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"Oh My God!" screamed Yuki, "it's horrible! ...I can't stand it...too scary!"

She was talking with Kaname when a big lightening hit the ground outside their mansion. She hid herself under her bed while her 5-years-old-body was trembling.

"What's wrong Yuki? You don't have to be afraid...I'm here...you know that I'll protect you with my life, my most precious princess." said Kaname as he kneeled and opened his arms towards Yuki.

"But...but...I don't like it when there is a storm...I hate rainy days!" mumbled Yuki under her bed.

"I know Yuki, but you are a lady, and a lady must be brave and rust her knight. Don't you think?" asked kaname as he helped Yuki come out from her hidden place.

Yuki hurried into his arms and hugged him tightly while crying. Her beloved brother lifted her up and sat her on the couch.

"You did great Yuki! I'm proud of you. But there's no need to cry...I'm here..." said greatly Kaname.

Then he approached his face closer, and gave her a kiss on her forehead. After realizing a warm touch on her skin, Yuki hurried to smile and kissed her brother on the cheek.

Surprised, Kaname narrowed his eyes and grinned as he was patting Yuki's head.

'She is too cute...' thought the 10-year-old boy.

When Kaname wanted to get out of her room after he calmed her, he felt something grabbing the sleeve if his shirt. It was Yuki holding him from behind, giving an irresistible look to her brother. Her watering eyes looking at Kaname as she said:

"Kaname-...Kaname onii-sama...don't leave me alone...onegai!"

As she sais those words, he couldn't resist the look so he replied trying to suppress his need to hug her.

"Yuki...I won't leave, but you must sleep, it's already dawn...rest and I'll stay until you fall asleep."

She nodded and went under the covers. Kaname sat beside her and began to caress her fluffu long hair.

"Um...Onii-sama...um...I'm...I'm thirsty...before I sleep...can I..."said shyly the little girl.

Kaname saw that his little sister's fangscame out already, hecouldn't go to the kitchen now because of the first sun rays of the day. So he just laid on the bed beside her and stretched his white neck.

"Go ahead Yuki, drink my blood, you can drink until you're satisfied, it's normal to be this thirsty after a long night without eating..."

As these words were told, automatically the thirsty maiden moved from her place and got up on Kaname's body. Her fangs pierced the white skin letting to waist a drop yet became a trail of ruby coloured liquid from the bite.

"Yuki...slow down...slowly...yes, I know...like that...yes..." said Kaname "Good, good girl."

Yuki got up, satisfied from drinking. Her bloody red orbs looking right at Kaname's smiling face as Yuki wiped out the remaining blood on her mouth.

"Thank you Kaname onii-sama...thank you a lot!" she said with a faint blush on her cheeks.

'Sorry Yuki...You're so cute I can't resist anymore.' Thought the boy.

Without a word, he lifted Yuki from his body and laid her on the couch. Yuki couldn't say a word; she was so fascinated by her brother's posture and face that her voice went out.

It was Kaname's turn to be up above her, he tangled one of her messy locks of hair as he held her left wrist with his right hand.

"How come you're the only creature whose heart is pure to the point of giving your life in exchange of one poor and lame person?" asked Kaname as his eyes began to glow red in the dark. (The windows were hidden by the curtains.)

Snapped out from her imagination, the little girl replied with some hesitation. Kaname onii-sama...I don't know what you mean."

The boy smiled and whispered closer to her ear:

"You don't have to answer my question ...I'm only talking to myself.

Yuki could feel her brother's breath upon her neck; she understood instinctively and stretched her neck to the side waiting for her brother's fangs to sink in. However, instead of fangs, Kaname put a sweet kiss on her skin and told her he won't but his precious queen.

"Yuki...When you'll be older, I'll tell you my secret." Whispered Kaname as he got up and went to sit to his initial place.

"Now sleep...Yuki..."

† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †

"Yuki...Yuki...My sweet Yuki...wake up my beloved..."

As Kaname told these words, Yuki woke up with surprise. Kaname was beside her.

'Was it a dream or a memory from the past?' Thought the 17-year-old girl.

"What's wrong Yuki?" Asked Kaname

"Um...Kaname...onii-sama...I dreamt of us when we were young..." Replied Yuki.

Kaname, yet the 22-year-old version, widened his eyes, recalling the past.

"Oh, is that so...what memory did you dream of?" Grinned the full grown vampire.

"Um...well, you see...um...the one when it was rainy and stormy..."mumbled the girl.

"Oh! This one! Yes I remember. You were so scared of the thunder..." said Kaname as he hugged tightly Yuki against his chest.

"Yes...But remember the last thing you told me before I fell asleep?" asked the curious lady.

"Of course I do Yuki, I remember every tiny thing about you and every precious moment spent in your company." Replied Kaname.

"Um...well, isn't it time for me to know your secret?" said Yuki.

"About that Yuki...Want to really know?" asked Kaname.

She nodded, as she looked at her brother with affection and said.

"Yes, I do. I hope you tell me!"

"Okay...But first I want to say that I'll love you no matter what the case will be when you'll know." Said Kaname.

"I'm sure my feelings won't change, so just tell me!" replied Yuki with a whole hearted smile.

"Yuki...actually, I'm not your real brother...truth to be told, I'm your ancestor, Rido kidnapped your true brother when he was still a baby and gave him as a sacrifice for my reincarnation, hoping that I would join him with that crazy dream of his. But I rejected his offer and replaced your brother and son of your late parents...Sorry, Yuki...I'm sorry I couldn't protect them and you especially. You're my treasure...my beloved." Revealed Kaname.

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