OK here it is, the end...? Prepare for fluff and there's a message at the end that maybe you guys will like? Not too sure.

"Kurt!" Kurt drops the dish he was washing in the sink quickly, taking off running down the small hall to the only bedroom in the home. "Kurt help me!"

"What? What's wrong?" Kurt slides on his socks on the carpet till he sees the scene in front of him. Blaine's on the floor, one hand holding a rope, the other clutching at whatever he can reach. "Let the damn rope go Blaine and he'll leave you alone."

"That means the fucker wins though! Plus, he tugged me off the bed Kurt! Off. The. Bed." Kurt rolls his eyes, picking up the small Husky pup into his arms, tugging the rope free from the pup's mouth.

"You are not…well whatever your father called you aren't you boy?" Kurt scratches the pup behind the ears, smiling as the small dog licks his cheek.

"I hate that dog." Blaine grumbles on the ground, throwing the rope toy into the hallway. The small pup struggles out of Kurt's arms, leaping into the hall to get the toy, and dragging it to the living room. Kurt laughs as he places his feet on either side of Blaine's hips. Blaine looks up at him, waiting to see what his boyfriend was going to do, then proceeding to smile as Kurt lowered himself down to his knees, sitting right over Blaine's hips.

"Take it back Anderson." Kurt murmurs as he lays himself on top of Blaine, pressing closed mouth kisses down the other male's neck. Blaine's unshaven cheek scratches lightly on Kurt's soft cheek, making him laugh slightly.

"Why? What are you going to do? You aren't very scary, Hummel." Blaine watches Kurt sit up, grabbing Blaine's wrists in his hands, raising them over his head.

"Remember high school?" Blaine groans, trying to wrestle his hands away from Kurt but Kurt isn't letting him go. "Remember what you told me? You'd be good if I'd be bad? Tell me Blaine Anderson, does that still apply now?"

"I guess, depends on what you are up to Hummel?" Kurt just smiles before lifting his hips slightly to roll them down on top of Blaine's. "Oh you bitch."

"Nope, you're the bitch tonight." Kurt simply winks before getting off Blaine, wandering out of the bedroom to go back to washing the dishes in the kitchen. He listens to Blaine stomp around in the bedroom, laughing quietly to himself.

Kurt walks into the almost dark apartment, hands fumbling for a light switch along the wall while trying to juggle his bag full of his new school work.

"Blaine? Are you home?" Kurt finally finds the switch, looking around as light fills the room. In plain sight on the kitchen counter is a vase full of yellow with orange tips roses. "Oh Blaine, you silly boy."

"I'm not too silly though right? I mean, I remembered your favorite flower." Kurt spins around, coming face to face with his boyfriend of three years. Blaine looks hesitant, nervous, hell, even scared.

"You know why this is my favorite flower right?" Kurt questions as he steps forward, his arms automatically winding themselves around Blaine's waist. Blaine shakes his head no as Kurt leans in to kiss Blaine's cheek. "Because you gave me one when we first started dating."

"Really? That's your reason?" Blaine feels Kurt nod into his neck before the other male pulls away.

"You shaved. You actually shaved. Okay, are you dumping me or something because-"

"Kurt shut up, I'm not dumping you. Actually, I have a surprise for my little college student." Kurt cocks an eyebrow as Blaine gives him a nervous smile, hands gripping Kurt's from around his waist. He pulls Kurt down the short hall to the bedroom. Kurt grins when he sees a few candles on the dresser and nightstand in the room.

"Not romantic my ass Anderson."

"Willing to make that Anderson-Hummel? Or we could go with Hummel-Anderson if you want to. It's completely your choice." Blaine is waiting for Kurt to turn around and either laugh at him or walk away or just do something more than standing completely still with his back towards Blaine. "Kurt? Please say something?"

"Did…did you just ask me to marry you?" Kurt turns on his heel, looking at the curly haired male in front of him. Blaine shrugs, shoving his hands in his jean pockets.

"We don't have to. This was just a stupid idea, god I'm sorry Kurt. I'll sleep on the couch and you can have the bed." Blaine wants to just back out slowly and go jump off their balcony in their living room but Kurt has his arms wrapped around his torso in an instant, pulling Blaine into a tight hug.

"You could have at least done it properly!" Blaine pulls his hands out of his pockets to push Kurt away slightly, hands holding Kurt's face.

"Properly? You really think I'd get on one knee and…yeah I guess I would, wouldn't I?" Kurt nods, lips curling up into a smile as Blaine sighs, dropping to one knee. "Kurt Hummel, will you marry me?"

"Yes." Blaine grins up at Kurt, standing quickly as he grabs Kurt by the hips, pulling him close as possible to his body.

"I want a fall wedding. It won't be too cold or too hot and there can be a sudden shower but fall always looks nice-"

"Kurt, if you don't stop rambling, I will drown your baby." Kurt blinks, looking over at Blaine before laughing at how ridiculous he looks. He has suds trapped in his curls and the light blue shirt Blaine had tugged on that morning was stuck like a second skin to his chest.

"You wouldn't dare drown the dog Blaine. Plus if you drown my baby, that means no children, and I want at least two. Oh maybe we should wait until we have kids because wouldn't it be adorable if they walked-"

"Kurt I am serious. I will throw this dog outside." Blaine grumbles, letting go of the small puppy in the tub. Kurt rolls his eyes, giving Blaine one of his signature bitch look before rolling up the sleeves of his shirt to assist Blaine in cleaning the dog.

"You do realize me and pup are a packaged deal right?" Blaine looks over at Kurt, who's smiling in Blaine's direction. Blaine leans over, kissing Kurt until the puppy begins to whine loudly.

"Yeah, I'll manage to deal I guess. But goddamnit, this thing is a cockblocker." Blaine stands up as Kurt turns off the water, toweling the animal off. Kurt looks up for a second at Blaine, mouth open to say something back when he catches Blaine slipping off his shirt. "Kurt? You do realize you are staring at me right?"

"Uh…my dog is not a cockblocker. He's just…I'm going to put him in his little kennel area in the kitchen and uh…I'll meet you in our bedroom." Kurt takes off with the dog following him down the hall as Blaine laughs, turning off the bathroom light to walk down to the bedroom. Kurt almost collides with him as he runs to the bedroom, making Blaine laugh even more. He smiles as he sees the bright pink blush settling up high on Kurt's cheeks.

"I've turned you into a sex addict!" Blaine laughs as Kurt stumbles into their bedroom past Blaine. "I remember when you couldn't even say sex."

"Blaine are you really going to stand there and make fun of how I was in high school before I met you? Because I will withhold any sex going on in this house for weeks. Yes, weeks Blaine." Blaine laughs as Kurt wrestles his shirt over his head, arm getting tangled somehow in the fabric.

"Hummel calm down, we are in our own apartment now, no need to rush ok?" Blaine yanks the t shirt away from Kurt, pressing a kiss to the taller male's cheek as soon as he sees his face. Kurt flushes more, his milky white skin tinting bright pink. "I love you."

"Love you too." Kurt smiles, hands gripping at Blaine's hips as he pulls him to the bed. Blaine chuckles in his ear as he pushes Kurt down, watching the slimmer male spread out on top of the bed. Kurt gives him his best come hither look as Blaine places his knees on either side of Kurt's waist.

"Now, you aren't going to freak out claming that your 'baby' will be able to hear us-"

"Blaine just shut up."

"I look fucking stupid."

"Haven't I heard you say that before?" Blaine smiles as Kurt's arms wrap around his waist. Blaine leans his head back, resting on Kurt's shoulder as Kurt's hands reach up, playing with Blaine's tie. "You look amazing all cleaned up."

"I would say something about you, but I can't think of a time that you haven't looked less than absolutely fucking stunning." Blaine watches Kurt's face color through the mirror before the slightly taller male spins him around, still fidgeting with tie loosely around Blaine's neck.

"Blaine who the hell tied your tie?" Blaine laughs as Kurt reties the smooth material around Blaine's neck, fixing his collar as soon as he's done. "There it's perfect."

"Just like you." Blaine watches Kurt smile before pressing their lips together.

"Shut up Anderson." Blaine laughs as Kurt steps away, looking his fiancé over to make sure everything on him was perfect. Blaine starts to fidget, hands reaching up to tug at his tie but Kurt reaches out, slapping his hands. Blaine groans, shifting from his left foot to right, waiting for Kurt to just speak up.

"Is there something wrong with my suit because you haven't said a thing in like ten minutes." Blaine watches Kurt step forward, hands going around his waist like always. Kurt blinks, eyes focusing on his shoes as Blaine's hands reach up to his face. He feels the familiar calluses of Blaine's fingers from messing around on his old beat up guitar tilting his face up, causing him to break his stare from his shoes. His eyes meet a pair of dark eyes, the owner's eyebrows knitted together in confusion. Kurt blinks as tears begin to spill down his cheeks and Blaine's thumbs furiously try to wipe them away as they fall. "Kurt? Babe, why are you crying? Did I do something?"

"I'm happy, I promise." Kurt mumbles out before letting his head fall on Blaine's shoulder, wetting the fabric of the rented suit. Kurt sighs quietly when he feels Blaine's arms clutch at his back, holding Kurt as tight as possible to Blaine's body. "I'm so damn happy Blaine."

"If you're happy, I'm happy. Please stop crying though, you're freaking me out." Blaine feels Kurt nod as his hands slowly begin to loosen around Kurt. The slimmer male leans back just enough to press his forehead against Blaine's. Blaine laughs as Kurt slightly moves his head, their noses bumping together before Kurt lays his lips on Blaine's. He can taste and feel the tears still on Kurt's face as his arms tighten again around his fiancé. Kurt pulls back first, laughing quietly before pushing against Blaine's toned chest, making Blaine drop his arms.

"Oh I probably look like a mess and the wedding starts in…ten minutes. Fuck! I'm all red and blotchy and I can't be seen-"

"Kurt shut up." Blaine chuckles before pressing a chaste kiss to Kurt's lips. "Go wet your face and dab it dry. You'll be fine, I promise."

Kurt laughs, stepping back a few steps before turning around, and walking out of the bedroom he grew up in. He turns around, leaning against the doorframe as he looks back at Blaine with a shy smile on his face. Blaine winks at him which causes a familiar heat rush to his face. Kurt feels himself bite down on his lip, eyes casting downwards before turning back around and exiting the room.



"What's wrong with Toronto?" Blaine watches Kurt turn his head, giving him his classic bitch stare before pressing it back against the glass in front of him, patiently waiting for any type of news.

"That's a city Blaine, not a name."

"Well, we need to hurry up and pick something, we've been arguing over this name thing for almost a year." Blaine yawns, sliding down the wall to sit on the ground, staring at his beat up converse on his feet. Kurt sighs somewhere near him before he feels the pressure of the other male's weight up against his side.

"What if we aren't made out for this?" Kurt feels Blaine's arm wrap around his side, the smooth leather jacket making contact with his cold skin. Kurt shivers slightly before curling himself up as close as possible to Blaine.

"Kurt, stop making yourself think things like that. Everyone is not perfect for this, hell, I'm probably not perfect for this at all, but I know you'll be." Blaine whispers in Kurt's ear, rubbing his husband's right arm to try to keep him warm. Kurt laughs quietly before pressing a quick kiss to Blaine's lips.

"The only thing keeping you from perfect is your smoking habit, which better stop soon. You can't afford smokes and food for three now." Kurt blushes, pleased that its so cold that his cheeks are already a pink hue. He feels Blaine poking his ribs, getting Kurt's attention quickly before Blaine uses his other hand to point down the hall.

"I know. You've been nagging on me to stop smoking for years." Blaine stands up slowly as a nurse walks by, pushing a clear container by with a tiny infant bundled up in a blue blanket. He feels Kurt lean up behind him, he even glances a little over his shoulder to see Kurt's wide blue hued eyes staring over. "Uh, what baby is this ma'am?"

Kurt snorts behind Blaine, hand covering his mouth as he giggles behind it. Blaine glances at him again, staring at him before the nurse finally reads the chart. She smiles at the two males before giving them a motion to follow her down the hall. Kurt's almost skipping which makes Blaine shake his head, mouth in a large smile. The second they step into a spare room, the nurse motions for one of them to sit in a chair before she lifts the small newborn out of his clear crib.

"Go babe, you hold him first." Blaine watches as Kurt sits down in a reclinable chair before the nurse instructs him on how to properly hold the baby and where to place his hands. The second the nurse leaves to give them a bit of privacy, Kurt starts crying quietly, and Blaine can feel his heart just sink to his stomach. "Hey, are you ok?"

"Fine…its just…he's ours." Kurt smiles as tears still spill down his cheeks which Blaine wipes away with his thumb. He sneaks out his cell phone, pretending to be doing something with the object as he takes a quick picture of his husband and newborn son, smiling as he sets it to be his screensaver. Blaine squats down, looking at the small child in Kurt's hands, smiling to himself before pressing his chapped lips to the little boy's head.

"Thank you." Blaine looks up as he whispers the words, watching Kurt's reaction. Kurt gives Blaine a confused look as Blaine stands back up.

"Why are you thanking me?"

"Because, you took a chance on me. I've messed up more than anyone in your life probably and yet you still let me stick around." Blaine leans down, looking Kurt into his blue-green eyes before quickly kissing him. "Hey, how about Blaine Jr.?"

"Blaine we are not naming our son after what you call your dick." Blaine laughs, sitting down on the cold floor before laughing.

"It was worth a try!"

So yeah, there you go. I wonder how many of you is like 'what? you give them a baby and end it?' and I'm kind of laughing because well, not really ending it like this. I've started writing a sequel of sorts? Like for some reason last night as I was finishing this, I opened a new document and kept on typing. So if you want to see if Blaine's completely left his bad ways behind now he has a kid, I guess I could post it. :) But if you guys are sick of this then hey, it can just sit in my writing folder lol. (I have started a new fic anyways but I can juggle both XD)

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