I'm basically writing a series of one-shots.. Bella/Everybody. When I say everybody, I mean everybody. So, Edward and Jacob haters, there may be chapters you want to skip. Also, there will be some lady lovin. Not a fan? Please, don't read it and then complain. Pretty please.

These are pretty smutty, so if you're under 18, please don't read. And if you're under 18 and do read, please don't review. It makes me feel really, really gross.


Finally, a moment's peace. The adorable hellions I nannied for were finally, finally, FINALLY tucked into their beds for the night. Edward and Alice were three years old and absolutely precious, but very energetic. I had been with them for two years, since their mother was killed in a car accident. Their father, Carlisle Cullen, was a well-respected pediatrician who worked insane hours at Seattle Children's.

He was generally home for bedtime, but he was out on a date; his first date since his wife died. I was fighting through some jealousy, as I had loved him almost as long as I'd know him. Unfortunately, he didn't know I existed. I mean, obviously, he knew I existed, as I fed, bathed, clothed, and loved his children. He just didn't notice me as an available, attractive woman.

I'm sure my age had something to do with it. He's in his mid-thirties while I'm only twenty-three, but Christ, I'm so attracted to him, it's bordering on pathetic. He is, by far, the hottest man I've ever known. He's tall, blond, and built; my favorite combination.

Walking down the hall to my bedroom, I decided to go for a swim. It was still relatively early, only nine-thirty, and since I didn't expect Carlisle home any time soon, I left the back door open so I could listen for the twins. I adjusted the strap on my bikini top as I stepped into the heated pool and began swimming laps. Midway through my third lap, a noise startled me and I quickly turned my head toward the sound.

Carlisle stood next to the pool, staring down at me, his eyes unreadable and his jaw clenched. My heart stuttered and sped as he trapped me in his gaze.

"I didn't expect you home for a while," I finally said, breaking the silence.

"Yeah, tonight was pretty much a bust," Carlisle sighed. He sat on a lounger and kicked off his shoes. As he rolled up his pants legs, I swam to the steps to watch him. He was wearing a pair of charcoal trousers and a white button front shirt. The top few buttons were undone and he had his sleeves pushed up to his elbows. He was delicious.

"Uh oh. Wanna talk about it?"

"Not really," he said quietly. "How were the kids tonight? Did they fight you at bedtime?"

"Not too bad," I answered with a shrug. "You know the routine. They begged for water, stories, and to get up to potty, but they were both pretty worn out so it didn't last long."

I shifted to the left a few inches as Carlisle approached, sitting on the side of the pool and letting his feet settle on the step next to me. "Why don't you come in?" I asked. "The water's really nice tonight."

He raised his eyebrows, considering. "Okay, yeah. I'll be right back." My smile was wide as I watched him walk away.

Butterflies settled in my stomach and, to calm them down, I decided to resume swimming laps. Swiftly and smoothly I cut across the water, enjoying the slight burn in my muscles. When a hand brushed down my leg and grabbed onto my toe, I shrieked in surprise and flailed around like a lunatic. After clearing my sinus cavity of salty pool water, I turned a glare on Carlisle.

"I'm so sorry, Bella," he began, looking truly chagrined. "I didn't mean-" his apology was cut short as I splashed water in his face. I laughed at his shocked expression, and swam quickly away as his look of shock was replaced with one of mischief.

Just as I threw my hand out to touch the side of the pool, I felt strong arms wrap around my waist. I was pulled roughly back against a hard chest. To my embarrassment, a breathy moan escaped my lips. It was barely louder than a sigh, but I knew Carlisle heard it. He stiffened for an instant and his finger tips dug into my hips before he lifted me out of the water and threw me into the air.

As I broke the surface of the water, I sputtered and coughed. I was just getting my bearings when I was pulled by my ankle across the water. My legs wrapped instinctively around Carlisle's slim hips and his hands rested low on my back.

"Truce?" he asked breathlessly, his eyes intense as he stared into mine.

"Truce," I agreed with a smile. The air was thick with tension and I was beginning to feel awkward. As I moved to unwrap my legs from his hips, the hands on my low back tightened and flexed and I sighed happily as his fingers dug into my skin. He moved his hands slowly down my hips and I jumped as his left hand wrapped almost completely around my upper thigh.

My arms wound around his neck loosely and before I could process what was happening, our lips met softly. The kiss quickly escalated and I just wanted to devour him. His hand wrapped around my hair and he gently tilted my head to the side. A moan filled the air as he brushed his lips against the skin behind my ear and slowly kissed his way to my shoulder. "Fuck, Bella," he ground out. "I've wanted you for so fucking long."

Startled, I took his face between my hands and looked into his eyes. "You have?"

He nodded and looked down, avoiding eye contact.

"Me too," I admitted quietly. His eyes shot back up to mine and the want I saw in his made me tremble. Our lips met roughly and our tongues slid together immediately.

Cold air suddenly hit my chest, and I realized that Carlisle had unfastened my bikini top and let it drop into the water. He lifted his palm to my left breast and I watched as he cupped it gently, testing it's weight. My hips moved against his stomach as he caressed my aching nipple with his thumb. His hair was between my fingers and I tightened my hold as he lowered his face to my right breast, wrapping his mouth around the tightened nipple and sucking gently.

I lowered myself a bit so his hard cock was nestled between my legs. We kissed and kissed as our hips rocked together. I sighed and moaned as his hard, hot flesh provided delicious friction right against my swollen clit.

The chilly night air caused my skin to break into gooseflesh as Carlisle lifted me to the side of the pool. My legs spread to accommodate him as he pulled my bottom to the very edge of the concrete. His eyes never left mine as he untied the strings on the sides of my bikini bottoms, even as I lifted my hips so he could remove them completely.

After giving me a quick peck on the lips, he backed away from me and his eyes took in my body, naked and waiting for him. A low noise, almost a growl, escaped through his lips and I shivered in anticipation

I felt so wanton, spread open for him as the night breeze caressed me. My heart was racing and my pussy was throbbing and weeping, and I begged him silently to touch me.

His big hands ran up my legs slowly as he dropped kisses to the insides of my thighs. He didn't tease me long and I moaned loudly as his flat tongue ran from my opening to my clit. He wrapped his lips around my pulsing bundle of nerves and sucked gently.

My head lolled back against my shoulders as the sweetest sensation started in my low belly and ended right where his mouth was sucking, pulling from me the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. My entire body trembled as he continued to kiss my sensitive flesh, stopping only when I begged.

He gently lifted me and pulled me against him, walking both of us out of the pool and through the french doors leading to his bedroom. A towel was folded on the edge of his bed and he lowered me to stand in front of him and dried us both quickly.

We kissed furiously as I untied the drawstring on his swim trunks. He helped me push the wet fabric off his hips and I grinned wickedly at him before dropping to my knees in front of him. I took his cock in my hands and dropped a kiss to the swollen head before licking the salty bead of precum I found there.

As I was taking him into my mouth, he gripped me by the arms and pulled me up against him. When I gave him a questioning look, he smiled and dropped a kiss on my forehead. "I want to be inside you," he whispered and turned me gently away from him. He pulled me flush against him, my back to his chest and lowered us onto the bed.

I stretched out on my stomach, my right leg lifted a bit to the side and he lay on top of me, letting his full weight press me further into the bed. My clit was pressed into the mattress and I rocked my hips, desperate for any sort of friction. My hand grasped his hip and pulled him closer to me, lifting my hips a bit. He slid into me smoothly and we rocked together, skin to skin from head to toe.

His hand snaked around my belly and down to my clit, and I pressed my face into a pillow to keep from screaming out as he rubbed quickly and firmly against the slipper, swollen nub. My orgasm was quick and violent and I thrashed and writhed uncontrollably.

When he came, he cried out my name before collapsing into a boneless heap on top of me. As our breathing returned to normal, he carefully slid out of me and off of me and pulled me into his side. I watched his face as his eyes closed, his mouth still turned up into a smile. Before he drifted to sleep, he wrapped his arms around me and whispered, "Stay with me."