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"So, what'dya think?" the larger grey Seeker dropped down onto his haunches and dragged his fingers across the soil leaving little dug in rows

"Ground's soft, lots of fault lines, it'll break up easily, make to enhance my abilities."

"Not of the soil Mr Interesting," interrupted the purple Seeker who watched him with a jaunty stand and an unimpressed look on his face "Of our new work status, our new job, our employers. What do you think?" Cloudquake furrowed his heavy brow at the ground and sucked his lips into a tight grey line before rising to stand and stare out across the orange hued horizon; he stood in a melancholy silence for a few moments, as he always did, before speaking with great gravitas

"I don't like it."

"If yah did I'd be surprised, you don't like anything- it's part of your charm." Cloudquake turned to look at his flight partner who grinned a toothy grin so wide it almost split his face, like a large curved white knife, or a sharks smile "Least I've always found it to be." He smirked and even Cloudquake's look of constant discontent was alleviated by the tiniest of smiles "That Starscream seems to be a bit of a drama bitch though." He suddenly pouted and Cloudquake's smile disappeared. He turned to look back out into the distance

"He does seem a one to cause unnecessary hassle." He said slowly and Skyburst rolled his lips with thought before raising one hand to scratch the back of his helm. They stood for a few moments, Cloudquake a stony figure of stillness and Skyburst shifting restlessly. It had always been their differences that had made them so perfectly suited to each other. No one else could have put up with Cloudquake's centurion like nature and no one but he could have put up with Skyburst's childish like excitability. They had never found a third Trinemate and to be honest neither had ever really looked, this of course was a rarity, most Seekers travelled in threes but then nothing about the two was average. Skyburst kicked at a large stone in the dirt and sent it tumbling across the dusty ground and it might have disturbed whatever deep philosophical thought had been running through Cloudquake's mind but he could have never have been certain, because not even he could read the larger Seeker most of the time. 'Quake gave nothing away.

"This seems like your kinda rock 'Quake." He said aimlessly, he was feeling a little isolated on this new planet already and it would be nice to connect through a little conversation rather than just sit here staring at his own ass whilst Cloudquake gazed off romantically into the middle distance for hours

"It certainly seems that way." Cloudquake agreed; ever the master of conversation. Skyburst sighed and rolled over casually to his side planting his hands on his hips "It has a yellow sun," observed the grey Seeker and Skyburst pulled a face "Good for you." He nodded

"Yup nothin' I like more than blowin' myself up." Snorted Skyburst derisively; Cloudquake turned his head just enough to frown at him disapprovingly over his tone

"I just meant it'll mean that it'll be safer for you." He said deeply and Skyburst sighed despondently

"I know, and it's very sweet of you." He tilted his head so it rested on his shoulder and looked at Cloudquake from under his brow, yellow eyes big like a puppies and an appreciative close lipped smile on his face. Cloudquake breathed out and the frown disappeared from his face, the edges of his optics creasing with affection as he turned back to look out into the setting sun. Skyburst joined him in looking out into Earth's thin blue (now orange) atmosphere "It's going to be so different living here now." He murmured reverently and Cloudquake hummed in agreement.

"It's... nice." Added the broad Seeker in his oh so profound manner, which due to the briefness of his comment seemed almost comical. Skyburst chuckled

"It kinda is, so far anyway, y'know," he started, quirking one brow and giving a one sided smirk "You have a bit of competition on your whole sound thing from that guy Thundercracker."

"He's not just 'that guy' he's one of the greatest Seeker's Cybertron has to offer, and I haven't got a sound power like his, mine is vibrations." Objected Cloudquake, Skyburst held up his hands in mock surrender

"Geez I didn't know you were president of his fan club or something!" he cried and Cloudquake's frown deepened bringing his thick brow so far down over his optics that they were just thin yellow slits

"I'm not." He said darkly "I just have some respect for him is all." He rumbled and Skyburst raised both of his brows up towards his helm

"Well," he said "If the two of you need some fan boy alone time when we get to base I'm cool with that I'll just wait for yah, whenever you're done I'll just-", Cloudquake lashed out one grey fist and punched him awkwardly in the arm "Hey!" cried the purple Seeker stumbling from the blow "It was a joke!" Cloudquake shot him a glower from the corner of his narrowed optics and Skyburst shot his hands up into the air "Just a joke!" Cloudquake turned to frown perturbed into the distance. Skyburst lowered his hands to his sides nervously, he'd hit a nerve. He hadn't meant to.

"It would be nice," said the grey and white Seeker awkwardly and at length "If you could try and let me make some other friends." Skyburst's mouth fell open with hurt and dismay and he reeled

"It's not my fault other Seekers don't like you!" he cried wounded. Cloudquake sighed glumly.

"I know." He said quietly. So quietly any other would have wondered if it had ever been said, but Skyburst had heard and seen the way the others Seeker's acted towards his partner and he knew Cloudquake knew what they thought. He sighed; Cloudquake had feelings like any other Cybertronian (except Shockwave of course but then there was always an exception to any rule) and the last thing Skyburst would ever want to do was hurt them, his friend suffered enough of it from the rest of those fraggers. Cloudquake was as much of a Seeker as any of them, more so, and he'd proven it, Megatron had chosen him and Skyburst to come to Earth not anyone else, and because he clearly thought Starscream's trine weren't enough. That was why they all had a bug up their vents, not because there was anything wrong with Cloudquake's preference to land over air. Starscream could claim that they'd just been brought in to act as Air Warriors but Skyburst knew the truth, things were getting too hot in the kitchen for Starscream and his crew to stand alone.

He nudged the larger Seeker with one fist in an attempt to comfort him

"Hey," he said quietly Cloudquake ignored him so he nudged him again "Hey," the sullen Seeker looked at him from the corner of one yellow optic "You're so big if they say anything you can kick all of their afts." Cloudquake dropped his optics to the ground

"Maybe." He said and Skyburst grinned another one of his huge toothy white grins

"See!" he cried "You're all better! We don't need nobody but us, I promise you." And he elbowed his partner lovingly in the ribs "We'll show'em our mighty strength and unassailable ability! Just you watch!"

"Unassailable?" and this time it was Cloudquake's turn to quirk a brow "D'you even know what that means?"

"Meh," answered Skyburst shrugging "I got'an idea." And he waggled one hand in the air in a 'so so' gesture. Cloudquake chuckled a deep metallic sound and nudged his flight partner affectionately- if a little roughly

"We should be heading back to base, Megatron allotted us only two Earth hours to get used to this planet and it's atmosphere and we've used most of that time up. We need to go attend the rest of our debriefing."

"Awwww not Soundwave!" whined Skyburst stomping his feet and spinning around in a circle like a child "I've only just met him and I'm bored of him already! Can't we just go home Vos, to flying over the Celestial spires or the great slag pits at Darkmount? "

"You want to go back to Polyhex and its acid rains?" frowned Cloudquake bemusedly

"Well," pouted Skyburst "Maybe not yet. Let's see how far down the pan this goes." He said leaning his head back against his folded arms and linked hands, Cloudquake grunted and turned to take off a little regretfully

"And I thought you were the positive one." He rumbled and Skyburst grinned taking to the sky behind him

"What can I say?" he shrugged "I'm more than meets the eye!"

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