock?" Pike asked.

"I am, Admiral. The majority of my people are setting up New Vulcan and other telepathic species are on other ships that are spread out." Spock nodded.

"And what do you think will happen? For all we know that thing will kill you the moment you enter the room." Maevor said.

"It is a risk that may need to be done. If the Rachni is aggressive than the Jackson could be endangered and if it's not we would be terminating the last of a species based only on actions of its ancestors." Spock replied.

"Just don't cry to me when it starts killing everyone." Wrex grumbled.


"Scotty, how's the installation going?" Kirk asked, walking onto the bridge.

"Almost done sir. We'll have a fully functional cloaking device in a day or two." Scotty replied, looking up from the console.

After the Klingons and the Romulans agreed to allow the Federation and Citadel to develop cloaking technology it was under the condition that only one ship from each government have one. A primitive version of their cloaking devices was given to them and both sides worked together to try and develop a modern version after understanding how it worked. Even Legion was invited to participate in this since the Geth developed stealth technology cloaking their troops. Though they had not developed a cloaking device for an entire ship they had knowledge that could come in handy.

"We'll have to it on hold. We're going to the Horse Head Nebula. How soon can we get out of here?" Kirk asked.

"Let me get down to the engine room and you'll have five minutes."

"Good. Go."


The Enterprise came out of transwarp in the same system as the Jackson and noticed two Citadel Patriot class ships had joined the Jackson.

"Why are they here?" Kirk asked.

"The Citadel must have ordered them to come here and destroy the Jackson if the Rachni attempts to take over the ship." Spock surmised.

"Great." Kirk muttered, hoping they would not get into a fight.

The Citadel fleet had been quick to upgrade their fleet and they had more ships even though half the fleet had been upgraded. The Enterprise could put up a fight as where the Patriot class ships used power to break through enemyshields with Thanix cannons and Mass Drivers the Enterprise had speed and manoeuvrability on her side plus the upgraded to her weapons and shields. She carried three separate extra shield generators that act as backups for the primary shield generator so that when it was depleted the backup generators would power up and take the primary generator's place while it was repaired. There was also new addition to help against weapons like the Thanix cannon.

A high powered wide dispersal tractor beam designed to repel the molten metal out into space away from its target. Fighters and frigates using a Thanix cannons could recharge every five seconds but Federation shields could shrug off those while a cruiser using a Thanix cannon took longer to recharge but could breach the shields in just a few hits. The modified tractor beam was designed to deal with this type of weapon.

"The Jackson sent their reports to Starbase United Alpha, it's only logical the Citadel representatives would forward it to the Council." Spock spoke from his station.

"They're not actually thinking of attacking a Federation ship just because of a single Rachni onboard are they?" Bones asked next to Kirk.

"Given how the others reacted back at Earth I'm surprised they haven't armed weapons and told them to abandon ship." Kirk replied. "Let's see how much time we've got. Hailing frequencies on the lead ship."

Uhura nodded and inputted several commands. "Channel open."

The view screen changed from showing the ships to the bridge of the lead ship. An Asari appeared. "This is commander Vela of the CAF(Citadel Alliance Fleet) Shining Sword. I assume you are for the Rachni?"

"Yes, we are here to see whether or not the Rachni onboard is a legitimate threat." Kirk replied with a scowl. "I assume you are here to make sure nothing bad happens?"

"We have been ordered not to take any actions unless the Rachni attempts to take over the ship. The captain has been in contact with us every ten minutes since our arrival here."

"Well, just inform us if you plan to open fire. We're beaming aboard to assess the situation. Enterprise out." Kirk replied and the transmission ended.


Kirk along with Spock and Bones stepped off of the transporter pad when they beamed aboard the Jackson and noticed Captain Stone was waiting for them.

"Welcome aboard, Captain." Stone walked forward and he and Kirk shook hands. "It's nice to have some company that's not aiming a gun at your ship."

Kirk smirked. "That happens nearly everywhere I go. It's not bad once you get used to it. How are things here?"

"Well, we've quarantined the Rachni but in the last few hours it's grown a lot. Given the history logs on the Rachni our doctor believes this is indeed a Queen." Stone replied as they walked out the transporter room.

"So it can lay eggs." Kirk surmised.

"Yes and that's why those Citadel ships are here. They heard about it being a Queen and they're getting nervous."

"You're lucky that they haven't tried to send marines aboard. The entire situation has got everyone we know from Citadel space crazy. Except the Geth." Kirk replied with grin. "At least it hasn't started laying eggs yet."

Stone looked away at when he heard that comment. It only took Kirk and company a few seconds to figure it out.

"She's started laying eggs hasn't she?" Bones asked.

"Sick bay just informed me just before you beamed over."

"Well, that makes things a little more complicated." Kirk muttered as they stopped at the doors.

The doors opened and they walked into the sick bay. Stopping at the quarantined room where two guards were the group could see through the windows that the Rachni Queen had grown and was almost as big as the ones in the history logs were. And several eggs were seen with small infant Rachni scurrying around her.

"She works fast." Bones commented.

"Has there been any hostilities?" Spock asked.

"No. The children keep close to the Queen. We haven't tried to go in there believing they might not respond to anyone coming close." Stone replied.

"Captain, with your permission I would like to go in there and attempt a mind meld with the queen." Spock said turning around.

"What if she tries to attack you to get out?" Stone asked.

"The Captain and the doctor can accompany with phasers but I prefer they don't have them out. An action would perhaps scare the Rachni into attacking us, believing our attempt is to harm them."

Stone shrugged. "All right. Good luck."

The Rachni turned as the doors opened and three creatures walked in before closing the doors. The children gathered around the Queen to protect her as the pointy eared one stepped forward. Walking towards them cautiously Spock held out his hands to show he was not armed with any weapon hoping the Rachni would understand he had no wish to harm them. Several of the young Rachni hissed at him, either trying to warn him of what would happen if he attacked or trying to scare him away from their queen.

The Rachni Queen looked at the pointy eared one and let a small clicking sound. The hatchlings seemingly calmed down allowing Spock to approach.

"Looks like she might be willing to give Spock a chance." Bones whispered.

Spock reached out with one hand and slowly and gently touched the skin of the Rachni Queen. Closing his eyes he attempted to meld with the Queen's mind.

"We...are...afraid..." Spock spoke slowly. "We...cannot...hear...songs...of our others...we are the last...Why can we not hear them?"

The younglings seemed to have understood Spock as they stopped hissing at him. They simply stood there shaking as they were scared.

" not know...of the war...We were only an egg...hearing mother cry in...our dreams...We...wish to live...We are...sorry...Our song was a sour yellow not of space that hushed one voice...over another...We only want...our live." Spock spoke with sounds of fear and sadness in his voice. " us go?"

Bones and Kirk looked at each other and glanced back at the Rachni Queen.

"We're not going to harm you. But a lot of people are afraid of what might happen if we let you go. They remember the war." Kirk replied.

"We...we promise...not to them. We...only...want you...let will..always remember...and teach...our children...of your...kindness." Spock replied still speaking for the Queen.

"Spock, come out of it now." Kirk said.

Spock pulled himself back from the Queen, stumbling a few feet back gasping for breath.

"Are you all right?" Bones asked.

"I'm am quite fine, doctor." Spock turned and faced them. "Captain, we must let them go."

"Are you sure?" Kirk asked.

"Yes. The Rachni are not only highly telepathic but they are gifted with the genetic memory of their parents. This Queen has almost no memory of her ancestors because something telepathically influenced them. Even though the Rachni were dangerous they would not have gone to war unless provoked." Spock said.

"Something made them attack the Citadel?" Bones asked.

"Yes, and logic dictates that it is highly likely the Reapers were responsible."

"Why?" Kirk asked.

"Due to the hive mind the Rachni possess if the Reapers attacked the Citadel with the Rachni present as perhaps a member or ally of the Citadel Alliance their hive mind would have allowed them to warn all other species of the attack thus making harder for the Reapers to carry out their cycle of extinction. They were always victorious because they achieved complete surprise. If the other species had a warning from the Rachni they would have been able to resist the Reapers."

"So one of the Reaper vanguards used their indoctrination to have the Rachni attack other species." Kirk surmised.

"My god what the hell motivated them to do all of this?" Bones asked.

"They saw other species as insects and themselves as the pinnacle of evolution." Spock replied. "Since this Queen was merely an egg at the time it has no memory of the Reapers indoctrinating its species since the Reapers would have to continuously use their abilities to silence the Rachni's telepathy."

"Then we have no reason to fear them, right?" Kirk asked, lowering his phaser.


"So what should we do?" Bones asked. "We can't keep them on the ship. They'd reproduce too much and too fast."

"Are there any planets in this system that can support life?" Kirk asked.

"Yes. I believe according to the survey logs there is one planet. Noveria." Spock replied.

Kirk walked over to the side of the room where the intercom was and tapped the switch.

"Kirk to Bridge."

"Bridge here, how's it going?" Captain Stone asked.

"Set course for Noveria."


Captain Stone along with several security officers were present as the Rachni Queen and its hatchlings walked onto the transporter pad.

"All of them are accounted for sir." The security officer said.

"You sure this is a good idea Jim?" Stone asked.

"Spock claims the Rachni are non-violent and I trust him. We'll just have to give them a chance." Kirk shrugged.

Spock walked forward onto the pad and reached out with his hand. The Rachni Queen bowed its head and allowed Spock to place his hand on it. Spock closed his eyes. ""

Spock opened his eyes and stepped back.

"Energize." Stone said.

The Rachni Queen and the hatchling vanished in a flash of light.

"Well, we gave them a fresh start." Bones smirked.

"We can only hope the Citadel Alliance will understand of this in our report." Kirk said. "But I think we may have just made a good friend there."

"I agree, Captain." Spock nodded.


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