Sorry for such a late update! This is a new story I'm writing. Yes, it's a crossover of Just My Luck (McFLY) and Pirates of the Caribbean. Hopefully you'll all enjoy it! I do not own McFLY or Pirates of the Caribbean.

Chapter 4:

The two lads were in shock. They've both never fought an actual pirate before, they were scared. Even the Royal Navy were being beat. It was as if the pirates were unbeatable! But as Tom looked upon the fight between the Navy and pirates, he couldn't tolerate it any longer. He started to take a step forward, but Danny grabbed his arm and pulled him back.

"Mate, what in the bloody hell do you think you're doing?" Danny's eyes were full of worry for his friend.

Tom pulled his arm free from his friend's grasp. "I'm going to help. I can't just sit by and watch the Navy be beat!"

"And you think you'll make a difference?" Tom thought to himself then finally answered.

"I can try." He then ran off without another word, running into life threatening danger.

"TOM!" Danny called after him but Tom didn't turn back.

An officer fell down before Tom, dead. He grabbed the corpse's sword and swung it right across a pirate's chest. The pirate was surprised and fell to his knees, then face first into the wood floor. Tom ran past the corpse and began slashing at any pirate he came across. It was almost like he wasn't afraid, but truthfully he was. His fight or flight mode took over his body and he chose fight. He didn't want to be known as a man who ran away from pirates. He wants to be known as a hero who saved Port Royal.

"Die you filthy pirate!" Tom yelled as he killed another pirate.

He was like an insane man killing everything that was evil to him. In fact, he did make a difference to the Royal Navy. He, just one man, could kill 4 men while one Royal Navy officer killed one. He was a prodigy!

But Tom started to think to highly of himself.

He was getting reckless, and before he knew it, he was practically circled by pirates. He had nowhere to go and because he wasn't wearing the Royal Navy garbs, they wouldn't help him. To them he was just some poor commoner. Now I wish I had listened to Danny. He thought to himself. And just on cue, Danny was there.

Danny had managed to grab himself a sword and cut through the barrier that prevented Danny reaching Tom. Danny had fought before, street fights to be more exact when he would be drunk, but he had never fought with a sword. Luckily though, he wasn't that bad with a blade.

Danny slashed two more pirates out of way and then turned his direction to Tom. "Tom are you okay?" He called just before he kicked a pirate off the pier.

Tom was now blocking attacks from another pirate, and then when he had an opening, he slit the neck of the pirate. "Yes thank you!" Tom turned around to face his friend, but Danny wasn't the one he came face to face with.

A man as tall as Tom was glaring back at him with grey eyes. He was very dark. A dark complexion, black hair and beard, even his clothes consisted of black. There was only one name for him. Blackbeard.

Tom gulped, he tried his best to not show he was afraid, but Blackbeard could see right through him. Blackbeard laughed when he heard Tom gulp. He quickly drew his gun and pointed it right between Tom's eyebrows. Tom was already sweating from being nervous.

"And so who may I have the honor of thankin' for killing me crew?" Tom gulped again after listening to Blackbeard's question. He was scared, terrified. He couldn't form words and he could feel his life slipping away already.

"It was me!" Danny called from behind Blackbeard.

Blackbeard's eyebrows furrowed together. He removed his gun from Tom's head and turned around to Danny. Danny was just as afraid but he had a bit more luck at hiding it. Blackbeard slowly approached him. He eyed Danny up and then scoffed. He began poking Danny in the chest with his gun.

"So you're sayin' that you took out me crew?" Blackbeard repeated his question as he continued tapping Danny's chest with the gun.

Danny glared back at the pirate. "Aye." Blackbeard stopped harassing Danny. He threw his head back and then began laughing like the evil man he was. Soon, his crew had joined in with laughter. When Blackbeard stopped, so did the crew.

"You're brave for liein' to me." Blackbeard suddenly spun around, prepared his gun to fire at Tom, but stopped at what Danny said next.

"We'll join you!" Blackbeard's gaze from Tom was removed once again. He slowly turned back around to face Danny.


"We'll join your crew. We'll work for you, only if you let us live and leave Port Royal." Danny answered sternly. Blackbeard smiled. He walked back to Danny as if he was trying to make Danny sick from his stench.

"You're tryin' to bargain?" Danny nodded and then whispered. "Then get on the ship." Danny was surprised at how fast Blackbeard agreed, but he was frozen from shock. "What did ya not here me?" Blackbeard pulled his gun out, aimed it into the air and fired, scaring everyone around him. "GET ON THE BLOODY SHIP!" The remaining crew members grabbed Tom and Danny and began pushing them onto the ship; however the pirates weren't only bringing them on board. They were brining jewels, and gold onto the ship as well, even woman.

"YOU SAID YOU'D LEAVE PORT ROYAL!" Danny yelled as Blackbeard began making his way to his personal cabin. Blackbeard turned around to face Danny.

"Advice for the future: Never trust a pirate." He began laughing as he did before and slammed the door on Danny's face leaving Tom and Danny to face what the crew would do to them next.

All the two boys could do was watch as the crew brought defenseless woman on board. Some pirates were already using the woman to the personal pleasures right in front of them. They had no dignity and they truly didn't care how the woman felt.

"How could you agree to this?" Tom questioned his friend as he turned away from the scene to face Danny.

"Oh, I'm sorry did you want to die and leave your sister alone to grieve?" Tom's eyes widened and he turned away from Danny again.

"Well, look how much use your plan is now that we're stuck on this ship…" Tom quietly said.

"Tom, we'll get out of here. I just have to think of a plan, and then you will see Charlotte again!" Danny said trying to comfort him.

"When? Before or after she has been deflowered and killed by pirates?" And just on cue, Tom's sister was dragged onto the ship. "CHARLOTTE!" He ran over to her but two pirates pushed him away, but that didn't stop Charlotte.

Charlotte kicked the pirate on her left in his butt, and then bit the pirate's hand on her right. When they both released her she ran full speed into the brother's arms. Danny had run behind them to make sure nobody attacked the siblings from behind. Surprisingly the pirates didn't react. There was so much going on that the pirates didn't pay attention. At that moment the group knew they needed to find refugee somewhere on the boat.

Danny saw the opening to the lower deck of the boat and motioned Tom and Charlotte to follow. The three of them ran to the opening and ran down the steps. Pirates were nowhere to be seen but they were sure to come down to sleep. They ran to the farthest and darkest corner of the room and stayed there.

Charlotte was wrapped in Tom's arms and Danny placed their swords in front of them, marking their territory. Danny looked back at Tom and shared frightened looks. They couldn't speak, they were too scared. They only sat still waiting for what would happen to them next.