A/N: Okay so this is my first Legend of Zelda fanfic. I've written fanfics in the past but they were mostly about musicians and such; however, lately I've been inspired to write a LOZ story. I've been a Legend of Zelda fan since I was like… 6 years old. I remember I just liked to watch my older brother play because the well/shadow temple and Ganon in the final battle scared the bejeeberz out of me. Anyways I've recently been playing the hell out of Ocarina of Time on my N64 and Majora's Mask on my emulator and I was like… heck I'm going to write a story. So I hope you enjoy! By the way, this story is going to basically follow the OoT story line and it's going to be about Dark Link and Link. I haven't decided if I'm going to make it a man on man romance yet… but it probably will turn out that way. I love the pairing. I'm rating it M for violence, language, and possibly sexual content just in case.

I don't own Legend of Zelda or any of it's characters.

Chapter 1: Regret

Link watched in exasperated horror as blood started to seep throughout the shallow water turning the liquid into a faded shade of crimson. He stared resentfully into a pair of ruby eyes that showed only the emotions of intense sorrow and the misery of extreme pain. The beholder of these captivating red eyes lay frail on a small bed of sand where a single lifeless tree stood still; His face twitching and contorting from the agony that cursed him. Link stood over him and his eyes wandered from the young man's poor face down to his own hands which were wrapped around the handle of the legendary blade which was now lodged into his enemy's stomach.

What was even more disturbing was that his enemy's own hands were also on the sword; however, instead of attempting to pull the blade out it was as though he were helping Link push the blade deeper. Link couldn't take any more of this. His head was a tornado of emotions full of guilt, confusion, and anger. He immediately pulled his master sword out of his victim's body and threw it to the side. He knelt down before this shadow of a man and hung his head low, whispering only one word, "….why?"

The deeply wounded swordsman beneath him almost chuckled a slight laugh before choking on his blood and gasping for breath. Quickly Link pulled him up so he wouldn't continue to gag. His victim simply answered hoarsely, "It….wa.. was the plan all along." And with that he gave Link a slight smirk and placed a single hand wrapped in a black gauntlet over that of Link's who's own hands were still pinned to the man's shoulders forcing him to sit up straight. The light in his shadow's eyes started to die and then slowly closed. Link gasped in shock as his mind reflected on all that had happened within the past couple of hours…

Tired… Hungry… Sore… and demoralized Link had all but given up. The water temple had given him more trouble than any temple before. Although he had the Zora Tunic to allow him the ability to breathe underwater he was still starting to become frustrated with having to fight through the water's density for hours on end especially with the added stress his iron boots strained on his ankles. After getting lost a few times before finding the dungeon's map and suffering a few wounds from the wretched monsters that roamed this horrible place, he found himself in a small alcove with two dragon statues placed on either side of a golden door.

Link shuddered slightly from an internal feeling he could not suppress nor explain. Something about this next room was going to drive him over the edge, he could just feel it. Sighing he plopped down with his back rested against one of the dragon-like statues and decided to recuperate before entering. He reached for a bottle filled with a thick red fluid with a pungent odor. Cringing after taking a large gulp of the fowl tasting medicine he instantly began to feel relief throughout his strained muscles. After stretching his arms and legs for a few moments he was ready to face whatever lay ahead.

"I've got a bad feeling about this one, Navi." He muttered to his loyal fairy. She simply nodded with confirmation then returned to her place within the collar of Link's tunic as he opened the door awaiting the evil that was to come…

Link gasped upon entering the new room, the door locking with iron bars behind him, "Where… the hell am i?"

The new area looked like a water wasteland. If it had not been for the door on the other side of the room which was also barred shut preventing any escape, he would have been fooled into thinking he was actually outside. The room was engulfed in fog, making it difficult to see into the distance. Squinting he gazed out into the middle of the room where he spied a sandy island like area with a single lifeless tree. Upon stepping out into the water, he was half expecting to plunge under; however, it was only a mere couple of inches deep.

Nervously Link looked around as he changed into his other lighter pair of boots while awaiting the enemy. Before going toward the eerie looking island in the middle he wanted to see just how large this place really was. He glanced up expecting to see a ceiling of some sort; however, it seemed as though the sky went on as far as the walls did. He pulled his sword from his sheath and began to walk to the right of the entry door, making sure to be cautious of anything that could jump out at him. He kept walking forward until he slammed with a thud into what seemed to be an invisible wall, "This has to be an illusion… Ganondorf is trying to mess with my head."

Link glared back at the suspicious patch of sand and with a deep breath bravely started to stride towards that sickly looking tree. He circled the poor twig a few times and found no sign of an enemy. Frustrated he walked to the door on the other side of the room looking for something to make it open while Navi was giving no helpful advice besides, "Link these doors are barred shut!"

"Thank you for the obvious, Navi! What the hell is up with this Goddesses forsaken room! There's no switch, no enemy, no eye I have to shoot, no nothing!"

The feeling of being trapped forever in this wasteland started to tug at the fear starting to dwell in Link's mind. Growing frustrated, but not wanting to panic he slammed a single fist against the barred door.

"Oh don't give up just yet," a voice said from behind them. Link turned around swiftly with his sword drawn yet saw nothing.

"Who are you?" Link shouted, his voice echoing throughout the vast room.

"You know who I am. And I know who you are as well. We're very much alike actually." The voice replied.

"Show yourself, coward." Link answered straitening his posture, ready for combat.

"Oh, what a wonderful idea! I'm sure you'll be as pleased to see me, as I am to see you…." The voice teased evilly. A swift shadow leapt from the dead tree and then darted to the left so fast it was hard for Link to make out what the creature was. It was as if it dissipated before his eyes. He saw a flash of black once again this time to the right. Link began to grow nervous, this "thing" was fast, Link could hardly keep up. Sword drawn and shield wielded Link stood in a ready stance with his eyes wide.

"Behind you…." The voice whispered right next to Link's ear. He could feel the cold breath against his skin.

"Watch out!" Navi shouted and Link turned around swinging the master sword to attack, just to see a mirror image of himself standing gracefully at the end of his blade.

"What's wrong? Surprised to see me?" the shadow cooed before diving into a front flip on the other side of Link. He turned to see his enemy just inches from his face his blood red eyes staring directly into Link's soul, "…Something look familiar Link?"

"What… What are you? And how do you know my name?" Link cried out obviously shocked. This man looked identical to Link except for those devilish eyes and his mop of raven black hair. The shadow chuckled a hearty laugh.

"Ahh… If only I knew what I was myself… some sort of puppet of Ganondorf's. I've been trapped here for years waiting for the hero of time to come walking through that door. My obligation here is to kill you. And do you really have to ask how I know your name? I've been watching you for a while now as you made your way through my temple… quite sloppily might I add. I see that glowing orb of yours is useless when it comes to navigation."

Link took a step backward his face white with shock and Navi huffed with anger at the insult.

"Link. I am you. Well, the darker side of you- Dark Link. The more dangerous side of you. And you are me. Well… not completely of course. One of us has to be superior. And I assume we are about to find out who that person is. Who better to defeat the hero of time, other than someone equally as powerful? Himself. You can't blame the Dark Lord for that logic."

Is this some sort of twisted game of Ganondorf's? To have Link fight against his own self, his darker side? Was this just some Hero of Time replica? Or was this an actual person, with feelings, and thoughts? Link didn't know what to do. He stood there with a blank stare upon his face, while Navi flew back and forth shouting for Link to pay attention and get to business!

"Hey! Snap out of it! What are you doing?" Navi yelled buzzing in Link's face. The shadow across from him also looked confused. His once mocking attitude had subsided and stood with a hand on a hip and his head cocked to one side staring at Link. "Well?" he asked, "Are we going to get this over with?"

Link grimaced then looked at the floor, his muscle tensed, and then screaming he charged at his darker side with his blade swinging. The shadow barely had time to block his blow with his own sword. He was too busy wondering what was on the hero's mind. The way he looked at me… I can tell… He… he doesn't want to kill me. And the truth was he didn't, but it wasn't about Link and his feelings. Link needed to do what's right in order to summon the 6 sages and save the land of Hyrule.

Link leapt into the air once again swinging his sword downwards to slash his awaiting victim. Dark Link stood there looking up at Link with a look of disappointment, awaiting an impending doom. Just as the blade was about to cut through the shadow's shoulder he vanished from right beneath him. Link gasped realizing his enemy was not on the other side of his sword. He turned around quickly to see Dark Link with his arms crossed and tapping one foot. He looked down upon the shoulder that was about to be lunch meat and smiled at a slight cut through his tunic. He slid a single finger along the rip and brought a bloodied finger to his mouth.

"Tsk. Tsk. Do you really want to get out of here? Is this really the hero of time? Well of course you are… Otherwise these 'coincidental'," he quoted with his fingers, "Similar looks of ours wouldn't exist. What's wrong Link? Am I a little too quick for you?" And with a smirk he vanished again. Link began to spin circles trying to keep up with this menace. How was he supposed to beat this man when he was so quick! It was as if he were teleporting. He had to keep a sharp eye out and change positions to be sure that Dark Link didn't sneak up on him; however, he couldn't land a single blow. He had to focus all attention on making sure he wasn't sliced and diced. Link was beginning to grow weary and his arms were tiring from the heavy master sword. He had to think of something quick. He thought of an idea, but wasn't sure that it would follow through. After blocking another strong blow from his darker self he pulled out his megaton hammer. Dark appeared a couple of feet in front of him with a baffled look.

"Wha… What is that?" He sputtered looking nervous.

"Hopefully my secret weapon…" Link whispered.

The shadow charged in for another attack and Link held the hammer high above his head and slammed it to the floor. The vibrations threw Dark Link off momentum and he swayed to regain balance. As quick as Link could he pulled out his bow and shot an arrow in Dark Link's direction. The shadow tried to retreat but the arrow struck him in his right shoulder. Dark Link cried in pain and as he was trying to run and yank the arrow out at the same time, Link shot him again, this time lodging into his knee. The man fell to the floor his eyes wild like an animal. He was starting to get pissed. He clenched his teeth and removed the other arrow hastily, then gave Link a malicious glare. The arrow wound to the knee would definitely slow him down.

Dark Link sprinted quickly in Link's direction and he in his, both their swords drawn. Link tried a jump attack but Dark Link pulled a back flip and then a side sweep strike slashing Link across his chest. Link fell to his knees and grasped his chest with one hand.

"Li… Link!" Navi shouted worriedly. Even the evil shadow had a gleam of concern in his eye and he stepped a few paces back and continued to stare at the wounded swordsman. Link propped himself up with his sword and slowly stood up.

"You know… Dark… May I call you dark?" Link asked.

"I… I suppose… what is it you want?" Dark questioned raising his sword and maintaining distance.

"It doesn't… have to be this way." Link said walking towards Dark, one hand firm behind his back.

"What… do you mean? This is our duty. One of us must be destroyed. That is my job and that is yours." Dark answered confidently not noticing the suspicious behavior.

"No. I don't want to hurt you. Maybe… Maybe we could be friends. You could come along with me on my journey. We could save the world together." Link continued to walk towards Dark who kept backing up until he was pressed up against the lifeless single tree on the small sandy island. Dark's face softened and he looked into Link's eyes with fascination as though he was truly considering this idea. Then something changed in his expression and he became angry showing his sharp fangs.

"You are a liar." He stated then started to march towards Link, "You? You think you can trick me? You fool!"

Link then pulled his bow quickly and shot two arrows with a direct hit to the flesh above Dark's collar bones pinning him to the tree behind him. Link then ran up and tied his hands with spare rope behind the tree before he had a chance to move.

"Well hero of time, I didn't expect you to have your way with me before you executed me." Dark said with a smirk.

"Just open the doors! I don't want to kill you!" Link screamed at his other half.

"Impossible. That's not how it works.." Dark said simply.

"How then? How?" Link begged gripping Darks arms.

"I already told you. That door will only open if one of us dies." Dark replied as if this whole situation had not bothered him at all.

"And what happens to you, if I die?" Link asked his soulful blue eyes gazing deep into those of Dark's. A look of surprise came over Dark's face and he became enveloped into thought. What would happen to him if he died? He'd have no other purpose after the hero of time was taken care of? Would Ganondorf just get rid of him, or leave him to rot in this temple forever not even giving him another thought? This thought perplexed Dark and a look of despair overcame him. Link stared at him trying to understand what thoughts were going through his mind. Dark looked up to him with a weak smile, "I'm sorry Link. I should have known."

Dark started to flex his muscles and grit his teeth and his eyes started to glow a bright red. Link stepped back with caution as Dark was engulfed with a strong flame. His body seemed to be lifted off of the ground as he focused all his energy. It was magic, similar to the spell Link casts when he calls forth the fire from the goddess Din. The flames around him burned the ropes binding his arms and disintegrated the arrows pinning his shoulders. Link became nervous and backed slowly away from Dark. After his fire had died he had a straight face showing no emotion.

He sighed and picked up his black version of the master sword, "I wish things could have turned out different Link. I really do." And with those words he vanished and Link was startled when he heard a loud and prideful wail above him. Dark was coming down with his blade fast, Link had no time to think. He stood his ground, his sword pointed in Dark's direction and awaited the impact. At the last second, Dark threw his blade across the room and spread his arms wide sailing downwards like he was performing a belly flop. Before Link could react Dark landed harshly on his sword impaling him through the stomach. Link gasped letting go of the sword as the shadowy figure fell to his knees the sword still inside him. Dark cried out a blood curdling scream stinging Link's ears and making him cringe. It was the absolute worst sound he had ever heard. Dark began to breathe heavily scrunching his face in agony. He gently lay himself on his back as Link ran to his side…

Link watched in exasperated horror as blood started to seep throughout the shallow water turning the liquid into a faded shade of crimson…

He immediately pulled his master sword out of his victim's body and threw it to the side. He knelt down before this shadow of a man and hung his head low, whispering only one word, "….why?"

The deeply wounded swordsman beneath him almost chuckled a slight laugh before choking on his blood and gasping for breath. Quickly Link pulled him up so he wouldn't continue to gag. His victim simply answered hoarsely through bloodied teeth, "It….wa.. was the plan all along." And with that he gave Link a slight smirk and placed a single hand wrapped in a black gauntlet over that of Link's who's own hands were still pinned to the man's shoulders forcing him to sit up straight. The light in his shadow's eyes started to die and then slowly closed.

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