Chapter 12

Bella's POV

Week Two, Friday

Logan and I walked through the door and were immediately greeted by Dufus, who barked at me for a minute before realizing that, since I had my hands full, I wouldn't bend down to play with him so he moved on to Logan, placing slobbery wet kisses on my son's cheeks.

Emmett came bounding down the stairs next, looking just as happy as Dufus was to see us. He made a beeline towards me and despite my protests, took the bags I held. Emmett surprised me when he wrapped his free hand around my waist and pulled me closer to him, our bodies almost completely touching. He kissed me sweetly and then pulled away to whisper in my ear.

"I missed you today."

"We missed you too. And we come bearing dinner and our pajamas. Are you interested in a sleepover?" Emmett pulled away from me, disbelief in his eyes.

"Seriously?" he asked incredulously. I nodded my head, happy that I was able to surprise him.

"Seriously." Emmett's grin was almost blinding as he pulled me in for a hug. I smiled and hugged him back just as tightly.

"Emmy, Emmy!" Logan shouted, breaking our reverie. Emmett pulled away from me and knelt so he was at eye level with Logan.

"What's up bud? Come give me a hug." Logan, forgetting about Dufus for the moment, ran into Emmett's waiting arms, his small arms wrapping about Emmett's large neck and holding on like he was afraid he was going to leave.

Which was true, Emmett was going to leave. Tomorrow. And we had to tell Logan about it tonight, which was part of the reason Emmett and I planned this. We had talked about having dinner and spending time together before breaking the news to Logan, Logan and I would go home and then come back the next morning to take Emmett to the airport. I decided, however, that a sleepover would be a nice treat, and so we surprised Emmett.

"Guess what we gonna have for dinner, Emmy."

"What are we going to have?" Emmett asked, ruffling Logan's hair.

"S'ghetti!" Logan exclaimed, a smile breaking out over his face. Spaghetti was by far his favorite meal but I didn't make it often because of how messy he always got and it was such a pain to clean up after. But i wanted this to be a good night for all of us, so spaghetti it was.

"Cool! Are we going to help your mama make it?" Logan nodded.

"My favorite part is when we put the noodles in the bowl with all the little holes to let all the water leave, but you have to be careful 'cause it's really hot. Mommy always lets me do that part."

"Mommy's right, you always have to be careful when you're cooking. Should we go help Mommy start to cook now?" Logan nodded and squealed in delight when Emmett picked him up and threw him over his shoulder, placing his free hand securely over the backs of his thighs.

"Emmy!" he shouted through his giggles. "You're funny!" Emmett threw the bags over his shoulder, freeing up his other hand. He looked back to where I stood at the doorway, watching their interaction with a smile on my face, and held out his newly freed hand for me to take. I took his hand, my smile growing even larger when his fingers curled around mine, and walked with them into the kitchen, Dufus trailing behind us with a bone is his mouth.

"Mommy," Logan called out. "Look at how Emmy's carrying me! It's so fun, Mommy!"

"I see that, baby." When we got into the kitchen, Emmett let go of my hand and placed my bags down before he used both hands to carefully pick Logan off his shoulder and placed him safely on the ground.

"Should we get started on dinner?" I questioned, taking the bag that had all the materials for dinner in it to the table. Logan nodded and scrambled onto a chair. Emmett took our other bag back into the living room before coming back to the kitchen and filling Dufus's water bowl. "Wash your hands, Logan." I said, still setting up everything.

"Kay, Mommy." Logan climbed off the chair and went to the sink, looking at it with large eyes. At home we had a stool that he would you to make him tall enough to see over the edge, but that wasn't the case here.

"I'll help you, bud," Emmett called out. "Just give me a sec to finish getting Dufus set up." Emmett placed his hands on Logan's waist and picked him up again, making him the perfect height to reach the sink.

"All done, Emmy. Now it's your's and Mommy's turn." Emmett set Logan down and turned to me.

"Do you need help reaching the sink too?" he asked playfully. I grinned and cuffed his arm.

"Thank you, but I think I can manage this on my own." I stepped around Emmett's big body and started washing my hands, unable to ignore his presence behind me.

"If you're sure about that," he whispered in my ear, wrapping his arms around my waist and stepping closer so that his front was almost completely touch my back. I momentarily forgot where we were and so desperately wanted to groan and wiggle my butt against him.

But I couldn't forget where I was. My very impressionable son was sitting just five feet away from us and absolutely nothing of that nature could happen between Emmett and I for the time being. And even if Logan wasn't there, I would've wanted to wait. Fooling around a little might've been okay, but as good as Emmett made me feel, I didn't want to have sex with him yet.

That didn't mean that I couldn't mess with him a little, though.

I placed my dripping hands on his that were wrapped around my waist and pulled them towards the running water. Putting soap on my hands, I sensually lathered it onto his hands and forearms, smiling deviously when I felt Emmett's heart skip a couple of beats and his breathing become labored. Apparently Emmett's arms were a big erogenous site for him. I'd have to keep that in mind.

"You're all set," I declared happily after rinsing his hands and drying them off. I wiggled my body to try to escape the confines of his arms, accentuating the wiggle in my butt just to drive him crazy. Emmett glared playfully at my back as I walked back over to the table and a patiently waiting Logan before he followed suit.

Eating and preparing dinner went just as I expected: messy, but extremely fun. There was hardly a time when one of us wasn't laughing at the expense of another. After dinner, we all pitched in and cleaned up the obnoxiously messy kitchen before retiring to the living room with popcorn to watch a movie.

Before that, though, Emmett and I had decided to tell Logan about tomorrow, knowing that the chances of him staying awake through the entire movie were slim to none. Emmett and I sat on the extremely wide and cushy couch, watching Logan and Dufus play.

"You've done great with training him. Thank you." I commented about Dufus. Emmett wrapped an arm around my shoulders and pulled me in close to him.

"Anytime, babe."

"Hey, Logan, can you come here for a minute. Emmett and I need to talk to you." Logan looked up from playing with Dufus and came over to the couch, climbing to sit in my lap.

"Yeah, Mommy?" Logan asked, looking up at me with big eyes.

"You know how Forks is your home, and you live with Mommy?" Logan nodded. "Well Forks isn't Emmy's home. He lives in a place called Chicago a ways away from here." Logan nodded slowly, not really comprehending what I was telling him. "And Emmy has to go back home tomorrow because of his job." Logan bit his lip as he started to slowly put the pieces together in his mind. "So that means that we won't be seeing Emmy for a while because he lives so far away and has to work." Logan's eyes started to tear up and he looked to Emmett fearfully.

"You gunna leave us?"

"Just for a little while, Little Big Man. But I'm going to talk to you every day and I'll even visit a couple times and maybe sometime you guys could come visit me. But I'm not going to leave you forever, bud, I promise."

Logan looked a little unsure, but then he stuck out his pinkie. "Pinkie promise?" he questioned. "You can't break a pinkie promise, Emmy, or bad things will happen." Emmett entwined his pinkie with Logan's.

"I promise with all my heart." Emmett looked to me as he said this. After a moment of silence he said, "So should we start the movie now?" Logan, back in happy spirits, started bouncing on my lap.

"Yeah!" Logan grabbed his smaller bowl of popcorn from the coffee table and laid on the little bed he had made for himself at the foot of the couch out of the couch. Dufus curled up by his feet and laid his head on his paws, clearly worn out from his day of excitement.

"Make sure Dufus doesn't get into the popcorn, Logan," I said, grabbing the bowl of popcorn that Emmett and I were going to share. Emmett started the movie and dimmed the lights before coming back to the couch.

Like I expected, about a half hour into the movie, Logan was knocked out and Emmett and I were pretty close ourselves. So, being careful not to step on Logan or Dufus, I got off the couch and took the empty bowls of popcorn into the kitchen.

When I went back to the living room, Emmett had draped a blanket over Logan and Dufus and he was lying against the back of the couch. "Come snuggle with me," he commanded softly. I climbed back onto the couch, loving how wide it was, and snuggled into Emmett's chest as he pulled a blanket over us. "I think this is what I'm going to miss most, aside from seeing you guys almost every day."

Silently, I agreed, tightly holding onto Emmett's shirt with my hands, afraid what was going to happen when I had to let go. No matter how much Emmett and I had talked about it and he comforted me, this was always going to hurt.