The Black Blade vs The Venom

"Muahhhaaa! You really think you could defeat me? AHAHAHA! That's nonsense…." said the Venom.

"How are u so sure of that?" asked the Black Venom.

"Cuz I am the master of this Universe! screamed the Green Venom

"Hahahaha… Wat a joke…." scoffed the Black Venom.

"Enough talk." insisted the Green Venom.

"Indeed." replied the Black Venom.

("Cling and Clang!" they start to fight…. with magnificent swords!)

"You're good Black Venom! But not good enough!" said the Green Venom.

"We'll see bout that!" shouted the Black Venom.

(They started to fight again.)

"Oh… so weak!" said the Green Venom

"Ouch!" shouted the Green venom

"Ha! Don't let your guards down! AHAHAHA! said the Black Venom.