A faceless soldier.
By bob15

Authors Note — I don't own Star Wars and (sadly) didn't write it. So don't sue me. This story is about the original Star Wars trilogy only. It is from the point of view of a stormtrooper. It contains no characters from The Phantom Menace (so if that's all you read, don't read this.) If you find this offensive, well if you find this offensive you shouldn't be reading it. I would like to dedicate this work to my best friend and fellow Star Wars fanatic Jeremiah. Long live the Galactic Empire and may the stormtroopers actually hit someone with their blasters!

"My name. . . my name is not important. To the glorious Empire, I was only a number. THX-5721. I was a soldier. My one true mission wass to preserve the Galactic Empire. All that was left of the Old Republic was intrusted into my hands. I and my fellow soldiers were the sword of our Sith lord. We were his hands in his fight against the evil rebellion. We wore our masks for a reason. We were called the 'Faceless Army.' It is assumed that because we were faceless we were without emotion. That is why we wore those symbols of honor. Because with them we showed no fear, no sign of sadness or of anger. We were warriors. A warrior must have no regrets if he wants to fully fulfill his masters plans and desires."

"However, do no think that because we showed no emotions that we were not emotional beings. I, at least, had all of the weak and useless emotions. I had fear and regrets. That was my weakness. With this mask the glorious Empire had given me an escape. Through my flaws I could serve the great purpose of the Empire. Through this mask I was not confined but freed."

"I have lived a soldiers life. I have been throughout the galaxy on noble quests. I remember my first great mission as a stormtrooper. It was on the frozen wasteland of Hoth. The Rebels were hiding like rats from the wrath of my lord, Darth Vader. I was assigned to a special task force under General Veers himself. I was under direct command from him. Since I had established to him my competence as a leader, I was chosen to lead a group of thirty elite troopers through the south entrance of the Rebel's Echo Base. It was nothing short of a blitzkrieg. My troops went throughout the base with such great efficiency that we captured many Rebel colonels and even a Rebel general. What was left of my brave warriors, twelve of the thirty, were highly decorated and I was offered the distinguished position of being an Imperial Guard. Any normal soldier would love nothing more than to protect the Emperor himself. But my place was with my men."

"After the glorious victory at Hoth I was promoted to lieutenant and assigned to help organize an elite group of troops and engineers to help in the production of the second Death Star. After I had established my men in regular shifts I was relieved of command and assigned to a mission on the Wookie home planet of Kashyyyk. As you probably already know only a short time after this the Death Star was attacked and destroyed by evil and cowardly Rebel army. My life was spared but as for my Emperor's, I cannot say the same. With the death of the Emperor also came the death of the glorious Empire. All that was left was a scattered group of greedy Moffs, vying for power amongst the planets. Among these was Moff Darcc, my commander on the forest planet of Kashyyyk."

"My task on the Wookie planet was to oversee and police the Trandoshan imprisonment and enslavement of the Wookie race. I enjoyed my mission for the Emperor but had many misgivings with my more than dishonorable leader. Moff Darcc's view of Wookies was not the reflection of my Emperor. Emperor Palpatine would never treat a race with such disrespect and contempt. But. . . my Emperor was gone and I was left under the command of the greedy Moff Darcc. After the Rebel victory at Endor they began to concentrate their military power on the small forested planet. Although my commander was greedy, he was a very competent military leader. With I at his side we felt unstoppable. But with the weapons and support of the Rebellion, now hypocritically calling themselves the 'New Republic,' the Wookies were a force to be reckoned with. After the cowardly act of mass deportation of the Wookies, Moff Darcc, along with the Trandoshan leader Pekt, were captured by the Rebels. I, along with my personal staff loaded a transport with trustworthy troops and headed for the once Imperial capital of Coruscant. Once there, we met up with a group of Imperial loyalists. I was sickened at the sight of the fifty foot tall statue of my late Emperor being shamelessly torn down by the Rebels. While at Coruscant my group and I heard of the presence of the military genius Grand Admiral Thrawn. I searched out this famous and brilliant war hero and made myself his loyal servant. Instead of serving Thrawn like I had planed, he made me a key officer in his staff. I was in charge of helping Thrawn with his plans of overthrowing the Rebels at Coruscant and recapturing the pride of the Empire."

"After our success at Coruscant I, with my same group of followers, were assigned to the suicide mission of assassinating the Rebel leader, Commander Leia Organa Solo. Grand Admiral Thrawn ordered her assassination after she befriended a certain group of Thrawn's army and turned them against him. Shortly after this assignment was given to me Thrawn was stabbed by his closely trusted guard. In remembrance of our fallen friend my men and I were determined to come through on our assignment and have the cowardly rebel leader's head on a platter. However, I like Thrawn was betrayed by my dearest friend. I was captured by the Rebels before I was able to complete my mission."


"So that's why you're here huh?"

"Yes. . . that is why I must die in this godless pit. And what about you? Were you once also a soldier."

"I was. But I fought with words not blasters."

"How so?"

"I was a reporter in the Imperial Tribune."

"Oh really. Maybe I have heard of you. What is your name?"

"Tyo Rethman."

"Hm. Doesn't sound familiar."

"Well I was only an opinion writer then. Now I write books. In fact you have a very intriguing story. I wonder. . . yes. Is there any way that you could go into more detail on the events you spoke of?"

"I suppose. But who would read the story of a faceless soldier."

"Well a lot of people would read the story of such an intriguing soldi. . . faceless soldier. . . yes. We will call it The Faceless Soldier."

"I don't know."

"Please my friend. We can tell the world the former glory of the Empire."

"Well. . . alright."

"Great. Now, what is your name friend."

"My name? My name is not important. I am THX-5721."

Well? What do you guys think? I would really appreciate any advise you fellow Star Wars fan out there would like to give me. In future chapters I plan on going more in depth on THX-5721's experiences. It will definitely include more conversation. You will also be hearing from some of the Star Wars characters mentioned above. Thanks for reading and reviewing. I could also use a beta reader. If anyone is interested write me at thirdday2001@hotmail.com.