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"'Scuse me! Pardon me! I'm coming through!" Luke said as he brutally pushed past people in a row of seats, aiming for the three empty ones directly in the middle. Of course we could've sat in any other row, but that's Luke for you. Always decides to do things the complicated way.

"Sorry sir! Good day miss! Lemme through bucko!" Luke continued to plow forward. I just followed him silently, attempting to seem calm, cool, and collected. It was pretty darn difficult.

Finally, we made it to our seats. Luke plopped down in one, and gently placed his axe in the seat to his left.\ I tentatively sat down on his other side. There was no going back now.

"Helloooo movie dwellers!" Luke shouted. "Are you all ready to see Inception?" Everyone looked up at us as if we were insane, but nobody spoke. There was one slightly large lady coming towards us though, and she didn't look very happy.

"Sirs, may I please ask you to be quiet? Although the movie hasn't started yet, it's important to respect your fellow audience members." She told us, scowling the entire time. Luke, being oblivious and stupid, just looked at her. He looked at her large stomach, then to her face, to her stomach again, and smiled widely.

"Of course! We'll be more careful from now on. And, I just want to say congratulations! When's it due?" he asked, still grinning. Holy goddess above, please stop him!

The lady looked back at him, confused. "What was that?"

"Y'know, when's it due? The baby?" he repeated. I wanted nothing more at that moment than to go crawl under a rock. The lady, understanding Luke's implications, glowered at him. She then turned to look upon me with disapproval. It was as if she were saying, 'You're responsible for him! It's your fault too!'

"I've got my eyes on you two. Don't do anything wise, or I might have to kick you out of the theater." And with that, she stomped away.

"What was her problem? I was only congratulating her on the baby." Luke said, looking at me innocently, as if he had absolutely no idea what he'd done wrong. Which, I suppose, he didn't.

"Actually, Luke, she wasn't pregnant. She was just large. You shouldn't have said anything to her; it's your fault that she's mad at us."

Luke only rolled his eyes in response. "Now you're being grumpy too? Jeez, you and the lady don't have to be such party poopers, y'know. Honestly, Chase, you're acting like Garfield on a Monday…"

I smacked myself in the face, praying that this would all turn out to be a dream and that I would wake up any second. One Mississippi, two Mississippi…shit, I'm awake.

Suddenly, the lights in the room went very dim.

"Oh oh! The movie's starting! It's starting!" Luke started bouncing up and down in his seat.

"BE QUIET YOU BAFFOON!" a man behind us shouted. Fortunately, Luke didn't respond, as he was too engrossed in the opening credits to say anything further. I picked at my popcorn. Maybe the night won't be so bad if Luke keeps quiet!

Unfortunately, keeping Luke quiet for two hours and a half is one of those things that the man who said "nothing is impossible" forgot about. After the opening credits, Inception immediately turned into the Luke show; all Luke, all the time.

"Chase! He's on a beach Chase! Oh my gosh, who is he? Who is he? Why is he on a beach?" Luke asked eagerly.

"I don't know Luke, I know as much about this movie as you do." I answered him calmly, hoping not to create a spectacle.

Luke ignored my answer completely. "Maybe he likes the beach? I like the beach, it's so sunny and sandy and the water's so awesome! I like to fish on the beach, don't you? Of course I can only really manage to catch horse mackerels…Oh! He's going into a house! And he's at gunpoint! Oooooh, he must have done something really bad…"

"Luke!" I shouted, trying to keep my temper and failing. "Please shut up! I want to watch!"

"I was going to say the same thing." A lady behind us whispered. "You both should shut up." No! You've got it wrong! Luke's the nuisance, not me. I'm just the innocent bystander!

"Yes ma'am! We'll shut up!" Luke said, saluting to the lady, who rolled her eyes in turn.

About ten minutes later, Luke whispered to me. "Chase, why is that guy falling into the bathtub?" he asked.

"I think it's called a 'kick'. His partners are trying to wake him up." I explained. Luke's expression became one of utter confusion.

"They were dreaming?" he asked. Wow…it took him awhile to catch on there.


"And they're awake now, right?"


"Ohhhhhh…" Luke nodded his head, but I could tell he was still completely clueless as to what was going on. If there were ever a movie that Luke wouldn't be able to understand, it was Inception. Heck, even I was sort of puzzled as to what was going on!

For awhile, it was just question after question after question.

"Who's that lady? And why did she disappear anyway? Oh! Oh! She's DEAD isn't she?"

"Ooooh, why are they in a helicopter? Are they still dreaming? Did he wish for a helicopter for his birthday? I want a helicopter for my birthday! I'll have to ask Pops about that when we get home…"

"What's up with those two kids? Why can't we see their faces? I wanna see their faces! CHAAASE!"

Luckily, Luke had enough common sense to whisper these questions, which made them slightly less annoying than they would have been if he were shouting. Alas, his constant badgering did end up annoying the hell out of one guy. And I can tell you personally that what this guy wanted to do more than anything else was give Luke a good punch in the face. But this wasn't because that guy was me. Whatever could've given you that idea?

"Whoa that girl looks like Angela!" Luke said some time later. After his endless spew of questions, a statement was a welcome change. I turned my attention to the girl on screen.

Sure enough, she did look kind of like Angela. She had the same brown hair, the same pretty eyes. Oh, Angela. How I wish I were here with you right now instead of him. The character's name even started with the same letter as Angela's. Ariadne and Cobb were walking down a street, and she was manipulating everything around her. You had to admit, the visuals were pretty awesome.

"OH MY GODDESS! THE STREET JUST FELL ON TOP OF ITSELF!" Luke obviously agreed with me. Then, out of the shadows, stepped the not-so-pregnant lady. Was it just me, or did she have even more frown wrinkles than the last time I saw her?

"I thought I told you two young men to stop disturbing the peace in here! Do I have to kick you out of the theater?"

"No sir…" Luke mumbled.

"What was that? What did you just call me?" She hissed. I'm pretty sure she would've been shouting, but, according to her own guidelines, she wasn't allowed to.

"I called you sir! I mean ma'am! I mean sir! I mean ma'am! I mean…"

"That's strike two, kid. One more wise crack from you and you're both out of here! Got it?"

I gulped nervously. "Got it." She then proceeded to give us one of those 'I'm watching you' looks before turning her back on us and leaving.

Luke quieted down a bit after her directness, but he was soon engrossed in the movie again.

"Hey Chase…what's his name?"

"That's Robert Fischer. He's the son of a cooperation owner; he's the one that Cobb is trying to plant an idea inside of."

"Really? 'Cause he kind of reminds me of Julius." Wait…what? Robert and Julius? How did he make that connection? I mean, they're both sort of pompous, but they don't look anything alike. Unless…is he referring to their orientation? I mean, I never really thought about it, but it's possible that Robert is supposed to like guys...

"How did you come up with that?" I asked, genuinely curious.

"I dunno, just this feeling I got." He said with an idiotic smile. Thanks a lot, Luke. Now I'm going to be up all night wondering how you connected Robert Fischer to Julius and questioning Robert Fischer's sexual preferences.

Silence for a few minutes. And then…

"Chase!" he poked me.

I sighed. "What is it now Luke?"

"Could you pass me the popcorn?" He asked. I silently picked up the popcorn and handed to him.

"Thanks Chase, you're the best!" he said. I didn't mind. Giving him popcorn was one thing I was happy to oblige to. I figured that maybe giving him food would distract him for awhile. I then turned my attention to the movie once more. Cobb, Arthur the partner, Ariadne, Eames the forager, Yusuf the chemist, Robert Fischer, and Saito the employer were all on the street in the pouring rain. I think they were dreaming.

Munch. Munch. Munch. A disturbance reached my ear. Never mind, don't even think about it, Chase. You're enjoying the movie right now, you're enjoying the movie.

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. Sluuuuuurp! Sluuuuuurp! I know where the noise is coming from. It's Luke. Duh, of course it's Luke! But he's not trying to do this on purpose. He's just eating. That's right, Chase, ignore it. It doesn't matter. What does matter is the movie. There's a car…and guns…

CHEW! CHEW! CHEW! SLUUUUURP! GULP! Argh! It's like his eating noises are amplified in the quiet theater! Is the Harvest Goddess trying to get me to kill Luke out of sheer annoyance?

"LUKE!" I yelled a little bit too loudly.

"Yeah bud?" Luke asked with his mouth full. I decided against saying anything, and opted for just shaking my head. He was so hopeless!

A few minutes later, he stopped eating. I then tried my best to focus on the movie, but every once in awhile Luke would start bombarding me with comments and questions. It was like he was constantly flipping back and forth between being an intolerable idiot, and being relatively quiet.

Unfortunately, the deeper into the movie we got, the more he began to err on the side of intolerable idiot.

"Why are they in a hotel? How did they get there? Oh! Look! There's Julius!" I didn't bother responding to that one; as soon as he spotted Robert, 'Julius', he was captivated again.

"Wait, did Arthur and Ariadne just kiss? Are they in loooooove? Oooh! Arthur in Ariadne sittin' in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N—" I covered his mouth before he could add the G.

"Keep doing what you're doing, and I might just have to do you in." I whispered menacingly as I held my hand over his mouth. I kept it there for a few more seconds before releasing it.

"Whatever you say Chase! You know, you're so funny sometimes." He said, obviously missing the malice in my tone.

Finally, the snow scene, the third dream layer, began. When the team first arrived in the snow area with the intention of breaking into Robert Fischer's mind, all was quiet in the theater. Guns were going off, and Saito was bleeding heavily. Then, I heard some sniffling beside me. I turned to face Luke, whose eyes were wide and watery.

"What is it now, Luke?" I asked, exasperated.

"Saito was my favorite character!" Luke said, as sniffling turned to bawling. "Why did he have to get hurt?"

I couldn't suppress a groan. "Luke, Saito isn't all that great. I mean, he's barely even around. Heck, I didn't even know his name until the second dream layer started! You can't possibly tell me you've gotten attached to him."

Luke nodded to me, sadly. "I have, dear Chase. I have indeed." He said, sounding wise and deeply pained. Puh-lease.

"Chase?" Luke questioned, still with tears in his eyes. The scene on the screen had moved on from Saito, so I couldn't see why he was still crying.

"Yeah, what?" I asked, wishing that I could just pay attention to the movie.

"Could you…hug me?"

"What?" I asked, turning to look at the poor, pathetic human being that I was unlucky enough to be sitting next to.

"Whenever I'm sad, Pops hugs me. And he's not here, so…will you hug me Chase?"

I sat there for a few moments, not knowing what to answer. Finally, I decided.

"Sure. Why not?" I told Luke, because Goddess only knows how he'd react if I refused. His face immediately brightened.

"Yay! I love you, buddy!" he said, awkwardly pulling me into a tight hug over the seat's armrest. I sighed and endured it; I may not like Luke much, but I wasn't going to deny the poor bastard a hug when he was crying.

Eventually, he let go of me. And he did so without my prodding him to! It was mind blowing, really. The remainder of the movie was basically a bunch of action scenes with buildings being ripped apart, all culminating in Cobb supposedly reuniting with his family, and a top spinning on a table. I think I'm supposed to be pondering whether or not it fell, but quite honestly I don't give a damn. It's just a movie anyway.

"Did it fall, Chase? Or did it keep spinning? Falling, or spinning, falling, or spinning…agh! I just don't know!" Luke shouted in frustration as we exited the theater (receiving a glare from the not-so-pregnant lady as we left). Apparently, I didn't even have to think about pondering the worthless ending; he was going to do it for me.

"What do you think happened, Chase? Did he die? Was it real? Was there fudge involved? Oh! And whatever happened to Julius?" Luke asked, looking up at me as if I were the master of the universe and I knew the answers to all of his questions.

"I don't know, Luke. I think the 'suspenseful ending' was just a ploy to keep idiots like you thinking about the movie even after it was over." I said.

"Ohhhh…" he replied, nodding his head in what I took as feigned understanding. Then his face brightened again, "That was tons of fun though, Chase. I'm soooooo glad that we won those tickets."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." I waved him away. Yawning, I checked my watch. It read 11:30 PM. Whoa, that was a long movie!

"Look! There's Pascal! HEY, PASCAL, IT'S US!" Luke started jumping up and down and waving to Pascal, who was standing in his boat at the dock of Plasma Island. How on Earth Luke can have so much energy so late at night I will never understand. I, for one, felt like passing out from exhaustion.

"Did you boys have a fun time?" Pascal asked us as we climbed into the boat. He flashed me a knowing smile, seemingly saying, 'Rough night, huh?'

The ride home wasn't terrible. Luke spent the whole time recounting the entire movie the way that he remembered it to Pascal. Unfortunately, the way that he remembered it was about as far from accurate as one could possibly get. I was forced to chime in and correct Luke time and time again, just to make sure that Pascal didn't think that Inception was a movie about dinosaurs, Julius, pink squirrels, and 'Saito the Hero of Humanity'.

When we finally got off the boat, I waved good bye to Pascal and immediately started heading for home. All I wanted was sleep. But, predictably, someone caught up with me. Someone with a bandaid on his nose, and a fiery bandana.

"Didja have fun, Chase?" Luke asked me, walking by my side.

I thought about his question for a moment. "It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be." I answered honestly. Sure, Luke was a pain in the ass. But he could be an endearing pain in the ass when he felt like it. And, as much as I hated to admit it, some of his antics were pretty funny.

"Great!" Luke said, eyes crinkling with glee as we arrived at my door. I found that I didn't feel all too bad now that the whole thing was over and done with. Sure, the movie experience may have been comparable to taking a free sample of hell, but at least he was happy.

"So, what movie are we seeing next week?" Oh goddess. Oh goddess, no. Please no.

"Good night, Luke." I told him, pretending that I hadn't heard his question, and slammed the door behind me.

"Good night, movie buddy!" I could hear Luke's muffled tone from the other side of the door, followed by the sound of him scampering home with Axelle in hand.

And, for the first time that night, I couldn't help but smile.

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