Warning: This is my very first femmeslash story and I'm nervous. So nervous, in fact, that it's taken me months to post this at all. If you're not into girl sex, this isn't for you, so pretty please don't read it and then complain. Also, this is pretty much entirely smut. :)


Rose nearly jumped out of her chair in fright as I slammed into the house. "Bella? What the fuck?"

I glared as I stomped past her into my bedroom. Leaving the door open so we could talk, I stripped quickly and jumped into the shower. "Bad date?" she asked, walking into the small bathroom. I poked my head out the curtain and looked at her perched on the vanity.

"That's an understatement, Rose. I seriously thought Mike was going to be different." Tilting my head back into the shower stream, I thought back over the night and felt angry all over again.

"What happened, already?"

"Well, things were going well. We were getting more physical- you know. Anyway, to make a long story short, he got a blow job and refused to return the favor, I wasn't even wet when he fucked me, and then he told me I needed to go home because he had some buddies coming over. I am such an idiot. A sore idiot."

"Oh, man. What a douche. Sorry you had a rough night."

"Night? I swear, I haven't had an orgasm in six months."

"I told you I could help with that," I could hear the smile in Rose's voice, though I had no doubt she was telling the truth. She was much more adventurous, sexually, than me. Her tales of threesomes, bondage, and lesbian encounters kept me enthralled and jealous.

"Yeah, yeah, and I've told you I'm too scared of the vag to take you up on it."

"Trust me, Bella, there's nothing to be scared of. Being with a girl is different and I certainly guarantee you an orgasm."

"Alright, stop sexually harassing me," her laughter filled the small space. "I'm gonna finish up in here and crash. Wanna grab breakfast in the morning?"

"Yep. See you in the morning." I quickly finished my shower and dressed in a pair of cotton panties and a tank top. Sliding into my soft bed was heaven. The sheets were crisp and cool and I smiled at the feeling of sinking into a cloud.


My chest was heaving as I sat up in bed and my panties were soaked through. Holy shit, I had a wet dream. Flashes of my dream came back to me as I took deep breaths to calm down: long blonde hair between my legs, smooth skin against mine, uncontrollable moans... Oh, my god, I dreamed of Rose. The maddening part was that now I couldn't stop thinking of her; her beautiful face buried in my pussy. My hands crept between my thighs and I gasped when I discovered how wet I was. Truly, I hadn't been this turned on in months. My clit throbbed and my mouth watered and I wanted my best friend.

Without even realizing I had made the decision, I found myself walking across the hall to Rose's bedroom. The door was cracked and her lamp was on as it always was. My tough as nails friend was a bit afraid of the dark. Standing next to her bed, I didn't know what to do. I wanted to climb into bed with her and wake her up with my tongue and fingers, but the reality was that I had never done anything like this before and I was a little afraid.

"Rose," I whispered. "Wake up!"

"Bella?" her voice was scratchy from sleep and her eyes were half closed. "What's wrong?" she lifted the sheet for me to slide in next to her.

All my courage left at that moment. I looked at her beautiful face, my own cheeks burning. I dropped my gaze, unable to meet her eyes. "Seriously, Bells, what's going on? You're scaring me," her hand ran through my hair, brushing the strands out of my face.

"I'm fine. I just had a dream."

"A nightmare?" her blue eyes were wide and concerned and her lips looked so soft and I had to kiss her. So I did.

This kiss was like nothing I'd even known before. Her lips were full and her face was smooth and when she slid her tongue into my mouth it was gentle.

"No," I finally answered, breaking the kiss.

"No?" she was staring at my lips and I clenched my thighs together, so desperate for friction.

"No, not a nightmare," I clarified. "I want you."

"Fuck, Bella." she rolled over me, settling between my open thighs and captured my lips in a kiss so passionate, it left me panting. Her smooth legs rubbed against mine and I loved how silky her skin felt. My breaths were erratic and so, so loud as she kissed my collar bones while her hand pulled the straps of my tank top down my arm. When my breasts were free, Rose wrapped her lips around the left nipple while her hands kneaded the right one. She didn't bite or tug too hard and I was stunned by how aroused I felt.

Sitting back on her heels, she pulled the tank top and my panties down my body and I lay in my best friend's bed, completely naked and spread open just for her.

"Oh, my god, you're so fucking beautiful," she breathed as she lowered her body and kissed the inside of my right thigh, about three inches from where I wanted her. Her eyes met mine as she brought her mouth to my pussy. She dropped one kiss on my aching clit and rested her chin on my pubic bone, her gaze burning with intensity. "Are you sure you want this? I don't want to do anything you'll regret tomorrow."

I braided my fingers through her hair and smiled. "I'm positive." I lifted my hips, and thankfully she took the hint and sucked my smooth lips into her mouth one at a time, scraping her teeth lightly against the sensitive skin. Her arms wrapped around my legs and she placed her hands on either side of my core, pulling my folds apart. My hips bucked wildly as she gave my slit one long lick with her flat tongue, from the entrance of my vagina to my clit. She circled my sensitive nub with her warm, wet tongue and my stomach and thighs trembled uncontrollably.

I released her hair and propped myself up on my elbows to watch her and the sight nearly made me cum. With my right hand, I pulled her hair back off her face and I moaned as I watched her pink tongue flatten and move slowly across my clit. The throbbing had turned into a sweet ache and I knew an orgasm was fast approaching. "Suck it, baby, please," I begged, holding her hair tighter to keep her focused on my swollen bundle of nerves.

My moans were loud and my hips rocked shamelessly as she pulled my clit into her mouth, sucking gently and pressing her tongue against it firmly. My eyes crossed and my mouth opened into a silent scream as she drew the most intense orgasm of my life from me. The pulsing sweetness began in my clit and radiated up to my belly and down my legs. Rose released my clit when it became too sensitive and her beautiful face disappeared from my view as she snaked her tongue into my entrance, lapping up as much of my sticky cum as she could.

My hand wrapped around her hair and I pulled her up to lie next to me. Our lips met and I sighed happily when I tasted myself on her. In a pretty impressive move for a novice, I tugged her tank top over her head while I rolled myself on top of her. Rose had the best breasts. They were heavy and full, but still perky, the way only a twenty-four year old's breasts can be. Her nipples were pink and pretty and I wanted them in my mouth.

Tentatively, I reached my tongue out and flattened it against the puckered skin. I knew immediately that Rosalie's boobs were going to be my new obsession. It was intriguing to feel the nipples tighten and grow beneath my tongue. I suckled and kneaded her for several minutes before she pulled my face back to hers. "Will you touch me?" I nodded and she took my hand in hers and guided it down her body. When we reached the fabric of her panties, she moved our hands over the cloth down to where the cotton was warm and slick.

With one more wistful kiss on her right nipple, I sat up to pull her panties down her long, creamy legs. Steeling myself, I took in the sight before me. Rose was on her back with her hair cascading wildly around her head on the pillow. Her chest was flushed and her nipples were hard, and my mouth watered for them again. I ran my hand very lightly across her velvet soft stomach, watching in wonder as her muscles flexed and rippled. The long legs I had been jealous of for all of college and beyond were bent and spread wide, exposing her smooth pussy. "It's so pretty," I sighed, loving how pink it was and feeling a little smug when I noticed how it glistened with moisture. "I don't know what to do."

She was watching me as I stared at her body. My nerves from earlier were back and I felt embarrassed that I didn't know how to make her feel good. She patiently placed our hands back on her pussy and gathered some moisture on our fingertips. She moved her hand to rest on top of mine as she positioned my fingers on her clit. "I like to rub it like this," she said, moving my fingers in quick circles. When I got the hang of rubbing her, she moved her arms above her head.

Her hips moved in small circles and I got goosebumps as she let out the sexiest moan I had ever heard. "I want to taste you. Tell me what to do, please." Sliding my body lower on her bed, I kissed my way up the inside of her toned thigh. As I got closer, I could smell her arousal. She smelled like Rose, but more concentrated and mixed with musk. When I was face to face with it, her vagina was a little intimidating. I spread her apart with my fingers and slid my tongue up her slit. She tasted salty and a little bit sweet. It wasn't bad, but she definitely didn't taste like ice cream either. Her folds were silky and soft and I like the way they felt as they moved against my tongue. I backed off a bit to study her, and tried to find her clit with my fingers. "Is this it?" I asked, rubbing against a slightly swollen, thicker piece of flesh.

My beautiful girl arched her back and moaned as I got the confirmation I needed. Knowing what I liked, I decided to just go for it. I dropped open mouthed kisses on her lips, keeping my finger firmly on her clit. It was amazing to feel her react. Her thighs trembled and she fisted her hands in my hair. My finger slipped off her clit and her whole body jerked as my fingernail gently scraped across it. "Did that hurt?" I asked in a panic?

"Oh god, Bella. You're not hurting me." She tried to pull my face back to her pussy, but I wanted to try something. I licked my middle two fingers and positioned them at her entrance. I watched in awe as they slowly disappeared into her body. I focused on the way she felt surrounding me: she was slick heat and firm muscles and so, so tight. I curled my fingers and smiled in triumph when I felt her spongy g-spot. Her back arched and she looked so sexy, I had to taste her again. I pulled my fingers from her and replaced it with my tongue.

All I could smell and taste was Rose. My nose was buried in her folds, and when I wiggled my tongue inside her, I tried rubbing my nose against her clit, though I wasn't sure if I was actually pulling it off. Wanting to make her feel good, I licked my way up her slit and circled her clit a few times. She pulled my hair, begging me to suck her. Wrapping my lips around the swollen, pulsing flesh, I drew it gently into my mouth.

I sucked on her clit, hoping I was doing it right when I was rewarded with a gush of warm liquid against my chin. Rosalie stiffened and moaned my name over and over. When her body relaxed, I gave her sensitive clit one last quick lick and crawled up her body. We kissed until we were breathless and sleepy and I smiled as she settled me against her breasts. My eyes were heavy as she broke the silence. "Bella?"


"Are we okay?" Her arms tightened around me. I raised my head to look into her eyes.

"Yeah, we're absolutely okay. I don't know why we didn't do this before!"

Her eyes narrowed in a mock glare. "I told you! Next time you'll believe me."

"Oh, you're not going to have to talk me into this next time. You're going to have a hard time keeping me away." I smiled into her skin.

"I'm okay with that." Her words were quiet but clear.

"I do have one very important question."


"Yeah," I said with a grin. "Does scissoring feel as good as I think it would? They always seem really excited about it in porn." I screamed with laughter as Rose pinched my sides and slid one of her legs between mine.

"Only one way to find out."