Summary: It has been One year Since Janto's Daughter terrorized Cardiff and Torchwood things have settled down and it has come to Janto and Ryan's wedding but just as things have settled down a new organisation has come forward and a new alien threat, this is rated M and this is not Beta'd



TWA- Scene change

Chapter One

First Day

Janto walked up to the woman behind the desk, he wore his usual clothes "hi" he flashed his smile.

"Hello" The women behind the desk said.

"Is Miss Rosina Ripley available?" Janto asked leaning on the desk a little closer to the women's face

"And your name?" she asked breathing out

"Janto Harkness-Jones" he replied still flashing his smile.

"I'll see if she is available" she picked up the phone and pressed the button "boss, a Mr Janto here to see you?" she paused "Okay" she hung up "you can go in" she gestured to the door on her left, Janto smiled.

Rosina sat behind a desk the door opened Janto walked he whistled "nice digs Miss Private Detective"

Rosina sighed "What did you want?"

"That is no way to treat a friend" Janto shook his head "Janto?" she warned, Janto sighed reaching inside of his coat "right to give you this" he put the envelope down.

"Wedding invitation" she smiled.

"Yes will you and Gareth make it?" Janto asked crossing his arms.

Rosina smiled and looked up smirking "we might?" she opened it reading the piece of card "good".


The collapsed building, a hand under the debry started moving it was sticking out of the rumble there was a groan, the debry moved out of the way and the arm appeared as well and there was another groan.

"The area has been sectioned of sir" a soldier with a red cap said

"Okay get these people back" the guy in the suit said he activated a blue tooth "sir it's done" he walked off.

"Okay" the rest of the buildings blew up.


The cog door opened Janto walked in "I bought coffees" he walked up the small stairs with 6 cups in two different holdels each had three in them.

Leon got up from his seat and walked towards him "extra sugar?" Leon asked checking the cup in Janto's hand.

Janto nodded "where is everyone?" Janto drunk out the cup of his own putting down the rest of them

"The twosome are at the local school, Tucker is in the armoury and Gareth is in the archives" Leon explained sitting back down taking the lid off so that the steam was let out.

Janto nodded "You know what Leon if I didn't know Ryan was gay I would think he and Miley are going behind my back".


Ryan smiled "Hello I am Ryan O'Connor and this is my work colleague Miley Cullen" he flashed his ID badge as well as Miley using hers "were from the teachers association" Ryan said.

"We don't have you on the list" The man behind the counter. Ryan whispered "it's a surprise" he winked.


Janto leaned back in his chair he placed both feet on the table away from the papers that was stacked to the side "hmmm" there was a knock on the door he looked up, Ryan stood in the doorway and walked in "how did it go?"

"Well truthfully no sign" he replied placing his hands on his stomach from there place dangling beside him "so did you do it?" Ryan asked and sat on the edge of the desk "I can't believe this is actually happening"

"your right it is and its soon" the phone rung Ryan leaned over picked it up "hello Torchwood…hello Mrs Smith" he said, Janto took a hold of Ryan's other hand "I will pass that on Mrs Smith" Ryan nodded.

Ryan put the phone down "what did the lovely doctor phone for the lonely Torchwood?" he pouted "don't do that, I cannot resist it" Janto leaned up and kissed him.

Ryan moved his mouth away from Ryan's "I can't resist you Ryan, do you know that?" he kissed him on the lips.

Ryan smiled against Janto's lips "that's why your marrying me" whispered Ryan kissing him back reaching up to play with the hair at the back of the nape of the neck as he moved closer to Janto's body.

Janto pulled apart from the kiss "we really have got work to do" Janto stated pecking him on the lips once again.

Ryan still played with Janto's hair and pouted cutely licking the side of his mouth "yeah but I don't seem to want to leave you" they shared another kiss.


"This is agent Tyler" the same man from the building explosion he wore the same suit talking into a phone "the virus has been contained" he nodded "okay sir I will sir…..good bye sir".

Tyler started walking "right on that sir"


"Torchwood officials" said Jack, Ryan nodded "really knuckling down now huh?"

Jack held the spoon out and Nathan ate "numb numb" he cooed "dada" Nathan blew some bubbles out of his nose "dada da da" Eric hit the high chair table with his tiny fists next to Nathans. "Give me a chance boy's" Ryan smiled.

Jack leant the side of the high chair of his hand with the spoon poised over the little jar "so ever since I gave away Torchwood there sending all sorts" he fed each boy after the other.

"Strained peas….there be off that soon" Ryan said folding his arms and watched the two boys being fed.

"So Torchwood, How's everything going?" Ianto made coffee. Janto shrugged "it's okay" Janto answered back.


"Another patient" the paramedic ran in with someone on the stretcher, the patient whined and moaned.

The person was in a bed oxygen mask over their mouth a couple of doctors came in "white rash behind the ear" the doctor showed all the difference symptoms.

"What is this?" An intern asked she had some scrubs on her with her hair tied back in a high ponytail "no idea".


Tucker paid some money he stood in a shop "here you go sir" the girl handed him his item and change "bye" he left.

"It is cold" Tucker hugged himself and started walking he got on a bus and it drove off he moved and held onto the bar someone next to him coughed "Sorry" the guy apologized "Its okay really, no one looks really good do they?" they guy smiled and covered his mouth and coughed again.


The cog door opened and Tucker walked in he took his coat off and hung it up, Leon turned round in his chair "morning" he smiled "Morning" Tucker answeredLeon spun back round.

Tucker started the computer up "coffee?" Emry called and walked out of the kitchen with a cup steaming full to the brim "thank you" Tucker took a sip "are my eyes deceiving me?" Tucker and Emry looked at Leon "Tucker is drinking coffee"

"yeah, yeah" Tucker has another sip out of his cup Janto walked from his office they all turned to him in their chairs "okay kids we have had a call from UNIT as you know and they are sending three officials in," he looked at his watch "So clench because it's going to be hell" Janto turned and went back

"Fantastic pep talk" Tucker deadpanned placing his coffee on his desk and turned his chair round looking at the computer.


Ryan attached his engagement ring to the chain around his neck and hid it under his shirt "I hate having to hide this" Ryan sighed playing with the chain from over his shirt

"Me to" Janto sighed playing with his own under his white button up shirt he tidied his collar before Ryan swatted Janto's hand awayfor him to do it instead.

"Boss" Leon's voice came from outside "Okay Leon" Ryan took his hands away and they left the room.

"Welcome to Torchwood" Janto smiled with his hands behind his back "Harkness-Jones" Colonel Marsters stood with three other people they all wore suits "colonel Marsters it's good to see you" "cut the pleasantries you know why we are here" he told Janto.

"Right" Janto said "this is Thompson Stevanson, Bridget Tyme and Agent Mitchell Tyler," he explained mentioning to the three people "we have paperwork to shut Torchwood down.

"Excuse me"

"You heard me as from today Torchwood is being run by UNIT and Tyme and Stevanson will be taking five of your jobs".

"You can't do this" said Janto "as from the end of Torchwood and the destruction of the base after 456 incident it was rebuild by Jack Harkness he resumed Torchwood but we took over". Ryan looked at Janto seeing his face cross with many emotion "you have 20 minutes Mr Harkness-Jones I suggest you sort your business out…agent Tyler and…..Agent Tucker do the honours" Marsters left.

"Agent Tucker" Leon stood up, Miley turned her head Tucker stood up from his chair and walked to the other and turned to them "Agent Liam Tucker joined Torchwood for our sake" one of the guys mentioned explained "you are not Torchwood and you are not UNIT who are you?" Mitchell blinked "" Tucker answered.

"Leon 701" said Janto, Leon didn't answer "Leon" repeated Janto louder "right?" he pressed a button the screen started saying download "Agent Tucker what are they doing" asked Mitchell.

"Rerouting files to a hard disk drive but I don't know where" he replied "stop them" he said "there is nothing I can do sir"

"Our twenty minutes are up" Janto smiled.


"I can't believe this" Jack said from his chair at the table, the whole group sat around the kitchen Ianto leant on the counter by the coffee pot, Miley sat near Gareth who sat opposite Janto who sat next Jack Ryan had his hand on his chair behind him leaning forward.

"I can't either" Janto said putting his arm up placing his hand on Ryan's behind him letting it sit there twiddling with his other half fingers.

Leon sat at in the corner of the table away from the rest of them hands wrapped round a cup "Leon," Miley said "I'm sorry we all trusted him"

"How comes now we learn his name? When he's turns out to be a fucking spy" Leon fumed.

Ryan moved his hands from the back of the chair and moved it to take the chain out of his shirt and unhooked it from around his neck to take his ring and placed it back on his ring finger "now it will stay there…..oh my god were get retconned" said Ryan.

Jack chuckled "don't worry I changed all that and plus UNIT wouldn't know know how to wipe their own arses".

"God I don't think I ever want to forget the last two years" Gareth said "me wither" Miley agreed "bloody " said Ryan "?" Ianto asked "that's what these agents were calling themselves" Janto placed his hands on his lap, Jack said and sighed.

"I have to go somewhere" Leon stood up "where?" Miley asked "to my place before they get to it," he put his jacket on "I need Gareth" Janto nodded.

They both left.

"I am so tired" Ryan rubbed at his eyes.


Leon unlocked the door walking in slowly and turned the lights on "come on I just need to collect some bits and we can go" Gareth nodded Leon walked to the computers "when I activated the programme it downloaded here".

"Hm cool sure you don't need help" Leon shook his head he started unplugging the computer "was Tucker telling the truth?" Gareth asked "about?" Leon continued to what he was doing "that he didn't know were the files were going" Gareth asked.

Leon stopped what he was doing. "I'm surprised actually he did know. I trusted him….but god how I wish I hadn't".


Tucker walked with Mitchell "you did well Tucker they were none the wiser," he said, Tucker nodded "there's a pr" Tucker started coughing they stopped Mitchell looked at him.

"Sorry sir" "anyway lets go we need to carry on" Tucker nodded and walked behind him Tucker rubbed at his neck his other hand had blood on it.


Ryan opened his eyes he was laying on his side he then sat up "I am so uncomfortable" he sighed and looked "how can you sleep?" he asked.

Janto didn't open his eyes "I've been through worse than this" came Janto's voice "real…no I don't want to know," he replied sheepishly "I mean how dare they"

Janto sat up and rubbed at Ryan's shoulders as he laid face down "we have a wedding" Ryan smiled "that we do" he leaned back into him "with guests, rings with a 3 tier cake, oh and dancing" he whispered explaining the fantasy in his head.

"Fine you distracted me enough" Ryan told him closing his eyes and smiling up at the ceiling.

"Good now go back to sleep" Janto said placing his hand on Ryan's chest and slept next to him.


A guy in lab coat typed on a computer he was in a single room with loads of computer systems and print outs coming out of the printer, the door opened and Mitchell walked in "any luck decoding the transmission?" he asked.

"Not yet sirs" the researcher answered "were running out of time" Mitchell snapped and left again.

There was static coming from a computer.


"Incoming call"

Leon looked at the computer "let me" Janto placed the Bluetooth in his ear " operative Daniel Lewis speaking" Janto winked "okay and c-c….okay thank you" he made a slicing motion at his neck Leon cut the call.

"Leon stay here…Miley answer any calls, Gareth phone Rosie get here to meet you somewhere" Gareth nodded "come on Ryan".


Ryan and Janto walked along the hospital corridor "room 128" Ryan said Janto went to open the door "wait" they stopped by the voice behind them.

"Do not go in there" a doctor said walking to the side of them with his arms crossed rubbing at his upper arm.

"I'm Daniel Lewis I received a call" the doctor made motion to Ryan "right…..who is your friend?" the doctor asked, Janto replied "my colleague Liam Tucker" The doctor reached over to the cart and grabbed a few masks and handed them over "put these masks on".

All three walked in the room there was six beds with people in they all had their eyes closed and laid ridged with their arms beside their bodies the cover stopped midway down the patients chests "what's this?" Janto asked

The Doctor explained pointed to one of the patients "two more people have come down with a rash and coughing up blood, these two were doctors and they were infected soon after the patients were bought in".

"Could we take a blood sample" Janto asked

"Feel free you are " the doctor walked to the tray besides one of the bed and picked up a needle and handed to them.


Ryan started running the blood he leaned "without proper equipment I can't get a proper reading" Ryan stated "try" Janto encouraged, Ryan nodded.

An hour or so later

"Janto unless we get into the hub were not going to find out what this is" stated Ryan.

Janto folded his arms and leaned "right" there team were watching him with bated breath "Right we have to plan….operation sneak into the Torchwood base".