It took her long enough to realized that what she wanted was her. And she was not about to let her bloody brother take her away from her.

Ginny spent the afternoon thinking about the one she truly loved, Hermione. Hermione was away for weeks now with Ron, she didn't think she could hate anyone more than Ron, it was is her brother. How could she hate her own brother ? Simple. He spent more time with Hermione than she did. An extensive knock interrupted her thoughts.

"Ginny, are you home ?" She would recognize this voice anytime, it was the one and only Hermione Jean Granger.

Ginny jumped from the couch, not even noticing that she was only wearing a large shirt that Harry had left there at her flat when they broke up with a couple of things that he never picked up. As soon as she opened the door Hermione hugged her really tight like she hasn't seen her for years.

"H-...Her...Hermione, you are chocking me." Hermione released her immediately.

"I'm sorry, I've missed you so much, I have so much good news for you" She said looking down realizing that Ginny wasn't wearing any pants, she also saw how good-looking her leg, she also thought if they were as smooth as they seem.

"Gin, where are your pants ?" She chuckled at the question she just asked. Ginny didn't answered her she simply smiled. 'What a beautiful smile' Hermione thought. There they were again those thoughts and the need touch Ginny again, they were always there when she was with Ginny, it was was worse today because she was half dressed.

"Hermione, are you going to sit ?" Ginny was now laying on the couch giving Hermione a better view to her legs.

" I'm coming, where's Harry ? Not home from work yet ?" Hermione asked noticing that it was pretty

quiet , that her voiced echoed a bit.

" Harry and I... uhmm we broke up" She said her head a bit down.

"Oh Ginny, I'm so sorry." She said as she made her way to her best friend and hugged her.

"Don't be" Ginny said her voice breaking almost as it hurt her to talk about it.

" I guess, it would be a bad time to tell you my good news." She was no longer hugging Ginny but instead looking into her beautiful eyes.

" I've let Harry ruined most of my week, I need to hear something good, so what is your good news ? Ginny asked she was wiping away her tears, she hated crying in front of people, and especially not Hermione.

" Alright , well you know that I've been working a book , right ?" Ginny nodded " Well, it is getting published in two weeks and I wanted you to be the first one to read it" She said as she pulled the book out of her back. It was tittled ''My story''. "Gin, I know you don't like to read but it would mean a lot to me if you read it."

" I'm so happy for you." She hugged her friend as she never wanted to let go of her.

"Well thank you Gin, it's getting late now, I've told Ron that I will be home by 6." Ginny glances at the clock.

"But it's only 3" Ginny said her head down, no matter what she did or said Ron will always come first, after all he was Hermione's boyfriend.

"I know, but I'm tired and I'm going to lay down" Hermione said as she was getting up and heading to the door, Ginny followed and hugged her best friend.

"Will I see you tomorrow ?" She said before letting go of the girl she was in love with.

"Of course Gin." At that she dissaperated to hers and Ron's house.

Ginny was once again left alone, thinking about the woman that could never have. It hurts to think that she was in love with her like that. Harry breaking up with her didn't hurt as much.

Hermione arrived home, the door was half closed. She could hear the TV from their room opened from upstairs. She made her way up without saying home. She opened their bedroom door and could not believed her eyes.

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Chapter 2