"For death begins with life's first breath and life begins with at the touch of death."

The first thing Madara noticed was the colors. They danced around him, taunting him with such beauty. It made him angry that they could do that to him. He jerked up, trying to reach them, only to be restrained by some rope. He growled and tore at his restraints, planning to rip apart whoever had captured him. He was the great Uchiha, the head of the clan, and not one to be captured so easily. He would show whoever it was the true power of Madara Uchiha, and that would be the last of them.

"It seems you have awakened, Uchiha-sama."

Madara twisted his head in order to see who spoke. The colors began take form and shape into objects around the room. The room was shaded, so he could see everything better. As the objects became clear around him in his eye, he jerked his head and hissed at the man standing in the doorway. He looked like a regular punk, piercings all over his face and his hair dyed orange and spiked.

"Who the fuck are you?" Madara hissed with disgust.

The teenager only stared at him emotionless. "I am Pein."

Madara snorted, a name he gave himself most likely. He decided that this guy was just another weak disrespectful brat and he would tear him limb from limb once he was freed.

Pein went on as if he hadn't heard that. "I have recalled you from the dead, Uchiha-sama. You are one of the most powerful criminals-"

"Criminal? I'm not a criminal; I am a gift to the world!" Madara protested.

"As I was saying," Pein continued, "You are one of the most powerful people the world has ever seen-"

"One of the? I'm the most powerful the world has seen and will see," he muttered, interrupting yet again to the aggravation of the teenager.

"Yes, you're the most powerful person in the world. May I continue?" Pein didn't disguise his annoyance with the man, something that pleased him.

Madara flaunted a smile. "Gladly. Please go on."

Pein muttered to himself before going on. "You are the most powerful man on Earth and I have resurrected you. Now that I have done that, I wish to make a request from you."

"Well spit it out, boy. I got places to be, things to do, people to kill," Madara said.

Pein let out a sigh before continuing. "I wish for you to start an organization with me. I want to bring peace to the world and I can only do that with your power," he finished, finally getting to the point of this.

"My power? You'll use my power in order to bring peace," Madara said, letting out a cackle."You will not use me because I don't work with brats!"

Pein looked unaffected by his outburst, letting the older man go on.

"I am Madara Uchiha! Do you know what that means? That means that I could rip out your heart right now and you couldn't do a thing to stop me. Don't you dare tell me what to do, you brat. I shall show you the true meaning of pain, and not the way you use as your name. You little fucker, you can't control me."

Pein waited a moment before replying. "Sir, you want to rule the world, correct? I am able to give you that power which you seek. The organization will bring peace to the world, and you and I will be in charge of it."

"No deal," he said, turning his head away to look at the wall beside him. "I want all the power, not just some."

Pein rubbed his temple, regretting bringing Madara back to life. "You may have all of the power, if you wish, as long as my goal is realized," he hesitantly said.

Madara looked at Pein suspiciously. "Why do you want to bring peace to the world so badly? It's only a place full of pain and sorrow. There's nothing that will change that."

Pein's expression began to change into something full of sorrow. "So it is impossible. I understand sir; I will allow you to die then."

"Wait a second, whippersnapper! I never said I could not do it!" Madara laughed nervously at this. "I want my life. Give me my life and power, and I shall have you realize your dream."

Light returned to Pein's silver eyes and he nodded. "It is agreed then." He moved to untie the man, freeing him from many things that had restrained him.

Madara flexed his wrist, red from the rope burn. "Thank you, thank you," he muttered, a twisted grin coming over his face. "Thank you, Pein. Now we both can realize our goals."

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