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Chapter 1

Kurt was slammed into the lockers once again. He was used to it now, he expected it. Karofsky grabbed him by the collar of his shirt- this he was not used to.

"What do you think you are doing?" Kurt asked taken aback "Get your filthy hands of my shirt, it's one of a kind"

"Don't tell me what to do you faggot!" Karofksy hissed whilst tightening his grip on Kurt's neck. "I have to get you out of this school before you spread your fairy dust around even more. You may be contagious"

"Well if I'm so contagious maybe you should take your hands OFF me" Kurt replied.

He didn't loosen his grip, he dragged Kurt into the changing rooms.

"Why are we in here?" Kurt spat

"Because, nobody else is I'm getting rid of you once and for all" Karofsky's eyes were filled with hate and a tinge of madness

Kurt's lips quivered with fear. Was Karofsky going to kill him? Or seriously injure him? He braced himself for the pain that was sure to come. What happened next shocked Kurt to the core.

He couldn't quite comprehend the scene which was unfolding in front of him. Karofsky punching himself in the face. His nose cracked and blood was dripping down it trickled passed his mouth and continued down his chin. Karofsky continued slapped himself repeatedly on his cheek and slamming his head on the locker. Kurt couldn't breathe what was he doing to himself? Why was he doing this to himself?

Karofsky sent one final blow to head and dropped to the floor taking Kurt with him

"David what the fuck are you doi-" Kurt began, Karofsky pressed his bloody finger on Kurt's lips.

"Shut up lady" Karofsky took his cell phone out of his pocket and pressed 911

"I've just been attacked in my school, no it was unprovoked, he jumped me from behind. William McKinley High, I'm in the changing rooms. His name? Kurt Hummel".Karofsky put down the phone and lay there he was slowly sinking into unconsciousness before he did he whispered into Kurt's ear.

"I told you I'd get you out of this school, when the police find you they will probably send you to juvie. Hahahahaha" and with that Karofsky fell unconscious

Kurt bolted upright, his face was even paler than usual and his eyes were wide with shock. He sprinted out of the changing room, faster than he had ever ran before in his life. The school was empty there, was nobody in the corridors. Kurt got to his car and threw himself in, not bothering with his seatbelt. He put the key in the ignition and drove out as fast as he could. He was speeding, a lot swerving around cars on the highway he got cussed and beeped at from other drivers and people on the sidewalk, he didn't care. He wanted to get home as fast as he could.

The familiar house came into view, he sped into the driveway, opened the door and fell into the room. He broke down, tears streaming down his face Burt and Finn were watching the game. When they saw Kurt they sped over

"Kurt what the hell is up? What's wrong?"

"I didn't… It wasn't… Please"

"Kurt ssh, calm down, what is the matter? What happened?"

"Okay. Okay" Kurt took in slow, deep breathes and calmed down enough that he could speak.

"Dada, c-can I-I talk to you a-lone p-please" Burt nodded and Finn went up to his room.

They sat on the sofa and Burt made coffee, giving time for Kurt to get his thoughts together and think of what he was actually going to say to his dad. He realised he would sound like a complete lunatic and that nobody would believe him but maybe, just maybe his dad would.

"Ok son, from the beginning" Burt started

"Right… Ok… Um it was the end of the day, we just had glee club. It was over and I was on my way to the car and he was there"

"You mean that Karofsky kid right?"

"Yes. He slammed me into the lockers, and got me by the neck". Kurt was finding this easier than he expected, he was so comfortable around his dad. He could tell him anything "He dragged me into the changing rooms, he said he was going to get me out of the school forever. I thought he was going to kill me… But he didn't killed nearly killed himself". Burt face was a crinkle of confusion

"He nearly what?"

"He started punching himself, he broke his own nose" Burt tried to interrupt but thought better of it "Dad look I know it sounds crazy but it's true please you have to believe me. He beat himself up and called the police and said it was me. I ran out bcause I panicked I was scared and I didn't know what to do. They're going to take me to juvie PLEASE BELIEVE ME!" Kurt sobbed into his dad's chest

Burt saw the raw truth and fear in Kurt's eyes, he knew right then that Kurt was telling the absolute truth and he would do anything to help him get out of this.

"I believe you Kurt. I do. I'm going to do what I can to make everyone else see".

"Thank you dad, thanks so much. The police will be here soon oh my god what am I supposed to say" Kurt was starting to panic

"Just tell them the truth son, they probably won't believe but it's then being a liar and breaking the law" Burt comforted Kurt "We can get through this together, I'll be there for you, no matter what".

A bang on the door stopped Kurt from responding. He jumped a mile at the sound and the tears were falling uncontrollably.

"Carole I got it" Burt called

"Now Kurt they're going to want to talk to you down at the station. I will come with you because you're only sixteen but Kurt you have to be strong".

"Ok" Kurt said simply

Burt opened the door. There stood two men in police uniforms

"Hello there are you Kurt Hummel's father?"

"Yes, that's right. Can I help you officers?"

"We need to take Kurt in for questioning about an alleged attack on one of his class mates a few hours ago". The officer replied

"Ok. But I'm coming with him. Kurt we're going" Burt said softly and calmly.

Kurt had stopped crying although he still looked terrified he hesitantly stepped into the police van. The neighbours had all got out to get a nosy look. They sped away to the police station, Kurt was shaking Burt had taken his hand. It felt good knowing his dad believed him and if he did go to juvie he knew he would be waiting.

They got to the station and were lead into a interview room, it was dull and grey it had a trick mirror on the wall. Kurt felt dirty, he felt guilty. He hadn't done anything wrong and he knew it, Kurt tried to push these feelings away to the back of his mind.

"So Kurt… " The officer began "I'm just going to go straight into this "Did you attack David Karofsky"

"No. He attacked himself"

"I find that hard to believe Kurt. Why would David attack himself?"

"Because he wants me out of the school that's why! He hates me because I'm gay, he said he was going to get me out forever, I thought he was going to hit me, to kill me. But then he started hitting himself, punching and hitting his head on the lockers".

"That's not what David has told us".

"Well WHY should you believe him? He's a bully a mean bully who would do anything to get rid of me." Kurt was getting angry they thought he was crazy.

"We don't believe you Kurt".


"Kurt we think you need help. You attack this innocent boy for nothing, so here it is we will give you two options, one juvenile detention centre for one and a half years"

"WHAT THE FUCK!" Kurt snapped this could not be happening .

"Option two Dalton Academy A School For The Mentally Ill for the rest of your school life"


"Oh Kurt, we think you are".

This is not real. This is a dream a nightmare, he is going to wake up any minute and laugh. Somehow that felt like a distant fantasy.

"Don't you need to through trails and stuff?"

"Not when you are underage" He replied

"Fucking great." Kurt said

"Can we have a minute alone?" Burt snapped

"Of course Mr Hummel"

"What a prick, this is not right!" Burt said to Kurt

"I know, it's not fair! The police can't say that to me. I guess that is the American justice system for you." Kurt replied totally defeated

"There's no way out of this Kurt the only thing we can do now is to decide where you want to go"

"Well I am definitely NOT going to juvie and that is 100% final, guess it's mental school"

"Have you decided yet?" The officer came back in

"Yes. Dalton"

"Perfect, you will be transferred there next week. Until then you will be under house arrest, people can come in. But you are forbidden to go out".


"Come on Kurt lets just go "

The week went dreadfully slow nobody came to see him. Nobody believed him, not even Finn or Carole. Or even Mercedes his best friend. He saved packing for Dalton till the very last minute, he had to board there because Dalton was 5 hours away from home. He was only aloud back home in the holidays which sucked! Burt called up from downstairs


Kurt sat up and gathered all of his bags together there was way to many for him to handle he walked to the room next to his

"Finn could you help me?"

Finn stood up, Kurt knew he didn't believe him, but he was under strict instructions from Carole not to say anything. He walked into Kurt's room and took three big suitcases Kurt took the other two they went downstairs and put them in the car Dalton had sent.

"Thanks" Kurt mumbled

"Sure" Finn replied and ran back upstairs

Kurt stared at his step-brother and wondered how his life had turned so wrong.

"Kurt, son." Kurt turned around to see Burt's face glistening with tears, that's all it took to set Kurt off. He sobbed violently against his father as they had their arms wrapped around each other in a tight loving embrace.

"I'll be back at Christmas" Kurt said between sobs

"See you then… I love ya Kurt".

"I love you too Dad".

And with that Kurt took his seat in the car, Burt stood at the doorway and waved until the car was just a small dot in the distance.