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"Why didn't you tell me!" Kurt burst out, smiling at Blaine

"Tell you what?" Blaine asked, frowning

"Well…I kind of…peeked at your report card, don't be mad!" he said quickly "your grades are phenomenal! God, you could probably get into any college you wanted." Blaine blushed

"I kind of threw myself into my schoolwork," he admitted "I had no friends, there wasn't much else to do." Kurt smiled, and threw his arms around Blaine's neck, pecking him on the lips

"It doesn't matter, okay? You're so smart, I know you're going to be something great." Blaine chuckled, because Kurt was the first person to really compliment him like that.

"Kurt, where do you want to go to college?" Blaine asked, because as the days dragged on, it was becoming more and more of a reality.

"New York." Kurt responded immediately, then blushed

"Why?" Blaine asked, he was so practiced at looking at Kurt's features, he knew almost all of his expressions and what they meant.

"Because," Kurt began dreamily "I've been there, and it's so entirely different from Ohio. It's more accepting, for one, and there's so much more opportunity." He smiled at Blaine "I've been there before, and it's everything I've ever dreamed of." This was one of Blaine's favorite moments, when Kurt talked about his dreams, his face lit up and it seemed like nothing bad could touch him, Blaine wanted so badly for that to be true.

Blaine had heard Kurt talk about fashion many times. He'd seen Kurt's designs and they were good, really good. He had no doubt that if fashion is what Kurt ultimately decided to go into, he would succeed.

"Blaine?" Kurt almost whispered, Blaine turned his head and looked at the boy sitting next to him on his bed.


"What do you want to do? What are you going to major in?" Blaine thought for a moment

"Literature." He finally said "I want to be a writer." Kurt leaned forward, obviously interested and curious.


"Because when I was alone I had time to think about things, I began to notice things that people don't usually notice, so I wrote them down. I've always been good at English, and my teachers have tried getting me into poetry club, and you know why I couldn't do that." He smiled sheepishly "I guess it's silly, I don't know…"

"It's not silly at all." Kurt said instantly, looking at Blaine with clear blue eyes that seemed to look straight through him. "You need to be proud of yourself, Blaine…do you mind, I mean…can I read something of yours?" Kurt was kind of disappointed, they'd been together for a while, and he didn't know about such a big part of Blaine's life. But he guessed that came with the territory, no matter how much they meant to each other, Blaine was still new to this, to sharing every part of him with someone else. It was unnerving, really, but in the best way possible. Blaine silently stood from the bed and walked over to his desk, opened the drawer and retrieved a journal. He walked back over and handed it to Kurt, reclaiming his seat. Kurt turned to a random page and began to read. It was about the woods. Right behind Dalton was a thick forest, Kurt had seen it many times, but never had the interest or the freedom to explore it. Kurt read quickly, and finished by closed the journal with a soft rustle of pages. He looked up at Blaine, who was gazing back at him expectantly.

"I know, it needs improving, but I think if I could just-" Kurt cut him off by pressing his lips soundly against Blaine's.

"That," he said as he pulled away a fraction of an inch "was the most beautiful thing I have ever read."

"Really?" Blaine asked, Kurt giggled and nodded. Sometimes it astounded him that Blaine really had no idea how amazing he was.

"Absolutely, you should write, Blaine, if that's what you want to do." Blaine nodded eagerly.

"It is."

So with the help of the guidance councilor, and many filed applications, the only thing that was left to do was wait, which turned out to be harder than it seemed.

"What if we don't get into the same colleges?" Blaine asks, "What if they accept one of us and not the other?" Kurt ran a thumb over his cheekbone

"Don't worry about it, okay?" he reassured, his voice barely above a whisper "I'm sure everything will work out." Blaine nodded and chose to believe him because that was the easy thing to do. Blaine couldn't imagine his life without Kurt, the boy who saved him, the boy who fixed him, what would he do if they had to be apart?

Blaine's heart pounded in his chest as he and Kurt were called to the office to pick up their letters. Either acceptance or refusal. They took them and walked back to Kurt's room soundly, each knowing the significance of the letter in their hands, it was so much more than just a letter.

"When do you want to open them?" Kurt asked

"I don't know…I'm afraid." Blaine admitted "do you want to open them together?"

"Yes. Lets just do it now. Get it over with, okay?" Blaine nodded "okay…1…2…3" and they both tore into their letters, opening the folded piece of paper and reading the first few lines. They looked up at each other and exchanged letters, carefully reading. The next moments flew by in a flurry of papers thrown to the ground, relieved sighs and passionate kisses. The rest of the letters didn't even matter anymore, because they could be together.

NYU, Kurt thought. He'd be going to college in New York. That in itself was amazing, but the fact that he'd be going to college in New York with Blaine just made it that much more spectacular. He looked to the boy contentedly napping, curled up into his side. He'd come so far, in such a seemingly short period of time. And Kurt was so proud of him. Just the thought of them going to New York together, trying to make their dreams come true, gave him a warm feeling in the pit of his stomach. And sure, he knew that no matter where they went there would be prejudice, and he knew that college only meant a whole new stack of issues, but as long as he had Blaine there by his side, he knew nothing would be as bad as it seemed.

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