Nine months later another video was uploaded to youtube under the username HAVOK+BEAST= 3. It started out with two guys, one blonde and the other brunette, sitting on a black leather couch.

The blonde looked up faking surprise. "Oh. Hello youtube watchers, I didn't see you there."

The brunette playfully punched him in the shoulder. "Really, Alex. This is how you want to start the video."

"Yes," Alex asked honestly, not really seeing what was wrong with it.

"Well were cutting this out and starting over, okay?" The brunette pouted.

He sighed, "Yes, Hank."

"Good. Now can we just start over?"

Alex nodded

"Hi, I'm Alex and this is my beautiful boyfriend Hank…" Turning to Hank, Alex asked, "Is that better?"

"Yes, now hush," Hank scolded. He then turned his focus back to the camera. "We just wanted to make another short video for all you people out there to prove that sometimes things just keep getting better."

"The links to our other videos are down there," Alex said, physically pointing down, "in the description. Which you should watch before you watch this one. It will make a lot more sense if you do. So do it…or else."

"Alex you can't just threaten people like that," Hank sighed.

"Why not?" He said, this time it was his turn to pout.

"Because…y-you just can't," Hank stuttered.

Alex smiled wickedly. "I love it when you get all flustered." He shifted on the couch so that he was practically on Hank's lap.

"Alex," he warned.

"Fine. Do you want me to talk about when we met again?" Before getting an answer Alex moved to face the camera. "So I get this email from Hank. And it's all like," Alex took a deep breath, put his hand on his chest and continued in a high pitched, feminine, " 'Really Alex? Do you mean it? Maybe we should meet up for some coffee and talk in person.' And I sent back," Alex continued his response in a deep, almost too masculine voice. " 'Yes, Hank. I meant every word.' And then we met up-"

Hank cut him off in a huff, "You know what Alex, if you're just going to make a big joke out of this then we don't have to do it."

Alex grabbed his arm as he tried to leave. "No, you really need to hear this next part."

"Okay," Hank said as he sat down again.

"Thanks, now where was I? Oh right! So we met up and I, as always, am a little late. I see Hank sitting there with a coffee, checking his watch and all I can think is there is no way I can let this man walk out of my life again and if he'll have me then I'll have him a thousand times over. When I sit down I tell him that I love him and long story short we have been dating ever since."

"We just wanted to share our little love story with you to show that good things will happen and in some cases it's better to forgive and forget." said Hank smiling brightly.

As he went to turn off the video Alex said, "Wait. I have one more thing to say."

Hank nodded and sat down.

Alex took Hank's hands and slide down so that he was kneeling on the ground. "Hank, I know this has all been really fast and we still have some things to work out but I want to be with you for the rest of my life. So Hank McCoy," Alex paused to pull the ring out of his back pocket, "will you marry me?"

Hank's eyes turned into saucers as those four words fell from Alex's lips. He opened his mouth to answer but his voice cracked and all that came out was a breathless gasp. All he could do was nod.

Alex kissed him. "You make me the happiest man on earth," he whispered as slipped the ring on Hank's long finger.

Hank just nodded again before he pulled Alex in for a heated kiss. He nipped Alex's lips until he opened up and thrusted his tongue inside.

Alex's strength gave out and tumbled backwards onto his back, with a very enthusiastic Hank rutting between his legs.

Unfortunately Alex pushed Hank off a little. "Slow it down, Beast. It's not that kind of video," Alex chuckled breathlessly.

Hank pulled back with a face of confusion. "Beast? Why Beast?"

"Because you're a beast in between the sheets." Alex stated matter-of-factly.

Hank blushed brightly. "Alex you are cutting that out of this video before you upload it, okay?"

"Yes sweetie," he said as he nuzzled Hank's cheek. Quickly, or at least before Hank noticed, Alex turned his head winked at the camera and mouthed no way before pulling back


It's silent for a heart beat as Hank gazed at the ring on his finger. He smiles a teary eyed smile and said, "It just keeps getting better."

Alex leans forward and brushes his lips against Hank's murmuring, "I love you. I love you. I love you," until the video stopped.