X and Star
Naruto/Red X/Starfire
Story Start
Starfire had been so sucked into the tale she hardly registered that night fall had soon came. She had hardly notice when he closed distance between them. ''You really are a treasure Starfire. Someone who does have feelings for you, but won't let his own moral code get in the choice. No matter what anyone tries to tell you being a hero is a choice. They'll tell you that they can't ignore the call, but it seems only those with psychological issues are the ones who cling to such a life. I mean it seems like out of your entire team you're the one whose choice to be a hero is at the most connected to some tragic element to the past. So if you're hoping for a deep and romantic relationship you're going to be waiting for awhile. So what do you choose Starfire? Do you really want to put your heart on the line and risk the heartache? Because from what I can see Robin will always hold 'the mission' above you and being a relationship in his mind will compromise both the team and your safety.''

When his hand suddenly cradled her cheek Starfire had stiffened. His touch was warm, and his eyes sincere. It was his eyes though, the fact that she could actually see his eyes and for a Tamarenean that meant a lot. Body language was important but it was believed that one's soul could be seen through the eyes. She wanted to open her mouth, protest the closeness but her body was betraying her, not listening to her mind as it wouldn't move and her cheeks began to heat up. This sort of closeness was not something she had come to experience on Earth. So when he leaned over and was about to kiss her communicator went off, resulting in him pulling back and her feeling rather disappointed. She pulled out the device to answer it and she looked up X was gone.

''I...can't...I don't...' she tried to reason with herself, denying what she felt. She didn't know X well enough to say she had actually feelings for him, but she couldn't deny that she didn't find him attractive or that his honesty pique her interest. 'He is a villain and a thief.' she tried to reason to herself as the phantom touch of Naruto's arm around her waist still lingered. She returned to the tower and didn't say a word about her encounter. She didn't want to alarm her friends or maybe she was afraid that they would pick up on her linger thoughts. Though when they asked her something was wrong she put on a false, cheerful smile and acted as if nothing was wrong. Thankfully, Raven wasn't one to pry as she definitely noticed something was off about the alien princess. Starfire could only hope these feelings, this infatuation would be short lived.

X had spread out amongst his couch and picked up the remote, turning on his TV. The thievery of course allowed him to afford the lavish three bed-room apartment he was in now. He knew that despite his less then honest living it was less villainous then his former child soldier life. On the TV screen was that of several cameras monitoring the inside of the Titan's towers. Too many of times did he began to wonder when the team was going to come to heads with an enemy that completely outclasses them and make them realize they needed to step up their game.

They may have been doing fine against these generic money grubbing and power hungry fools, but they were one day going to come against an intelligent, no-nonsense criminal who didn't play petty games and would go for the kill. Slade was an example of such an enemy, but it was his very pride that kept him from killing the Titans when he had a chance. What will they do if they ever came across an enemy that liked getting those out of his way a little more then losing?

So when he sees the Titans return with a defeated look he shakes his head. Another bad that he thought as he watched a frustrated Robin lash out at his team mates. The problem with the kid wasn't that he was a bad person, but he took things far too personally. He often became obsessed, like it was his personally duty to make sure everyone in the city was safe, but he was just a teenage boy. A teenage boy that lacked powers in a world of alien invaders, killer machines, and dimension travelers. ''He's going to grow up to have a heart condition.'' Naruto mused to himself as he switched to another camera that peered into Starfire's room. Most boys, men, or anyone with a libido and into the female sex would kill to get a live feed into the auburn haired alien's room. Though when it looked like a show was about to go on Naruto always switched the camera or cut the thing off. He was no voyeur.

Though of course upon seeing the distress look on Starfire's face he wanted, needed to reach out to her so that's what he did. In a flash he left his apartment and appeared on the island where every hour he sent a Kagebunshin or two to the island, each old copy handing a new one the Hirashin kunai and communicator so they could keep in contact and Naruto could come and go between the two places with ease. After all, monitoring the Titans and having a way to get out of his current location in a flash was what kept him out of prison.

The sound of something impacted her window had caused Starfire to stir. She had just gotten to sleep as well so the result was a frown adorning her features. She turned and tried to annoy the noise, but the sound of tap, tap, tap filled her ears. Letting out a huff she rose from her bed sheets and floated to the window. Looking down she saw nothing but obscure shades, cloaked in the shadows of the night and dimly illuminated by the moon light and stars. Starfire's sleeping habits were unusual in itself. She was a heavy sleeper but once she woke up she had a hard time going back to sleep. She also could take a nap in a hour and be rejuvenated during the day while only needing six hours at night to fully recover from exhaustion. So she decided to head to the kitchen and make a Tamarenean remedy for drowsiness when she came across none other then Naruto making an omelet.

''Hey there Starfire? Want one?'' he casually asked, as if he just didn't break into the tower and was causally make breakfast late at night.

She of course was so dumbfounded she couldn't even find the words to speak.

''Of course if you want it with mustard you're going to have to wait for your own batch.'' he added, chuckling at his own joke.

''What are you doing here? How did you get here? And why are you raiding our fridge?'' she hissed, trying to keep her cool and disbelief hidden.

''I was bored, hungry and I teleported.''he answered, trying not to snicker at her reaction. ''And a friend of mine is throwing a party and I need a date. Interested?'' he said as he flipped over half the egg, containing the shredded cheese and ham to complete the snack.

''You broke into the tower, to ask me out on a date?'' Starfire found the action oddly flattering if not a little weird.

''Well?'' he asked, his canine peeking out from his upper lips as he waited for answer.

Starfire's cheeks began to heat up. ''I...'' before she could give her answer the lights shot on and a cry of freeze alerted them to the other Titans being awake.

''Aah shit! I didn't even get to finish my Omelet first.'' was all Naruto could get out before he found himself being attacked.