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Previously in chapter #3:

[ "Hanabusa finally spoke.

"You're the one who will take him home, I'll take him as my opponent, and you still are weak. You must think about the baby! I won't let you fight at this state you're in! Let me at least do my duty as Kaname-sama ordered it."

Yuuki blinked three times in confusion, looking at Hanabusa's serious face and Akira's teary eyes. She had nothing else to say. She only nodded and took Akira in her arms and went toward's the Mansion's direction. But then, Hanabusa wasn't paying attention to the guy, instead he was watching Yuuki and her child return home. Byt that time, the man already passed the blonde vampire and headed towards the others.

"OH SHIT! LOOK OUT!" Shouted Hanabusa.

When Yuuki turned back to glance behind, she automatically reversed back to shield Akira from the attack. Hanabusa froze instantly the vampire by his powers and broke him. But it was already too late. Yuuki was bleading from her back. Fortunately, the baby wasn't harmed nor Akira who was crying while clenching to his mother's dress.

Her thirst for Kaname's blood invaded her body and soul. She fainted.

"Yuuki-sama! Yuuki-sama! Wake up! I'll treat you immediately...just open your eyes." Cried Hanabusa out loud.

Suddenly, Kaname appeared in front of them, taking Yuuki bridal style to their room followed by Hanabusa and Akira." ]

† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †

He was a fine man, always here for her; a true gentleman who was her savior. That's what she always thought and what she still thinks…

She woke up from her slumber. She felt someone licking her back. She felt dizzy for a moment. Then realized it was Kaname who's healing her wounds.

Akira was sleeping soundly next to her in a fetus position. She smiled as she stroked his hair backward so she can see his face.

A voice sounded.

"Stay still, I need to properly heal you."

She talked.

"Kaname…When did you return?"

"I'm sorry I couldn't be here in time to protect you three…You made me worry to death. If something even worse had happened to you, I would have gone mad…"

"Thank you for saving me...again…"

"You should rest. It's only been a minute I gave you my blood. What's important is your safety…for the three of you." said Kaname.

She turned around with ease since the wound closed already and faced those glaring ruby eyes that glowed in the dark. She knew she worried him.

"I'm sorry…I shall accept your punishment."

Kaname broke the small silence that was building up.

"Isn't it because you wanted to be punished that you disobeyed me?"

She chuckled.


Kaname let a sigh out.

She heard a noise coming from the living room downstairs.

"Who's this?"

"A member of the council…he came to discuss a matter with me." replied Kaname.

She nodded slowly. She felt a kiss on her forehead as she began to fall asleep.


Yuuki woke up with worried eyes.

Kaname was working next door with the member of the council. He rushed to their room hoping everything's okay.

"Kaname! Where's Akira? Is he alright? "

"Yuuki…Akira's fine, he's sleeping in his room. Now calm down. You had a bad dream that's all. Now everything's alright."

Yuuki stared at him with caring eyes, caressing his left cheek.

"I'm alright now…I just feel…hungry. I-..!"

She felt a striking pain hit her down below. She knew it was time for the baby to come.

"Kana…me- Call Seiren! Hurry! "

He called Seiren. She came out of nowhere, as always, and glanced at Yuuki's state.

She faced Kaname and began to prepare her tools.

"I already brought her here while you were unconscious. Just to see if the baby is alright. It seems like you'll give birth now…"

"Kaname-sama, I would like you to leave the room for the duration of the process. It is very important. Please precede this way." said Seiren while leading him to the door.

"I understand." said Kaname while closing the door behind him.

She was in so much pain that she let her fangs out due to her loss of control over her instincts.

She wanted blood, Kaname's blood. It was the first time she wanted to rip his throat so hard. She bore with her thirst and pain since Seiren shot her with morphine.

Kaname was waiting outside the room, listening to her cries and frowning. Akira came to his dad with a worried look on his face.

"Daddy...is Mommy alright?"

Kaname looked at him for a second and kneeled to grab him by the shoulders.

"Yes, your sister is also going to be born soon, so if you want to make mommy happy, you have to wait patiently with me"

"Un! I understand...But I couldn't protect mommy before…it's all my fault…I'm not strong enough…I'm sorry daddy!" cried Akira as he clung to his father.

"It's not your fault, love." said Kaname while ruffling his hair.

Yuuki was holding her breath with so much pain while letting hushed screams out.

Kaname listened to her cries turning into heavy breaths. After that, came a long silence then baby's screams. He opened the door with a relieved face.

Kaname took the little girl and placed her into Yuuki's arms.

"Akira…you're a big brother now. You must protect your newborn sister from now on. Okay?"

"I'm grateful to you, Seiren. Thank you again. You may leave." expressed Kaname.

"It was a pleasure Kaname-sama. I'll wait for your orders." said Seiren as she flew somewhere unknown.

(4 years later)

Rei grew up to be a cute daughter and little sister. She had the lips of her mother and the eyes of her father. That morning, she couldn't sleep alone, so she sneaked out of her room and went to her brother's. With her bunny plush and her white dress, she climbed her brother's bed and found a way under the covers until she could reach her brother's chest. Snuggled and while holding his shirt, she fell asleep. Akira patted her head, brought her closer to him and fell asleep too.

Yuuki opened the door and put the covers on them properly then kissed them on the forehead. Kaname appeared at the door and stared at her as to call her out. Yuuki closed the door and followed Kaname.

"She reminds me of you." he said.

Yuuki chuckled.

"They are adorable."

"You also were…and still are." said Kaname.

She chuckled again.

"I thought that you'd be extremely busy after you had a second child…I didn't think you'd become so stable so soon…" said Kaname.


"You're a good mother."

Yuuki blushed.

"Kaname's compliment is making me feel shy!"

Kaname brings his hand to her cheek and comes closer.

"However…in my eyes, you are simply a woman, not a mother…you will always be my Yuuki."

As he says those tempting words, he kisses her neck and unlaces her dress from behind. He undresses her completely, leaving the dress on the floor. Leads her in front of the bed but doesn't lay her on it. She grabs the wooden pillars on both sides of the bed as a support. Still enjoying teasing her, he pulls her bra in an erotic way and begins to suck her nipples. Touching them delicately by the tips of his fingers.

She moans.

His other free hand goes under her panties.

Looks like she's already wet.

"Kaname…no…stop…You'll wake up the kids." shivered Yuuki.

He removed his fingers from there, now drizzling with that juice.

"What's wrong with that? ...You've already become like this." grinned Kaname.

While licking those fingers, he adds:

"How many times do you think I've embraced you?" he said while watching her aroused state.

He unbuttons his pants and as he pulls down her panties, he starts thrusting his fingers again and again into her.

"No matter how many times we've done it in bed …" halted Kaname.

He pulled her thigh against his side, letting her stand on only one foot.

He continues.

"You actually prefer it THIS WAY!" He entered her with such force…"Right?"

Yuuki gasps and let herself dive into the bed.

"Ahhh-...HHH!" she cries.

Kaname takes her other leg to his other side. Now that he's between her legs and open to every sensation, he continues his thrusting over and over.

Kaname stares at her as if he's looking at his pray with his crimson eyes.

"Not a bad expression, Yuuki…"

Yuuki's mind is completely blank. She loves it and he knows it too.


He keeps accelerating the rhythm every minute. Pulling and pushing. Pulling and pushing again and again, without an end. He leans towards her kissing her and trying to fray a path with his tongue into her mouth.

She kept moaning and moaning in his mouth until she came.

Kaname's not finished yet. He lifts her up for a better position and thrusts into her with a scary pace. While doing so, he bites her sucking her blood, not letting any of it to waste.

She felt like breaking apart when he released his load in her with a frightening intensity.

Fatigued, they embraced each other and slept.

Meanwhile Outside...

Hanabusa stayed tied to a tree for 2 weeks as a punishment.

"Kaname-samaaaaaaaaaaaaa~" He cried with pool of tears down his cheeks.

Poor him.

† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †

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