Ch 9

As I walked further down the trail, the whimpers grew louder but so did something else. There was person, a man near whatever it was that was making the sound.

Finally, I saw it; a helpless young wolf pup cowering near a tree while Edward Cullen was poking at it with a stick and taunting it. The pup looked to be a few weeks old with a brown russet coloring with a little tan on its belly.

"Edward! What on earth do you think you're doing? Get away from it!" He rolled his eyes.

"It is only a stupid animal Isabella. Do not be such a woman about this."

"And you are only a disgusting pig yet no one has poked you with a stick." I pushed him aside, reached for the defenseless animal and lifted him into my arms. It nuzzled itself against me and whined contently. I think I just fell in love with this pup.

"Isabella Thompson, put that disgusting animal down right this second. It belongs on the smoking end of a gun." That was the final straw. Before I could stop myself, I reached back with all my strength and slapped Edward clear across the face.

"How dare you threaten this poor defenseless animal. You disgust me! Don't you ever come near him again. And my name is Isabella Black. Don't you forget it." Take that you egotistical, psychotic bastard. I'd like to have you on the smoking end of a gun. And I'd be all too happy to pull the damn trigger.

"Oh please, it shouldn't be. And that is an animal Isabella. One that will grow up and try to kill you. The world would be a much better place if someone just got rid of him."

"Now that is funny Edward, I was thinking the exact same thing about you. Pig!" I cuddled the wolf even closer to my chest and stormed away. The nerve of that bastard! How dare he. My mother wanted me to marry that cold-hearted snake. She's raving mad! What did the pup do to warrant such cruelty? I swear that man has no heart. He feels no compassion or love for anything other than his inflated ego.

"There there little one, I've got you. I won't let anything or anyone harm you." I cooed and scratched behind its ears. This earned me a content sigh and a playful lick.

When I arrived back at the tent Jacob was there waiting.

"Bells there you are. I'm so sorry about…what is that?" His gaze fell on the bundle of fur cuddle against my bosom.

"A wolf pup?" I shrugged.

"Bells, where did you get the pup from?"

"I found him in the woods all alone. Edward was teasing him and poking at him with a huge stick. I couldn't just leave him there." My poor little pup.

"Alright so Edward is a jerk that has no respect for nature. But what exactly do you plan to do with the little wolf now?"

"I had my heart set on keeping him." Please say yes. I can't bear the thought of letting him go. He needs me.

"No Bells, we can't." He says sternly.

"Jake, please. Can we at least keep him until we find his family?" Surely the pack must be close by if this little guy was not too far from the tribe.

"And how do you suppose we do that?" He asks.

"Well there are wolves around here all the time; maybe he belongs to one of them." It can't be that hard to track them down.

"He doesn't Bella." How would he know?

"You don't know that. Jake, please. I cannot think of what will happen to him if we send him back out there alone. Edward is gunning for him; I know he'll find him again."

My mind started coming up with a vast of images of what could happen out there. He could get shot by a hunter, killed by bigger animals or even starve to death. At a few weeks old, I doubt the pup could hunt. There's no way he can fend for himself. I have to take care of him. I thought Jacob of all people would understand. But there he stands a mere four feet away crushing my heart.

"Bells, I…" He looks at me and I know that if I push just a little more, I can get him to change his mind. He hasn't taken his eyes off the pup, but not in a bad way. I notice that now that he looks rather pleased by the pup but unsure.

"Jacob, please. I won't be able to rest unless I know he's here; safely with us."

He sighed in defeat. "Alright my sweetheart, we will keep him, but only until he's old enough to fend for himself. Understand?" I squealed and nodded. I stood up on my toes and kissed him on the lips.

"Thank you my love." I hadn't meant to call him that out loud but that's exactly what I was beginning to feel. Besides, it didn't seem to bother Jacob in the slightest. He simply smiled.

"Anything for you. Now before I was distracted, I was attempting to apologize for the manner in which I behaved this morning. I was upset but I should not have taken that out on you."

"I know what you were angry about. I saw your father during my walk and he explained everything."

"I was upset about what the elders said about our marriage during the meeting but that is not an excuse for the way I treated you. I will try to never let it happen again."

"I wish you would have spoken to me about it. We could have been angry with the elders together." He laughed. "Jake, what's an imprint?"

"What?" He looked shocked.

"When I was talking to your father today he said something about me being your imprint. What is that?"

"It's our word for soul mate; I guess is the best way to describe it right now."

It feels like there is more to it, I can see it in his eyes. When he's ready to tell me he will.

"Oh that is almost what your father said. I just felt as if he was holding something back. So you think I am your soul mate?" He pulled me into his arms and kissed me deeply.

"I know you are. Now it's been a long morning; even the little wolf looks tired. Let's sleep for a bit sweetheart."

"Alright." We laid down to rest and our new little wolf snuggled right in between us.

Later in the day


I woke to a little fur ball curled against my chest. I can't believe she found this little guy. But what concerns me more is what the hell Edward Cullen was doing out in our woods. He had no business being there. I glance down at the pup and can't help the smile that crosses my face. He's a cute little thing. I gently run my hands over his back and scratch behind his ears. A purr like sound emits from its mouth and it gingerly rolls onto its side.

"Hehe. Cute little thing." It wants its belly rubbed. But where did the pup come from I wonder. Where is its mother? Poor thing is motherless, just like me. "Maybe the great spirits sent you to us fur ball."

"His name isn't fur ball." I look up to find Bella stretching and then laying on her side with her head propped up by her hand.

"I know. So what would you like to do today while we figure out what to name him."

"Well, since I'm becoming accustomed to your world, I was thinking of introducing you to mine."

What does she mean, introducing me to hers? Hopefully nothing that bad. I can deal with anything as long as it doesn't involve me having to spend time with Edward. Or being in the same vicinity as him. I must have looked confused because she spoke up.

"I thought we could go over to my side of town and take a stroll. Maybe visit the baker and grab a pastry. It doesn't matter what we do in town, just as long as we are together. They have to get used to seeing you around. You are my husband after all." She leaned over and placed a kiss to my lips.

I eased her on her back and gently lay above her. She gives me that smile that makes my heart beat as fast as a humming birds wings. Those lips are addicting. I can't help myself as I press my lips to hers. We continue for a minute or two before she breaks away panting.

"I'll take that as a yes then?" She smiles. What a cunning little thing.

"I don't know Bella. The towns' people aren't very accepting of us. They tolerate us when need be.

"If it makes you feel any better, Embry can come with us. I know how close you are. Besides, it will be good for the town people to mingle more with your people. We can learn from each other and they need to know that. Our marriage was to unite everyone and it is about time."

Such a stubborn woman. Strong willed, but stubborn.

"Alright. I'll go. But Embry is definitely coming. We can go now if you would like."

"What about the pup. Will he be ok here by himself? What if he runs off?"

"We can leave him with Sue if it would ease your mind. She'll take good care of him until we return."

"Thank you." This earns me another sweet kiss. I could kiss her all day. "Alright, enough kisses for you. Let us go get Embry." She winks at me as she stands up. What an evil woman. I'll have to get her later for torturing me.

"I'll carry the fur ball." The pup must have heard my comment because he stretched his little legs and wagged his tail. "Come here you." I pick him up and hold him eye level to me to get a good look at him. He takes this opportunity to lick my nose and give me this puppy dog eye look. "Oh don't you try buttering me up. Let's get you fed before we leave."

Bella stood to the side watching my interaction with a smile.

As we walked through my village, everyone greeted us with pleasant smiles and even a few 'good mornings'. It would not be this way once we made it to Bella's side and I knew that.

We didn't have to go far to find Embry or Sue. They were both sitting near the river with Seth and Leah.

"Good morning Hon…Jacob, Bella. I'm sorry Jacob's new name is taking a while to grow on me." Sue said with a pleasant smile.

"Good morning Sue, Seth, Embry…Leah." Bella smiled.

"Good morning." They all answered in unison.

"Jacob what's that you've got there?" Leah inquired.

"It appears to be a little wolf pup. Bella found him all alone in the woods. He was about to killed by an idiot with no respect for anyone who doesn't look like him." Bella chuckled at my comment.

We all looked down at the wolf to see that he had his head cocked to the side and was staring curiously at Embry. Only Embry and I knew that the little pup no doubt smelled the wolf on Embry.

"Anyhow, we came by to see if you could keep an eye on him while Bella and I go into town. She is afraid to leave him alone."

"Oh I would be happy to." Sue reached for the pup and he nearly jumped into her arms. Friendly little guy. I wonder…

"I'll help." Leah offered. "Oh my goodness he has to be the cutest thing I have ever seen. Hello little guy."

"Thank you Sue. Leah. We also came to see you would like to go into town with us Embry. I think if you came along it would make Jacob feel better."

"Absolutely. I would love to." Embry jumped to his feet eager to go with us.

"Do you mind if I come along too?" Seth asked. "I won't be any trouble, honest."

"Seth, of course you can come with us. The more the merrier." Bella said cheerfully.

"We should get going then." I said. "Sue we will come get him as soon as we're back from town."

"Oh take your time my dears. We're going to have a wonderful day together."

On our walk into town, Embry talked with Bella about how she was adjusting to life on our side of the fence. He asked if she was ready to go back to living with her own people. She told him that our people were starting to feel like her people too and that she was perfectly happy where she was as long as she was with me.

Seth stayed pretty quiet throughout the walk. He was looking around at all the changes Bella's people were making to our lands. They had torn down hundreds of trees to build their houses, stores and roads. It barely even looked like our home anymore.

"Bella!" We heard someone call from behind us. When we turned around it was none other than Emmett Cullen. "Fancy seeing you here. I didn't think you loved us anymore. Hello Jacob, Embry. Seth." I was surprised he'd bothered to remember our names. Most of the pale faces here only wanted to call us one thing. Savages.

"Hello Emmett. Jacob and I came into town for a walk and to see the progress you all were making with the building. It looks wonderful. Almost like home." Whose home sweetheart? Certainly not mine.

"Your father has had men working round the clock to get everything completed. We will turn this place into a civilized society in no time." Embry, Seth and I all snorted at that comment. Who said we weren't a civilized society before the pale faces decided to grace us with their presence.

"Jake, Emmett didn't mean anything by that. He was only saying…"

"I know what he meant sweetheart. It's alright. Let's look around some more." She smiled, nodded and took my hand.

This was the reason Bella and I had been forced into this marriage; so that Bella's people could build without blood shed. They didn't ban my people from this side of town but they didn't welcome us with out stretched arms either.

A proper English woman like Bella walking through the town escorted by three giant half dressed Indian men drew a lot of attention; many hushed conversations and intense stares. But Bella never acted as if she were ashamed to be with us. She was quite the opposite; introducing us to everyone we came across. She even kissed me in front of her priest. My wife was truly something special. She made losing half of my home completely worth it.

Seth's POV

This was all really strange. All these pale faces everywhere. Jacob seemed to be perfectly at ease. Especially with Bella by his side. Embry was a little uncomfortable but he would never show that to them.

I have to admit some of the pale faces were really nice like Bella and Dr. Cullen. Others like Edward...not so much. Some of them were very interesting to me like Alice. Dr. Cullen had told me what was wrong with her a while ago when I helped him set up his small office here.

I felt so bad for both her and Jasper. He looked so helpless and desperate. He looked as if he would give anything to have just a glimpse of his wife back. And Alice she just looked lost. As if she had no more reason to go on. I sort of understood what she was going through and I really wanted to try and help her. If I could that is.

While we were walking through town, I saw her sitting on a small bench with her husband still trying to coax some kind of response out of her. I decided to detour from the rest of the group. Bella smiled at me once she saw the direction I was headed. I walked over to them slowly.

"Hello Jasper." He looked up at me a little shocked.

"Seth...hello. Ahh this is my wife Alice. I'm sorry she can't speak but..."

"It is alright Jasper; Dr. Cullen already explained it to me. Do you mind if I talk to your wife for a moment?" He looked confused for a moment and then he sighed.

"I guess it really would hurt anything would it. I will be right over there." He pointed to a shop just a few feet away and then took off.

I sat down beside Alice and grabbed her tiny hand in mine. She was so cold. She was staring out seemly at nothing at all.

"Hello Alice, my name is Seth. I heard about what happened to you and it is really sad. I am twelve years old and when I was nine; I lost my mother. I know it is not really the same as what you have been through but..." She still just sat there so I continued.

"I know it seems like it is easier to just disappear but I had to learn that isn't really the way to handle things. There are a lot of people here that need you and miss you. Your husband Jasper, your father...maybe me. I mean I know I'm a little young but I feel a strange connection to you. I'm a child without a mother and you are a mother without a child. Maybe when you are better we can be there for each other. I will leave you alone for now Alice but if it's alright I will be back tomorrow." Just as I got ready to stand...she squeezed my hand.

AN: In case anyone is confused, Seth is not Sue's son, she is his aunt.