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There hadn't been much of a discussion about their relationship after their kiss during the big battle. They had sort of just settled into being together. At the Burrows, after Fred's funeral, in a rare private moment in a house full of people, Ron had simply told Hermione he loved her and that he was so glad they had survived. They had hugged and kissed, and she had said, "I love you, too," and that was that. They were dating. Years of anguish and longing put aside with just a few simple words. Sure, they still fought all the time; it was how the communicated, but they were so in love and cutesy with each other that it made everyone around them sick to their stomachs.

Hermione had cried when she and Ron had said goodbye right before she boarded the train to return to her 7th year at Hogwarts. Harry and Ron were not returning with her. They were instead staying behind to start Auror training. The best mates had rented a 2 bedroom flat together in Diagon Alley above George's store. Ron was helping him on the weekends now that Fred was gone.

The thought of being away from Ron was heart-breaking for Hermione. Except for the few weeks that Ron left them, she had pretty much lived with Ron and Harry for the past year. Even after the battle, she had been staying at the Burrows, bunking with Ginny and seeing Ron everyday when he came home for dinner. He and Harry had just moved into their apartment, and Hermione hadn't had time to go there yet. She had been busy preparing for her final year of school.

Ron hugged Hermione tight and whispered, "I love you," in her ear. It broke his heart that she was so sad, but he reassured her that they would see each other again soon. Hogwarts had instituted a fall break to allow students to spend more time with their families. In the past, students didn't go home until right before Christmas, but parents wanted to keep their kids closer after so many lives were lost during the war. Hermione had found and restored her parent's memories, so they were back in London. She had worked it out so she would spend 3 days with them and the rest of the week with Ron during her fall break. The pair kissed, and Hermione wiped her eyes and boarded the train. As she looked out the window of the compartment she shared with Luna, Neville and Ginny, Ron blew her a kiss from the platform and waved as the train pulled away. Though he wasn't crying on the outside, inside he felt like his heart was being ripped in two. He was trying to be strong for her, but the truth was he wasn't sure how he could bear to be apart from her.

Hermione felt much better once she got back into the swing of things at school, but she missed Ron like crazy. At her request, he had given her a couple of his old t-shirts, and she slept in one every night. Somehow it made her feel close to him. They wrote often, and Hermione was constantly surprised at how free Ron was with his feelings in his letters. In the midst of detailing his training and other daily activities, he always wrote about missing her and loving her, and he signed every letter, "Yours always, Ron." Hermione was super sappy in her letters. While she wrote about her studies and tests, she too always professed her love and longing for her boyfriend. The days clicked by, and sure enough, faster than she thought possible, it was October and time for fall break.

Hermione spent 3 days at her parent's new home in London. Disapparting made travelling much easier and quicker, and she had loaded what she needed in her now infamous beaded bag. She was delighted to see her parents, and they had a great few days, but she was anxious the entire time to go and see Ron. It had been 3 months. She hugged and kissed her parents goodbye with the promise of seeing them again at Christmas, and disapparted to Diagon Alley. She wound up right outside George's store and was glad to see it was bustling with activity. She was sure being busy was doing wonders for keeping George's mind off Fred's death. The twins had been so close.

Hermione easily found the entrance to the flats above the store. It was just to the right of the store. She climbed the stairs slowly. She had been dying to see Ron, but now that she was here, it almost seemed unreal. It was Monday, but Ron had taken the day off work, so he would be there when she arrived. He was working during the day for the rest of her visit, but they would have all day today, and 3 full evenings and nights together.

Ron had been up since 7 waving his wand frantically as he cleaned and straightened up the flat. He had changed the sheets on his queen size bed and even put some fresh flowers out in both his bathroom and on the dining room table. He couldn't wait to see Hermione, and he wanted things to look nice for her.

Her knock on the door was light, but he heard it right away, even from his back bedroom. He rushed to the door and opened it. There she stood. Hermione Granger. She was wearing a light pink dress with blue flowers on it and a matching blue cardigan. It was a nice fall day, but too chilly for short sleeves. Her hair was down. She knew Ron liked it that way, and she had on just a slight amount of make-up. She looked beautiful. Before she could even say hello, Ron pulled her into a hug and kissed her long and hard. "Hello to you too," she said laughing breathlessly as they broke apart. "Sorry," Ron said grinning. "Couldn't help myself." And just like that, any anxiety they had about seeing each other melted away, and they were back to right where they left off: totally in love.

Ron pulled Hermione inside and closed the door behind them. He showed her around the flat, which she hadn't seen before. Ron's bedroom was the very back room and the last stop on the tour. "And now for your guest quarters Madame," he said jokingly as he opened the door. Hermione swallowed hard as they stepped inside. As smart as she was, she hadn't taken the time to really dwell on the fact that she and Ron would be sharing a bed during her visit. It was something they had never done before. She was 18, an adult now, but Ron was her first real boyfriend, and times like these made her feel like she was 12.

Ron, on the other hand, had certainly thought of it. It's why he had changed the sheets to the softest he could find. He wanted Hermione to be comfortable. He certainly didn't plan on them doing more than just sleeping; they had only kissed so far after all, but he was excited about having her close to him. Noticing her discomfort though, he said. "I can bunk with Harry or on the couch if this isn't okay," he said honestly. "No," Hermione said quickly turning around to meet his gaze. "I want to stay with you," she said. "It just wasn't real until now," she admitted shyly. Ron smiled, then stepped forward and kissed her on the forehead. "I won't try anything, if that's what you are worried about," he said grinning. She playfully swatted him. "Oh shut up," she said glad that he had diffused the tension.