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Kurt shifts in the uncomfortable chair, checking the time on the clock above the librarian's desk. It's almost 3:15 and Kurt tells himself if this boy doesn't show soon he'll leave by 3:30. Kurt then realizes he really doesn't know what the boy looks like or who he is.

Kurt's Geometry teacher asked him if he wanted some extra credit in the class, which Kurt jumped at the chance. The teacher just told him that a boy in his Algebra class was struggling and if Kurt could help him, he'd give Kurt extra credit. He told Kurt just to meet the boy at the library right after school and he'd tell the other male the same.

Ten minutes before Kurt is about to pack up and leave, a short boy comes in, hoping over the turnstile. He pulls of his black Ray Bans and looks around, spying Kurt. Kurt sighs, recognizing the boy instantly. Kurt knows his name is Blaine Anderson and he isn't an angel, more like the devil himself. He's mainly known for dragging random boys to the bathroom up in the D wing and doing god knows what to them. Blaine even attempted to burn the school down one year because he set a firework off in the boy's locker room.

As Blaine gets closer to where Kurt is sitting, Kurt racks his brain trying to find an excuse to get the hell away from the resident 'bad boy'/ slut of the school. But Kurt comes up empty handed as Blaine sits down across from him.

"Are you the guy that's supposed to teach me shit?" Kurt stares at Blaine, mouth almost dropping open at Blaine's crass attitude.

"You know I don't have to even help you…" Kurt manages to speak and Blaine laughs so loud that the librarian shushes him.

"You will. I heard teach said he'd give you extra credit if you can manage to get me at least a C on the final." Blaine picks at his nails before laying his palms flat on the table. Kurt can only wonder how many boys he jerked off today without washing his hands, which causes Kurt's cheeks to begin to heat up. "I don't think we've ever properly met."

"Oh trust me, I know who you are Blaine Anderson." Blaine grins, wiggling his eyebrows. Kurt looks away from the other male, shaking his head. "What I've heard isn't good, you know."

"Oh, what have you heard? And if you're going to be tutoring me, don't I need to know your name?" Blaine cocks his head to the side, still giving Kurt a sly smile. Kurt rolls his eyes, sitting up in his chair, and leaning slightly forward.

"I heard you tried to set the boy's locker room on fire with fireworks." Blaine snorts, leaning back in the chair, tilting it to stand on two legs instead of all four. Kurt glares at the male across the table from him, hands gripping the edge of the table. "I also heard that you drag boys up the D wing bathroom to suck them off."

Kurt's hands fly up to his mouth, pressing his hand over his opened mouth. He can't believe himself, blurting that out loud in front of the school slut. Kurt's eyes go directly from looking at Blaine to looking at the Algebra book his teacher let him borrow to help Blaine. He hears the chair's legs that were in the air hit the floor. Kurt flinches, waiting for Blaine to hit him or bolt out of the library or just anything.

"The locker room thing was a joke. I didn't even get to light the fucking thing. Coach caught me at the last second but all the boys just said I lit it and the coach just happened to catch it before it went off." Kurt nods, eyes still glued to the book. He lowers his hands, taking a deep breath and closing his eyes for a second before flickering his eyes from the book to Blaine's face. Blaine presses his palms on the table again, getting out of his seat, and leaning across the table. Kurt leans back slightly, not really liking the school slut invading his personal space. "The boys bathroom stuff? Well, I'll just let you eventually figure that one out on your own."

Kurt swallows, nodding his head as Blaine leans back, sitting back in his seat. He tilts the seat back again, leaving it on two legs instead of the four and smiles at Kurt.

"I'm Kurt, Kurt Hummel." Kurt finally mutters out, looking at Blaine. Blaine nods and points to the book.

"You gonna tutor me or not Hummel?" Kurt grits his teeth before pulling the book between the two boys and begins to explain slopes.

It's almost five when Kurt glances up at the clock above the librarians desk. Blaine hasn't really been listening to Kurt the entire time, which just angers Kurt. Blaine looks up from the piece of paper Kurt gave him to work on some simple equations and follows Kurt's gaze.

"Shit! I was supposed to meet Karofsky at his house almost twenty minutes ago." Kurt watches Blaine stand, grabbing his keys and sunglasses.

"Uh, meet here tomorrow after school?" Blaine rolls his eyes, shrugging. Kurt clamps his mouth shut, just about biting his tongue. "Blaine if you aren't going to show-"

"Relax Hummel. Sure, see you at 2:45." Kurt nods at Blaine's back as Blaine hops the turnstile again, leaving the library. Kurt sighs, picking up Blaine's paper to see if he actually tried to do the work, and Kurt isn't surprised when he just sees profanity written all over the page instead of math work. He crumbles up the paper, packing the book in his backpack. As he leaves, before going through the turnstile, he tosses the paper in the trash. Kurt leaves the library, walking out to his vehicle. He sees Blaine across the parking lot, kicking the tires of his old, beat up Mustang. Kurt just hops in, shaking his head, before starting the Escalade. Before Kurt even puts the vehicle in reverse, he catches Blaine's eyes. He blinks, looking away, and all but speeds out of the parking lot.