Tony walked in the house a little while later. Mona and Angela were sitting on the couch. They both stood up.

"How was it Tony?" Mona asked. Tony seemed to be a little shocked and didn't answer Mona's question right away. Angela walked over to him and put her small, light, delicate hand on his arm.

"Tony?" Angela asked. Tony looked up at her. "How was Samantha? Was her date there?"

"Yeah. He looked handsome. My Sam was so grown up. I don't believe it. I remember the day she was born. She was so tiny and now she's all grown up." Tony stated.

"Oh Tony. All children grow up at some point. I remember when Mother first realized I was growing up." Angela said. Mona walked over to them.

"When was this Angela? You still act like a child at times." Mona stated.

"Mother! I do not. Remember when I was in high school and I went on my first date to-" Angela paused. "Never mind." Mona and Tony both looked at Angela in anticipation.

"What'd you do on that first date Angela?" Tony asked. Angela looked at him.

"I do not believe that is any of your business. Just know that's when I changed from a girl into a woman." Angela replied.

"Ahh." They said together. Angela just turned around and smiled. Jonathan walked down the stairs.

"Hey mom. Hi Grandma. Hi Tony." Jonathan said.

"Hi sweetie." Angela replied and picked up Jonathan, hugged him and put him back down.

"Where's Sam?" Jonathan asked.

"She went to that dance remember Jonathan?" Mona stated.

"Oh." Jonathan replied.

"Angela, can I take Jonathan to the Yankees game next week?" Tony asked. She looked at him.

"What? A baseball game in New York City?" Angela questioned. "I don't know. It's so far away."

"Come on. I'll be with him. It's not like you're sending him into combat." Tony replied. Angela thought to herself.

"I guess I don't see why not. Just don't let him go anywhere alone, and make sure he doesn't get sick or anything." Angela replied.

"Cool! I get to go to a baseball game with Tony!" Jonathan exclaimed as he ran up the stairs. Angela looked at Tony.

"If ANYTHING happens to him, it will be on you. I will make sure of that." Angela replied and walked towards the kitchen.

"She's just uptight Tony. I've been her mother for years. She'll be okay after a while." Mona said to Tony. Tony walked up the stairs towards his room. Mona might have been Angela's mother, but Tony knew well enough not to mess with his boss. She was an independent, bold, tough, bright, no nonsense woman who can always get what she wants if she tries hard enough. It couldn't be too hard to get rid of little Tony in her high society.