Summary: It has been One year Since Janto's Daughter terrorized Cardiff and Torchwood things have settled down and it has come to Janto and Ryan's wedding but just as things have settled down a new organisation has come forward and a new alien threat, this is rated M and this is not Beta'd



TWA- Scene change

Chapter One

Fifth Day

Blood seeped from Xavier.

"I'm so sorry" he hit the floor on his knees the door opened and Ryan walked up to him and kneeled "Janto" "he's dead" Janto said.

"I had to kill him" he said "I…..i" Ryan placed his forehead on his shoulder "come on let's go" Janto glanced down at Xaviers body "I have a couple of things I need to do first".

Janto stood up and wiped himself down "what" asked Miley "I'm getting Torchwood back" he turned "and this building needs to be destroyed and I mean now" Janto walked Ryan sighed before following him.

Gareth took the phone from his pocket and dialled "hey Rosina you know that number Janto gave you" he asked her.

Leon walked up to Xavier "he didn't need to die" he said and Miley sighed "Leon" Xavier's eyes shot open and grabbed a hold of Miley "ahhhhhhh get off" she struggled.

Gareth and Leon fired "Miley" she moved back "no" Leon shook his head "one touch" she looked at them "Miley not you" Leon frowned "It's okay" Miley smiled finally knowing this is how she wanted to die "honestly guys I'm okay with it but tell Ryan goodbye and enjoy the rest of his life with Janto" she stepped back further.

"Okay" Gareth turned to leave Leon looked at her then him "But Miley" Miley landed on her knees and coughed "oh god I can feel it in my head" she cried out "Leon go please it's okay" she scrunched her face in pain Leon dejectedly turned to leave "Goodbye Miley" they turned and left.

Janto and Ryan stood outside Gareth ran out "where is Miley?" asked Ryan "she" Leon looked away "Miley was infected she didn't tell us…I think someone must of touched her she wanted to stay" Ryan looked up 'Miley' he looked down.

"We have to go" said Janto "now".

They ran "where are all the infected?" Ryan asked "no idea" they got into the SUV.

Miley sat on the floor arms round her legs 'I'm finally done…I've' she smiled "thank you so much…..Torchwood" she held her head "arrrrrrrrgh".

The building blew up.

The Torchwood SUV drove away from the building "what about the rest of ?" Leon asked "not our problem….but what exactly are we doing?" Ryan answered looking out the window where the car went a different route "I am going to see a certain UNIT colonel".

Janto turned the corner "damage control".


"Thank you Deanna" the young woman nodded and left the room Marsters put the paperwork down "excuse me sir but you can't go in there, sir" came Deanna's voice, Marsters looked up

The door slammed open.

"Evening colonel Marsters" Janto, Leon, Gareth and Ryan walked in "what is the meaning of this?" he asked "I'll tell you shall I" Janto walked up and slammed his hands on to the desk.

Martsers eyes widened "you let a sleeper agent…an alien take over Torchwood you let an alien release a virus on Cardiff" Janto said "Agent Mitchell Tyler" Leon walked up and placed a phone down Marsters looked.

"Yes…now let me and my team back into our base and sort out everything, oh and another thing Torchwood we are separate from the government and UNIT col weevil face" Marsters took a backward to lean more on his seat "what did you just call me" Marsters said.

"W.E.E.V.I.L face" he repeated.

"Now see here" Janto stood up "no you see here…I demand respect like you do," he said "come on guys".

They walked out of the building "do you know how hot that made me" Ryan stated as they walked "really?" "Oh yes it did you are so forceful" he held Janto's arm.

Janto grinned.


The cog door opened and they all waked in "at least they didn't change anything" Leon ran down the couple of steps and walked out his desk and sat "I am back"

Gareth stopped by Miley's desk "Guys" he called

"What?" Ryan turned round "Miley's desk" they all looked "Miley" Ryan whispered and walked up to it looking at all the clutter upon the desk "she was a mess" he said and shook his head.


"And on other news the apocalypse that has swept through Cardiff has disappeared after many peoples deaths" the new announcer said.

The TV turned off.

"Its over" said Jack "yeah our son did it" Ianto walked in baby in his arms "did you ever doubt that he wouldn't?" Ianto sat down "dada da da" Eric clapped his hands together.

Jack took him "I'm daddda" he asked "Taaaad" he pointed his chubby finger at Ianto "yes tad" there was a knock on the door they both looked at each other.

Ianto stood up and pulled out a gun "who is it?" he asked "It's me Janto" Ianto relaxed and opened the door Janto and Ryan walked in the door shut.

"Please tell me it's not just you two" Jack stood up "I liked that Gareth he reminded me of Ianto".

"No Leon and Gareth are back at the hub" Ianto started "what happened to Miley?" Ianto asked "Miley didn't make it she got infected" Ryan shook his head and took Eric "aaaan annnn" he patted Ryan's cheek.

"Gareth and Leon are back at the hub doing damage control" Janto sat down Nathan crawled up to him "hey you" he picked him up "so what now?" Jack asked "I want to go on my honeymoon" Ryan asked they all looked at him "what" he sat down.

"I have some plans" said Janto "really is retcon one of them?" Ianto asked "No that is Gareth and Leon's job".


"Guys" Janto said they all sat in the conference room "yes boss" "I have thought about this for some time" he leaned on the chair "I'm leaving Torchwood" he announced "what?" Leon said "Tad?" Emry asked "in the last year I've been finding a replacement" "a replacement" asked Leon.

Janto smiled "yes both me and Ryan decided it was time" Gareth and Leon looked at Ryan he nodded "we've thought long and hard about it and that it".

Emry blinked "tad" he asked "yes" Janto looked at him "what about me?" he blinked "your our son remember" he walked up to him and placed his hands on his shoulders.

Emry hugged him.

"okay right…I would like you to become the leader of Torchwood" Leon's eye widened "m-me" Leon pointed to himself.

Janto nodded "I can't lead an organisation like Torchwood" "why not?" "u'm…..i'm just me" Janto shrugged "I was just Janto Harkness-Jones the son of two men,".

"Then Leon will you become the leader of Torchwood?" the question hung in the air.


Janto opened the flap on his wrist strap "where you going?" Rosina asked "no idea it could be anywhere" Janto smiled "I'm kinda scared" Emry hugged himself and shook his head.

"Don't worry son you'll be completely fine" Janto informed him "you say that now" Emry said, Janto rolled his eyes "well here we go" Janto pressed some button and they all disappeared.

Leon blinked.

"I guess that it now huh" he stated "well what do we do now boss" Rosina looked at Gareth and they both looked at Leon "well" he placed his hands on his hips.

"Too the hub" he turned and walked off "no that doesn't work". Gareth laughed.

"Darn it".


6 months later

There was a zap and Emry appeared "wow…..what a rush" he looked round "am I back in Cardiff?" he looked round there was another flash a boy appeared.

"For crying out loud Em" he said "Eric" Eric smirked "look uncle Emry what did dad tell you?" he asked Emry "I don't care I'm old than you" "in this time line yeah I am only a year old".

"That's not the point…..we came for one thing and one thing only" Emry started walking "hey wait up…wait for me" Eric ran.


"Hey Suki" Leon called he sat in the office the door opened a woman walked in "what's up sir?" she asked "is Luke back yet?" she shook her head "okay" she left Leon put his head back "the life of Torchwood" "hey Leon" Leon fell back.

Emry chuckled.

Leon got up "Emry what are you doing here?" he wiped his arse down "tad sent me" Leon raised and eyebrow "he told me to give you this" he held out a piece of paper, Leon took it and read.

"Why'd he need this?" he stood up Emry shrugged "don't try to make sense of it, I didn't" Emry told him "okay" he walked over to the safe and typed in a number and it opened.

"Hurry it up" Leon turned and looked "who?" "meet Eric" Leon's eyes widened "E-E-Eric as in" he swayed his arms like he had a baby "the one and the same… me where we are" he shook his head "what a honey moon for Janto and Ryan huh".

Emry shrugged.

"Here you go then" he handed the item to Emry "cheers" "say hi for me and Gareth huh" Leon asked Eric smiled "we will" Eric smiled "bye".

They disappeared.

"Okay" Leon shut the safe and the door looked.

The office door opened "boss" a blonde guy walked in "hey Luke your back how did it go? Is she going to join?" Leon asked.

"No idea sir, Meghan can't make up her mind I mean she lost her girlfriend to a weevil, you would think she would want to join and help up catch them" Leon nodded and steeled his fingers "We really do need a doctor in the house"

Luke nodded "is there anything else you need me for?" he asked "yes come here please" Luke walked to other side of the desk "I would like this" Leon pulled him down by his tie and kissed him after a while he stopped and then licked his lips "much better" he stated smiling.

Luke smirked "Are you sure sir? I could strip and then straddle you" Luke raised a finely shaped eyebrow "Maybe tomorrow Boyd".

"Very well….sir" the words rolled of his tongue "I do love those Scottish vowels" Leon grinned.


Somewhere in Florida….

Janto had his hands behind his head "sun and sea, this is the life" Ryan sipped from a straw Emry and Eric appeared "I do love time travel" Emry said.

Eric stood hands on hips he rolled his eyes in a very Ianto like manner "well big bro I am going to Nate and the dads" he walked off "bye kid".

"Don't call me kid I'm 14" he called back Janto smiled Emry sat down and then laid.

"So how long we going to be in 2034?" Emry placed his sunglasses on his face "when the sun goes down" Janto told him "Oooook" Emry yawned.

Ryan turned his head "where then exactly?" Ryan asked "I was thinking supernovacastrophere" "to see Natz" Emry asked Janto.

"Maybe" Janto smiled "just maybe".

Jack sat down "what was the last thing I said when I was pregnant" he asked, the little girl building sand castles looked up at him she had brown hair in pigtails "don't let Tad near me anymore" she said with a lisp she patted the bucket "I did say that didn't I Rose" she nodded.

"But you did anyway" the boy with the same looks as Eric smiled "Nate you couldn't be more right" Jack's head went back.

"Jack" Jack sat up "yes Ianto" Ianto leaned down "you love it really" Jack closed his eyes and then opened them again "could not be more right".


Back in Cardiff

Leon walked out of the office "Gareth shouldn't you be picking out a cake for your wedding?" Leon asked.

"Rosie is meeting me there" he typed "okay…..Suki Where's the coffee?" asked Leon "coming in a mo" came Suki's voice "okay" Leon folded his arms and watched them.


The End….