Chapter Five

Shoot for the moon; even if you miss you'll end up amoung the stars. -Brian Littrell

Madara swore when his transmitter went off. He checked to if it was something he could ignore, like another weapons shipment. Of course not, it just had to be Pein of all people. Then again, he could just ignore him, since he is the brains of this operation and Pein is just a figurehead. Then again, he didn't want to piss off Konan. If he even said something wrong, she would snub him, which wasn't a good thing since she managed all the shipments. If this was back in his time, women wouldn't even be in a top secret criminal organization, they'd be in the kitchen, making him a sandwich. If he had his way with the world, he would make sure all the women stayed in the kitchen and fixed him sandwiches. And meat! He could not forget about the meat.

And this opinion is not because of the fact that he has some fear towards Konan.

He said something to Zetsu and left, still under the Tobi persona. Kami, he hated that persona. He had to be like that more often now since he was convincing people to join the organization. Fuck, he even needed to come up with a name, to make them the most feared organization in the world.

Madara chuckled. They would become greater than the Akatsuki, the gang he was in before he "died".

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