About a week after the final battle in Fillydelphia, Spike and the six ponies were together in Whitetail Wood having a big picnic and party to celebrate Spike's knighthood and return home. Spike had already told the story of his 'detour' to the ponies about a hundred times. Word began to spread further about the little gem dragon and his adventure. Sparky and Misty decided to remain in Fillydelphia and find a new life for the both of them. Spike was sad to leave his two dragon friends, but they told him they would definitely come visit him in Ponyville whenever they could.

During the picnic, Spike and Twilight were lying on their backs watching the clouds in the blue sky. It was the perfect day for such an event. The other ponies were finishing up lunch. Spike had been thinking about the adventure ever since it happened to him. He began to realize that the detour made him discover how much this place meant to him…how much Twilight and the others meant to him. It really was destiny….

"Twilight…" he said sighing. "The road of life really is beautiful…isn't it?" Twilight turned to look at him. She smiled.

"Even all the side-roads and detours in it?" she asked. Spike nodded. "Your right…" she said sighing as well. "…it is."

"Hey, everypony!" said Pinkie Pie jumping up and down. "I've got a great game lineup here! Come on!" Twilight and Spike sat up. Twilight began to walk way. She turned her head.

"Are you coming, Spike?" she said.

"Yeah…" Spike replied. "In a minute…" He said sighing. He waited for a moment, gazing out into the horizon and all the roads beyond. This was home.


Author's Note: Hope you liked the story and the way it all ended! Thank you again SO much for everything. I appreciate everything you've done! I may come out with another fanfic of a different category or genre sometime. But for now! Nrdygrl OUT! XD