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Holding On

January 4th

Day 4

I walked to the bus stop, my red plaid backpack swaying from side to side on my left shoulder. I was wearing black cargo pants, a white tank top and a white hoodie. I spotted Jade standing in a blue jean skirt, fish net leggings and a blood red baggy, long sleeved shirt, and her black and white checkered back pack leaning against the rusted metal bus stop post. I sprinted forward and slowed down as I neared her.

"Selene!" she smiled, her dark red lipstick standing out against her pale complexion. I engulfed her in a hug and she laughed drowsily. I could hear her IPod from where I was. We exchanged a smirk and started singing together, our voices matching perfectly.

". . . Crawling in my skin! These wounds will not heal. Fear is how I fall confusing what is real." I sang with everything I had and heard clapping becoming louder. I spun around to see a pale, grinning face approaching.

"Aloha cheek-a!" I smirked and gave her a smile.

"What's up Darci?" Jade asked as our pale friend approached, her shoulder length auburn hair up in a neat bun.

"The usual; suffering through yet another day of school after an oh-so-boring weekend." She smiled sarcastically and sat down on the sidewalk.

"That good huh?" I asked and sat down to her right. Jade turned her IPod off and sat on Darcinia's left.

"It was amazing! I had to babysit some spoiled, whiny brats while trying to figure out this stupid essay! If I don't make an A, I'm going to flunk English." She sighed and slapped her pale hands onto her blue jean covered knees.

"I can try to help you." I offered. I was already helping RJ and Cliff, but it wouldn't hurt to help another friend.

"No way Selene. You have your essay to work on and if I know you, you're already helping at least two other people on theirs." She looked at me with pity filled hazel eyes.

"You know me." I chuckled and glanced at my phone. It was 7:09 A.M. and the bus was going to be approaching soon.

"I know I know you, now what do you know on mind reading?" she asked and I got a little confused, but soon caught up with her words.

"Not much I'm afraid." I sighed. She huffed in disappointment, and stood up as the yellow bus rolled up. Jade and I followed her onto the nus and sat down in the back.

"Miss Raina, will you put on Are You Ready? By Three Days Grace please?" I called to our brown haired, blue eyed bus driver. She had all the Three Days Grace CDs. She held her thumb up and put the CD in, clicking the track button until Are You Ready? blasted through the bus. The whole bus started singing with Adam Gontier, even when we came to the last stop. Cliff and RJ walked through the aisle quickly and sat down with Jade, Darci and me.

"Good morning beautiful!" Cliff said and kissed Jade.

"Good morning handsome!" she replied with a sweet smile.

"Good morning Selene." Cliff turned to me. I gave him a small hug. He looked past me and his expression changed.

"Hey Darce. . ." He spoke slowly, an utter look of confusion plastered to his face.

"Mornin' Cliff." She gave him an I'll- tell- you- later kind of looks and he turned away from her.

"Well, um, Cliff. Have you figured out what you want to do on your report yet?" I asked him.

"No, not yet and it is driving me insane!" he confessed and leaned backwards into the bus seat. I turned to RJ and was about to speak when a tan boy approached. He looked embarrassed and his green eyes glittered in excitement.

"Good morning Selene." He grinned at me as he brushed his Hawaiian styled black hair away from his face.

"Hello Jack." I gave him a weak smile as I turned to him.

"I was wondering if, maybe, you could help me in science. I have a test coming up and I don't understand anything." He said as bounced up and down with anticipation.

"I don't know Jack. Science is my worst subject and I have a lot to do." I said and instantly felt guilty at the crushed disappointment on his face.

"I'll try to help you, okay? When is your test?" I asked him.

"It is in three weeks. It is the end of the year test and if I don't pass, I won't have enough credits to pass." He said, looking at me with pleading eyes.

"Alright then. I'll check to see what all I need to do and I'll talk to you and set a time." I said and slouched down in the seat. He smiled widely and nodded enthusiastically. He just sat in front of us, staring at me.

"Okay, so, I'll talk to you some point in time and let you know." I said and as if he understood my dismissal, he nodded again and went to his seat.

"He is so sweet." Jade laughed.

"He is really sweet, but I don't like him like that." I replied and everyone started to laugh; everyone except Darci. Her happy eyes were now dark as she looked out the window. The bus came to a stop in the school parking lot and everyone retreated down three metal stairs onto the sidewalk in front of the school.

"Hey, are you okay?" I tapped Darci on the shoulder. She looked at me, but she felt distant. She nodded and pulled on Cliffs' arm. Jade nodded once and Darci led Cliff away.

"Where are they going?" I asked Jade once they were out of sight.

"The basketball coach wanted to see them." She replied quickly. It made sense because Cliff and Darci were on the basketball team, but Jade seemed off somehow.

"Hey, don't worry about it." She said and trotted off to her locker, leaving RJ and me alone.

"What is your problem? Did I do something wrong or something because you haven't said one word to me today?" I looked at RJ. He too seemed distant and disconnected.

"Family issues, that's all." He replied as he glanced down at me.

"Are you sure that's all?" I asked him. He nodded slightly and we went our separate ways to our locker.


I made it through Math and French and was hurrying to my favorite class; English.

"Good morning Selene. As always, you are my first student to class, but you do know you have about nine minutes still?" Miss Blake smiled and I took my seat.

"I know, but I just wanted to get to class." I said.

"I see. Well, I'm not going to stay silent for nine minutes, so tell me how your essay is coming along." She smiled and sat down at her desk and took a drink of Gatorade.

"I'm going to do it on mythological creatures like Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Goblins. Things like that.

"I knew you would think of something exciting to write about! Do you believe in any of these things?" she asked me.

"I believe there is a possibility they exist." I replied.

"Scientists say they don't." Miss Blake was trying to start a debate.

"Scientist also say that animals don't hold a full range of emotion, yet when you go shoot a fox, its' mate will not leave its' side and try to pull it to safety, even though it is already dead. Scientists say that pigs don't hold fear, yet it has the intelligence of a six year old child. It can recognize its' family members just like we can and if you take a six year old and his or her family to a slaughter house and slaughter their family right in front of them, they will know they are next and they will scream with fear, just as any six year old would. Therefore, I do not trust the word of a scientist, for their logic is wrong." I spoke quickly and clearly and I left Miss Blake speechless. I heard clapping from the door and saw Mary Anne, Jacob, Liana and Riley standing at the door, staring at me with wide eyes.

"You argue a good case Miss Creepton." Miss Blake smiled and everyone took their seats.

"May I ask how you got into that conversation?" Mary Anna asked quietly. I could hardly hear her, even though she was sitting in the desk on my right.

"I'm doing my essay on mythological creatures and Miss Blake asked me if I believed in them. I said there was a possibility vampires, werewolves, unicorns, anything in the fictional category could exist and she pointed out scientist have said they are not real." I replied.

"That is when you started your little rant on how science is flawed?" Jacob asked, his voice reflecting how impressed he was.

"Yeah Peanut, that is when I started my rant." I smiled as I called him by his nickname I had given him three years ago. I first met him at Texas Roadhouse because he had been eating peanuts and throwing the empty shells at me. I only had to hit him one good time before he stopped; having a new found respect for females. He laughed at the name and soon everyone else filed into the classroom.

"Alright, today I want you all to read the chapter in Full Tilt by Neal Shusterman." Miss Blake said. We all nodded and pulled out our copy of the book. I began to read, loving this book. I read chapter five and started chapter six.



Road Rage

We followed the growing glow on the backs of our hands until we came to a shiny black pond. Only it wasn't a pond. In fact, the surface was like smooth black glass. Objects moved across the obsidian face like huge, scurrying beetles-four feet long and waist high-but it was difficult to get a bead on what the were, because they weren't exactly . . . there. They kept shifting in and out of phase, appearing and disappearing, as if moving in and out of holes in some Swiss cheese dimension. It was Maggie who realized what they were.

"Bumper cars," she said.

As she said it I could swear I heard my brothers' maniacal laugh amid the squeal of spinning tires.


"Miss Blake, may I go to the restroom?" Liana asked and snapped me out of my reading.

"Go ahead." She said to the short brunette.

"Everyone, have you all finished chapter five? If not, hurry it up because the bell is going to ring soon." Miss Blake addressed the whole class. I looked up to see it was 11:02 A.M. The bell would ring in three minutes and I would be on my way to lunch. I sighed and marked my page, putting the book away and looked at the clock again.

11:04 A.M.

"Everyone needs to finish chapter five and six when they get home! There will be a test on it tomorrow!" Miss Blake said as the bell rang.

"Good-bye class!" she called.

"Bye Miss Blake!" everyone called and rushed out of the room. I was about to leave when she called for me.

"Miss Creepton, a word please." She said, sitting at her desk with her fingers twined together, her neon green nail polish visible.

"Am I in trouble?" I asked her as I went and sat down in front of her desk.

"No Selene, you're not in trouble. I was just wondering what compelled you to write about vampires. You never struck me as the type of person who would read or write about something that has yet to be proven whether it does or does not exist." She spoke calmly and kept her eyes on a few late papers she was grading.

"I have been reading this new series called House of Night. It is written by P.C. and Kristin Cast." I told her. Her eyes locked onto mine.

"So a series of books inspired you to write an essay on vampires?" she asked, her head tilting slightly to the left.

"No Miss Blake, it is more than that. Everyone has an opinion on everything. Scientists think that vampires are fake; that they are a pseudo species, but what if, by some miraculous power, they are real. What if they are just hiding among us mortals, waiting to come out of hiding?" I started to think myself.

"You make an interesting point, but what makes you think they are real?" she asked.

"Honestly, nothing at all." I smirked and she grinned at me.

"I wish you would have joined the debate team. We would have won every debate with you." She said with a regretful tone. She had offered me, on more than one occasion, to join the debate team, but it was never my thing.

"Miss Blake, I like a good argument, but I like to pick and choose my battles; not to be forced into them for the sake of a trophy." I said and she nodded respectfully.

"You still have some time to join. This is your last year of school Selene and we could still use you." She offered me once more, but I held up my free hand and shook my head.

"I pick and choose and I refuse to be forced." I said and with that, I walked out of the white walled classroom and headed to my locker. Still thinking about the minor debate I had had with Miss Blake, I put my books in my locker and headed towards the cafeteria. I accidently bumped into Daisy Pampson. Her light brown eyes glittered in surprise behind her thin glasses as she fell to the white tile school floor.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" she said and then looked at me.

"Oh, um, I'm so sorry Selene; I didn't mean to-"She stuttered as she peered at me.

"Hey, don't worry about it." I said as I helped her pick up her things.

"Are you sure, because I can-" she babbled on.

"Like I said before, it was an accident. I was the one that bumped into you anyway." I said as I helped her up, though she was slow to take my hand.

"No ma'am, I bumped into you and I'm terribly sorry for it." She said, avoiding my confused gaze.

"Daisy, first of all, my name is Selene, not ma'am, second of all, I was the one that accidently hit you and I'm sorry and third of all, why are you so freaked about it?" I asked her as she strained her black and white, knee length plaid skirt and brushed off her black button-up polo.

"Okay Selene, I'm sorry and you are one of the popular kids. People like me, we try to avoid you." She whispered so softly I had to strain to hear her.

"What are you talking about?" I asked her in bewilderment.

"You hang out with Jade, Cliff and RJ. They rule the school and you all have been friends for years. You've owned this school since we started. Haven't you noticed?" she asked me.

"Well, uh, no, I haven't noticed. I just hang out with my friends." I said as I brushed my hair out of my face.

"You're not like the others though. When I think about it, you and jade are actually two of the kindest people I've ever met. I remember the time the whole football team was beating Jack McCloud up and you two stopped it just by saying stop and then you walked with him for a month to make sure no one picked on him again." She reminded me of ninth grade.

"I remember that!" I pointed at nothing and nodded my head.

"Do you remember the time you saved me from a swirly?" she asked slowly and I did.

"Yeah Daisy, I do." I nodded and smiled sweetly. She smiled back and then it faded and was instead replaced with embarrassment. She started to rush past me when I stopped her.

"Hey Daisy, why don't you come eat lunch with me and Jade? Cliff and RJ might be there too, but you never know with them. For all I know they went to lunch at Barnes and Nobles." I said. She nodded and then looked at me.

"How can they get lunch from Barnes and Nobles?" she asked.

"My dear Daisy, it is called Starbucks." I smirked and she nodded. We walked to the cafeteria and got lunch. I got a salad while she got a turkey sub with cheese, banana peppers and Miracle Whip. Apparently, she was allergic to mayonnaise, though I thought Miracle Whop tasted like sweet mayonnaise. We walked over to my usual table, but to my surprise, Jade was sitting next to Cliff while RJ sat one chair way from Jade on her other side. That was where I sat.; in between RJ and Jade. Daisy tensed at the sight and her pace slowed.

"They won't bite." I chuckled and pulled her to the table.

"Hey Selene!" Jade smiled at me.

"Aloha Jade." I smirked and sat down while Daisy stood frozen.

"Everyone, I brought Daisy." I said and got up, dragging her rest of the way to the table and pushed her into the chair beside RJ.

"Will you scoot over?" a whispered in his ear. Without answering, he slid in beside Jade and I took his place.

"What's up Daisy?" Cliff was the first to start talking to her.

"No-no-nothing sir." She said. Cliffs' eyebrows raised in surprise.

"It isn't against the law to call me Cliff you know." He informed her. She nodded jerkily and took a small bite of her sub. I looked around to see I was the only one with a salad. Three years of being a vegetarian and I'm still alone in it. I thought with a sigh and poured Italian dressing over my salad.

"Daisy, are you okay?" Jade asked her. Daisy's head shot up and she looked at Jade, nodding quickly.

"You seem a bit skittish." Jade added with a small, comforting smile.

"I'm okay; it just seems weird to not be sitting alone." Daisy said, patting her lip with a napkin.

"Well, it will get weirder because we are crazy." RJ smirked and everyone laughed. Daisy just stared at us with her eyebrows raised in a confused position.

"You all don't appear to be crazy. You actually seem quite sane." She spoke seriously.

"No Daisy, RJ means that we are random and talk about weird stuff. Crazy is just a term we use to express it." I said and everyone nodded.

"Oh, so you are not really crazy, you just act that way at humorous moments?" she asked, pushing her glasses farther up her nose before they fell.

"Yeah, we just act crazy sometimes, but we're really just being weird." Cliff said and was obviously trying not to laugh. Daisy nodded and smiled slightly, her shoulders dropping into a less tense and proper position.

"I heard Miss Blake told you to stay in her room Selene. Did you get in trouble?" Jade teased.

"Me? In trouble? No, she just asked me what inspired me to do my essay on vampires and asked me for the thousandth time to join the debate team." I said and stabbed at my salad.

"I'm assuming you said 'no' for the thousandth time." RJ said with a smile. I nodded and ate.

"Why did you say 'no'?" Daisy asked as she took another bite of her sub.

"It's like I told her; I like to pick and choose my battles instead of being forced into them for the sake of some trophy." I replied and finished my salad off, leaving a few shaved carrots lying in a slam puddle of Italian dressing at the bottom of the plastic container.

"You make a good point Selene. You would do well on the debate team though." Daisy pointed out and everyone nodded slightly.

"I've considered it, but it just isn't for me." I replied, a bit annoyed and threw away my empty salad bowl. When I got back, Jade and Daisy we're talking about Supernatural.

"Oh my gosh Selene! Daisy likes Supernatural too!" Jade exclaimed, looking rather surprised yet extremely excited.

"Daisy," I turned my attention to her. "Are you Team Dean or Team Sam?" I asked as I sat down slowly.

"I am Team Dean. He is smart, funny and amazingly accurate with a shotgun." She smiled and Jade and I burst into laughter.

"What is so funny?" she asked with a small smirk.

"We're Team Dean and even though he is all of those things, we're Team Dean because he's hot." Jade laughed while Cliff and RJ just watched us.

"Hey guys, what 'Team' are you on; Dean or Sam?" I asked them.

"I'm Team Sam just because Jade is obsessed with Dean." Cliff muttered and finished off his sub.

"I'm Team Bobby." RJ replied. Jade and I just screamed and hugged him.

"You like Supernatural?" I exclaimed and he nodded slightly.

"I like paranormal stuff." His voice raised one key in embarrassment, but he still tried to shrug our shock off. Jade screamed in astonishment and utter disbelief. As her shrill cry echoed throughout the cafeteria, all eyes flickered to our table.

"Okay everyone, nothing to see here! We're just talking about a television show!" Cliff stood up, his hands up as if he were surrendering and he nodded slowly, his cheeks beginning to turn red. Everyone started to murmur among themselves and jerkily turning away, casting confused sideway glances at us. Jade was hopping up and down in her chair, but her pale hands were covering her mouth, though you could still see the huge smile she had plastered to her face. As the cafeteria noise grew to the usual, we began to laugh as Jade grabbed RJs' hands, still smiling.

"You like Supernatural?" Daisy was soft spoken and pushed her glasses farther on her nose again. RJ was silent as he looked from Daisy, to me to Jade and then to Cliff.

"Do you?" I prompted.

"Yes everyone, I admit it. I like Supernatural and I honestly can't wait for the newest season to start airing." He smirked and bobbed his head, his hazel eyes locked on mine.

"Dude, I never expected that from you." Cliff shook his head, but smirked. We all, including RJ and Daisy, began laughing uncontrollably and again, all eyes drew to us. Our laughing bout was interrupted by the bell. My smile was replaced by an unwanted frown.

"Woo- ray, gym!" I grumbled sarcastically. Jade walked over to me and we said our good-byes to everyone else. Then, Jade and I walked down a flight of crowded stairs to the fowl, sweaty smelling gymnasium.


After suffering through an hour and a half of Coach Cales screaming at everyone to run extra laps because we were running like girls, though it was an all girl class, Jade and I, side by side, boarded bus 14 to go home. We walked to the back of the bus and Jade plopped down beside Cliff while I slumped in the remaining seat, which was surprisingly still unoccupied, and leaned against the cold metal siding. Soon, RJ sat down beside me.

"Hey Selene, are you okay?" Cliff called from the other window seat. My head snapped his direction and I saw that he, RJ and Jade were all looking at me with worried eyes.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I said, squinting as sunlight blinded me. We were already in the housing development now.

"Are you sure? You seem distracted?" RJ said, tapping my knee.

"Yeah, I'm just tired is all. Coach Cales made the class run, like, five extra laps giving us a total of about five miles." I muttered with a sigh and, accepting my answer, he nodded.

"It totally blew." Jade scowled. I nodded and resumed my window watching.

I didn't realize we were that close to being home, seeing as my stop was the last, until RJ and Cliff got off the bus.

"Bye guys!" I called as the got of the bus. My only indication that they even heard me was that, as they started to disappear behind the ugly brown front seat, they both raised their hands and waved good-bye.

"Hey Jade, do you know were Darci is?" I turned to my best friend as the bus started to move again.

"Cliff said that she wasn't feeling well and that she went home early." Jade said as she glanced sideways at me. I nodded, but was curious. Jade didn't seem right somehow, but I shrugged it off, assuming it was just tiredness and waited a few moments before the bus stopped and Jade and I, the last two students on the bus, got off.

"I'll talk to you later Selene!" Jade called as she went left.

"Bye chika!" I called back and went left towards home.


I stepped into the front door of the house to see Nana reading a Paula Dean cooking magazine.

"How was school darling?" she asked, not looking at me. I slowly closed the front door, kicked off my shoes, sat my bag down and walked into the kitchen.

"It was good. Coach Cales made us run five extra laps today." I said as I opened the fridge.

"Did you learn anything?" she asked me from the living room.

"We were just reviewing stuff." I replied and heard her walk into the kitchen.

"Okay." She said with a long pause.

"You know, we missed you at church yesterday." She said, not looking at me. "Everyone commented on how good the deserts were and they send the compliments to the chef." She added.

"I'm sorry I didn't go Nana." I apologized and grabbed two Snickers out of the snack drawer, handing one to her. She nodded her thanks and unwrapped it, only to take a bite and wrap it up again. I took it and put it up in the cabinet. She always did that. She would get a Snickers and take one bite everyday until it was gone, then she would open a new one. I just ate it, savoring every succulent bite until it was gone within two minutes.

"Are you planning on coming next week?" she asked slowly. I nodded and threw my empty wrapper in the recycle bin.

"I love you darling; you know that right?" she asked me, appearing close to tears. I turned to her and wrapped my arms around her.

"Of course I know that Nana. I love you too." I breathed. She laid her head down on my shoulder and I felt warm tears soak through my shirt.

"I miss her so much Selene." She sobbed and I choked back tears.

"I miss her too." I choked, my throat burning. Every year, I tried to stay strong and act like nothing was bothering me; like everything was perfect in my life, but nothing was.

"My little girl." Nana cried as grief crushed her. Today made five years my mother, Natalia, had died. As Nana cried against me, I closed my eyes and raised my head upward. I miss you Mom. I miss you so much! I hate that you left. I hate that he made you, but will you tell Jay that I miss him too? I prayed and I hoped she heard me.

"Nana, why don't you go lie down for a while? I'll make dinner." I whispered and she nodded twice.

"I love you Selene." She kissed my cheek, her eyes red and puffy. I gave her a sad smile and she walked upstairs. I started some chicken and dumplings for dinner and I did something I only did four times a year. I pulled out old family videos and watched them. The first one I watched was the year I had made Mom a birthday card and drew a cookie for her, but I had gotten too dark a shade of brown so it looked burnt. I had promised her I would make her a cookie, so beside it, I had written:

Happy birthday Momma! I made you a cookie, but it burnt a little. Sorry!

She had laughed so hard, but she had kissed my cheek and thanked me and told me, "Thank you my love. It is the best cookie I've ever gotten." Now, watching it, I sobbed. With a deep breath, I wiped my tears away and turned off the stove before dinner boiled over. I got down two bowls and put three spoon fulls in each, letting it cool down. I glanced over my shoulder to see my twelfth birthday video. It had been the last birthday she had gotten to go to.

"Open it and see what you got?" Jay exclaimed. He had been fourteen and it was the first present he had gotten me with is own money. It was a rectangle, wrapped in black and white plaid paper with a big purple bow on the front. I opened it to find a pink leather notebook with the words; I love You, written on the cover in black cursive.

"Thank you so much Jay!" I laughed and, as I held the notebook in my hand, gave him a hug. He laughed and kissed the back of my head.

"Happy birthday little sis." He grinned and I began to open the next present.

"Selene?" Nana said as she walked downstairs. My head snapped to the side to see her looking at me with sad eyes.

"I'm sorry Nana. I'll turn them off." I said, knowing how much she hated reliving those moments.

"Now, now Selene, don't do that. Just, let's eat okay?" she asked, shooing me towards the still steaming food filled bowls. She sat down at the table and I carried the bowls over, a spoon in each one. We ate in a sad, stuffy silence.

"What do you remember about her?" she asked me once we were done.

"I don't remember a lot Nana. I just remember coming home that one day and seeing-"She stopped me there.

"Well, come on. We're going to let you get to know your brilliant mother." She said and grabbed my elbow, pulling me into the living room and onto the couch. That night, we watched old home VCR tapes and cried in happiness, grief and at the small humorous moments that could bring a sad, sweet smile to our faces, even if it only lasted for a moment.