My Silly Little Gold Fish: Chapter 1: A Challenge

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Sesshomaru looked down at the bundle in his arms. His daughter was two months old today, and he was still having trouble believing just how much his life had changed in two years. The bundle shifted in her pink blanket, and she looked up at her father with golden eyes that were shadowed by her dark bangs. This was a time of early morning that he had become very fond of. It was around sunrise, and her mother was in the shower and getting ready. It was a special hour that he had with her every morning before he left for work. She had already had him wrapped around her finger. He smirked while thinking about just how it had all happened…

Two years ago:

A mid-aged wealthy man sat at an empty table in an elegant restaurant as many people around him began to start their early lunches he mulled over the events that lead him to sit here waiting to give a very unusual proposal to his greatest competitors. He was Yasuo Masahiro head of Masahiro Incorporated. He was beyond wealthy, and had a happy family. He had done his best to honor his mate's memory by ensuring their family's happiness. However, he was getting older, he had grand children that he wanted to be chasing after, and he had no son to pass his incredible company to. He had three beautiful, brilliant, and brassy daughters, and as much as he would love to pass the family business on to one of them; especially his middle daughter, none of them were the slightest bit interested. His oldest, Anna, was pregnant with her second child, and was happily married. His youngest, Alexia, was a living in Venice with her new fiancée, and was an up and coming modern artist. This left his middle daughter who reminded the most of himself, Aliyana. She was the most independent and driven out of the three. She too bright for her own good, and had skipped two grades in elementary school. She was quite outspoken, and at the age of 26 she held a bachelors in social science and education, a masters in sociology, and a PHD in Psychology. Aliyana was now one of the leading figures in her field, and he was proud of her, but he wished that she could find a husband who could make her happy. It was a father's worry that she would need someone there when he wouldn't be able to. Getting her to settle down would be hard. After all, she refused his coat-tails so much that she taught under his wife's maiden name, Bea.

It was only when he had discussed this over lunch with her that he had revealed an idea to her that he never thought she would agree to, but she was always full of surprises.

One Week Before:

He watched his dark haired daughter stir the whiskey sour that she was sipping on before their entre arrived. He knew that the silence had gone for too long, because she was making that face. It was a face that he knew from when she was old enough to talk. She was counting down till she lost her patience. Three, two, one…

"So, what do you have up your sleeve? You are never quiet. You're not ill are you?" she narrowed her eyes at him.

"I have a plan to marry off." He put it blankly.

She laughed, hard. The melodic sound was just like her mother's. Aliyana looked so much like her it was stunning. He could feel his wife glaring at him from whatever cloud she was resting on above.

"I want you to do something for me, and this is in all honesty." He stated sternly.

"Go on", she took a sip of her drink.

"I want to get your opinion of Sesshomaru Taisho and Naraku Onigumo. I plan on offering them the extra contracts, and I am even thinking about combining with one of them. I had this crazy idea." He watched his daughter nod for him to continue. "What if you happened to fall in love with one of them, then I could pass the company along to one through marriage."

His daughter's expression confused him because she looked like she was actually thinking about it. "You know that sounds like something Momma would have said…" she looked distant.

"I know, it was such a ridiculous thought, but I just can't seem to get it out of this delusional old mind."

"So, how would this semi-blind date go down?" she smiled at him.

"You are willing to go along with this crazy plan?" he was stunned.

"Well, I will have a few weeks before my new students will be turning in papers, and all my lesson plans are finished, so it could be fun. Maybe it will inspire another book?" she tilted her head. Her books were the secret to her fortune; they were collections of her experiences, her mother's sayings, advice, and stories of those she counseled during her graduate work. Her latest one was an international best seller.


So, here he was smiling and shaking hands with his competitors as they made their way to their table right on time. He sized them up behind his warm smile, and he knew that Sesshomaru was a thirty year old who was publicly discussed as one of the best in corporate management. Naraku was new to the scene, and was only twenty-eight. Both were older than his daughter, but she had always been the kind of girl who could make a man feel like a mouse, and it she was well aware of it. He himself was a fox youkai, and even though he had found his wife all the way in America she had been a black fox youkai, and his daughters had that kitsune spark, and coy way about them that could knock a man off their feet. These poor young men had no idea what they were in for.

"So, tell us Yasuo what is this lunch all about?" Inutaisho spoke up while quirking a thick brow.

Yasuo leaned forward slightly, "Gentlemen as you know I have gained one too many valuable contracts. However, I have quite a bit of time before I have to get rid of any of them. The more pressing matter is that I also have no heir to my beloved company. To remedy this I propose to work with one of your companies to take care of the extra contracts. Moreover, I am truly looking to see if it would be a good investment to join with one of your two companies." All of the other four men seemed to perk up at his words.

Yasuo sighed, "But I seem to have a problem handing over my company to anyone other than family. So, I propose if Sesshomaru or Naraku can win the heart of my daughter, Aliyana, then I will hand the company over to them when I feel ready to retire. If both of them fail I will choose one to work with. If you both refuse to I will simply give up the extra contracts… Any man who can win my Aliyana may have the company I had intended to give to her."

A moment of silence passed through the room before Sesshomaru spoke, "To make things perfectly clear, Mr. Yasuo. You wish for myself and Naraku to attempt to win Miss Aliyana. Thus, providing a traditional joining of companies through a union of marriage?"

Yasuo Nodded.

"If neither of us tries then, neither of our companies will be ask to help you with the extra contracts. Even if we both attempt and fail you will simply choose one of our companies to help, but not to join with your own permanently."

Yasuo nodded.

"If one of you succeeds, then I will have provided a proper path for my company, and found a suitable husband for my daughter. Not to mention cured one of Tokyo's most sought after playboys." Yasuo winked.

"I would love to find love with your beautiful daughter", Naraku smirked.

All eyes fell on Sesshomaru, who had no responsible choice. In his mind it was worth a try to join his only real competitor. Yasuo was an admirable businessman; the last of a dying breed. Yasuo and his father were some of the greatest of their generation. Not to mention Yasuo's daughters were famous for their own fortunes, charities, and independence. Sesshomaru had reached his decision, if he was going to waste time on a woman, at least it would be worth something in the end.

Sesshomaru nodded.

"Then, it is settled. Now, these are my daughter's closest friends; who will tell you the rules of this agreement." Yasuo motioned to the young woman behind him.

"Alright", the red head spoke up, "Aliyana has agreed to try this out. However, her patience with men is short if any. We are not here to help you beyond today; unless you win our favor. We are not going to give you her number, address, or place of work; Google exists for a reason. However, we all want her married. She is the last one of use to be single. It would be one thing if she was enjoying the single life, but all she does is work."

The young obviously gay man spoke up next, "Rule number one, she does NOT need or want your money."

Next, the pregnant brunette spoke. "Rule number two, she thinks she has better things to do than spend time with you. So, please be interesting and be gentlemen."

"The last and most important is that if you don't feel anything don't lead each other on, just end it. She won't marry you if she is not completely sure that the union will result in a happy and lasting life together. We are not asking for a miracle; simply trying to kill two birds with one stone", the last one smiled brightly.

"From here it is up to you two strapping young gentlemen to make an attempt at wooing my daughter, and please remember that she has her mother's legendary judge of character." Yasuo tipped his wine glass up to them, and excused himself back to work.

The other men all dispersed to their own business, but the dark haired pair left in quite a rush.

"You will get me those contracts!" Onigumo seethed under his breath.

On the other hand, Inutaisho couldn't wipe the smirk off his face.

"What are you so happy about?" Sesshomaru couldn't stand looking at his father's smug look after they were back in their office at top the Taisho tower.

"Yasuo is a genius. He is using his daughter to judge the characters of you and Naraku, and if she likes you, he may get to retire happily. The best part is that he really doesn't have to do anything! He us just going to put his feet up, and watch what happens." Inutaisho laughed.

"He has always been known as a smart man", Sesshomaru sat down with his mask in place.

The door flew open, and Inuyasha walked in with his friends.

Inutaisho did not have the problem of finding an heir to his empire. He had two sons, Sesshomaru was a genius with money and management, and because he was a classically trained architect he was precise. Inuyasha on the other hand was showing signs that he would likely be the best to work with the actual construction. The younger did better if he worked with his hands, and saw results immediately.

Inuyasha walked in with his friend Miroku, who was studying with him to be an accountant and was a family friend. Both entered smiling widely which was certainly not the way they normally came in from class.

Inutaisho was quick to know what happened, "What are you two so happy about?"

"We had quite the interesting day of class!" Miroku took a seat across from the oldest male.

"Just what happened?" Inutaisho knew the smile that Miroku was sporting, it was the same as his father's, and meant that it involved a lovely woman.

"Our professor is HOT! I mean she requires a guitar solo when she enters a room hot. It is kind of a shame I'm with Sango cause this woman is single, but if you want some eye candy you should drop by class!" Miroku was clearly pleased.

"What are you in this class for?" Sesshomaru frowned. Not very many of the professors at the esteemed Tokyo University were good looking especially in the engineering or accounting departments.

"Psychology 101", Inuyasha flopped down into a seat.

"What are the two of you doing in a psychology class?" Inutaisho laughed.

"Kagome", Miroku smiled brightly.

The elder youkai waited for a better explained answer.

"Kagome has been kind of taken under the wing of Dr. Bea. When she was trying to work with her general advisor, whoever was assigned to H-M, and they really weren't helping. Dr. Bea kind of rode in on a white horse and saved her. They have since become very close, and Kagome has taken all of her social science credits under her. We had to get some stupid requirement to have a psychology credit for both of our prerequisites. Kagome was hell bent that we take it with her mentor… thus; we are in an awkward position. Neither of us had met her before, and Kagome forgot to mention that she was knock out. So, now I have to watch the letch", Inuyasha sighed.

"So, if you are in such a miserable position then why were you smiling as well?" Inutaisho lifted a brow.

"She's funny, and it was the first day, so we did the traditional pass out the syllabus, introduce yourself, and get to know the instructor. However, this is what she passed out", he pulled a stapled bundle of papers.

The document was titled with the name of the class, and the name of the instructor…Aliyana Bea, "What does she look like?" Inutaisho's tone became intense.

"She is about Kagome's height with long dark hair, and brilliant eyes. She is ½ Japanese, ¼ Brazilian, ¼ American, and all kitsune", Miroku had clearly paid attention.

"There is no way she has any relation to Yasuo Masahiro?" Sesshomaru looked at the name when his father passed out the paper.

"I dunno, I showed you the syllabus to look at this", Inuyasha flipped to the last page which was titled how to introduce yourself. The page had a list of questions that ranged from what is your favorite color, where are you from, do you have any hobbies, to do you know how to study in a way that is most productive for you, and how do you deal with uncomfortable situations? Are you easily offended? Have you ever seen a psychologist? What does psychology mean to you? What does sexuality mean to you? Etc.

"The questions may be interesting, but it is a more pressing matter to find out if this is actually Aliyana Masahiro." Inutaisho turned to his computer and "googled" Aliyana Masahiro. The search came up with several photos of a beautiful young female fox youkai. "Is this your professor?"

"Yup that's her, so she's one of the Masahiro girls… who knew? I wonder why she teaches under Bea?" Miroku smirked ogling the photos.

The key photo was actually a magazine cover of a popular Tokyo magazine the cover was titled: Our Favorite Super Woman of Tokyo Aliyana Masahiro. Apparently the girl had several books, and the most recent was an international best seller. The cover also mentioned a ten page feature on her and her life.

"We need copies of that book and this magazine, and we need to see Kagome, now." Inutaisho looked to his sons.

"Why are you so interested in Dr. Bea?" Inuyasha lifted a suspicious brow at his elders.

"We will explain when you return just invite Kagome to dinner." Sesshomaru stated leaving the office and headed straight toward a large bookstore.

The sales girl was more than happy to find him the items, and she made a point to tell him that Aliyana was as she put it, "Just the most inspiring person!"

He was sitting in his office flipping through the magazine. He put his feet up on the desk and loosened his tie. It was clear that the girl was lovely. She was blessed with full curves, a bright smile; large eyes that were bright blue-green, long waves of dark hair that fell in a way that he could get use to. The cover showed her with her two dogs. She was sitting on the floor of a room with them. One was a large white Great Dane; who she was reclining against, and a Doberman Pincher who was laying along her long legs while chewing on a pair of bright pink stilettos. She was wearing a simple black dress that was cut at her mid-thigh exposing her shapely legs, and showed off her full bust.

'It could be fun… and I know that she likes dogs', a devious smirk touched his features as he finished the article. Essentially, she was a 26 year old who had sky rocketed through her academics and career. She looked like a challenge, and he couldn't resist a challenge…


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