Dear Idiot,


I am dating this letter and sealing it. Then, just to be sure you cannot contest it in the future, I will have Guinevere sign and date the outside around the seal. I have a few things to say to you.

First, on top of being an idiot, you are also a horrible liar. I mean it. If not for me, you would be dead already. Do you truly value your life so little? Can't you whisper spells any quieter? And how hard would it be to hide your spell book before I start searching your room?

Let me put it this way: I know you're a sorcerer. Have known, actually. Almost from the day we met. And I understand why you lied to me.

Why you are still lying to me, on the other hand…

All right, I understand that too. I don't like it, but I get it. Because I have given you no reason to suspect I would choose you over my father. I have never suggested I might disagree with my father's view on magic.

To be honest, some people aren't even sure I like you.

But you know. That you're…I mean…right?

I'll make you a deal: the day you tell me about your magic, I'll tell you…that thing you should already know.

Oh, and one more thing…I can't say this now because I'm not supposed to know what you do, but…well…thanks.

No, I won't say that again.

Anyway, just to be sure you understand that you're the idiot here and not me, I do know and you cannot keep a secret to save your life. You're lucky my father hasn't found out.

Not that he will, so long as I can help it.


(Yes, I said it.)